PS4 & Switch BIG Sales Milestones, EA’s Baffling NSW Comments, Ninja on Mixer | PE PODCAST #63

PS4 & Switch BIG Sales Milestones, EA’s Baffling NSW Comments, Ninja on Mixer | PE PODCAST #63

Five barren still in the center I’m just
used to hang out so we’re like switches but anyway what’s up everybody
Oh G over here from Paris it’s welcome back to another PG podcast we got
episode number where Evan we don’t have Evan episode number 63 63
we have a great show for you guys today we’re gonna be talking about ps4 switch
EA ninja on mixer there’s all sorts of stuff that were discussed and other
things that will come up as well so thank you guys so much for joining us I
do appreciate it let me introduce my cast I can’t say I
guess left or right let me say above me above me is Jordan French how you doing
today Jordan what’s going on glad to be switching back to YouTube after making
the mistake of going to twitch and then going back to you too I mean well this
well this livestream ever figure out where it needs to be find out more later
I don’t even know what I want to do in life hey we can just go to mixer dude
it’s the new hot thing hey I am gonna go to mixer I am gonna I’m gonna dump it a
dual strip the mixer probably next week’s podcast is oh no no no exclusives
I think I think that we got the new deal we’re gonna do a whole press conference
about it we secured the big bag we’re leaving YouTube and twitch big I need a
big bag where’s what I mean by that as in like a quarter of what ninja got and
I like a corner that’s like 25 million I know so just give me a quarter
so you beat you be fine with a 1% of a mil it might be a 1% of what this man
yeah I’m out faster than the flash let’s go also to my big left is my massive
left is buried how you doing today big bag hi
he’s super low now he’s silent you got stage fright for being in the middle so anyway Baron will be Baron will be
here at some point you got too big for his britches
that’s to my upper left is shadow Fox joining us once again as a guests how
you doing today shadow Fox I’ve been all stuffed in the game I think I’m gonna
take over entire pocket shadow cast now so you just man he’s been yeah call this
man uh Shannon Sharpe Shannon Shannon Sharpe over here yeah do we got a do
ready to go man all right am right below him is we got
another guest is big Z so how you doing today Big Z Wow
everyone’s really talkative today it is it’s a very talkative podcast I actually
really enjoy that about about that that you know and that’s what makes this
podcast absolutely amazing is how talking our members are of it so shout
outs but anyway anyway the news are we doing intros or what we were you missed
your own intro oh I didn’t hear you okay so how you
doing today I’m doing real good you know what I mean I’ve been playing a fire I’m
real good I’m a big just picked up that man 20 I’m feeling real good
I’m feeling real good I’m ready to see Jimmy fill Wapello bail for the 49ers
all year ready at least I’m not the only one a waste of my money in the past week I’ve never heard that that dismay right
fill up well where’d you get that just came out with it they all out below oh
fail upload is that a garage oh I get it he fails I know I know bailout below
makes sense I mean let me ask you a question though I mean I’m pretty sure
that he doesn’t I mean how many Super Bowls does Jimmy Garoppolo have compared
to the Atlanta Falcons though that’s what I want to know I can’t hear you
breaking up hey buddy you know they actually not
as more as more Super Bowl titles of in Atlanta we got a couple of lanta Atlanta
Falcon fans here hopefully y’all don’t choke all over this damn podcast with
this and I’ll never let you guys live that down by the way number one off is
none more defense that you know well number one offense and the number what
you got also Oh actually you know what there was actually a third stat to also
choking rating you guys are dead nine I think you I think you would lack of Bill
Belichick has a head coach I think the choke rating was a ninety nine let’s go
let’s go ahead and get into the the what’s called the poppets here I’m gonna
start up with big sales numbers first switch and also for PlayStation four
places for hit a huge milestone with 100 million systems sold worldwide as of
June 30th so about a little bit under six years right so yeah 2013 and then
we’re in 2019 so yeah a little bit under six years
they hit one hundred million units I think they were like the fourth fastest
so they’re definitely one of the fat definitely top one of the fastest to
ever hit one hundred million when it comes to it’s very rare for a system to
hit 100 million it doesn’t happen very often but for Sony it happens almost all
the time for something it happens almost all the time so right now instead third
popular system right now as it now of all time yes home kind places behind
PlayStation want a PlayStation 2 for Sony
yeah home console Hongkong Sony’s only not hit 100 million one time and that
was the ps3 and that was because it was ridiculously expensive and if it was
cheaper somehow some way shape or form they probably could have got it done but
you know whatever but anyway so 100 million units sold
shoutouts to Matthew Hammond I think he he donated three dollars so thank you
Matthew for the three dollar donation we do appreciate that
and I won’t read off your bicycle can we talk about barons developer rankings
could could it be any more wrong we’ll talk about that later we’ll talk about
oh we’ll talk about that later we’ll get sidetracked with this
developer right but I think Big Z are you back yet my
man I don’t think so okay so I’m gonna go ahead and go around the horn here I’m
gonna first start with Jordans I know Jordan really cares about sales when it
comes to this type of stuff there’s an MPD already know it’s ps4 hitting 100
million in sales I also wanted a jewel a shion’s the rich get richer they did a
fantastic job it’s a great console they did a good job what else do you want me
to say who they hit under how does that affect me what do I gather they’re rich
Ipsy with the too pious continuation of the business so I still have to buy the
next one it’s not a party it’s not a party for me why do I celebrate it I
guess you get the next system because they did well I don’t like all right
congratulations Sony did it don’t screw up with the PlayStation 5 that’s all I
got according to the according to what they said they might have to raise the
price of the PS 5 because of the potential tariffs so PS 5 could be more
expensive could directly interfere with their plans but walk the wait and see I
am going to move on to Baron Baron your thoughts on PlayStation a hundred
million neck next question next there’s nothing to really talk about there is it
it did not only hit honey million okay we knew that already we already knew
that we already knew okay sounds good any other any thoughts on that man I
mean they say it officially outpaced the Wii yeah I’m getting to 100 I don’t know
how close that was but I mean they’re they’re just under 25 million units a
year with that well actually well under that at close to 20 per year selling
that much so I guess I guess that’s the b2 b3 warranted but I mean you got a lot
going for this this system was obviously the the runaway success
ever since the whole Xbox always-on debacle and we you not being in picture
everybody basically ignoring it you know and they didn’t have any competition
literally source which came out so it’s really I mean it’s to be expected
imagine if the we had to market to itself I mean why wouldn’t you why
wouldn’t you expect this to happen like actually faster but um I I guess it’s
still a success yeah why not I don’t know it’s hard it’s hard to sell
consoles these days with all these phones and tablets are you yeah that’s
true that’s that’s absolutely true that’s what I thought that was pretty
cool about it but I also think like Big Z he’s not you can’t hear us for some
reason right now but I think the biggest thing about this is that the fact that
normal consoles are still a thing right normal consoles are still a thing
regular set-top boxes are still a thing that’s not I don’t think they’re going
away yeah they’re not going away like oh it’s gonna be you know streaming boxes
only or anything like that so I think that’s the coolest thing about this
whole process you know somebody says 7 Jam was the last year of a console I
forget who said it but it was a it was a said that about eight years ago they
were obviously wrong on that but I wonder where they are right now what
they have to say with seven genuine yeah seven Jim was the last generation of
consoles that like somebody actually went on record who said that I just have
to I have to pull a quote back up but I know I said that they want to get rid of
the concept of generations and all that but yeah alright like it was a I forget
who said it was a while back I mean that has effectively been done that’s for
sure it was uh somebody said some I said a seventh generation will be last like
the eighth generation consoles were merged with so now I forgot who said it
who said it uh who said it in 2010 but Ubisoft is saying now the night
generation last generation of consoles that’s what easy animal said I guess
back in that’ll be the last generation I think
don’t be generations to come after that I don’t think I’ll be in different forms
may be different streaming services going it going up against each other but
you’ll still be a generation hey good to hear you hey I was just listening to you
we’re gonna hear you for some reason I’m not sure why yeah but now you’re good
now so so yeah go ahead and go on and continue yes I think two generations
will stick around may like any industry it’s going to evolve
you could argue the same thing about music in two different formats whether
it be a vinyl versus cassette or any of that in the same way it’s just going to
evolve into Spotify versus Apple music or whatever it is whatever it’s going on
into the trend there will always be a Ubisoft or Microsoft or Sony or Nintendo
versus them it’s a matter of how they want to go about it yeah yeah I agree
Matt I think that’s the that’s gonna be the key I think going forward outside of
shadow Fox’s okay never mind you’re back we back yeah but I mean it’s all good I
think that generations we’ll see what happens going for in the future but
overall I think I think there’s still there’s still people that want that
normal type of system and all of that you know so so yeah anyway good stuff
also shoutouts to Ethan R with the dollar 9 donation and he says I’m act
interested in sales Jordan or I unsubscribe so sweating doesn’t care he
hasn’t even responded yet he’s looking down all right well let’s go ahead let’s
move on to the next topic here guys oh never mind
Jordan froze hey can you hear me now oh now we can hear you I froze I responded
I heard everything but I guess I was frozen hey man this is this this
wonderful discord right now what I was saying is that go ahead and unsubscribe
because you’re just gonna be joining all the other people who have been on
something from my channel my dead channel it’s fine there’s been the
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about negative 150 right now that’s a good great negative is a chance all the
dead Spyro subs bother me I don’t these people have literally turned into Spyro
themselves there’s no way that they could possibly play a video game
you know normally so it’s okay if you lost them that’s fine also youtube
losing a little mini purge by the way to just one reason one reason only what is
that to comment on videos but Borderlands it’s coming out in 2020 well
I’m not making any Borderlands videos so you can keep your your PC release to
yourself as videos no I’m doing Pokemon that’s what I want to hear a comment I’m
the wild man oh my god no I find that a preposterous that you’re not gonna do
any Borderlands videos I just want to enjoy the game cuz here’s the thing I I
made some decent Borderlands videos when I was covering like the announcement and
all this other stuff about it right but the thing that people really care about
in these videos and the ones that do extremely well are the ones where they
get into a lot of the meta between the guns and the different types and the
damage rates and all this other stuff that I personally don’t find as
interesting as they do and I don’t want to passionately talk about something
that I don’t have passion for and people only really care I could be like this
wow that like I do aspire wow this looks great but that works for Spyro because
it’s a platformer it’s a simple platformer game there’s nothing really
to meta about it Borderlands it’s like you have to talk about all these
specifics or no one cares in that community and it’s like I’ll just enjoy
the game for myself I care about Pokemon a lot so I’m doing Pokemon stuff I have
other stuff different things launching next week that I’m doing with clean
prints gaming that I’ll say more announcements on soon but yeah I’m just
doing Pokemon stuff you like pokemon cards Pokemon explained like it’s about
the lore that’s what you get on my channel if you don’t like it
cool no seriousness I’ve been loving Pokemon content I think it’s really
different good well thank you I’m trying to make it the best I can I have good
allies who have been helping me through in the the pokemon card community which
I I think is the nicest community overall
on YouTube the the gaming side of Pokemon not so good
the card side of Pokemon extremely nice people
yin and yang right there man like I mean you’re not wrong though ya know it’s
very true that’s why well that’s why I refuse to talk about short sword and
shield like I’m not even gonna get into it I’m not yeah well you’re complaining
the vet doesn’t look like doesn’t let’s not in 4k guys it’s not worth it let’s
not get into this commerce into that conversation these people are crazy I’m
not gonna see her at least these Pokemon people are out there if they’re
absolutely nuts but not only are they advanced
developers but they’re also programmers they’re modelers they’re shaders the
Pokemon community are the greatest set of developers that I’ve ever seen in my
life I mean really they are so I’m gonna let them just say hey how about you guys
make a Pokemon game and I’ll buy it off of you guys since you guys are so good
at pokemon games but either way we’re gonna go ahead we’re gonna let’s see
you’re Ethan on with another dollar 99 donation it says every person who
