What’s everyone OJ here welcome back
to another video and we have to talk about this one more time it’s funny
because so many people brought this to my attention about the whole review
bombing and I had a video that I just did about this when it comes to astral
chain make sure you guys check out that video in the thumbnail of that previous
video I had a picture of Vegeta then I also had a picture of one of the astral
chain protagonists the female one and then the whole surprised it’s over 9000
the scouter right before that happened just to kind of signify like yo what is
this craziness that’s happening and I think it was around 295 negative reviews
and you know what just when I thought the internet couldn’t get any worse the
definitive game of the year edition of stupid is back again with more user bomb
reviews of Astral chain but I think at this point because of all the attention
that it got and all of the stuff that was happening people are literally just
going over there on purpose to try to get this weird type of fake Klout I’m
not really sure what’s going on but I look at the user reviews again for
Metacritic on astral chain and it’s actually went down the last time that I
saw it was 7.0 when I did my video not at 6.3 with 795 negative reviews ranging
from people saying that the combat is just a button masher which obviously
they didn’t play the game or they played on the Unchained difficulty mode where
you’re just basically mashing buttons and it’s really easy for those who just
want a simple experience they didn’t put on the normal mode and for sure that
implement also mode and they probably just didn’t play the game at all I’m
thinking that just what happens and they’re really just kind of joining into
this just do it but this is by far the game of the Year silly
Edition when it comes through this and the stupidity level is definitely over
9000 when it comes to it but I think what the funny thing is I talked about
this before it’s like turning a negative into a positive so let’s go ahead and do
that by talking about how amazing once again in terms of my updated thoughts on
astral chain so this is s tear salt that’s going on here this is
pure platinum s plus to your salt on some of these user reviews which i think
at first with genuinely salt a steer salt and now at this point it’s not
really salty I think people are just doing it just because but it’s even
funny because more people are rushing over there to give it positive reviews
as well over 1200 positive reviews on the game over two thousand eighty three
ratings which is just absolutely nuts for this type of game but let’s talk
about this just a little bit more I have my updated impressions of Astral chain
and I have to say guys this is by far one of Platinum’s best games if not
their best game and I can easily see why somebody at first would say you know
what maybe this is not that great but once you start playing it I’m starting
to see people or at least people that got farther than me saying this is my
favorite platinum games title of all time I like it more than Bayonetta 2 I
like it more than Bayonetta I like it more than ear and at first I was like yo
wait a minute how can somebody go that far I mean I even said that myself I
said I think that I like Bayonetta 2 more than this one but the more that I
play it the more that I advanced through the more that I upgrade the more of the
different lesions that I recapture I’m starting to realize that this is
definitely more my style of game than Bayonetta now there’s things that
Bayonetta definitely does better I think the camera and the control and
everything are a bit better but when it comes to the actual combat and the
gameplay and what you can do and the flow of the gameplay with the kind of
the open-ended elements the sidequest type of stuff all the different items
and the leveling and the Legion expansion and all of that you start
getting through all these different lesions and having those abilities and
really starts opening up and it makes the gameplay so much more in-depth and
very especially when you start upgrading your ex puts on and all the different
stuff that you can do they’re getting different abilities getting different
stuff that you could equip on your legions in order to have like ability
nodes and they can get basically benefits from just activating them or
just equipping them on top of their different Legion skills and different
abilities they can get through that it’s absolutely incredible the amount of
depth and the amount of strategy that goes into this especially when trying to
get the s your difficulties and all of that and
just a replay value heck I’ve even replayed some of the previous chapters
to kind of go back because as you unlock your different legions when you go
through the game there are certain segments that you can’t access at the
beginning because you don’t have that lesion but you can go back and access
that once you get that so I don’t want to ruin anything for anybody so I’m not
gonna be showing any of that footage you’re just gonna be seeing the footage
that you see normally or the stuff that Nintendo not normally but the stuff that
Nintendo has already shown off but I find it just very intriguing
I find it like it’s therapeutic almost like but Bayonetta there’s just so much
action right action is thrown at you action is thrown at you there’s not
really a lot of RPG elements outside of okay you can get some halos you can use
those to get some upgrades and stuff like that but this to me seems like a
