Adren Yes He’s on it The honest oh My god, I know my own beast I can’t believe I just impulse bought those shoes by the way. What is wrong with me? Rip the bank Yeah, I’m gonna need to do a 24-hour stream to make up for the money that I spent today I just I literally just had literally just spent $13,000 on shoes In – clicks – clicks is all it took around heaven There’s a couple of kills back snappy No, normally the mad Frogger for this team, but he’s found two openers still all it comes down to as a trade cage I’m still looking around in the lobby area To peek out from snacks slightly caught Now spots everybody going over towards that ramp position now by the looks of things the CTS I don’t really have anyone here. The rotation has come in from sunny I don’t think he’s gonna be able to do anything about that bomb plant He was flat out config and takes his head clean off and now gives the advantage to mousesports Problem is this lack of kit? But apparently that won’t be a problem with Oscar finding another fragment occasion pea and snappy being alone he’s got to get the ACE to win this round or release delay mousesports for long enough that they can’t get on this defused but Someone needs to stick it sooner rather than later. He hides behind the door just playing with it. Oh, he bites two kills stop He’s gonna win this room. And that’s the ACE for snappy Flashing big ones on the right place, you know be heavy I heard I heard a stampede fee and I had no armor Do break of course We can tag down low but Still everything going the way smoother swinger though. Can you actually get the drop on the diffuser? It does it was yeah Oh Smell you what are you doing? You sneaky man? Big gonna be locking themselves in a seventh-round? I’ll pick up where you left off GF. Please do one spawn minute Is back huh What’s wrong hey Like that Hashem Karras No, Nate is gonna actually scare junior he’s gonna stick to that fourth position until he actually fires off a shot and every single time It’s only config loan up in banana he’s never able to find any sort of a trade on it and opting just put themselves in a In a terrible position to lose an opening frag every single round. There we go. What junior? Suddenly turning 90 years old and not react to what’s going on on the screen One day that v1. Where are you max Adam watch IV Come on side He’s a backup Obama Will grab the ground Already on the CT side as you can see right now It’s only really Cajun over towards animal. If you can even call it towards the a area of the map There we go. Jerry’s gonna move forward. He’s gonna find you geek that’s one of the rifles down. It’s gonna get picked up by Neko Junior feels absolutely. No fear. Let’s go fine. However, they let him just keep peeking into this He’s been so good at finding these openness. Oh my goodness a third time. All right Come on. Good thing Now Oh Hold this 203 oh my god. He gets war what extra time to work with your Sookie? Look, he’s looking to find that inner bomb the veneer that’s gonna be doja It’s gonna leave it a lot of pressure if we can find him in time Probably heard some movement around the connector area doja so in for a rude awakening here Well that at least gets the scent of junior on the noses of the gambit They’re gonna know where he’s that bomb goes down as well how they need to group up not get isolated too much adrenaline I teach beep Here is the issue with these dolls Junior does it I mean I Just think this economy thing is just gonna stop from the second buy for spice Lu’s pistol, they’ll save And for big to have it all fall apart because of the timing at the end that is Absolutely devastate. You can see a little bitty celebrating. Yeah, I mean, you know, it may be premature but red gaff to Getting tagged down pretty happily and this is I feel like this is probably the best solution you have towards dealing with red reserve other than losing Obviously, it’s gonna be that you need to keep these players low. You need to get those grenades to land You need to throw this grenade after you actually see them Pray for some information then throw out the grenades because if red reserve is low HP The style that they like to play with 30 seconds left on clock when they’re pushing in that’s not going to be effective You’re not going to be wearing those jewels insist gently with that style Now those net cars got some style of his own he gets those two great kills with the AWP He’s waiting for another to push through and playing to emo He should be able to get moved on over and actually reapeaks for the fourth could be the ACE and it is to start off

53 thoughts on “PROS PLAY NEW MAPS! SHROUD’S $13,000 SHOES! CS:GO Twitch Clips

  1. Feels like CSGO is on the upswing, playercount is back up, new updates from volvo and streamers like lirik, summit and forsen casually playing the game again! Feelsgoodman
    Shroud $13k sneakers here

  2. 5:20 did this seem like ghost aimlock to anyone? he doesnt know where the enemy is, then you can hear him press a key and his cursor pulls to the left really quick and robotic towards the left and he instantly went from hesitating to looking directly at the get right corner

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