unsub’s is a Pokemon removed alright so let’s go to move on to the next topic
here guys we’re gonna talk about real quick it’s kind of tak get on piggybacks
on the ps4 cells but the switch hit about 37 million for the past quarter
worldwide they updated the million sellers list and it’s pretty crazy to
see some of the games that are up there mild kart 8 deluxe is let me pull up the
list here guys I’m sorry I didn’t have it up right away yeah yeah it is it is
the best-selling game and I think it’s like almost 7 17 or 18 million something
like that so it’s just been really crazy in terms of 8 million on Wii U and yeah
it’s been it’s been crazy but yeah 37 million Nintendo still on track to I
think they said they wanted to do someone like around 15 to 17 million for
the year I’m looking at the updated million sellers and yeah my car 8 deluxe
is almost at 18 million on this on the switch it’s seventeen point eight nine
million Super Mario odd is out 14 thank you for the super job
won’t get that in just a bit Super Mario artists is at fourteen point
nine four million Super Smash Brothers ultimate is at fourteen point seven
three million The Legend of Zelda breath of the wall is at 13 point 6 1 million
Pokemon let’s go Pikachu and Eevee is at ten point nine eight million splatoon is
at nine point zero two million Super Mario party’s at about 7 million these
Mario Bros u deluxe some household another million copies in the past
quarter I want to swishy is once you switches at three million and – which is
three million man it was stuck at 1 million for a while it was hey you might
you you might as well though Marga make in there they already confirmed a two
point five yeah two point I think they said two point four something million
for the past yeah for the past in three days because the numbers um three you
know are till June 30th so there’s still a whole nother this whole past month
that went would sales that’s why I said 37 million because chances are it’s over
37 million at this point and that’s before the price shop and all that so
just real quick around the horn guys I want to start with shadow Fox just quick
thoughts on some of these sales anything that stands out for you man Nintendo
first party sales man you got three titles that’s forty percent of the user
base like nothing else is coming close to that period that’s people people have
their their disdains about Nintendo the debt can never be just for you this is
what the second console in a row that’s done something like this we saw what
happened with with with you and Mario Kart so like over 50 percent of the user
base yeah you can’t you can’t deny it like they’re their first party sales no
matter what it doesn’t matter how will the hardware’s game so so that’s it be
salty I guess nice nice good stuff also shoutouts to Roman star 58 with the
$2 donation it says PlayStation exclusive or interactive movie is
PlayStation get increase in our interactive movie I’m not exactly is he
making a statement or is yeah it’s gonna question sounds like a statement yeah
something a statement saying pleasures and exclusives are interactive movies I
think that’s what he’s trying to say but either way I can agree if that sentiment
tunic some games are not interactive movies some games are more movie ish
than others it is what it is those people that like the solve game
positions doing oh it is what it is on that for it so
big Z anything to Adam your thoughts on the sales I mean it makes sense that the
switch is selling so well it’s it’s a handheld device that is able to play
Doom and everything else I don’t see reason why not to pick it up what about
if you want to play double w 2k 18 you get technically run it for a steam link
if you’re hacking technically that’s that’s the way to get around get around
that cut I’m just I’m just being stupid I’m Baron real your thoughts on those
what sells I think is remarkable I’ve been telling people since last year that
uh switch will pass Xbox one install base but before the fall and that’s
definitely what’s about to happen what is it 48 41 41 or forty forty five
or forty year I know now the last number was 42 owner would at 45 who said 42 our
I think I market Microsoft came with 42 it was in March Microsoft doesn’t report
numbers sales them overall sales numbers anymore I thought they had to on their
last they report engagement and they report xbox live numbers like in terms
of how many people they report that and they report of course the business Xbox
business branding business but who knows how much crap is thrown into the engine
somebody else reported maybe maybe I was VG charts in what they anticipate last
one yeah might be VG I’m from what I’m not out that wasn’t easy so that was
another source but I can’t because a with the guy on Twitter that works for
Michael securities I know he mentioned something I thought he mentioned around
40 mid-40s for Xbox that’s what I hate I think he was the guy to say 41
okay well it definitely was of a VG charge because I don’t listen the shit
would be I mean he would have access to the numbers I think his name is like
David something I forgot exactly what his name is it was an analyst yeah he’s
an analyst Michael securities our analysts either either way ago 40 41 4
245 switches past and that before 2 years old yes that’s that’s just
definitely it might pass it up on in September no it’s it’s gonna happen it’s
gonna happen around late August late September in that window where was a
huge exas I guess all the MPD numbers he leaked it he leaked it on researcher
error months ago actually in January not John in January so January or 41 million
supposedly okay so much my thing is on it on that switch number I think of
course the hardware number is impressive it is but the software number is the
number of people not talking about it’s ridiculous to hundred million two
hundred and ten million pieces of software already the I know how many
pieces of software was sold on a Wii U was it well it was 201 it was around for
the lifetime for the lifetime which is already which has already eclipsed that
already which is ridiculous I think is it’s crazy that mario kart 8 has did I
think double of what it did on Wii U I guess that’s a me that statement would
be imagined because this is selling at the pace of ps4 imagine ps4 selling
first party games at 40 to 50 percent of the user base that hasn’t happened yet
no further damage done that was funny and I think it’s crazy yeah I mean I
thought I thought the the pace the Mario Odyssey was selling was ridiculous but
the pace of Smash Brothers is ridiculous yeah we’re talking 15 million a game
came on December yeah that’s gonna be a 20 million game probably before the fall
it’s the scary part is that’s not the only game they got three games like that
you know and that’s crazy and in in one thing that people I’m not talking about
it I really want to talk about do you understand the magnitude of splatoon
hitting 10 million nine spittoon – I know it’s nine million but they will
hittin just say 9 million right now but know there is a big thing about it is I
wanted to make a video about this I’ll talk about it later but that is that’s
actually huge because splatoon in my opinion is like the most underrated
massive multiplayer multiplayer game out there like people just don’t give it the
credit that it’s due that other games get like a Halo or other games get like
you know what other shooters are out there CEO D or whatever the case is yet
despite it put some you know big numbers like 9 million that’s that’s huge if
there was a a newer NYP that slows Manion on ps4 Xbox one I mean that
people would be would be talking about it way more you know for reference halo
2 was supposedly the thing and that was that was the most exciting exclusive
first-person shooter or just shooter period that anybody was playing during
the time it sold around eight point six million so just kind of let this again
yeah you know and I’m saying this it’s it’s it’s it’s that it’s the growth of
splatoon has been extraordinary yeah absolutely
let’s I know Jordan you’re a big fan of these sales and stuff like that you have
anything to add for us we wanted to know they did it really so they can sell it
we got games they do have game they do have games they do have gifts I also I
also want to add that with these sales numbers here Nintendo with a 3ds the 3ds
is pretty much I think the 3ds is pretty much you could it’s 100% dead at this
point so I want to go over the top ten real quick on 3d as we send this system
off to cyberspace Mario Kart 7 was the tops game sold surprising eighteen point
three eight million so Mario Kart 8 deluxe is actually going to surpass
Mario Kart 7 on the 3ds despite the install bases being so
different it’s less it’s it’s gonna pass it up like within the next couple months
but then the next month it’s gonna pass it up it needs less than five hundred
units and my carts easily gonna do that in the next month or so if it hasn’t
already done it you know or no probably the next month or so because we’re
getting in July so that’s crazy Pokemon X&Y was that 16.4 Oh a million
Pokemon Sun and Moon at sixteen point one six million Pokemon Omega Ruby and
alpha sapphire at fourteen point two million New Super Mario Bros u or sorry
no New Super Mario Bros 2 thirteen point two 1 million Super Mario 3d Land at
twelve point five five million animal crossing new leaf at twelve point two
nine million and super super smash brothers
plantino 3d s at nine point five two million and pokemon ultra son and ultra
moon at eight point four seven million Tomodachi life at six point four eight
so that is pretty much the finalists for 3ds so I got a question for you Oh J
yeah what game saved it there it is games what games games Mario Kart 7
dream Drop Distance no you’re not gonna know it’s right keep them hearts did
great it’s having a lot of variety on the 3ds that’s what saved it guys it’s a
remake of Luigi’s Mansion save the 3ds did it sell anywhere near as much as I’m
talking about just multiple games coming out in that 2011 fall that really just
hahaha the 3ds it was mine it was Super Mario 3d Land
it was Kingdom haha it was just a barrage of fantastic games at all well
not according to that list it wasn’t it’s not just one game Mario Kart did
itself didn’t sell eighty million in one day you know what I’m saying like it
took a long time because the thing is Kingdom Hearts didn’t come out in that
fall area Kingdom Hearts was a March 2012 game still it was the following
year it was it was the fall year to help momentum hmm to help moment you gotta
have him you can’t just have a Nintendo first party you gotta have some gotta
have some other types it’s the first party that matters though those are the
drivers party that matters but I personally feel
especially looking at some going back and looking at some of the media create
sales and all that having Kingdom Hearts come out at that time put it was very
was a very good was very good at but it helped people picked up the game people
picked up Mario people picked up Super Mario 3d Land I think that all of it
helps obviously those games that help more than other games Mario Kart and
Super Mario 3d Land were way bigger factors but I said you can’t undervalue
having some of those other types of games like you can’t undervalue having
something like octopi traveler or having something like xenoblade or torna games
that obviously don’t sell anywhere near as much as the big games but it really
does help I agree with you know I agree with you OJ but I just remember a couple
of weeks ago somebody was saying that one particular game okay okay I’m gonna
put in perspective who you like this okay
all right let’s do perspective and put it into you 3d Land is like the
equivalent of the punter on a NFL team that’s how I’m not sure was Mario Cart
the wire receivers was all the Pokemon games if you want to be honest there’s
six games Omega Ruby office app there’s six Pokemon games for the three spots
but no like here’s the thing Super Mario 3d Land is the sixth game on there so
you told me the punter is the sixth most important person on the team I just told
you deepest is made of animal crossing in the other Pokemon game dings wait
Marvel crossing that’s Old West ho j oj you would like a fence so you said something that animal
crossing is somehow more responsible despite it being underneath and in sales
by more than a thousand units what it’s the only game that matters
why is animal crossing under it by over five hundred thousand no you’re now
looking at the real charts I am looking at the real charts not accounting for
all the used sales of games 3d Mario look at the used sales that Reedy land
was so beautiful they used to use 3d land to push the whole the whole a wats
are running and like all that that was dope that’s what remember when they
pushed pilot wings to sell it man pilot wings was trash on the 3d store what was
it the only game that made the console what it is today that and steel diver of
the two games that made the 2d I also want to read off a donation Ethan are
donated all ninety nine and says what what’s a gameboy all I use is my iPad you don’t understand struggle understand
you on the car ride and you just waiting for their next that makes a streetlight
to come by so you can see what you were doing on screen he does he doesn’t
understand the struggle but that’s ok yes what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna
go to move on to the next topic here guys and what would that be well let me
look at my let me look at this year so let’s let’s talk about EA great Oh Lord
you really want to do that we have some really good topics today yeah yay-yay
said some awesome things about this which I think they were spot-on with
what they said about the switch and I’m pretty sure that a lot of us would agree
that EA’s comments sounds kind of passive-aggressive man no these comments
were definitely good oh okay Yai’s comments were definitely good I
think they were they were just and they were right
and I can’t wait to buy I’m just you know sarcasm just gonna go let im go no
less good yeah I got what yeh said first and I’ll move to my Brady Bunch up then
we’ll move over I guess we’ll skip over Baron then you can go last but um I know
Big Z has some stuff to say so we’ll let him go second to last before you bared
but um ok let’s first talk about this ei said that let me let me pull it out here
what are you pullin out what ei said game really strong offers of explanation
