Rio Fashion Week – Ass Shaking and Transsexual Supermodels

Rio Fashion Week – Ass Shaking and Transsexual Supermodels

NARRATOR: Welcome to Fashion
Week International, the show that reports on the most
fabulous fashion weeks in the world, and the culture and
politics behind them. First up, we head to
Rio de Janeiro. [BOSSA NOVA] NARRATOR: 30 years ago, the Rio
de Janeiro tourist board decided that the best person
to tell the story of their city was Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was enchanted by Rio, and
by one element of it in particular. ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I can
absolutely understand why Brazil is totally devoted
to my favorite body part, the ass. NARRATOR: 30 years on, we felt
it was time to update Arnie’s razor sharp observations. But perhaps some things
never change. [HIP HOP MUSIC] NARRATOR: Brazil is booming. This year, it was named the
sixth biggest economy in the world, overtaking the UK, and
shows no signs of stopping as it gears up to host
the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. Like Arnie said, Rio is the
city that seems to have it all, boasting one of the most
idyllic urban landscapes in the world, from the famous the
beaches to the infamous favelas, and a population that
really pays testimony to the fact that mixing the gene
pools of the world is a pretty good idea. [TECHNO MUSIC] NARRATOR: We were here, of
course, for Rio Fashion Week, which was being held at one
Rio’s biggest landmarks, a horse racecourse in the
middle of the city. Being one of the more
established events we’ve been to this series, we knew the
official Fashion Week would be more of the same. But we wanted to learn about a
transgender phenomenon on the runways, a race debate dividing
the industry, and see for ourselves how big butts
and skinny models play alongside each other. In the last few years, the
Brazilian fashion industry has been leading the way in the use
of transgender models on the catwalk. The world’s only high
profile transsexual supermodel hails from Rio. Lea T hit the headlines last
year when she was featured in “Elle Brazil,” photographed
kissing Kate Moss for the cover of high end fashion
magazine, Love. And Brazilian bikini history
was rewritten when she was shot by Terry Richardson for
the Blue Man campaign. In fact, Brazil’s first ever
known transsexual model was working in Rio long
before that. Roberta Close came onto the
scene you in the 80s, and had everybody fooled, including– if you believe her
autobiography– Eddie Murphy, George Clooney,
and Robert deNiro. Antonio Bizarro was one of the
designers using transsexual models among the other girls to
showcase his collection at the fashion week. Personally, I’m just really
excited [INAUDIBLE] choice in models. ANTONIO BIZARRO:
to guess which one was a transsexual. And that’s obviously a really
sensitive issue. I don’t just want to go up to
some girl and be like, can I see your dick? Which is, unfortunately,
pretty much what I ended up doing. The worst thing just happened. I was sure that this girl was a
transsexual, just a really, the most convincing
feminine one. So I just stormed right up there
and was like, excuse me, is your name Camilla. And she was like, no. And everybody kind of jumped in
and went no, this is Linda. I think that they all know
that Camilla is the transsexual, and it was just
like a massive faux pas. And now that girl thinks that
I think she’s a man. Just as I wished the ground
would swallow me up, Carol Marra, the other transsexual
model was pointed out to me. You look very beautiful. I’m Charlotte. Nice to meet you. So, Antonio’s show, he told me,
is based around India’s third gender, which
we all know about. For you, is being you being
a third gender? Or for you are you a woman? CAROL MARRA:
see you on the catwalk. It’s really good to
speak to you. Thank you. Have fun. Carol is an inspiring example
in the transgender community of Rio. However, transgenderism is still
a subject all too often oppressed by taboo. Carol had spoken about another
reality for many other transgenders, the
sex industry. As these girls aren’t exactly
listed in the phone book, I found myself having
to do something I’ve never done before. So we’re currently cruising
around in the bang bus. We’re cruising around Rio,
trying to pick up some transgender prostitutes. And the truth is there’s still
some things I’m kind of itching to find out, such as how
do they hide their penis. I’ve never knowingly approached
a prostitute for sex or for an interview. My heart’s pounding. Bye. We’re looking for
transgenders. Because they’re obviously not,
I can tell from looking now. I can tell from now
they’re women. Yes. So let’s ask them if
