Sakurai: NO WAY Future Smash Games Having as Many Characters as Ultimate + Switch Tops 77K in Japan!

Sakurai: NO WAY Future Smash Games Having as Many Characters as Ultimate + Switch Tops 77K in Japan!

What’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video and today we’ve got some great topics
for you guys so let’s go ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off
with Sakurai and Super Smash Brothers ultimate and Sakurai has officially
stated in a weekly Famitsu column that future Super Smash Brothers games will
not have as many fighters as Super Smash Brothers ultimate which might come to a
surprise to some people so here’s what he had to say exactly I don’t get my
reaction on this so whoa while managing the team for DLC is much easier than the
base game there are still a lot of things to check by having every veteran
fighter and by having a number of collaborations with various games in
spirits mode and countless songs smash ultimate is the ultimate collaboration
title this kind of game is definitely unprecedented Sakurai added that if
Super Smash Brothers continues in the future then there is no way this many
fighters and the series can be represented again there are still
requests from all over the world for new fighters in Smash as long as there’s an
opportunity to make more fighters Sakurai said he wants to push the record
further the director isn’t thinking of the series future he added that he is
pouring himself into the work he’s doing right now so this is pretty crazy that
Sakurai would say something like this because it kind of goes to show you that
it’s really kind of all-in with this game now I do think that if they do make
Super Smash Brothers the next one the sixth installment or whatever the case
is that Super Smash Brothers it’s a series that it can get away maybe with
not having those amount of characters but it would be something that’s never
happened in this series before so they don’t happen to be like a pretty big
overhaul in the gameplay to say hey we’re going from like 80 something
characters and everything going all the way down to like I don’t know like 30 or
40 or something like that they’d have to overhaul things and Smash plays a
certain way and appeals to a certain audience you can’t really just change
the gameplay so personally what I’ve stated that they should do for Super
Smash Brothers is continue just building off the base that they already have I
like Super Smash Brothers ultimate I that it’s a very flexible game to wear
if they needed to change the mechanics or do some different things they can do
so and almost have it like a platform like overwatch for example right they
don’t necessarily make an overwatch – or anything like that or a paladin’s – they
just continue updating and releasing new content for the current game and I think
that Super Smash Brothers could definitely do that because you already
have a game that has like 80 characters when it’s all said and done if you’re
looking at all the different deals if they’re gonna release it’s gonna take 80
characters plus in this game I mean who wants to go back to having less than
that who wants to go back to not having all the different stages and music and
everything I think Super Smash Brothers ultimate is the perfect combination of a
collaboration title there’s been nothing ever like this and it would be tough to
go back and lose all those different characters I also think that going back
and losing all the characters could create a split in the audience almost
like a super smash brothers melee split you have a lot of gamers who love melee
for its combat mechanics and kind of what it does with the game and when they
moved over to brawl and they changed up so many different things it really
caused that divide in the community if you take a game like Super Smash
Brothers ultimate which the game is highly based on how many characters
there are in the mechanics in that and you take that and you cut it all the way
down to like 30 or 40 characters and remove so many characters there it can
definitely create some issues with the fanbase heck look at what’s happening
with Pokemon sword and shield they’re cutting some Pokemon because of the
difficulty with bringing them all over and fans are losing it so I don’t think
Smash Brothers fans would be as bad but I don’t think it would be good
especially if a lot of people’s favorite characters got cut so I’m all for them
just kind of continuing to improve on what they’ve got here and they can
release like Super Smash Brothers ultimate you know switch to addition or
whatever the case is and increase the number of characters more and also add
in new mechanics or add in different things that you want to really highlight
and repackage the game itself for our money dollars you know solve for 60 or
whatever the case is Smash Brothers rarely ever goes down in price so it’s
not like they’re going to be hurting for money when it comes down to it and
people are gonna continue buying Smash Brothers on any platform that it is I
think they have an opportunity here to literally have the greatest late
see fighting-game if they don’t already have it right now this could be the
greatest legacy fighting game that’s ongoing and saccharide doesn’t have to
sit there and restart everything once a new system comes out or once they need
to make a new game because they did reuse a number of assets from Super
Smash Brothers on the Wii U so what are you guys is thoughts when it comes to
what Sakurai had to say here do you feel that Smash Brothers can continue without
having all the different characters do you feel that it’d be better if they
just said okay let’s try something completely new I’m of the thought
process that Sakurai really whatever he decides to do and if he decides to work
on the game it’ll be based off the best decision for what the game can do and
for his own personal health or for what he needs to do so whatever this isn’t
Sakurai makes I’m down with that if he wants to continue making it the way that
it is and continue updating I’d be down for that if he wants to kind of just
make a different game heck I can play both of them you know I can play the new
smash on whatever it is and play smash ultimate just like people play ultimate
and melee there’s nothing wrong with that either so I’m down for whatever
when it comes to smash this is a one of a kind type of franchise there’s nothing
else on the market like this so what are you guys thoughts on all of it let me
