SAFARI CANCELLED – Will I Still Go? – Pokémon GO

SAFARI CANCELLED – Will I Still Go? – Pokémon GO

good morning lovely Zoë Two Dots with
small Pokemon go goodness for you and today it’s a few things going on I start
with some eggs here pop and I think that all 5 K eggs but big news from Niantic
this morning a 5k uh-huh is that sadly the st. Louis Missouri safari zone is
being postponed due to health concerns it’s really sad but I think it is a
smart and responsible choice as a company that’s kind of you know could be
liable for if people got sick or if they were just you know even if they just
facilitated an event where you know basically this spread of illness was
easier through that I can totally understand why they had to cancel
oh sorry cancel and postpone the st. Louis safari zone which is uh yeah it’s
sad I’m just today canceled my flight as well I probably would have still
attended if I had booked like a longest day but I was pretty much just flying in
with Safari and flying out and I figured that those funds can then better like
you better go towards the rescheduled event or towards another Safari later in
the year not to meet you guys like you know everyone that can actually attend
keep in mind if you have got a ticket for this event you can either get a
refund for the ticket or if you hang on to that ticket you can play the you know
bonuses in your area for your timezone wherever you are in the world so for me
I’m going to keep my ticket because I mean I might as well and then I’ll be
playing you know the bonuses in my area this was actually gonna be the first
Safari Zone that Alan was potentially able to attend so it’s gonna be unknown
just me and him walking around Newcastle just like hey you got a shiny which is
you know still be cool to get the event spawns and things like that but
definitely a bit less exciting on you know the whole meeting people social bit
that’s always the best bit of the safaris an identity is the face to face
the hi how are you so yeah I’m definitely sad that I’m not
gonna have that but at this stage to the Liverpool event
the Philadelphia event are still going ahead as planned we’ll have an update at
this side of April as to what that might be so cue me waking up on my birthday
early April and being like will we have an event canceled like hopefully it
doesn’t get canceled I guess that’s why you guys in for extra updates and things
like that as well I have already booked my flights and
things like that I was actually so organized so I was doing it in advance
wasn’t leaving it to the last minute I booked my flights already for Liverpool
South Australia to Liverpool I was going to stay an extended time in there after
the safaris owners golf for twitchcon in the Netherlands go meet up with reversal
and all that jazz twitchcon has now been cancelled in the Netherlands but I think
at this stage and check back in when we get closer at this stage even if the
Safari in London in Liverpool gets canceled I will likely still attend and
still go to Europe unless like this health thing is you know catastrophic
levels of just do not travel I think if it’s being managed they’re safe to do so
even if the safari got cancelled I will still come to to Europe because I’ve
kind of already booked in that extended stay accommodation flights all that jazz
so we will see tentative for now but fingers crossed it all goes smooth
so I guess once again being the Australian with the time zone advantage
if you want to see what the safari zone looks like around the world I’ll smash
that little Bell button down there so you know when we go live for the Safari
in my timezone it’ll be around what would be like 1 p.m. P at PST guessing
the event would kind of start if a few Saturdays from now so I guess you guys
can get a heads up if you’re keeping the ticket as well I mean you can’t really
go back once it’s at that point but hey it’s gonna be something unique and
unusual to see and more than likely I’m assuming I’ll get it first because my
Saturday happens first so yeah stay tuned
/ slap subscribe if you haven’t already but yeah and to any of my patreon eggies
as well about particular tiers in patreon where I was adding you guys and
getting to great friend or ultra friend for the st. Louis Safari zone if I
haven’t added you yet I’m still going to add you because that’s only
there I just work to the nearest you know friendship tier that we’re up to
and overall for the patreon eggies I’m going to do another batch of just the
one gift you know I think we did a Christmas you’re on my patreon
supporters that Christmas I added every single patreon supporter no matter what
level sent you guys one gift you open that you deleted me and hopefully you’ve
got like a cool edge out of it or something so I’m gonna do that again
within the next week to two weeks if I keep your eyes out on patreon for that
additionally today there should be I did a hot lap this morning looking for when
there should be some new raids popping up Cresselia in raids and regi still in
raids a whole bunch of stuffs are kind of gear us up for go battle League I was
looking for these Skarmory raids because that’s one I don’t know if I have a solo
discovery before I probably have I can’t recall but I would like to get a couple
of those in potential shine checks I’ve got that one that we got on to go class
but I’d love to you know have a few more to work with for trade value and things
like that but sadly from all the driving round I didn’t find any Skarmory raids
it’s a bunch of a bunch of Haunter I saw a couple of cloister a few Machamp so
I’ll keep my peepers out and check back in with you guys and we can find a raid
hopefully well after doing a couple of laps around and just general exploring
sadly no Skarmory raids that I could see nearby slash nearby ish it is what it is
there’s gonna be more chances to those through the week most likely I believe
this Friday depending time zones etc there’ll be more fighting types spawning
over you know the weekend and shiny timber will be asked that’ll be a good
one to try and hunt in there so but I’m pretty sure the Skarmory and your
Cresselia are only lasting through the mid week so keep your peepers out for
that but I figured this might be a good time to evolve a couple of pokedex entry
Pokemon we haven’t done yet maybe learn a few new things and facts about you
know from the pokedex entries because fun fact the pokedex entries for pokemon
vary from game to game you know the facts are always the facts but each
installment of different Pokemon series and things like that have a different
flavor or new fact revealed about Pokemon which is kind of fun so givenchy
long he’s so cute oh my gosh I feel like if
Australia has a safari zone at some point I feel like shiny gel tech needs
to be a thing like spiders are our guys so I mean like look this would be
fantastic 96 IV as well which is the best line
I’ve got so far what a little cutie I don’t know if you guys a big yea or nay
on spiders I know I should I realized I haven’t done a video at the reptile
parking I realize that was actually probably more than almost two years ago