they know any. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Oh, I swear. I think it was a man. I think the one in the little
shorts had a penis. My interpreter and I felt like
maybe something had got lost in translation. Because I was sure these were
girls who were boys. So we went back out
to clarify. In no time at all, I had gone
from complete confusion to learning they were in fact
pre-op transsexuals. Hola. NAYARA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Nayara had to get back
to work, but there was still so much more
I wanted to know. To my surprise, she asked
if we wanted to meet up with her again. She said she wanted to show
us more about her life. But just how much more,
I had no idea. [CHURCH CHOIR] NARRATOR: From the red light
district, we headed straight to the Santo Antonio Church to
meet an unlikely crusader in another controversial catwalk
story, Friar David Santos. DAVID SANTOS:
race row has hit the Brazilian fashion industry over the
limited use of black models on Brazilian catwalks. Earlier in the day, the
Franciscan friar had led a protest outside the
fashion week. Together with his group
Educafros, he’s been campaigning against
institutional racial bias across all aspects of Brazilian society, including fashion. Brazil is over 50% black,
the largest black population after Nigeria. In 2010, thanks to Friar David’s
protests at Sao Paolo fashion week, a government quota
was introduced, stating that there were to be no
less than 10% black models on the catwalk. The following year, this
was repealed, deemed unconstitutional. DAVID SANTOS:
fashion week, the mood was a little less somber than
that at the church. And none of these girls looked
like they were about to take communion any time soon. On the catwalk, there were
definitely fewer black models. But in fact, there was not a lot
of any one kind of model– apart from skinny, of course. To suggest an entire industry is
racist might be pushing it. When you look at what an
incredible mix of races makes this country, it actually
becomes a question of what does define Brazilian beauty. We went to meet Sergio Mattos,
one of the old guard of Brazilian fashion, and
the man who helped launch Giselle’s career. NARRATOR: Thank you for
letting us be here. I am very distracted
by all these ugly people on the walls. So do you want to show me,
maybe, some of the big names you discovered. NARRATOR: So I mean, obviously,
when we were at the Fashion Week, there were these
people protesting that there aren’t enough black people
in the fashion industry. Is the fashion industry
racist? Or is it that clients don’t
want the black models? NARRATOR: Only 15! Oh my god, I can’t look. [MUSIC IN PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: From the favelas of
Rocinha to City of God, other slightly less high profile
modeling schools are catering to those who don’t want to
wait to be discovered. [MUSIC IN PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Dream Models is one
such school at the heart of Rocinha, a notorious favela with
a dramatic presence in Rio’s urban landscape. Wow. This is absolutely
comes with the postcard promise of the iconic
thong-clad bountiful beach bottom. Sadly, this shape had
been somewhat scarce on the catwalks. So we’ve gone out for
a bit of good old fashioned bottom hunting. We’ve come to this gym in Rio
because I’m going to take part in a special sort of dance
class, which, it seems that all girls here seem to know
how to do instinctively. It’s something that’s done
in all the [INAUDIBLE] clubs. And the girls who are going to
be teaching me to dance are actually one of the biggest
funkera girl groups. And their name is, direct conversation, Cage of Hot Girls. Cage of Hot Girls are an
all girl funkera group. Female purveyors of Brazilian
funk music, a hard-hitting genre born in Rio’s favelas
in the ’90s. The female bottom has long had
symbolic importance in Brazilian culture. And today this is nowhere
more apparent than in the funk scene. At street level, funk has been
a huge influence on Brazilian girls in terms of
self-expression and aesthetic– from the way dance to
the clothes that compliment their curves. It would seem that every
Brazilian girl knows inherently how to perform the
magical bum dance, and can’t wait to show you, whether on
YouTube dancing for her boyfriend, with her dog, or in
any nightclub across Rio. Today, I was going to
be shown the ropes. I’d been invited to crash Cage
of Hot Girls rehearsal session and try to keep up. However, I had a feeling
this was something that could not be taught. Their bodies are completely
different to mine. They couldn’t be any
more different. The outfits just make their body
shape pop even more than it does without bright
colors glued to it. [BRAZILIAN FUNK] NARRATOR: When I came to Brazil,
this is what I was hoping to see– colors and