know in the comment section below all right I’m moving on to the next type of
kid we’ve got some pretty killer sales numbers for the Nintendo switch in Japan
the system continues to chug along and sell at high numbers even with not as
many games dropping we add on the PlayStation 4 Monster Hunter world
ice-born Master Edition and of course the regular Monster Hunter world that
actually opened up really well in Japan as many of you guys know Monster Hunter
is a big franchise but while it increased PlayStation 4 sales – not a
bad 33,000 728 that was still a number of units below the 77393 Mnet’s at the
Nintendo switch sold for the past week now when we’re talking about this guy’s
this is Japanese sales that Mitsu sales for September 2nd 2019 through September
8 2019 so ice-born did open up at a pretty good amount here guys well over
250,000 copies 250,000 316 to be exact on the PlayStation 4 not bad at all and
it did boost the sailes just a bit with the ps4 230 mm
usually the ps4 does some around like 10,000 20 on its best kind of weeks but
now up to 33 not bad but like I said still well below the Nintendo switch in
Japan rather cool thing to note from these sales numbers what you guys will
be seeing I’m not gonna go over it every single thing but you guys will be seeing
here astral chain good to see that still at number 6 almost other 10,000 not
including digital sales I think that game is going to continue to kind of
just lurk around that top 30 in Japan continue to do well on the eShop to
Super Smash Brothers the same usual suspects here Mario maker – got all the
games that usually see in the top 10 are there Fire Emblem 3 house is good to see
that game continued to be right there but another 6255 units that game is over
two hundred and thirty-five thousand units not including digital not bad at
all and the eternal mile kart 8 deluxe is also there as well but I also wanted
to point out at the Xbox one Xbox one X 36 units big time units no I’m joking
that’s always pretty much a running joke or NIEM down at this point when it comes
to the Xbox in Japan but it’s really good to see you intend to continue to
keep those sales up I think that there’s some more big games that are coming out
I know daemon ex machina coming out this week on the Nintendo switch I think it’s
like in the top 10 when it comes to eShop sales in Japan not so much here in
America because marvelous continues to not let people monetize or talk about
the game at all or they’ll just claim it so it is what it is on that front but I
do think that that’s gonna be a game that I’m probably gonna be playing on
the channel as well so that’s a new release coming up we also have the
legend of zelda links awakening that’s gonna be here next week as well that’s
going to help boost up nintendo switch sales and probably the big one here that
people necessarily aren’t talking about as much when it comes to what it can do
for switch sales impact because it is an older game and that is Dragon Quest 11 s
definitive edition I think that’s gonna have a nice launch in Japan I think it’s
gonna be as big or maybe right underneath maybe where Fire Emblem 3
houses big Dragon Quest is huge in Japan and I would not be surprised I’ve had a
big six digit opening in Japan despite it already being released for the
PlayStation 4 and the had no 3ds a couple years ago so what do
you guys think about the full different sales charts here when it comes to the
Japanese sales on the Nintendo’s switch and also software let me know your
thoughts in the comment section below alright I’m moving on to the final topic
here we finally know who the new voice actor is for a pilot and Fire Emblem
that three houses this is the male version which I talked about a little
bit in my previous video how they did remove the voice actor because of some
abuse that he admitted to doing and also some breaking of the NBA and stuff like
that so he was replaced but it was more due to the abuse that was alleged and he
also admitted to and apologized for as well so he was removed the original
voice actor and the new one is in as of the latest patch and the person who
actually is the new voice actor for violet talked about it on Twitter here’s
what he had to say this is mr. Zach Aguilar and he had this the same class
is in session looks like I’m officially in Fire Emblem
three houses now it was a honor working with Nintendo of America and a couple of
the people that helped out with the localizations and voice acting I can’t
wait to play through the game maybe some twitch streams with the professor are in
the future and I think that would be a very good idea I know the guy who plays
Claude he does a lot of cool stuff on YouTube and twitch and stuff like that
be kind of cool to watch him play right because he knows the game in and out
he’s recording the lines and everything but Bob doesn’t really talk too much so
it’ll be interesting but really just to see how he plays through it but shouts
the Zachman congratulations this is definitely a big honor for him to be the
main character in a Fire Emblem game that’s something that’s on your resume
you’re like wow Fire Emblem you know I’ve worked on this but he’s done a lot
of stuff looking over his profile he’s done Geno’s someone punch man Koichi in
JJ ba and Oda in AI the summonin files plus much more so he’s definitely an
accomplished and seasoned voice actor and a lot of different brands and styles
and games and anime so this is actually pretty cool and I’m glad that he was
able to get this chance to further his career and of course talk about the game
because it seems like he is gonna be like a fire
or he already was a Fire Emblem fan so what are you guys thoughts on all the
different topics here from what socket I had to say to the fam into sales charts
Nintendo switch and of course Zack Aguilar being the new voice of violet
and fireman three houses let me know your thoughts in the comment section
below alright guys that wraps it up for this video you’re gonna to put the links
in description below we got Facebook and Twitter gonna give us a like on the
forum our social media hit that like button if you did like this video let’s
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players to sweat it’s RPG Japanese in Tendo gaming news thank you so much for
watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

41 thoughts on “Sakurai: NO WAY Future Smash Games Having as Many Characters as Ultimate + Switch Tops 77K in Japan!