why they don’t support the switch and they said this anytime we are about this
is an investor’s meeting anytime we’re evaluating a platform conversations
we’re really looking at a couple of things one does the game really fit the
profile of the platform in terms of the control or the community ecosystem ok
nothing really to wrong with that but then he says to do we think the
community playing it what playing that platform would appreciate the game and
go there or would they prefer to play it somewhere else
okay I guess nothing wrong with that here’s where and here’s where the lying
here’s where the Lowe’s guy it’s my hand and this in this next statement he says
we have a lot of data that would suggest a great many switch owners also on a ps4
Xbox one or PC that’s true there is a lot of data about that he says and very
often choose to play games we make on those platforms that’s false because
they don’t have that on that that’s ridiculous
and the only gimmick they could possibly have data on that is there’s three games
there’s unravelled there’s there’s a PHA or fee eight fee or a PHA or whatever
the game that game is and then there’s FIFA those are the only three games so
they’re simply they have a lot of data about that’s false because you can only
compare switch games so you’d have to assign –ml taneous lee launched all of
your big games of your games on there he’s saying he’s not saying Wii U or
other systems he’s saying switch and that they have data that people rather
play on switch or sorry play on ps4 and Xbox one
Dan switch so he needs to have games that actually come out otherwise he’s
only using FIFA which is a gimped version of the game so that is false
they don’t have a lot of data and I’d say please show me that data if you have
it he’s lying there or he’s being very deceptive they’re now moving on to his
next statement he says even though they have a switch and they they enjoy a lot
of great content on there that’s true so he’s being this whole that whole second
statement there or that that part was deceptive because they don’t have any
data and if they do have data show me that data that you’re talking about now
they talk to an investor brought up the sims it says I was just gonna say it’s
the sims on the switch yeah and that’s the brother he has an excuse for that
too he says this is EA CEO Andrew Wilson he says I wouldn’t say that the sims
would never go to the switch but I think we’re doing really really well
attracting Sims players to other platforms we did a promotion in the last
couple of months and brought in 7 million new Sims players that we expect
will engage in the community on a platform that is really tailored to use
your generated content creativity and customization so I mean I’m not sure
what this means he’s saying that’s just for PC is where they’re focusing it
seems should have been all Wii U like what are we doing
well I remember playing herb Sims in the city on my d/s when it came it was on
GameCube – I think basically an investor is trying to like investors are trying
to bring this up because they see the sales numbers of this switch they see
them and say aren’t you leaving money off the table and I think at this point
it’s very clear to say that they are leaving money off the table I’m gonna go
here I’m gonna go real quick and then I’ll let Jordan speak on this in terms
of his full thoughts but obviously to me this is this isn’t about EA I mean maybe
it’s a little bit about what happened in the past with Wii U and all that stuff
but to be honest it’s really about them guessing wrong and then them being too
stubborn and then being too prideful to admit that to investors and to admit
that we made a mistake and we need to kind of support the switch because our
engines don’t support the switch it’s basically them saying well trying
to make excuses while we guess wrong and trying to cover that up to me when
you’re making 10 million 15 million 20 million dollars a year you don’t like to
admit wrong ei almost never admits that
they’re wrong even to their investors when they’re actually wrong you know
some companies do Nintendo does at times there’s other companies that will admit
but hey we made them we made a bad a mistake or we got that one wrong or
they’ll make other things to damage control but really right now what EA is
doing is damage controlling the fact that they guessed wrong on switch that’s
really what it comes down to they guessed wrong they know they guessed
wrong and there’s not really anything they can do because their engines don’t
really support the switch and right now and it’s mid gem they’re already working
on focusing on the next gen that’s my thought process and they’re two bowls
full they’re too prideful so what can you do instead
damage control why you’re not supporting the system Jordan go ahead give them
give me your thoughts on this man this is EA ba I I don’t really see this as
anything new I think it’s just more of excuses for them to just think that
they’re too good for the switch I just think they don’t want to put the time
and effort to do it even though it could probably put them at a net positive but
I mean it’s it’s a crappy company doing crappy business you know like there’s
there’s we’ve seen this before I’m not surprised I saw so many people like
surprised on Twitter about this today like how could they like what do you
mean this is EA we’re talking about this this is this is what they do for
breakfast lunch and dinner yeah like this this is what they talk about all
day is how can they just do worse things to make more money and surprisingly on
that list to make more money it is to not put it on the switch which to me
that doesn’t make sense I think they’re just they just don’t want her maybe they
just have like a personal vendetta against Nintendo or something cuz like
the switch can handle a good amount of their games like Sims not a problem you
throw that on anything it works so I’m I’m surprised they’re not putting at
least the sports games like to Madden on the go you know that’s frostbite so they
would have had to work on the engine beforehand and bet on it like banged on
it with their engine like most of the games that we see right now it’s because
of develop some what the developers banged on it or they get a port house to
do it so they had some type of plan at least to mobilize do that EA had zero
plans they didn’t even include the switch in like next jet like when
they’re talking about next-gen systems and all that they literally discounted
the switch they said never count them out but we’re not even
they don’t even include them and everything so they weren’t even thinking
about it like zero like wouldn’t they call it gin four is that what I guess I
would call Jen four djembe they go off of weird stuff but they had no plans
whatsoever to even think about supporting Nintendo thief was actually
done by Nintendo reached out to them to get FIFA done with development help and
support also money and funds when I got a real slow frostbite when I got a
review code for FIFA I got that from Nintendo I didn’t get that from yeah I
got that from Nintendo and direct feed also gave us some background information
saying that Nintendo helped out with development of that game like actual
resources on top of what the A’s I don’t know what team it is they’re ghetto team
ghetto EA team that helped out make FIFA I’m not really sure but either way
shadow Fox thoughts so I don’t know how to address this without being a little
vulgar here so I’m probably there’s probably gonna be a little bit of Fanny
so bear with me uh no f-bombs please okay thank you what
the fringe I’ll drop by drop an s bomb because because it’s bullshit so even
even with the even with the thought oh say hey our engine can’t run can’t run
on this hardware um we got two lives here because you’re talking about the
engine camera talking about well there’s a bunch of switch users out here that
also on the PlayStation 4 I’m pretty sure every ps4 owner owns the iPhone or
Android phone yet somehow they have no problem having Madden on phones and
tablets go figure they’ll spend all that R&D to
create a brand new engine for those and especially on Android where they really
don’t get into that money back versus versus iOS there’s a big difference in
money as far as making money back on that yet they still go through the
trouble of developing for each and every different type of Android phone that’s
out there which is ridiculous there’s a plethora a different type of hardware
out there that they have to support different drivers different OS kernels
all that kind of stuff right versus you know just
an iPhone whatever to make it a little bit more simpler and that you have
national switch which is completely locked down and you somehow can’t
support that and oh yeah it’s it’s it’s also running of the same the same type
of BSD that you are used to on the other two operating systems so it’s not the
code that you can’t pour it over it’s not the hardware because that’s what
your CPU is actually stronger than the base Xbox one and PlayStation 4
contrarian a popular belief so it’s not it’s not the CPU power so and if your
game is CPU bound which they are I’m not I’m not saying that either so yes we use
I’m the switch switch switch has to run at a lower wattage than even what you
did but that’s just a graphic set at that point you you just make it less
demanding so if I’m running a lower wattage but as far as everything else
happening having all the modes having all your your team or what have you or
whatever all of that is possible is just your code will you pay your fucking
developers to go do it and there’s no excuses for porting because your own
tiburon who used to do nothing but exclusive stuff for nintendo platforms
there are no excuses zero excuses the only thing is EA had a deal with
Nintendo Nintendo said screw you we’re gonna make me verse instead and we don’t
need you and they’ve been salty ever since that steps they literally left
completed games on the table for Wii U to abandon them forever and this this
looks like what they’re trying to do so unless in the 1000 come forward and says
hey we need this game please give it to us EA is not gonna they’re not gonna
meet them at the table so I mean is there a loss really I mean you look and
see what what’s happening right now you got people making basically NBA Jam
clones and what-have-you and they’re making good money as any developer so I
mean EA can they can look at that all they want to and people were making
they’re making the background back our football games as well then they’re
they’re only eShop as well so I hate to say it but I mean nobody really needs he
at this point all right so Big Z thoughts big Z’s thoughts are coming Baron how
about your thoughts I know you wanted to go last on this one so Baron your
thoughts Baron thoughts are also coming man I was a mime added no I’m not
actually planning it good because the games not very good I’m I’m trying to a
man stop it you you know you know ei is a top-notch developer best in the world
well I want to hear what you have to say man this is hard man I it’s gonna be
really hard to hold back on this one he really is just no f5 button else is
final well not everything else but you know what I mean yes it’s hard man cuz
cuz you got man in one hit man you got you know you’re talking on this no I
know it ain’t in it cuz of that I’m literally not playing you know I’m not
saying that your plan I’m just saying because you like that in so much that’s
what I’m saying yeah it’s I just don’t understand it it would you and you when
you get to a point and I understand your point about not want to be wrong to
investors and all this other stuff but what that it gets to a point to where at
some point it’s enough is enough you know what I mean like either you in the
business to make it money or you in a business to being a bitch made bitch
because this this right now is just what is the equivalent it’s the equivalent of
a female being petty that’s what this is at this point it’s like an excess – it’s
like the X that is still scorn but she’s still being petty it’s like get over
yourself already it is done it’s over wit they didn’t want to use your
shitty-ass origin it didn’t work out for him
the system failed they came back with a vengeance like they always do because in
Nintendo then a brand that’s never going to die you need to make money and you’re
you’re literally not bringing in income it is
I cannot fathom running a company to where I can make money on something and
I refuse to do it it and people always coming to me he’s like why did Santos
switch why they don’t switch and they always list EA games to me and I’m like
people you ain’t got shit to do with switch it ain’t got shit to do with
capability and I kept telling people that and all these games keep coming out
and then and people start asking a question well if this is here why they
say here this is here what it you need to ask
ea why I think there because there’s no reason why it shouldn’t be there at the
bare minimum Madden should be there Madden has always graced in its end no
platform always it in in in it is stopped at the Wii you wouldn’t really
stop at the Wii U they have one man lay down oh my god madden 13 yeah they got
him in yeah which which which wasn’t that good of important to begin with but
they still got a man in game so it’s like I I don’t I don’t understand it I
you see all these other companies making all this money you see all these other
companies pouring these resources in after seeing other companies make money
now everybody’s trying to jump on board now and you still sitting there like
nope I don’t want to play I don’t want to play I’m not participating it’s like
yo grow the fuck up that’s what I’m saying
see I don’t drop one see that’s why I don’t want to talk about it cuz I don’t
drop when you say don’t drop me like yes it’s not the infrastructure it’s not
it’s not it’s not the hardware it’s not you know the the user basin where they
play games because everybody knew they were playing them on the PlayStation 3
and 360 then and what angers me is like oh we know they all play on ps4 what are
you talking about you just literally had a game that came out in April called
Mortal Kombat 11 that showed that people are going to play it on switch if it’s
their day in date this is it ain’t got nothing to do with what systems they
have this is andrew wilson is not dumb he’s not dumb that’s that’s the reason