true fusion more of like the wonderful 101 and near the more that I play it
Bayonetta is not really in there the only thing that I kind of see from
Bayonetta is someone like the attack patterns and things like that but really
the Dodge offset that is some they do have built into the game normally is a
standard dodge offset where if you’re attacking and then you dodge and then
you can continue your attack straight from there your combo chain but it only
works after you do the dodge at one time if you do it twice the dodge offset no
longer work so you can attack like five times and then you can dodge and then
you can get ready for your sync attack on the sixth one or the fifth one or
however long it takes to get it with the standard ex baton on your sword Legion
so I’m seeing stuff like that but then you see the action and you kind of see
like the pacing of the story the different leases that you get and what
you do with your sync attacks and what you have to do to kind of dodge and get
out of the way it’s frustrating to all hell but at the same time it’s still
super fun to kind of just get better and continuing to try to get through the
game some of the action sequences in this game are just absolutely nuts so
that’s what I think I love about this game it’s the RPG elements combined with
like some of the open-ended world stuff and the side quest kind of thrown in
there it kind of mixes kind of the stuff that I wanted from wonderful one-on-one
a little bit more and with near you know and then kind of puts the aesthetic on
there that makes it look visually from our artistic standpoint and also from a
gameplay standpoint better than both of those games
near and the wonderful one-on-one but I think that’s really what we should be
judging this game with Bayonetta is a different style Bayonetta is with a game
like let’s say double may cry double may cry and near or Devil May Cry and
wonderful 101 they’re not in the same category you know so bayonetta and Devil
May Cry they’re in that kind of category they’re kind of separated this is more
of in the near wonderful 101 that type of thing and I think that’s astral chain
kind of one-up stat but in terms of the gameplay style that I like I think that
Ashton definitely fits more of that so many amazing things that this game does
especially with the Legion swapping and being able to unlock the different nodes
in your Legion and that’s where I’m really kind of going into and trying to
unlock and get the different abilities and everything because the legions just
get so much better and better especially with their attacks one of my favorite
ones that you get at the beginning is like the little round blades that you
get around your sword Legion that is such a credit AK especially for boss
fights racking up that damage you can kind of combine it maybe a little bit
with like the strength buff or using an item and then also activating that to do
really big damage with the sword Allegiance so there’s a lot of great
stuff that you can do man that you can really just kind of enhance the gameplay
make it better for you and I’m looking forward to kind of going through them
about halfway through the game or so maybe like I said no spoilers but it is
a really good game and anybody who plays it and gives it a shot and continues to
upgrade and level up and all that will realize that yo these user reviews
obviously they don’t know what they’re doing or they’ve never played the game
so definitely go out there pick up astral chain fantastic title great
graphics great gameplay I like the story so far voice acting is solid a lot of
different stuff to do plenty of content for a single-player game getting all the
different orders and stuff like that upgrading phenomenal games so I will
probably have more impressions of Astral saying as I go along and more stuff to
talk about I know I’ve already talked about when it
comes to game food but that was the beginning that I’m kind of towards the
middle I want to get everything then kind of talk about it some more as I go
along then finally beat the game kind of like I did with Fire Emblem so what are
you guys his thoughts on astral chain and what are you guys have thoughts on
these cell yes tears salt reviews user reviews and
do you guys even care you shouldn’t because I’ve talked about this before
but these user reviews literally mean nothing but one more thing that I’ve
noticed here guys I think that at the end of this whole ordeal I think that
the negative reviews are going to try to get even with the positive reviews so as
long as the positive reviews keep on going up the negative reviews are going
to kind of continue to flow in till people get tired of this so I think the
best thing for all of us to do is to watch this with the utmost seriousness
and make sure that we report on this every single time I think that’s
probably the best thing to do to make sure that we’re on top of this story
right here on player essence but at the end of the day
astral change still has an amazing score on Metacritic with the reviews that
actually matter and no matter how many silly people no matter how many salt
filled s+ people go and review bammed or whatever it doesn’t change the fact that
the game is exclusive to the Nintendo switch at the moment so what are you
guys this thoughts when it comes to this are you planning any negative reviews
for games that you haven’t played let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here it’s got the
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you so much for watching i will catch you guys for the next one peace