curves, and attitude. We spent a lot of our time
here at the fashion week, where I’ve seen a lot more
influence of European and international beauty
standards. And the girls are very thin. What, for you, does Brazilian
trend for dancing like this come from? [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Your bottom just
moves when you walk. Mine doesn’t even move
when I walk. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: OK so I’ll stay
here until it happens. Ten. It hurts a bit. Is it moving? Is it doing it? [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: It’s too small. Ta da. How long do I have to do the
exercises before my bum and my thighs look like yours? [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Injections and
implants aside, I guess these girls really do echo
a widespread ideal of Brazilian beauty. And the crowds that gathered
around their post-rehearsal shopping spree confirmed
this to me. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Rio Fashion Week
understandably strives for a more Eurocentric perspective,
afraid to break away from the skinny mold guaranteed
to sell clothes. But I was pleased I’d come to
Brazil, met Cage of Hot Girls, and not just come away
with an impression of flaccid model bottoms. We were going back to meet
Carol, the transsexual model from the fashion week, to hang
out during a swimwear shoot taking place on the roof of
her Ipanema apartment. Carol might still be pre-op, but
nevertheless finds lots of the jobs she gets require
little to be left to the imagination, such as swimwear. CAROL MARRA:
you decided to make the changes to become
a woman fully? CAROL MARRA:
you to be able to help and inspire other people who want
to become transsexuals? NARRATOR: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: As far as guys on
the street are concerned, Carol is a female model. And although her success may
be partly down to being a transsexual, as is often the
case in fashion, what is thought to be unusual soon
becomes the norm. Oh my god. They all stop for you. [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] [MUSIC IN PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: With Fashion
Week over, we had one last night in Rio. And despite a host of after
parties to attend, I decided to take up a different offer,
from Nayara, the transsexual prostitute as she prepared
herself for a night’s work. Marginalized not only by her
gender, but also her economic background, Nayara had come to
represent everything we’d learned from the Fashion
Week since we arrived. You look super cute today. I love your dress. You look different when you’re
in your daytime wear. Tell me about this dress. Was it a football shirt? NAYARA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: Nayara ran us through
her outfit choices, and explained what’s needed
to hide her manhood. If I was your customer, I think
I’d be a bit naive. I wouldn’t know what was
going on under there. How do you disguise
it so well? NAYARA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: We went back into the
red light district, where we’d first met, to one of the
many sex hotels in Rio. NAYARA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] [WOLF WHISTLE] NARRATOR: No one is supposed
to set foot inside these places, unless they’re
getting a leg over. We’re in a sex hotel in Rio,
with Nayara and Daniela, our two new sex worker friends. Daniela is Nayara’s
someone else’s three kids, but also father to
one of her own. DANIELA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: After everything they
told me, I wondered if the genital sex change operation
was the best life choice for them after all. So when do you hope to
be able to afford the final sex change operation? DANIELA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] NAYARA: [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE] [MUSIC IN PORTUGUESE] NARRATOR: As the girls strutted
off into the night to make a days of it, nightclubs
across Rio heaved with the funk-fueled passion of boys and
girls magical bum dancing the night away. As day breaks, the beach once
more becomes the democratizing leveler of Rio’s society where,
as is the case with many of our friends we met
this week, wearing fewer clothes brings people from all
walks of life together. Our week with transgender
models, prostitutes, and turbulent priests had shown us
that Rio is a place with a unique capacity for embracing
fashion at the margins. The thriving economy and
fast-approaching global sporting events are bound to
change the face of Rio in coming years. But there are some things
which clearly aren’t going anywhere. [BRAZILIAN FUNK MUSIC] [SPEAKING PORTUGUESE]

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