why I’m saying like dude he’s prideful though rich people rich people on that
level are CEOs I don’t know if you guys have been around like work for fortune
500 companies but been around people that
make that amount of money they wanna be right no matter what at that point when
you have steaks like when you have um investors and all that stuff I’ve been
around people like that I used to work for fortune 500 companies where CEOs
would make millions of dollars you’re never right around them you’re never
right around them they will sit there and damage control or move things around
or make narratives cuz they’re very intelligent and they want to make it
seems that they never made a wrong call that they never made a bad call that
they’re not right and that they’ll try to spin anything that they way they can
and basically here’s the deal guys they didn’t Bank on switch being what it was
if they had the foresight if they had the pokemon foresight or whatever going
on and we realize what the switch was going to turn into I guarantee you they
went they would have probably a little bit more for the switch than what they
had but they didn’t they thought it was gonna be a complete flop they even
though they say stuff like never counted out but you see that just to say it
because they’re gonna do FIFA would intend oh you know because Nintendo is
paying for it for the most part that’s the reason why they’re doing this Andrew
Wilson’s not an idiot he knows good and well that Sims or these other things but
he put his company and everybody involved in a bad spot for not going
with the switch in the beginning or at least not mobilizing and saying okay you
know like realizing like bad night Bandai Namco’s the same way they’re like
man we ain’t got nothing probably like oh snap we got to make a decision but
they thought that it was gonna drop off they felt that it was gonna even after
the strong sales start in 2017 they’re at it won’t last
we’re in 2018 they’re like there’s not much games that won’t last they never
thought it was gonna be like this so that’s the so now they’re trying to save
face they’re not stupid Angie Wilson is not dumb he knows all this stuff that
you guys are saying but the reason why he’s saying these some things is to like
oh snap these are investors they they’re on to
us you know what I’m saying like they’re actually starting to pressure us about
this so he’s making excuses cuz he’s not an idiot he knows good and well that
that they could make money off us which he knows that he makes a bunch of money
off of a bunch of dummies all the time on ps4 and Xbox one he could actually
intelligently put together some switch ports that would make them money he’s
not stupid but at the same time he needs to save face because he doesn’t want to
be looked at as wrong he really doesn’t and they did think that was gonna happen
until the switch literally became a household name and now that it is and
everybody plays Nintendo again now the question has to show up in the
press briefing because for the longest time has just been there is no Nintendo
there’s only Xbox vs PlayStation for the longest time for at least you know the
last two generations in theory so now you got people that magically now know
about Nintendo now and they’re at a narrator they’re there at the briefing
like hey um so unless you want me to take all my shares and leave I need to
know what you’re doing to put something on switch because that’s making a crap
ton of money and he didn’t have an answer so he well he did but defecated
one the answer the answer was pretty garbage she basically it’s caught that’s
a classic deflection you know if you’re in the night I don’t know if you guys
have taken debate you know this is clear deflation yeah this is the the most
obvious like he deflected for his whole life he put all his net energy into that
deflection man it was it was interesting because he just said he said I would
never say that it wouldn’t go to switch but I think we’re doing a really gonna
check new place to differ other platforms you know what I’m saying like
like it’s not like hey you know what like constructive towards like building
towards that like a good CEO would do it’s a pompous CEO it’s somebody like I
said I’ve worked in business myself that’s what a pompous or a brash or
prideful CEO would say is well not gonna say that’s never gonna be there but look
at all this this this and this cuz run CEO that has plans would say you
know what we’ve seen the switch platform we’re evaluating and maybe we can build
something towards that with that maybe we made a wrong call we gotta made a bad
judgment but we’re looking at building towards that but he’s prideful he
doesn’t want to admit that he was wrong just like well it’s not just pride
either he’s smart he’s a CEO and he knows that even though he’s you know um
the board is still over him so if at any point in time he if he decides to be
honest and hold the ill and then say yeah the only reason why we’re not
strongly supporting switch is because we’re being petty they’re gonna pull out
and he’s gonna he’s gonna come back into a meeting the next month in and
somebody’s gonna tell him in the Morgan Freeman voice didn’t you get the memo
and he got a pack all this stuff so yeah that’s literally what would happen and
he knows that so he has to have some type of answer to come up with to tell
these guys unfortunate it looks bad because it has to be
recorded absolutely they can’t admit that they got it wrong they can’t and
they can’t waver too because they’re prideful they’re not gonna waver and
they can’t admit that they got it wrong it’s doing Japanese business and
American business I been an ample said yeah we messed up yeah we didn’t know
it’s quite gonna be like that we’re sorry we’re sorry super miss it let’s
let’s let’s get things going I mean pretty much all Japanese pretty much
every Japanese CEO said the same thing Bandai Namco said afterwards we messed
up you know like we didn’t necessarily know the end then one japanese CEO kobe
Tecmo CEO was like oh some baron disappeared Kovach techno CEO was like
oh well we believed in them you know what I’m saying like and he can’t he
kind of said well we like you know like other Japanese developers didn’t believe
in them but we believed in Nintendo going for or I get the beginning so I
mean like that’s the difference between Japanese business and you know Western
business CEOs and here in the West and the West will never admit that the wrong
in Japan they’ll admit that they’re wrong and said what are we gonna do to
fix it because the the culture is just different in terms of stuff and yeah I
hear me now we can hear you now mmm I really hate everything I remember too
is where EA is so toxic and terrible and you can’t trust anything they do do why
do we even want any of their games on the switch anyways like I don’t care if
Madden or anything they ever make comes because oh well here here’s a thing let
them finish loan finish oh go go yeah good cuz their games are
so predatory nature and to I worry and what about diss on all platforms is with
kids and possibly more with a switch light more kids having this how much
more predatory is there gonna get with let’s say a FIFA or a Madden or
something else like we heard about the family in the UK that I had to $800
whatever completely drained the in FIFA completely and Nintendo refunded it the
EA probably wouldn’t have so I almost don’t want their games on system for
protection of the player base also I just don’t I don’t want I will
never support them for any reason at all whatsoever any game funded by them even
if it’s an indie game so I just don’t care
Baron I got I got you you know and I’m I’m not mad at anybody that has that
status a matter of fact if you have that stance I applaud you
yeah but I really don’t want my thing is is that uh when it my thing is really
mad I really don’t care about anything else they come out with I mean it
everything else they have is pretty much almost dead anyway because they killed
it you know what I mean I mean the last thing the last thing they had alive was
battlefield and they killed that last year I need this yeah all that all that
you just showed is dead they killed it so the only thing they really have long
form right now it’s really Madden and whatever transactions stuff they’re
gonna put in Star Wars when it comes out this fall so my thing is is at some
point they’re gonna have to fold the switch is not gonna magically stop
selling I mean the investors are not gonna stop asking these questions you
know what you know I don’t know I think they’re gonna play the deflect game
every single time I can’t do it with switch like it out out cuz we switch
light out it’s a rat like it’s is going is going oh today I’ll say this is what
this is what I’m saying when the switch inevitably is over 50 million at the end
of this year yeah and then you going into next year Nintendo announced this
align up they have which is probably gonna be ridiculous that might even
include Breathitt a while – and you have other third parties I think was really
gonna put the most pressure for him to flip has seen other third when investors
see other third parties making money on switch with games in the same genre that
you have yeah it’s like the thing about it though is then once again EA has a
buffer because EA makes so much money off of you know
of their microtransactions and stuff like that that it’s easy for them not
easy but they can get away with that so 50 million that’s great but they can
just say well ps4 and Xbox one are like at 150 million you know they can they’re
gonna play classic deflect and yeah but the switch is gonna be over at Xbox one
are getting stopped supporting the Xbox one but it’s it’s about no of course not
because the Xbox one and ps4 are literally the same system to them
they’re exactly the same they both same architecture same everything there’s as
well but will you that doesn’t matter at that point you can’t say oh I’m gonna
put my I’m gonna put my service or whatever product I have I’m gonna put it
on a I’m gonna put it on Amazon but I’m not gonna put it on Walmart I’m gonna
put it on Amazon and Target but I’m not gonna put in a Walmart it’s like because
like why would you not okay well if you guys think that EA is going to fold you
guys don’t know how stubborn this company is like you would think that at
this point they would do something I mean there’s a lot of there’s a lot of
stuff in terms of stuff that they can bring over to the switch before that
they can get they can get you know virtual so they can get some of these
these others they can get shiver like mortal like you know advanced of course
but they haven’t even brought over Mass Effect to the ps4 I hate that is it he’s
the same is it here’s the thing I want everybody to notice watch it it ain’t
got nothing to do with no engine and no running no not at all this situation has
nothing to do with none of that no no I think already said no we’re the ninth
generation every engine is scalable my thing is is that when you have
investors this is the thing with a difference with the Wii U’s they didn’t
have investors accident questions they didn’t have their own developers
speaking out on the switch either there’s the Wii U was failing they had
nobody questioning them so there was no pressure there you’ve only wanted it to
fail no wonder we you know the thing but when you got your own developers saying
oh yeah I want to put Apex legends on the switch and then you have investors
questioning you that shit is not gonna die the the the big difference is like they
didn’t plan for it so frostbite engine to get that ported over they would have
to have planned for it because frostbite engine it’s not a very good engine by
the way I personally know I’m not a developer but from what I’ve gathered
I don’t think frostbite is a good engine I don’t see nobody cares about it it’s
just a pretty engine that’s it it’s just a pretty engine it makes things look
really high-quality but it’s bad performance now there are
things they can do to take a version of it and try to fix it and scale it down
to easily put stuff on the switch I think the fact that apex legends is not
on the switch is one of the biggest missed opportunities to comport to
compete with Fortnight right away on that system because we’re here
fortnight’s the killer so if you notice in on you Jordan yeah apex legends ain’t
running on fucking uh it ain’t running on frostbite it’s not then there is no
excuse why that’s not on there if the developer wants to put it on there and
they can make extra extra extra amounts of money by putting it on there and have
an actual competitor to fortnight on the switch it’s a whole field that’s being
left unguarded before a fortnight it was just Taliban’s
because there was no overwatch there was no like fix of this thing and now it’s
just paladins and fortnight there’s nothing competing them there
they’re doing great which is good for them
but if I were EA I’d be like we need to put apex on this immediately and the
fact that they haven’t is concerning and the fact that we’re also still talking
about EA for this long is also concerned you’re right about that it is concerning
but we go through one topic I guess to another concerning topic before we get
into some questions and some other things so I guess we won’t take too long
on this either but there was a big announcement that maybe Jordan can give
us some insight information on this one but uh Ninja has moved over from from
twitch to mixer and it seems like twitch there’s there’s some conflicting reports
out there but it seems like twitch is a bit salt obviously they’re a bit
obviously they’re a bit salty about this probably about this announcement and
then just probably gonna take all this fanbase with them from what we
understand it’s definitely a multi-million dollar contract he’s
essentially a Microsoft employee at this potentially a Microsoft employee it’s a
contract it’s exclusive and he’s working for Microsoft because mixer is owned by
Microsoft Microsoft has been playing John sent us on twitter has they’ve been
playing this slow game for a while now and they bought mixer all while I call a
long time ago and people just said this is trash and mixer is slowly slowly
built itself up to be pretty good when it comes to streaming from what I
understand haven’t used it myself but they have great integration on an Xbox
they have it seems like a good service from what I understand you can do a lot