  1. Metacritic should reset user reviews when something like this happens. I mean it's not so democratic but salt cleanses salt sometimes.

  2. People are dumb. If you like platinum games, you might as well get a switch. Only Nintendo is willing to fund their games so why get mad.

  3. Astral Chain is a game I can see gettin in the lineup with other titles for GOTY, but I don’t think it will win, I just don’t see it. P.S I don’t know why Metacritic allows user review scores to have an impact on the Overall score itself? Just weird to me.

  4. As with many games these days, more negative fanboy or sjw salt means more publicity and attention…

    I see this as an absolute win!

  5. The beast legion is hard to control in tight space and platforming could be better imo. Other than that i think the game delivers on my expectations.

  6. Is a good game I give it at 8. For me -1 for silent character, I hate silent characters especially in heavy story games like this, it doesn't add nothing to the game, the story is solid but there's some weak moments and I thought this game was more opon world kinda like automata but is not is chapter base and that hurt the experience and that feeling of freedom for me.

  7. Definetly a really good game, that I'm having fun with but I liked Nier: Automata far more. Story of Astral Chain seems to be more basic and a little tropey. For me at least.

  8. I can see it being the best of platinum games in terms of gameplay, but how is the story? I think it has to be a masterpiece to beat Neir's story.

  9. I'd sure love to see these people who commented that the game is just a button masher actually trying to go through the game doing just that. You'd be dead in seconds. LOL

  10. Fire emblem is getting bombed as well. Go on then haters, cry some more. I'll be here continuing to play astral chain and soon after finish my second route in FE3H.

  11. The reason why I love this game more than Bayonetta and Nier is basically what you just said. It honestly has a lot more variety in gameplay and concepts. It's action may not be as precise and intense as Bayo and it's story not as deep as Nier but it's combination of elements makes it great.

    The exploration and puzzle elements in the astral plane with the combination of
    of all 5 legions and their different unique abilities in and out of combat almost make it feel like a Zelda game, which I freaking love. The astral plane really feel like Dungeons you have to admit. Also I really didn't think I would enjoy the investigations as much as I did but they really serve a purpose to immerse you into the plot/role and a lot of them are actually fun. They also provide a good flow to the game to where it's not always constant action, there's slower points and point's where the pace picks up and every file/chapter has a satisfying climax.

  12. Overall for me, I would probably give the game an 8/10. The combat is great. I like how many ways there are to defeat an opponent in the game. Unfortunately, and this is an issue I have with the genre not the game itself, there are plenty of times where my character is just getting thrown around and I legitimately have no idea what could have been done, if anything, to prevent that. I never know if I am really getting better because there are times where I thought the fight was very tough but the game gives me an A to an S+ rank. Others, I feel like I didn't have trouble but I get a D or a C.

    What keeps it a 10/10 is just the flow of the game. There are a lot of minigames, but to experience them, you pretty much have to replay the file with the minigame (unless there is another way to access them that I am missing). The detective work doesn't feel natural because you have to recite what you learned to someone who clearly already knows what happened. The game wants to be open-area, but it being a mission format means that I cannot freely explore certain areas until the mission wants me to. The last few chapters are more in-line with what I was hoping/expecting: you can exit the station and complete side missions before pursuing the main case.

    I like the game overall, but I am not sure how it would be ranked compared to Wonderful 101.

  13. Man, this is nuts! Like Devil may cry, Bayonetta, Starfox, this game isn't for everyone. It's for people who like challenge and replay value. I don't even want to bother with the bombing. I'm 14 hour deep in it, i have 4 legions now and i can say that this game is really really good. there are a lot of hidden things in the levels (Boss, side quests and items…), new paths open with each new legion so you need to replay some levels to access new ereas…The combat mechanics with the legions are excellent. Once you understand how to combine your legions different abilities, its so rewarding! Being fan of both Bayonetta games, i'm a little disappointed on the ranking system which gives «S» and «S+» a little too easily and the difficulty in normal mode, I didn't die enough times compared to Bayonetta 1 😁 . Don't sleep on this game! Platinum combined so many good things in it that i'm really eager to see what they are cooking up with Bayonetta 3 which is going to be their flagship!!!

  14. Only got a hour of playing time in Asteral Chain due to working 2 jobs, but only complaint so far is lack of combat tutorials. Otherwise I can say with at least one hour of playing, I am enjoying the game and right now give it a 7.8/10. Need more time to give a more accurate perspective on how it stacks up.

  15. Welp it's only helped Platinum Games score their first ever No 1 hit in the UK charts. I say keep up the good work haters Lol!

  16. I'm loving the game so far the only thing that bothers me is the fall damage you get for falling off in the Astral Plane. I sometimes dodge a enemy and fall off the edge and it take quite a bit of health besides that I love this game. It's my first platinum game and I'm really enjoying it I will be buying bayonetta and nier after beating this to give those a try too.

  17. The visuals and story alone makes Astral Chains a lot better than Bayo 2! The combat is incredible, especially when you start upgrading your items, legions and more!!

  18. Lol! The sodium 🧂 levels are just rising high, I mean what’s going on? This is because it’s a NINTENDO exclusive more so let’s be honest.

    Watch when Bayonetta 3 lands AJ … mark my words.

  19. Great impressions, been looking forward to this one and now I'm excited about picking it up after hearing your thoughts!

  20. it's been a dry year for sony and fanboys are just proving that it has been. I don't care about the sales of Ps4 or switch. because all I want to do is play good games. which I feel sony hasn't delivered this year etc that's why I own all consoles so I don't miss out on great exclusive titles like astral chain

  21. Great vid OJ. Astral Chain is a phenomenal game all around and a must play game on the Switch. I don't think it's as good as the Bayonetta games or Nier at the moment but I will wait till have finished the game too find that out tho but Astral Chain gets better n better the more you play and the clunky Controls also gets better n better with the more play time you put in guys. Them fake reviews pay no attention too them guys, just play Astral Chain and enjoy it for a fantastic game it is :-D.