now that we will be more a year and a half since being at the reptile park to
show you guys some of the cool you know kangaroos koalas there were some spiders
we gave a spider warning but I just want to watch that video back it’s a bit of
an old one but I’ll link it up here let me know you got you guys spider fans or
not I’m personally catch-and-release if there’s a spider in the house I will
catch it I will release it and Ellen is not he is like yo you’ve got like two
seconds to come here to get this spider or it’s like and you could from orbit
with spray so what does guy Bantul have to say one attack to the creature they
create an electric barrier by spitting out many electrically charged threads me
same although I’m Joel tic attach themselves to large bodied pokemon and
absorb a static electricity which they store in an electric pouch and that’s
super cute I’m pretty sure one of the previous generations mentioned that Joel
took hang around Murray a lot because Murray create so much static electricity
that’s so so cute another one I really really want to evolve this Adam 98
Venipede which is great we’re gonna evolve this one all the way out
scolipede is one of my favorites it is so cute it’s one of those ones where
it’s like I don’t know it’s not like cutesy cute it’s just stupid cute or
like goofy cute in just this weed like scent or feed yo scent or peat oh my god
he’s a scent he’s got a centipede he’s a centipede oh my gosh middle Evo I don’t
want to create I thought he would totally roll he doesn’t even roll okay
cool let’s ball him all the way up oh my god I’m a genius centipede I want to
let’s have some of these Pokemon are created like just smashing downwards
into two separate woods look at him what a little legend scolipede aced always
call it skull yep which is nice no great but I mean he
does kind of have did it like scoliosis going on but it looks look at this spine
look at that curve mmm but like he’s stupid cute I really want
to take him into her I have plus such a weird-looking Pokemon I love it and 98
which is no that’s 96 think 96 my B is what it is
I’d open mmm centipede beautiful with quick movements it chases down its foes
attack II relentlessly with its horns until it prevails Wow yikes do not annoy
your local scolipede well peed usually motionless okay okay okay so if it if it
actually gets attacked then it’s gonna speed up and bump into you and Venipede
can help protect itself with its poison from the burbs they want to eat it let’s
also go with the theme of go battle League this month as well let’s never
mind on enough candies ignore that with the theme of the research breakthrough
box this month not being that potentially exciting I have got a lucky
pharisee it’s not not the greatest Ivy’s because that’s how I go with my lucky
trades apparently but I mean I’ve got enough candies to haul the second one if
I do get a better one through this month’s research so I want to stressed
about the candy situation here let’s evolve Ferrothorn up into my first
seed into feral form this bad boy also apparently really really good in PvP if
you can get the right Ivy’s which you’d have to if you do break through boxes
trade them back and forth with a friend to get like kind of worse Ivy’s will be
optimal for great League sadly my only wild one that I’ve caught
was one ivy being off the second-best for PvP that one Oh V made it ranked
like 3000 and something and I was like well never mind never mind
Ferrothorn attach themselves to cave ceilings firing firing steel spikes at
targets passing beneath them that’s kind of rude well I would not have expected
them to be cave dwelling that’s really weird I will totally hope they’ll be
like in fields and stuff it absorbs iron it finds in rocks while
clinging to the ceiling shoots spikes when in danger okay then
now I have another thing to fear when I go canyoning or exploring let’s go one
last why let’s go – it’s got some shiny spice I think we’ll save some of the
other decks entries for later on what is some shiny spice this this system sure
actually if you say slang here that you want me to evolve leave a comment guys
but this is some shiny spice shiny Poochyena into shiny my tiara this one
was from plus I gotta go plus one of these once cuz I’ve got the Train walk
from Gilly there was one that I got in Chicago that I traded on to someone else
I’m pretty sure I’ve got it available to trade I’ve a feeling that I go +2 this
one which is great so evolved away I’ve not seen a shiny Mariana in my game yet
so let’s let’s go oh the little blue nose and the blue eyes I love like gold
brown and blue together I think it’s like a really nice color combo very cool
another good candidate for our ir+ that is a really creepy animation I guess it
is kind of like hyena style hey it should be Mightyena on Mightyena because
it’s like a bit of a hyena dog uh either way either way and if you have a
nickname for any of these ones that you think would be fitting for my shinies
leave a comment down below for potential nicknames so I’m gonna keep it short and
sweet for you guys plenty more exploring to come this week
so much happening in the month of March I again I still need to kind of break
rest up and get better I am still not feeling 100% fantastic on top of the
world quite yet so go when I can take those opportunities to take it easy
and try and rest up and recover so I can just be like don’t get them a few guys
and yeah again sucks about st. Louis but at this point it is what it is and we
said to do the right thing and make healthy choices to hopefully make it so
that globally we can avoid the spread of this illness and all collectively
bounced back within a couple of months hopefully ideally optimistically if we
can kind of shut it down someone from spreading then that means
we can have free reign for the rest of you hopefully future events aren’t
impacted by this so yeah let me know if you guys were attending a safari zone
st. Louis as well what do you intend to do are you gonna go for that refund
option you’re gonna play just with your local friends and players it’s still
just gonna go to Missouri because you can’t cancel your flights and just play
without the trainers what are you planning to do and do you think this was
the right idea as well from Niantic I think it is the smart and the healthy
and the reasonable choice if I remove my emotion from the situation and remove
the whole I just had to you know cancel a fly and I can’t see friends and you
lovelies if I remove that emotion from it it’s the smart choice to do so what
do you guys think like let me know I’m always reading the comments and always
interested in what you guys have to say as always guys thank you so so much for
watching if you are new please be sure to subscribe thank you to everyone
headed liebe like as well and if you’d like additional ways to support the
channel links for patreon and the Mercer in the description down below I hope you
guys have a wonderful wonderful morning at noon night whatever it is for you
I’ll catch you guys in the next one