of stuff that you can do on Twitch other platforms and now they have their key
piece going into next generation with ninja because Ninja is going back to his
roots he was a halo player before before
fortnight so it looks like Microsoft was gonna get him to shell the next Xbox and
Halo incident that that’s a I think that’s a foregone conclusion you know so
I think that’s the next stepping stone if you guys are wondering how this
affects me well this can easily affect console sales if ninjas showing X the
next Xbox scarlet and Halo infinite like that’s that’s gonna be big you know no
matter what you want to say like I don’t know I don’t care about ninja that’s
gonna be big because he’s gonna be everywhere especially with Microsoft’s
advertising power now and him being an actual employee of a company I mean he’s
technically employee of twitch but it’s a little bit different in terms of
things now he’s like really hardcore into the Microsoft family with mixer so
that’s my thoughts on it I think it’s cool it’s good for competition I like
the fact that he’s going over to mixer twitch obviously plays favorites here
and there with certain things so this might knock them down a peg or two when
it comes to being in reality and understanding that they just can’t some
rules don’t apply to some people that apply to other people like you got to
enforce things I mean obviously that wasn’t part of his decision but at the
same time I think that competition and balancing things out is always good
Jordan I’m gonna get your thoughts on this if you care at all if you don’t
care that’s fine you can become no it’s uh so this whole situation
there’s a lot of like because there’s not a lot of full details out there I
knew a lot of people got like they thought twitch was being petty when they
removed his check mark because of this and it’s not it’s when you’re a partner
with with them you have the check mark but the second you terminate that
contract and you move on to a different platform you lose the check mark so it’s
not like they were being petty that way that he ended his contract he made a
huge public announcement and he’s moving over to mr. button do though oh well
there yeah so he’s so there’s no more like his money consumption from that is
over after his next payout whatever he had remaining on there now in terms of
the deal that he got to go over there there’s so many rumors of what he was
paid some people are thinking that it was 10 million for 3 years there’s other
people saying that he definitely got a hundred million I think that is way too
much I don’t think he got a hundred you didn’t get a hundred million 10 million
is realistic for three years I think I think 10 million is a good deal for him
for 3 years because that’s probably covering right off his initial like base
of how much he made on his subs somewhere like that before he’s even
getting any money on the website so like he’s this is all at extra 10 million or
whatever on top of whatever like subs or donations he’s going to get over on
mixer and this is clearly a marketing strategy for mix or not only to have
them into to pay for that press conference fake announcement funny video
that they made but obviously like you said this is he is going to be the face
of halo when halo drops on the next he is going to be on stage next year at
Microsoft I’ll guarantee I must say right now they’re gonna come out with a
huge halo presentation and he’s gonna come on stage and show off a multiplayer
demo of him playing it with other great players and his probably gonna run a
tournament there that he plays in or whatever this is gonna be something big
it’s if you don’t see it coming I don’t know what to tell you this is like the
writing’s on the wall here he’s basically the Microsoft halo
spokesperson right now right like he’s no it’s it’s a foreign athlete tomorrow
I believe for night Friday he’s playing on he’s doing
it on mixer and he’s playing with the kid who just won three million yeah in
the tournament so that’s going to be big on mixer regardless that stream because
you have ninja the most famous out of it all and this kid who just literally beat
everyone and got three million dollars at sixteen good for him so it’s going to
be insane tomorrow to see it’s really gonna be a stress test for a mixer
because mixers gotten bigger but I don’t think they’ve gotten ninja big like
that’s gonna be a huge flood of people going on there tomorrow to to watch this
so good for Ninja I mean I think this is a decision that’s if it’s right for his
career good yeah he’s not bound by the platform he’s on he has ascended YouTube
twitch mixer like he doesn’t need mixer but so that that’s where it kind of goes
to the facts that going back to his roots aside from just being this
spokesperson for halo I think that this is a way that he doesn’t have to feel
bound like he did on Twitch yeah so III do see this as a personal gain for him
it really may not be about the money or the deals he made that’s just the the
bonus of it all cuz he could probably you can easily stream one day a week and
be fine but he’s probably going to just do what he wants and stream a few times
a week maybe even every day if he’s really into it and you’ll probably play
more than just fortnight again so I know we’ve complained on Twitch about losing
subs you know like he that goes somewhere he lose like forty thousand
subs or something like that but now he has a contract that actually pays him
like yeah you get paid what are you know three million a year you know like so he
doesn’t have to worry about that is this now he just can just focus on
what he needs to do he’s writing a book you know he’s doing all sorts of other
things so I think that that that’s good and anybody who can get in and get in a
game with ninja or anything on that do it if you can and funny thing was he was
uh even though he was the biggest in terms of followers on Twitter wasn’t the
biggest in subscribers he’s been passed up by one or two people I think that
we’re ahead of him which I think was shroud and possibly T few who had the
most subs but doesn’t matter he’s busy he’s been
the face of twitch for almost two years at this point so like you know good for
him for for moving on into the next chapter of his life you know I I don’t
feel any like you know like aw screw this guy the rich get richer you know I
don’t care you know good for him he’s a creator he came from humble beginnings
he’s good at what he does he deserves it so simple as that and everything – is
that now there’s a whole nother area where kids are looking at just hey I can
stream on Twitch or YouTube never look in it
hey I can realistic mystery man mixer now because no one thought as an ocean
before now it’s an option mixer is going to
probably blow up and and by the end of this year going into next year will
become an actual head-on-head rival with twitch I think this is going to spark
I’ve heard these doctor disrespecting me like a quick comment it people didn’t
know if it was a joke or if he was alluding to something about possibly
moving to mixer after ninjas announced while he was streaming so like there’s
if bigger creators if mixers like poaching you know they could pull out
some big names they’re gonna bring that whole audience they’re gonna bring all
these like you said all these kids or followers or people over there that are
going to start using it because right now if anything would be the time to hop
on because if it isn’t as big as it’s gonna be yet get on there now and then
you could possibly make something for yourself on there before it blows up
like twitch did like in the early days of twitch all you really had to do is be
different in somehow and you would probably get recognition now you’re
buried on twitch it’s it’s almost impossible to yeah so it’s right now I’d
say hey move to mixer if it’s the wave and it works for you ride it and I don’t
know how how doc feels or any of them are on on twitch but just thinking about
something like Doc whoo-hoo realist who was right who got banned for something
wrong they got treated unfairly sense of those straight two weeks but someone
like a Lennon dear others don’t get punished at all so he probably has hard
feelings to a certain extent they’ll probably one of these that as a spite
against the brother is going to be because if it wasn’t follow the whole
twitch there’s there’s a lot of stuff going on
right now where there’s a whole group that are just like we’re tired of these
girls but then the e girls or naughty girls but the girls are like we’re not
Eagles but we’re gonna use that to our advantage to do this and I don’t I don’t
subscribe to any of this war stuff I like who I like on there if you’re a
female on Twitch I don’t consider you an e girl regardless of what kind of shirt
you wear or or what you say or what you do just as long as you’re entertaining
in a good streamer and you’re doing everything by the rules cool with me you
know illinit e illinit e completely deserved to be in trouble
hundreds of times there is there’s there’s so many accountable things that
she’s done that she’ll just gloat about saying I’m never gonna get in trouble I
don’t know what her thing is with twitch behind-the-scenes but there’s something
there where she literally has immunity from almost anything like III to the
point where she could probably kill a person on stream and they’d be like ah
all right we’ll just pretend absolutely yeah just delete the vaad
you’ll be good so there’s obviously some type of personal relationship between
you know something there is not anything weird there is something fair whether
it’s blackmail a relationship something something is there she has some sort of
immunity and you know what whatever it sucks it is what it is we can’t really
do anything about it cuz like the the shitstorm on Twitter there’s been so
many people complaining about it writing and PETA got involved the whole animal
stuff like there has been a whole slew of things about it and nothing happens
so at this point there’s really nothing that’s going to happen out of it and
there’s a lot of people on twitch these bigger creators like a doctor disrespect
possibly a shroud train wrecks like there’s a bunch of people on there who
are already pissed off at twitch for how they get banned or censored or you know
cut down all the time but all these there’s some creators that just can
never get in trouble like they’re untouchable and it’s gonna cause them to
be like you know what this platform is not what it promised back in the day
it’s turned into something else now and they’re going to make mixer the new spot
to be we call that battle duty live give yeah you guys that’s called the Casey
Anthony effect that’s what we call it yeah you get away with whatever you want
no I can’t stand that bitch sorry excuse my language man whoa that’s whoa hey
chill out there Oh Jay you don’t want to freak out it’s a crazy language you’re
saying man but you brought up Casey Anthony and then my memory got John
screwed around again in D gamba doesn’t know who yeah that’s basically I don’t
want to talk I don’t want to talk about Casey Anthony if you want to look go
look her up somewhere else but she’s huge but that’s the concept you have
that he put Casey Anthony instead of ya know anybody who has kids even if you
don’t have kids but if you have kids especially if you have a little girl I
can’t stand a little girl I can’t stand her I don’t want to talk about it yeah
the whole world was shot no but over JonBenet Ramsey right you know this is
that’s just how I feel about that whole situation you can be on Twitch and do
whatever you want if you’re this person but if I’m shadow Foss and I decided to
drop an f-bomb all of a sudden I get you know well preferential treatment and all
this stuff that’s been something that I mean obviously you know but the thing
about ninjas Ninja hasn’t really what I like that baby’s getting this deals
because he hasn’t been a part any that anything that’s been controversy from
Ninja is people trying to make something into a controversy you know he doesn’t
want to stream with women because he doesn’t want to any rumors to start oh
he sexist you know the only one time the only one time he really did anything
wrong is when he sang a song wrong and he said the n-word yeah he any
apologized for it it like I get it in to some people that’s not enough so I can’t
really speak on it yeah I can’t speak on this as a white person you know because
it’s not my place to but at the same time I believe that this canceled
culture is too extreme what happened to people make mistakes and it’s better to
have someone grow and learn from something to become a better person
rather than be like you know why you don’t deserve to have anything else in
your life you’re does not go two people are trying to get her to read
she’s a past all that no and I don’t and I don’t think that I think that illinit
e has the prime opportunity to make a difference she is in the prime spot
right now with all this controversy she’s constantly in to come on and be
like listen let’s actually talk about it if she really wanted to she would come
on there apologize for her miss actions on whatever she is done and continued
the only way you can prove it is by doing better so can’t just talk can I
take a cat over my head and that’s okay right it’s not okay I’m not I’m not
talking about just an apology where she goes on screaming like hey I’m sorry someone replayed the clip on Twitch and
like made a joke about it and their stream got taken down yeah that’s the
problem but it but it’s it’s not just about her coming on and saying oh I’m
sorry bye it’s about her making an actual effort to be a better person to
not do these dumb things on stream and when it’s off straight because if she’s
allowing us if she’s allowing us to see on stream what she is doing to her
animals what is she doing where we’re not so I think it’s okay to show that on
screen what does she don’t want to be canceled but I don’t have a high opinion
of her and I don’t think she can I don’t know eyes a good person she I don’t
think so either the Canada she married somebody and then
divorced them absolute you can get a Canadian citizenship like yes which is
very illegal and yeah and the fact that she admitted it on stream is very that’s
very bad that’s illegal and I’ll just say
something right out if you did that here you know what to say and if you were
from an African country you do that here Trump and all these people are not Trump