  22. Sonyponys are officially the gaming clowns at this point (we all know that is not fanboys in general, it is very specific, no need to pretend).
    So happy not being part of this. So happy with my xbox1x and switch.

  23. Dude this game is great.
    I am having so much fun playing this game no one is going to tell me that this game is bad believe it 😁👍

  24. This is my favorite game this year the combat is awsome, yeah you can button mash on unchained but if you play on the standard or ultimate you have to learn timing on attacks and how to use your legions and it feels so satisfying to master the combat

  25. I was thinking of this salt train and realized how common it is with Switch exclusives that are just good games. Octopath Traveler and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 had various salty reactions because they were Switch exclusive. It seems like this is the largest salt train so far though.

  26. This is definitley my favorite platinum games game of all time. The only issue i have is sometimes i have issues with the camera. Otherwise its a 10/10 for me. Im on the last chapter right now, so hopefully it doesnt turn to garbo 😂

  27. PS4 fanboys are the kings of double standards. They slam Astral Chain for being 30fps, yet two (admittedly great) PS4 exclusives that they hail as the greatest games of all time, Spiderman and God of War, are also 30fps. They slam Astral Chain's anime artstyle, but praise Persona 5 despite its own anime artstyle. But most of all, when PS4 gets an exclusive, they're like "Haha! You can only dream of having games as awesome as this! Suck it!" but when Xbox One or Nintendo Switch gets an exclusive, they're like "This cannot be! That game belongs to us! If it's not on PS4, it sucks!"

  28. These guys are too dumb to realise that all they are doing is bringing way more attention to this game than it would otherwise get

  29. Makes me want the game even more since theirs so much hate and trolls. Ill be picking it up tomorrow when i get paid.

  30. i will definitely pick this up when it restocks at my local Walmart for $10 less. DQXIs demo is keeping busy in the meantime.

  31. It happens all the time not just astral chain. Control got a pro score of 81 with you tubers like dreamcast guy and easy allies saying it is "a must play" but the user score is 4.6, no one blinks an eyelid. I'm almost finished astral chain and I'd rate it an 8.5 personally. Lol Don't be salty over the salt people 😂

  32. Gamers: Guys, don't trust reviews from big name publishers. They're shills and they don't accurately rate games. Trust your fellow gamers.

    Nintendo: puts out a quality game exclusive to their platform

    Gamers: Wait, that's illegal.

  33. as someone who has played and experienced the game, Astral Chain isn't that perfect, even 9 is pushing it, I'd say 8 but not higher, there is a lot of gripes in this game, 1 major thing is the story is bland and way predictable and the main protag being silent is useless narrative-wise having no story dialogue options, it doesn't help that the character you didn't choose to as the main would have full dialogue, even the character development of the sub-characters are too shallow to non-existent and the investigative section of the game is, most of the time, dragged on too much, next is, the platforming in this game is way too finicky and punishes you hard for falling, then there is the camera control and the enemy lock-on, it's better not to lock-on most of the time especially if you're dealing with multiple targets at the same time and lastly, the controls are way convoluted for a high paced action game, so many to press, so many downtimes, changing legions, downtime, changing items, downtime, heck even for changing weapon modes, even Neir did it better not to mention Beyonetta… the best part of the game is the combat and the music but other than that everything else is average at best…

  34. Because Nintendo is Publisher I think Nintendo "might" be ip's owner. Like "gear of war" that "Microsoft is ip's owner" but out source game to epic (gear 1,2,3) the coalition (gear 4,5) – also epic + people can fly make gears of war judgment –

    Sitll it's can be time exclusive with platinum games as ip's owner and Nintendo have time exclusive attach to it.

  35. People tend to do this when a games an exclusive, they're hoping if they bomb reviews enough then it'll go multi-platform but they don't realize that's not how it works, your average viewer doesn't even look at the user score due to its illegitimacy.

  36. I'm getting really sick of the tribalism here. A good game is a good game no matter if it's Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft. Except Stadia. EVERYONE agrees that Stadia is trash.

  37. I actullay really like it when combat(turn-based or action) starts off slow or limited. Just look at the difference between the early game and mid-game for cold steel 2 and kingdom hearts 2

  38. Nintendo needs to release its review system for actual owners of the game like Xbox does with its library. Let gamers tell other gamers that actually own and play the game what they think. Screw the haters. It’s like Dave Chappell was telling the truth lol.

  39. i'm sure this salty fanboys wouldn't even care to bombing Astral Chain if it came out meh or bad but because it got all the praise they become so salty it makes them ridicilous. i really hate fanboysm for any medium it really ruin the fun which is the main purpose of gaming itself

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