100 thoughts on “SAFARI CANCELLED – Will I Still Go? – Pokémon GO

  1. Definitely NOT a spider fan but thankfully we don’t have too many issues where I am. Also, another reptile video would be awesome. Justin and I went to the science center in Seattle, Washington last week and all the bugs/animals were my favorite part.

  2. Here's to hoping I can meet up with you in Philly instead of St Louis! I'm happy I will still get spawns locally, but sad that I don't get to see you and the other poketubers!!

  3. I do love spiders. I am also catch and release, or a lit of time just leave it in my house too so he can run around and eat other potential pest insects in the hizzy.

  4. spinarak would also be a good option for a shiny in an australian safari zone, hopefully its not so far away that suggesting dewpider is reasonable

  5. Hope Liverpool doesn’t get cancelled tbh if it does I keep my ticket and do the event in nottingham my home city

  6. Such a shame about the Safari Zone being cancelled, on a lighter note I am so hyped for Liverpool's Safari Zone (My home town) The collective name for people from Liverpool for those who don't know is 'Scousers'

  7. As I always say “don’t risk it for the biscuit”

    Jk I didn’t make that it’s from KC undercover 😂😂

  8. Hey ZoëTwoDots. Sorry to hear about Missouri Safari Zone being cancelled. Hopefully they’ll reschedule it as soon as it’s safe for you all to travel better. I actually caught a 98 Joltik yesterday and today, I caught a Shiny Murkrow on my walk. Definitely flexing the goods. Also, I’m definitely not a spider fan or any kinda creepy crawly lover. I’m basically on Alan’s side. Anyway, hopefully you’ll still get to be a part of the event if they don’t reschedule the Safari Zone soon. Have a wonderful rest of your week.

  9. This is question for anyone who might know, but Zoe seems to have the game running at 60fps. How can we enable this. I'm running an iPhone 11 Pro and a Samsung S10E. Is this possible on either device?