but that coming for you you know what I’m saying like so in the comments I just want to
clarify something because they said abusing animals and so on or you know
completely two different things listen yeah Trump’s so funny all right
but with this yes animals and the in or abusing animals the same the end where
accidentally two different things absolutely it’s two different extremes
that have two different connotations I’m saying that I believe everyone has the
chance to become a better person and learn from mistakes some it’s harder for
others because yes I love animals abusing an animal in any way is
immediately like I almost made a really harsh ‘fl tweet towards illinit ii but i
deleted it before i put it out the day that stuff like listen it’s not worth it
it’s not my business you know whatever it’s a i’ll have my opinions but I’ll
keep it to myself okay and I just and I very much dislike what she did I’m not
condoning her actions but I do I’d rather then just say you know what she’s
done I don’t think she should ever stream again her career should be over
screw this person for the rest of her life I’d rather her make a turn around
and start being a better person regardless of whatever bad or stupid
thing you said or did alright I’m not talking like if you
murdered someone yet obviously go to jail f you that’s that’s terrible and so
is abusing animals but there’s can can can streamers get a little bit more
leniency versus saying like a youtuber right cuz like um went wind the hole
went the hole um the man in tournament shooting happened um while back I had a
really scathing video I was gonna elope with regards to everything that happened
and everything because I was obviously upset about it and I had the time to
look at it edit it look at and say yeah I’m deleting this oh if you’re streaming
and you’re giving a lot of reaction you don’t have that opportunity so you come
out and literally just you what it’s off the top of your head comes out and you
offend a crapload people so I’m wondering is there any do
you think there’s any leniency as far as in there please goes or know someone who
knows right now we’re in a we’re in an era and I think it’s kind of in the
middle sort of towards the end of it because it’s been like over the last
couple years this this cancel culture this this hate mob mentality these end
of it mints can I can I finish without you interrupting me every guy can play
madness rate on how you think is the end of it cuz I don’t see the end of it well
let me explain because this these kind of waves come in movements these giant
movements that we’ve had the last couple of years just sprouted out and started
because of the different ways that people can once one thing happened and
it figured out that other things can happen because of it then it got so big
but right now we’re seeing more fight back against canceled culture than we
did a year ago when cancel this cancel this person for every little thing they
did oh this person accidentally sneezed in someone’s direction they didn’t know
and a guy on that person that person got sick that person’s cancelled now it’s
like hey it was an accident we shouldn’t cancel this person the best example
every day there’s some new youtuber online person that gets in a controversy
and is trending on Twitter look at Aaron Hanson from the game grumps today has
been trending on Twitter for comments that he made which I don’t necessarily
see as too bad I don’t they’re not definitely not cancel worthy but there
was a mob of people trying to cancel them but then a whole nother mob when
people came back and said listen this cancel culture stupid and he’s already
came out and apologized for maybe saying things a little bit too harshly for what
he did I don’t I’m not gonna go into the full situation around to read about it
just search the hashtag Aaron or enhance and you’ll find it on Twitter and I
think we’re getting past this point of canceled culture and maybe it will take
a few more years to get back to a place where we’re not just gonna be so
vindictive immediately like Oh Jay if you come on stream and you start
bastardizing something and people start immediately canceling you like all this
guy screw this guy he’s cancelled do you you want to have the chance to explain
yourself or apologize or whatever but we’re at a point where that was
impossible now we’re back where that can happen because look at look at a
greetings samples on YouTube the James Charles
situation everyone blamed him blamed in Plano then he then he took a while he
came back he said here’s my side of the story and then things like okay here’s
the thing the different rules apply for I said this this podcast is going to
help it all we’re gonna have we’re gonna have to go out and we’re gonna have to
end this topic on this one here and I did get my point of view so make a
mistake I’m just gonna say that right now they don’t I’ve seen black people in
and in the end oh what’s it called in the smash community
thanos opportunity whereas other people get chance after chance after chance but
I think that is wrong in those I do okay but OJ how many how many times like if
you look back in your past on YouTube how many times have you been in some
sort of controversy with another youtuber or someone nothing nothing like
white rice what do appreciate that you don’t you appreciate the fact that you
were able to get even if they’re smaller that you were able to get past it say
your points of views now imagine the world a year ago when people weren’t
saying anything back they just said you know what I’m gonna get off the internet
and then they just disappear we’re in a time of fight back no matter what race
you are white black if you’re Asian Hispanic it doesn’t matter
alright everyone has the full right to defend themselves or speak on their side
and to be a better person in circumstance I just think you better not
over you know I agree but if you’re a black content creator you better not say
anything that’s canceled worthy because I’ve seen that but that but that
shouldn’t be like and I’m not gonna sit here and say there’s no such thing and I
sorry we’re getting this way in the podcast but this one kind of the
conversation I’m not gonna stay here and say there’s no such thing as white
privilege alright I’m not gonna sit here and say
oh I’m only gonna say this because I’m white no there there is definitely and
you can see it online see like you brought up in certain circumstances
where there is white privilege and I do think it is not fair I see every person
as a person that’s all we are we live on one planet we’re all the same no matter
why it’s just necessary is not necessarily the fact is whether
something is right or wrong or not it’s just like I said just just a perception
like there’s an there’s an initial perception of intent that you perceive
based off somebody’s so like right now I probably don’t look like the most
approachable person just cuz I have this look on my face that doesn’t mean that
I’m angry it doesn’t mean that I’m sad it doesn’t mean that you know I’m
because you loud as soon as you talk to me but it’s your resting face and then
and that’s preconceived notions that people shouldn’t have and it sucks that
there are still people who do have them or who act a certain way online this is
what I want to say about this so it’s for you it’s Jordan you have you have a
point about people fighting back but this thing is nowhere near dead from
what I’ve been seeing over the last few just over the last couple of months on
debt on various different topics not just gaming music industry all types of
things um so it’s it’s so sickening to watch I mean if you just take an example
it’s not gaming related of what Mario Lopez said the other day or whatever he
said was from whatever quote whatever day it was yeah
and how people try to cancel him over what he said and I it took every bone in
my body not to say anything but he’s I’m not getting what cancelled he issued he
didn’t but that they need people defending that he should have a right by
what he said but here’s the problem Jordan for him to get past that he had
to apologize for something he shouldn’t have to apologize for that’s the problem
so it already amazing like a bad guy in the Jeep yeah he put the apology up
right but apology for the way it came off and and for the actions and try was
nothing to apologize about I’m tired of people treating me to this
canticle culture stuff and being forced to do things that they shouldn’t have to
be doing this also breaks to a situation where I whether people tried to cancel a
genuine because he wouldn’t kiss the transgender woman it’s like it’s stuff
like that is just ridiculous yeah apologize for
that you know say he had to apologize for that I’m like a Jew I hollow jaw I’m
gonna apologize for migrating off these donations here so Matthew Hamid donated
a dollar and says this is the PE podcast is going to hell can we talk about
barons badge got a couple of donations psycho pi donated $5 says you’re still
not Canadian if you marry a Canadian just to let you know I said Canadian
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Lord I’ll take you 20 minutes late we’ll get married and then we’ll come back
here well I want to I want that free I want that free health care I’m also a
bit for you Ethan all but the dog 99 it says a Lindy would throw the dogs and
Dreamcast guys stream because Jim cascais did a dog puppy stream or
something like that with Bethesda and yeah yeah he’s a gamer we were no he did yeah I’ll talk about this tearless is to
keep accident want to say one thing about ninja though cuz out yeah with all
we left with it after ninja I think when ninja doing is amazing I think people
are under estimating what he is doing he’s really uh sure in a new wave you
know what I’m saying it’s kind of just like an athlete who changes teams and a
lot of people was upset but he’s actually creating an environment where
as liable competition for these streaming companies and extremist
services which is gonna open up the doors for everybody else that wants to
stream and get paid that’s all he’s doing
that’s why it’s Erica soft cheese and the Microsoft check so I mean I think
he’s being sold short so what about this opera is probably getting more from him
is like free they’re probably getting a better deal out of it I think they have
to so what so what about this tearless is it was bothering people apparently
hi garbage it’s not trash how is it trash I want you to tell me how is trash
well why do you think the fact that well can you bring it can you can you bring
it up once again like can you I don’t have it I don’t have it right now
because I’m up there wait wait wait oh okay okay I’ll send it to you won’t
Twitter damn and you can pull it up can you do that keeps doing it what’s this
cheer with stall about I don’t know what we’re talking it’s a developer tier list
I made a while ago why is epic at the top of your list it’s not oh my god
everybody questions one by one so I don’t want this I don’t why you send it
the list – Oh Jay I just want to say one thing so we can finish off the
conversation we were having about that everybody will be able to see and I’m
putting in a Twitter group chat so when I agree with you on the fact that there
shouldn’t be things to apologize for on some of these levels right like
obviously there’s certain things that should be apologized for when you mess
up and legitimately make a mistake but not everything should if you say
something or certain beliefs that really aren’t as offensive as people try to
make them I agree you shouldn’t have to apologize and and the reason why I think
that were on the hill over the hill going down out of this culture is for
many reasons like look at Kevin Hart and the controversy he keeps getting in
because of the old stuff to keep looking on to the past and this last time it
happened when he didn’t host the was at the Oscars I believe he said I am NOT
going to apologize and it’s not like he disappeared from Hollywood he still
making movies Jumanji you know the next Jumanji movies coming out he’s been in a
couple comedies throughout the year he didn’t he was quote-unquote cancelled
but he’s still here in Hollywood he’s still getting work you know so yeah I
think we are at a point where when someone just goes no I shouldn’t have to
apologize for that there are gonna be people saying yeah you’re right
III agree with that you shouldn’t have to apologize for that we’re getting to a
point where we’re past just the oldest guys cancel then that person disappears
we are getting past that even if it takes 5-10 years to go down I
think we’re on a better trajectory then where it was a year ago is what I
was trying to say with it I don’t I don’t mean like it’s over like ah
tomorrow no one cares anymore there’s no cancel culture there’s no movements but
I’m saying I think we’re on the better half of that as people are really
figuring out a lot of this stuff because a lot of it is either been fabricated a
lot of it has been lies in it overlooks the real things that happen and I didn’t
I just want to say it’s for people who keep saying about the animal abuse I
think it’s disgusting and she should be reprimanded for it I don’t think a
simple apology is going to fix it for them right like for her but I I do think
that there should be a chance for anyone to be redeemed unless it is as far as
killing a person or an animal or anything like yes I think the abusive
animals should be reprimanded there should be looked into by animal care
agents that go over there and then discuss why which I think did happen and
I and I hope the best for the animals whether you know it sucks they get taken
away you know for her but if that’s what needs to happen that’s what needs to
happen but I believe that everyone should have a chance to redeem
themselves in most ways so I do have I mentioned earlier I think you really
chance to talk on him but when you guys were talking about the whole Lopez thing
I think a majority of his majority his counseling and people saying he was shit
was more guilt by association as well because everybody that quote-unquote is
against that when you see a certain name associated with where he was doing this
talk they immediately were like whoa what has happened to here why are you
even there and immediately like also you’re saying this and you’re with with
with that person okay it’s like they immediately started to associate the two
and that’s unfortunately the company you keep is gonna get your meals do you want