  1. That make sense let Daddy Sakurai rest after this game you can keep updating smash Ulitmate with more characters and its fine Smash is Forever.

  2. I would be completely okay if the next Smash Bros game isn't even a fighting game at all. I don't like fighting games (they are my least favorite genre). Usually, when paired against an opponent who has a slightly better understanding of the game or fighting games in general, I just get thrown around so hard that there is no experience to be gained from it. There is no fun in constantly losing with no idea what I can do to get better. Smash has always been the exception, but with Ultimate removing the stuff I like in previous games, I have pretty much stopped playing the series. Maybe I just need a better teacher to walk me through things to appreciate the game/genre more, but as it stands I just don't have fun playing the game as it is.

    Maybe they can do a Warriors style crossover with video game characters. Or even a spiritual successor to Nintendo Land, but building off of minigames and letting you build your own theme park with attractions based on video game characters. Or a Tony Hawk style game where you skate. If Smash has apexed as a fighting game, why not try a different genre with the same idea of bringing characters together?

  3. wait people actually think Nintendo will stop making smash games??? thats just being dumb and ignorant. of course they wont ever stop its one of their best selling titles. eventually Sakurai will step away (for better and for worse) but smash is not stopping ever. it would be the dumbest decision a game company ever made.

  4. Im okay with sakurai cuttin characters if he intends to make a new game. Maybe there can be an ultimate 2 in the future with all the new characters after ultimate. There is an unprecedented amount of potential still even for smash ultimate but i dont really think there needs to be a new game for a couple years to be honest. Whatever he does though im supportin it

  5. The new voice for Byleth makes m!Byleth seem a bit too young and less stoic.
    Despite all that Chris did, some of us (honestly a small part of the FE community) prefer the Chris' voice over Zach's.

  6. Didn’t he say the same thing last year?
    About future Smash games not having anywhere NEAR as many fighters in future, I mean. It was around the time of Ultimate’s release.

  7. i think it would be fine if they just kept porting ultimate forward. no need to build a whole new game. this game is already frakin nuts. just keep slapping dlc onto it

  8. It's nice to see Byleth's new make VA being enthusiastic on his role but… I really hope Nintendo and Intelligent system stop bending to cancel culture in the future. Christ did admit, but no direct proof or lawsuit whatsoever if I remember. NDA part I'm oreett sure there was no solid response from neither Nintendo of America nor Intelligent System. Nevertheless he is also the victim of cancel culture…

  9. Sakurai and team are making Smash Ultimate the best it can be! But this doesn't mean the franchise will end. Who knows what the next title will offer us…it's too soon to think about so let's focus on the now.


  10. I can see in future Smash games 3rd party characters not being in. It's going to be Nintendo characters only. Goodbye Sonic, Snake, Bayonetta, Ryu, Ken, Simon, Richter, Megaman, Pac-Man, Joker, Terry Bogard, Hero, Banjo Kazooie and Cloud

  11. This is the last Smash Bros. Sakurai will have made and the last one in the classic style it has been since the N64, no question. The next Smash will probably be a reimagening with a totally different gameplay and go back to arround 20 fighters.

  12. I think SSB Ultimate will probably keep getting updated with more content. If there ever was going to be a another Smash game in the future, the roster would definitely be limited. I can imagine either 40 or 50 characters for the base roster and either 10 or 15 characters for DLC.

  13. 10 more characters after the Fighter Pass. Two reasons why… first of all, it'll fill out the character select screen and form a perfect box. Secondly, World of Light was datamined ages ago and showed that there were 16 dummy slots for characters, with Piranha Plant and the initial Fighter Pass taking up 6 slots respectively. Sakurai has clearly been planning tons of DLC characters for a long time.

  14. Maybe they could make a Smash Bros spin off, like a 3D arena fighter, combined with a well written story mode. They could continue making Smash Ultimate ports on future consoles with some slight enhancements each time—-and test out the waters for a spin off title of the Smash series.

  15. Im sad that we never going get a new SmashBros game for a long long long time. Nintendo put a lot of character In the game. I Always get excited when Nintendo Announced a new Console an smash brothers game is on it

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