  10. Hi there, I was wondering if you could shows us in a video had to lock down the go plus. I tried but mine never stays. 😊

  11. Zoe, you're the one youtuber I hoping to see in St. Louis, My wife and I were excited…maybe another time. We will just play from home and save the money.

  12. Very smart move on Niantic's part, but am bummed that it's cancelled (for now). I've been been before, so I'll still be in St. Louis during the time to play out the event.

    Good luck hunting!

  13. Zoe on the news they are closing all flight to. Europe I think. Hey Zoe can you ask Niantic when they are changing the Pokémon in EX RAIDS please

  14. Hi Zoë

    I totally agree with u and Niantic cancelling these events coz of the unfortunate events happening right now

    Better be safe so we can play more Pokemon Go in the days to come 🥰🥰🥰

  15. Visual bug makes an evolved shiny alolan ninetales normal shiny ninetails it might’ve been changed but I saw a video of it

  16. 🤞 liverpool still goes ahead 🙂. Are you going London before safari zone? Hopefully all goes ahead 🙂. Stay safe.

  17. I will never go to your continent. I have a severe phobia and get panic attacks just from thinking about the word too much, let alone seeing one.

  18. so they let ticket holders do a global safari zone… why the F**K cant they do that all the time instead of region locking these events

  19. I wasn’t originally going to the event and I do feel for people who can’t change their travel plans and people who were looking forward to going but it’s 100% the right move to prevent this. The scaremongering in the press and the fact peeps are going nuts is crazy. However if tickets were still available I would actually buy a ticket and play locally as I’d love to have gone but travelling to the US is a lot of dollar for this bean at the moment. I hope you and Alan have fun playing the event in Newcastle and I can’t wait to see the video ☺️ fingers crossed for Liverpool! If it does get cancelled would you possibly do a meet up in the UK somewhere?

  20. I respect real spiders (despite being a bit scared of them) but I absolutely adore spider Pokémon. They’re just so cute!

  21. They should allow everybody to get the special event for the ticket buyers. I would have bought the ticket if I knew I didnt have to go anywhere. They should allow everyone else that couldn't afford to go to atleast get their chance at home! That would be amazing! #Niantic #PoGo #pokemongo #please

  22. I was actually considering not going with this COVID-19 outbreak, so for them to postpone is a great idea in my opinion. I will still go out and play during the bonus hours, but it will be in a less crowded place. I was looking forward to possibly meeting you and the other pokemon youtubers. Everyone's health is more important though.

  23. Sad about St Louis but if it right for that one means should be right for all of them but hope not. I like you will still go to Liverpool if SZ cancelled but borders open and flights still scheduled.

  24. My family and I are going anyways because it's so rare we can all get time off for a family vacation, plus we used to live in StL so we have friends to see and places to show our kids.

  25. It was the responsible move. This time I might have had the gumption to say hi to you or Nick. Still going to play with friends at home!!

  26. Really bummed I'm gunna miss all the youtubers yet again since my go fest day got rained out last year but honestly getting to play in my local area (Chicago suburbs) was a blast. We'll probably go to the Lincoln park zoo or somewhere there's a ton of pokestops. It was the right call, and I'll be looking forward to the redo day. Won't get my hotel money back but lesson learned, never prepay to save a few $$ again:/

  27. You have been informed before about the situation in Malta A small independent island country just below Italy.
    Here is a important update.

    At first we got lumped in with Italy and got the PvP and incense bonus. We missed out on Gengar/Nido hats. But we also missed out to bonus hour on Tuesday and raid hour on Wednesday.

    Thursday morning Niantic listened and they disabled the PvP and incense bonus. We thought it was fixed, but when we didn't get the bonus exp hour we started to worry. Nobody really cares about that but still.

    Then came Friday morning, to our relief we did hatch Darkrai. Something that doesn't happen in Italy.

    Then now today we don't get the go rocket event??? Can't tm away frustration, which trust me we all have at this point.

    We highly doubt we get the bonus hours next week or even worse no community day. Let stand get the make up events Italy will eventually get.

    It is a unique situation and complaining only made it worse.

  28. You know what's cool, on Saturday I found a SHINY sneasel, on sunday I found a SHINY sanshrew and on Monday I found a SHINY tentcrul. Need to keep up the streak. (Cant spell. Lol)

  29. Wish you the best of luck on Abra Community Day, your time zone will be able to play it on my birthday. If you stream and I'm on, can I get a happy birthday post?