I feel you on that but a statement still there’s a statement true you can’t
change the statement if I say the sky is blue when you get offended I I should
have to apologize for saying the sky is blue no you said
this guy is boo you said the sky is blue and you were sitting across from a flat
earther also and they’re like oh Jesus oh my god the flat earther has convinced
you to believe that the sky is blue and we don’t stay here anymore because we
don’t like the flat earther we don’t stay here and cancel flat earthers
everyone’s entitled to like their own thoughts and beliefs or opinions on
stuff whether we get we just more stupid yeah but anything anything in the world
can be made into a joke because that’s how Comedy Works that’s require of us
yeah you know it doesn’t matter I don’t think that the offensive culture cuz go
back to the 90s like there’s definitely some things better in society that have
been more accepted which is a great thing but there there needs to be a line
drawn where we can’t just cancel someone because we don’t like them or the one
thing that they said if you disagree with someone it shouldn’t be okay this
person is dead to me we need to ruin their whole career whoever they are it
doesn’t need to be like that now there’s definitely people who deserve to get
called out being triable for things they actually have done that are terrible
like Harvey Weinstein like absolutely but there are certain things that go too
far like the Aziz Ansari situation he just had a bad date that’s what it
boiled down to he went on a bad date and he’s career got derailed for two years
he’s now making a comeback was stand-up where he he talks about on his special
and then he’ll probably continue his master of none show on Netflix after
that because Netflix stood by him they said we’ll work with him when he’s ready
to come back you know because he in the in the grand scheme of things he didn’t
hurt anybody he didn’t rape anybody he didn’t like go beyond the limit then
maybe mixed signals were shown on a date that maybe weren’t there and that’s
about it hey you have a punchable face Chris the extremes of both scenarios
there so you got you know you got allegations that can completely destroy
you even though they’re false and then on the other side of the table you got
people that you know could literally do whatever they want and no matter what
comes out like nothing happens so it’s just and a perfect example of that is
somebody like Chris Brown you could do whatever
well you know I didn’t go to different a lot of different cons and all that we
got it apparently is far too so I mean Chris if you want to go a punch and feel
free to go try if you want to get if you’re gonna talk all right everybody
gots to list so what’s the problem with the list I’m put it in the group chat I
put it in the group chat where’s the whiskey Joe on twitter twitter twitter
guruship to Twitter I’m gonna pull up this I’m gonna pop this whistle
everybody can see it why is Rockstar so Heidi know I’m going
listen to PC community I’m going to explain everything to you okay
big dude they still have an updated bully to work on Windows 10 okay
Nintendo okay I get that as a nest here everybody get their thoughts out and
then I’ll take on everybody project I’m hoping Rockstar he means DMA design
how was Blizzard over Bethesda how whenever y’all ready for me to explain
how to explain now get it all out you at all okay I can understand that bad I
never be teacher but is that intelligent systems right next to Bandai to Ubisoft
I like how there’s Kona Aram Kojima’s new you know company and they’re just
indie and they haven’t even produced a game yet okay a new game in like a Becky I just don’t
understand why like I may not be the biggest like that’s random like excited
person for des training but like the fan on the list and they haven’t produced a
game raises questions like I get if you’re not interested in des training
but why why are they even on there why they into it now go ahead go ahead keep
going three four three mates down absolutely
oh okay okay okay first of all people got misconstrued on what the tier list
was for this tier list is for the best developers and how they rank among
themselves so only included the Sony game studios now now look I just
I judged it based off the software they produced and also judged it off their
innovation and impact on gaming so that’s why I put it on okay so I mean
every you could you could talk shit about Rockstar you want but the impact yeah needs to be higher
I mean rockstar has Bunji Bunji has just done halo so I took that in I took that
into effect but when they got away from halo it wasn’t the same impact from any
higher because they know how many Dark Souls clones that we had since from saw
like how many people have made more built off of from software’s framework
of you can collect their souls after you die I mean there’s been so many games
that have copied yeah so wise yeah desperate best that’s true but they
don’t have the resume as the other ones though well they may be
resume is not as longer i’ma get I’m gonna get to those net games but I want
to get CD Projekt RED out the way cuz people act like CD Projekt RED resumes
long their resume is not wrong no what happened only day was The Witcher
they’ve done nothing else I just want to know how can you put a studio that does
not even have a full page resume above but retro is a rename the always record
so you just want to ignore the Donkey Kong Country games uncle freeze Donkey
Kong Country Returns much of prime one two and three and that’s it
mario kart tracks they did those to a resume that absolutely destroys
retrospect well helped wait a minute a restaurant was something before they
were retro tuna 2001 you got you better lose in it already wanted people but you
got on this thing you gotta understand you you can also got it you gotta take
their resume you also got his understand the impact of some of these games had
Metro Prime trilogy had a major impact on it just made more progress and I go
ahead iiiiii just have serious questions about this list on a few sir yeah when I
commend you for putting three for three down indeed because I do agree with that
they’ve ruined halo I think they did a decent job
alright that’s not true because they wouldn’t be indie that if you thought
that but let’s let’s take a look here I just want to say what I’m looking at
Kojima’s symbol right now if there’s two ways I’m going about your thought
process with this one I know that not of you always put this other years listen
didn’t let me let me explain it first I’m des training isn’t out yet though
they haven’t produced in game and I know you’re not particularly the most excited
for that game oh I’m not I’m not but you’re judging it
based on that now if you were judging it based on Kojima’s pass works like with
Metal Gear like yes but that let listen but then
that would be konami on the list and they’d be way higher up for their Metal
Gear work for those look according the room is that according to according to
their their stuff Kojima’s studio started years ago so in this game they
produced besides the up gaming – Japan from the last Metal Gear game heroes
Kojima it was it was on the kazuma’s studio
yeah yeah him amaz will count the rest of Metal Gear because that was all here
but everything else you have on here has an established game that has been out
Kojima doesn’t and I’m not saying I’m not going to sit here and defend s
training if it’s a good or bad game or not it makes it I’m not just talking
about I’m talking about Metal Gear Solid then the last the last one was under
Kojima studios that’s when they switch teams to do was it was still and put
that but that’s not resonant with that and if you’re only going off that I
don’t I don’t think that’s a fair thing to put on the list Konami was the
publisher it was under Kojima with the last Metal Gear game if you go
if you go behind the scenes not really they kind of forced to me I mean that’s
the way it’s listed in the documents take but that’s your opinion against a
bad take oh I put him there strictly off of if I’m going to count the last Metal
Gear game for him I’m oz will count the rest of them and those games have what
is what is I it’s okay oh that’s intelligence systems that’s
fine yeah oh so that’s an AI in an S that’s why I see is a the problem look
like and I have intelligence systems being this low is a problem for me this
is they’ve made nothing but beggars okay so here so here’s the thing here’s the
thing why are they so low who would you okay impact no impact on
aiming over anybody else that you see that’s above them impact on industry not
just impacting their franchises on the naughty dog should be way higher than
because once uncharted hit so many games copied the Uncharted formula I just
started was like like a plus Naughty Dog’s
been around the block forever and they and now with anything they’ve done with
Uncharted everyone has copied that their credit was helping develop the original
Mario arcade game company I’ll talk about that’s how much your systems
intelligence system okay here’s the thing
looking at I don’t think y’all looking at the people developers who are not on
there there’s a lot as not on there you don’t say like I have I have only put on
the people that I think that deserve the recognition I don’t seem I don’t this to
your list I don’t see a bet I don’t consider any of these bad
developers on any of these – no I damn it so but you you you bullet and I don’t
understand why people’s going that Rockstar that’s the one that’s you could
debate me on a lot of stuff but if you mention impact in how blizzard of
rockstars how I don’t give a damn about GTA how do you question Ronghua I don’t
get where addicts should be hired a Final Fantasy and also Dragon Quest or Square Enix should be s tier if you’re
talking about impact final fantasy dragon quest I broke Final Fantasy
because Final Fantasy had an impact on a global scale Dragon Quest not so much
dragons on a global scale okay not on not on a global scale out of fantasy yes
huge in Japan but just say that’s why I put him into a tier that’s what the
counter whore resume toe I can’t just count then I think cap
comes should also be an S up what do you mean we’re talking about chrono trigger
you’re talking about final fantasy you’re talking about your dragon quest
you’re talking about they have two writer right now if you want to talk
about to whether they have that’s not that’s not a good example they have Deus
Ex they have wave house to wait or not a good example what the hell not lately
not lately it was it was huge and impactful and they own they own the
rights to that right now at this point you’re talking I mean where ethics is
not as PlatinumGames is not above score annex in terms of influence on the
industry this is this is ridiculous the first of all every everybody that’s on a
tier Road equal there’s no you know what’s so funny nobody say anything
about Sega yet yeah I don’t know why I don’t have set on there because there’s
the thing called Sonic regardless if some games are good or bad I’m sorry but
I mean if you look at like I’m not gonna let me saw and I and I know a lot of
people dislike Ubisoft but they have made a major impact with their series
like there are series that have been going on for a very long time and if you
want to talk about impact and sales numbers and in how they’re doing is they
should be at least at minimum and beats here minimum virtual Studios if somebody
some you can pick between retro studios and Ubisoft an impact purchase users
would be cancelled faster than the fastest fan of swipe obviously Ubisoft
is above retros to use an impact on the industry heck Nintendo even copied you
VSOP with legend a little bit but legends out of breath of a while when it
comes to the towers and all that stuff like that which is clearly ubisoft’s not
invention but that’s Ubisoft does in their games and you know
Nintendo was looking at that when they’re creating something like
obviously like that whole watchtower type of being and unlocks the map and
all that like I mean I mean Ubisoft like obviously they get a lot of crap but
they should be hired you just got elaborate bro there’s there’s a lot of
companies on here that deserve to be up one and a lot on here that deserve to be
down one factor Tom made one of the biggest impacts of all time with the
Spyro series that’s a fat Lord I’m not going I’m was huge but it was franchise
before Metroid Prime it was still like oh wow Super Metroid still really dope
it sold really good it’s like Metroid Prime blew away super metro and in sales
or anything yes it did do better or whatever and it did spawn like people
did copy a little bit there is influences of Metroid Prime but Jesus
man like Metroidvania that was a thing you know they caught the Castlevania
Metroidvania there’s so many games that copy that Metroid formula with a bigger
impact so so you’re the reason for the delicious big is right I just want I
want to know y’all to my my bail for his big is great so just says will should be
over retro intelligence is horrid no man s because without without Metroid there
was no Mitchell Time Square Enix I should be asked here because of what
they’ve offered in terms of Japanese gaming and in terms of even what they’re
doing right down to the impact their make oh okay no majors game score annex
should hire you’re giving giving platinum games a little bit too much
credit I would also say that once I marry bias would you say Oh trust me the
Platinum Games one was biases fun if you have one if you have one buy it
on there that was then your hole if you have a bias on your list
like this if it’s your definitive list then your whole list is invalid if you
were biased at one point that makes the whole thing it’s like this I call it
bias I call it bias because people don’t see platinum the same way I see I will
tell you just okay just I don’t think anyone sees the way you see this list
the way you see it because your list to me is like it’s like all right this like
you just threw a bunch of names at a dartboard and this is where they landed Bungie and D tier just for halo alone
puts them in an a tier at minimum they did that’s that’s not debatable but I
don’t feel like I don’t feel like that’s enough to put especially when you came
out all I’m saying is that I took everything into accountability I took
getting you your resume I took and what franchises worked on I took getting you