  30. I do hope at one point, they will have a global safari zone. Where we can just pay the tickets and actually play wherever we are. Not a short one like the colossal event, but seriously shiny & spawn boost, regionals, even up the raid. So it'll be easy for those who aren't able to travel still play the game like those who can. Doesn't have to be everytime there's a safari zone. 2x a year will be nice. Each person can only get one day, and that's enough. U still pay the tickets but not the travel. Tho i do hope we all can go travel, not everybody's economy/situation is able to do that. I wish they'll do that somehow sometime.

  31. You should name your mightyena Sage The Gemini although it is a blue nose instead of a red nose I think it's fun

  32. Was so looking forward to going, this would of been my first safari zone. But it is a smart move to cancel, to make sure that people are healthy and safe. Hopefully it dies down. Hope everyone dtsys safe.

  33. I wish it was possible to get the "safari zone Bonus" at home anytime. Like separate ticket for the Event, then Like a Safari Pass for Every Player to buy and use Around themselves.

  34. Totally felt for you and all other traveling good eggs when I saw the postponement news due to the headaches of dealing with airlines and hotels. Here's hoping most are sympathetic to what's going on for anyone going the refund route. Personally since I'm already in MO it was just going to be a quick jaunt up 44 but thus far I think me and my usual player crew are opting for the Safari Zone Queen City style for now and we'll catch STL when the city and Niantic work out a new and less bananas time to come and play and enjoy the city.

    BTW, when/if Safari Zone STL Take Deux happens and you as well as the rest of the squad have the opportunity be sure to check out Forest Park as well as the SZ park Tower Grove during your visit, the STL Zoo in particular (have such fond memories of that place and love getting to see little Raja all grown up), as well as the Hill for STL's take on Italian.

    Will definitely be tuning in for your Safari Zone Newcastle Style later this month and hope you have a blast for C-Day this weekend.

  35. Have you seen how Europe is going?? I'm in England and I won't be going to Liverpool as by then who knows how it will have spread here… I'd stay safe in Australia Zoe… The fans and pokemon can wait👍

  36. There was an outbreak at a conference 10 minutes away from PAX East last weekend so hopefully people who went there are okay.

  37. "Safari Zone cancelled,will i still go?" – spoiler alert – No,no she will not be going.
    All jokes aside, with the whole world burning with the current problem, it only makes sense for people to stay put for the time being and not travel unless it is 100% urgent. And no, Pokemon Go is not considered one of those reasons to put your health at risk.

  38. I release spiders too. I’m keeping my ticket. Hopefully they get to reschedule . Was hoping to meet you in stl. Hope you get better soon. Happy hunting all.

  39. Wait… can I still buy a ticket to participate in a local "safari zone" type thing? Because I would totally pay to have a casual safari zone with the spawns and rates in my hometown…
    They need to just do that already. A global pay to play safari zone where the tickets are around the same price, maybe less because they won't need to prepare for clean up crews, security, maintenance, booths, etc.

    This needs to happen! Because I don't think it will ever come to Washington:(

  40. I don't like their decision because it derails our choice. I am glad that they told us in advance and I respect and understand why made the choice they did. I don't mind spiders, but I have been freaked out once or twice🕷😅

  41. I live here in St. Louis, and I was super disappointed but I still understand the decision. Shame I don’t get to see you though.

  42. I know its not a common thing but i leave the spiders in my house alive as they keep the random flies at bay , circle of life nall that .

  43. IF next months breakthrough is as shit as the last 3 . im am 110% done with this game as its my only way of getting legendaries as for alot of people too , its actually just depressing the last 3 months as far as the boxes

  44. Its so sad all that is happening with this virus… However, if you would like to receive Spanish eggs without travelling, add me. Hope this dont last too long. See you all!!: 6764 2402 0389

  45. They should allow more players to purchase the ticket then and play safely in their home towns. I understand the meet up aspect of these events, however, they should always have an option for players to play these events in their home towns. Or, atleast, expand safari zone locations, globally. They have enough money to host these events. They can also generate more revenue, making these events more accessible to players globally, no matter where they are. Like right now, I have Philly and Liverpool tickets, but never bought Missouri. I hope they bring back the ticket and make it available for trainers globally again, and not just for those who purchased it during registration. What are your thoughts? I always find these events unfair, because not everyone can make these events anyway- so they miss out. No one wants to spend a ton of money on airfare and hotels either… #MakeSafariZonesGlobalAlways

  46. Hey, Zoe! I always love your videos. If your ever wanting to trade for Mr. Mime while your in Europe I’ve got plenty. It’s an absolute CURSE on my game. I’ve gotten 7 since they’ve come out. I gave a few of them to people back home in the US for the holidays when I was back there (currently studying in Ireland ☘️) but I somehow have collected more since then. Happy hunting!!!

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