in fact also took in your failures as well like destiny did not live up to
anything what halo was it did that’s a whole different list that means this
that means we still have to wreak attagirl like we should we should delete platinum and that’s what Capcom got all their all
the other clot from on this list so take them off and just give the credit
account on credit for what platinum actually did they did all that
originally I’m not talking about the past I’m talk about what platinum did
themselves when they became Capcom is doing a lot so I don’t know what people
Street Fighter and resident evil devil may cry which Devil May Cry was the base
Breath of Fire everything breath the fire was
everything that PlatinumGames is doing so the fact that you have PlatinumGames
over our song Capcom should be s tear because fighting games would not be
fighting games without Street Fighter resin horror so by survival horror would
not be supported without resin evil why is Capcom not sto just why is they I
don’t feel like they’ve done make a man I love Capcom y’all relax I look at you
I don’t feel like they did the same with fastings in the chat for people every
time because Rockstar Games did change the industry like a mug they did
Resident Evil 4 is definitely a game that big and make how kommst I’m hiring Vega to
come kill you to come kill you this what you are but you also got it you got to
think about you know the other stuff you know Capcom did give us resin evil cigs
they did give most those terrible spin-off present evil games they did
give us trust Street Fighter 5 is well if you’re looking at the negatives then
half this list is invalidated because they’re waiting to have it validated
rockstars made mistakes Blizzard has made mistakes even Nintendo isn’t the
golden child like I do agree they should be very high up probably still an S but
they still just have mistakes everyone on everybody
I weighed their positives against their mistakes that’s what I waited again Bungie taking all of the halo that they
created with two destiny games you’re like all Gannett just put some indie
like you like all the doll this great stuff ahead but they did destiny so what
else said what else has Bungie done besides shooting they they
single-handedly they did it’s part of like that is where I consider some of
the beginning of eSports is with halo and halo literally created so much I
recreated machinima people that’s where red versus blue with roosterteeth came
from the impact from halo alone is bigger than anything like that that
should be an immediate eight here like know you can you give you I’ll give you
Bungie I’ll give you Bungie I felt like they was I felt like to me there was a
one-trick pony and they couldn’t do on the microwave now that they’re gone with that and
they’re changing of how destiny to plays their next game after this that they’re
funded on and working for not now attached to Activision could be
something alike a halo where it’s a big event and it actually caters this this
crazy because halo was an RTS yeah it was it
was a it was open it was a morph of what myth was existed before you know the games that has influenced every single
one of these developers yes they have way better than anything that that trash
company rockstar has but great therefore the three san andreas by city oh I also
think when it comes to before the nightclub they did it they did some
tunnel good I get why you put Bethesda where it was
because of their legacy of incredible franchises in the past oh but the fact
that the stuff that they have done within just two years now and has a lot
running everything no I think they’ve done enough terrible
thing if you’re gonna weigh positives and negatives I think that they’ve done
enough harm right now to the industry that it does bump them down one out way
on their lowered and be no no I mean you gonna buck them Lord and be up for what
they did in the lab yeah absolutely because this is the way they’re going
Youngblood they put out Youngblood as a test to see how it would look if they
can microtransaction and and literally cut out what Wolfenstein was with
Youngblood if you were way the scrolls and the impact as Scotland
was read impacts got remotely agrawal yes Skyrim was great but look at all the
problems even Skyrim had they never fixed it even though they said they were
look at all the fallout sick stuff and all the problems resounding and not just
about the game but how their companies run they are strictly focusing on how to
make as much money with mobile games and even their main property games now like
every once in a while you’ll get a do more doom eternal that’s great in three
years from now don’t be saying the same time in three years when doom eternal or
doom three or four whenever that comes out and it’s a microtransaction infuse
pay to win game that’s the direction that they have going this I have no
faith right now and in the next Elder Scrolls game as much as I love Elder
Scrolls I think Elder Scrolls 6 can have a lot of problems we haven’t seen crap
on starfield and I was excited for it but now the way their company’s been
going I think star fields gonna be a big lie because that’s all they’ve been
doing is be creating these big promises that turn out to be lies and then they
just say you know what screw it whatever we’ll just keep making more money
because people will still buy it for some reason and they’ll they’ll complain
about it after they buy it but they still made their money that’s the
problem with it they’ve done so many problems that doesn’t cue the impact of
what they have though it does if those rules are if they have enough problems
to counteract the pros which they have a great legacy they are iterating right
now destroying themselves in the industry with the with what they’re
doing but no one will take a stand on this because the Festa thinks there’s
games known to man you know they are they are the everything that they’ve
done in two years hurts that impact the old games are great I am NOT saying that
they don’t have an amazing legacy that has beloved franchises that do give them
a leg up in this tier list but they’ve done enough stuff in the trajectory that
they are going in has been destroying them and I do think that for that it
does deserve them it on this the Baron tier list of the all mighty should be
dropped down to a C but so if we’re gonna do that for preferences then I
mean everybody doesn’t lighten it to no cuz there’s you know this isn’t a
preference this is what they’re doing to the industry there is no preference
here is hella me because you don’t have to do it then the step then that
argument goes to the whole list you don’t have to do anything because you
want to buy any of these games and every list is stupid it doesn’t make sense
that’s that’s obviously what isn’t stupid making sure that you guys get out
of here before 12:00 midnight or something like it’s already something
that’s not all my East Coast people maybe we can pick this one up maybe in a
separate whole different video but definitely bearing your trash list cause
this division among all of us if everybody of us we don’t want to hang
out anymore it’s because of you I’m blaming you and
because you can’t see the fact that Devil May Cry Megaman you know what I’m
saying Resident Evil Street Fighter and Monster
Hunter are way more impactful than micro chains then grand theft on one Grand
Theft Auto anyway I’m done I’m done those five franchises I’m sorry
it’s a grantor follow for rock star or freaking Mick Capcom in their game rock
star kick as many rocks as possible stop their damn tow to let hurts till it
hurts and hurts I want them to kick the biggest rocks possible anyway so this
will fit us off on this last one here curl ten get sue says rock star only
makes it plain blockbuster games but they don’t have the most profound
relevance in gaming history the only ride they only ride the waves of pop
culture was Square Enix founded the bedrock of JRPGs well I guess you could
say like the bedrock of open-world games might have been gta3 so you guess you
can say that right yeah but anyway thank you so much good Alton get to thank you
for the $10 donation through super chat I do appreciate that thank you so much I
appreciate all of you guys tonight I appreciate the passion of discussions
that we have with all of our guests tonight what we’re parents said Baird
bound the fans back but anyway we’re gonna start off give some shout outs to
people um in terms of let people know where you’re at so Jordan I got one
question for Jada what’s your question before you get today yes Oh Jane when I
first showed you this image you said something to me that was striking
you said Manas mana lost a monolith soft should be higher why
monolith soft well if we’re talking about impact they it goes back to square
enix because vamos office once part of square enix and they may not I’m just
talking about what mana liftoff has done since then I mean they do help out yeah
they help out with Zelda games so Skyward Sword breath of the wild they
also do I mean Xenoblade that’s just a little small game on there you know tour
of the golden country they’ve also said stuff like bats and cake kaitos they’ve
also done that they did some of my bringer would be really good as well
they did the probably the only good Dragonball Z game out now I’m joking
they did one of the models yeah I’m the best Dragonball Z game which is called
attack of the Saints of the TAS they did that game as well so they did a lot of
stuff with Bandai Namco before they were bought by Nintendo they’ve they have so
a lot of those so you just you just forgot they did disaster day of crisis
about that trash tears just not but they did a lot of good and like xenoblade is
like i love xenoblade that doesn’t register to be an 8 here I mean though
I’m just saying like there’s a masterpiece I mean like they’ve got a
lot of great stuff that they’ve done man I mean if they’re hoping on my breath of
the wild they were they were part of breath of the well being the game that
it is the revolutionary open-world game that it is here’s my last statement on
it you know but you can make that case for monoliths off but you have a problem
with with retro being a I don’t get it I don’t see right before they but then
your Guana or what were they or but they were a bunch of people from building
just think it tells your system should be on the same level it what what what
did retro studios do cuz like monolith soft baked created a whole new major IP
for the big IP for Nintendo which was in a way that is it but but but but it what
it wasn’t a Metroid Prime it’s a Canadian not a very proud but they
didn’t create Metroid it’s understanding this was created Metroid for Nintendo so
I understand will be here all night with this Oh anybody anybody I’m gonna say
this though this is my closing statement anybody that has any problem when we put
in Epic Games where they’re at yeah shove it up yet Epic Games was this shit
okay all right well your list is rock you’re giving Rockstar way too much
credit that fact that you give them more credit over Capcom no I think everybody
thinks you hate no Rockstar no wait look all of you weirdos that go out and buy
grab that bottle like like you pray to that game and you can’t see hear and
more lore ah star was impactful though they have five franchises monster games
that have been copied so box I doesn’t do enough to be that
high they clearly don’t do another name is everywhere Capcom you need a Capcom if Capcom was
not here if Capcom Bannos through the problems that’s that’s why I say
platinum should be gone it should be inside of cow cow cow it’ll be all form
up there look I understand what Rockstar did open-world I get that you know but
damn it man 2d platformers games like Monster Hunter like even the top-down
Grand Theft Auto they were pretty good I mean it’s he just hates on rock star
man midnight club was amazing bully was a good game you didn’t like Midnight
Club that was one of the guys I’m just showing you they can do more than they
could do more than grant their follow and be good at search Jordan Fringe
anywhere and you find me YouTube Twitter wherever I’m at a lot of please go
subscribe to join his channel forum you guys alright Barun hat baron epic has fortnight so
why not s dear you got a bad answer yeah I can follow me on Twitter yeah go
fabio youtube i think i’m gonna make a video but it’s tier list cuz this has
been getting a lot a lot of people keep hitting me up and I put this tearless
like out of like oh we can’t wait to download that – it’s gonna be funny this
is funny – see I’m gonna make it I’m gonna make a video on your tier list Big
Z what can they find yet I found me on youtube mayo on twitter and shadow Fox
where can they find yet my man you find me you – you can also find me back on
and now red is not under the the Rockstar umbrella because that property
originally belonged to Capcom is ready at revolver so no they make Red Dead
knows so yeah now but doesn’t camera alright guys thank you guys so much for
watching my blood pressure rose – I Jordan fringe looks mad at me I’m so I’m
not mad okay cool yeah so we’re gonna we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna go
and wrap it up here thank you guys so much for watching tomorrow morning I got
hunter hunter video so watch the Hunter hunter video tomorrow morning and you
and this hunter hunt shut up it’s great alright guys thank you so much for
watching I appreciate it we’ll see you guys with next one ah no faster chain
gang baby do you play games are fun so press on
the people Oh

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  1. in the interview translated by USGamer, Nihon Falcom CEO said they have technical difficulties to port their games to Switch, so it's up to the publishers… Dude… publishers, especially NISA and Xseed are interested porting any JRPGs to Switch.
    At least Nihon Falcom CEO made a better deflect than EA.

  2. EA seems to believe that gamers have enough money to spend on video games to own the Switch and other systems as well… when in reality, the majority does not. Studies need to be done in order to show them that many own the Switch and only the Switch. Then they will have to stop bullshitting their investors. Switch games sales should be enough but it's obviously not.

  3. About time you guys realize how fukking DUMB Baron is. This tier list and his argument has as much intelligence as his brainless career.

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