72 thoughts on “PlayStation Live From E3 Day 1

  1. I love E3. So many great titles coming out. My must gets are the last of us part 2 and Spiderman ps4

  2. Wow, Host was very considerate about people at home. I really did wanted to see the whole fight with Shocker and Spiderman with that last scene. Super excited.

  3. Yaay, Meredith!! I cant believe they have another Assassins Creed coming out already. I still have to play Origins.

  4. I hate you sony. You block the best features of cross play games. You could ve earned more money if you let cross play. You are acting like a spoiled little kid brat.

  5. You know my ps4 controller jumpscared me someone started talking and it was loud which I had no idea that it had a speaker in it

  6. Exclusives are thinning out. Yakuza is moving to PC, nier is moving to Xbox, nioh moved to PC a while back, and multiplatform titles have night and day differences. The next generation PS better outperform and maintain a healthy list of exclusives or I'm so done.

  7. sony why I did you block the Nintendo switch to link it I was waiting now for 2months for Nintendo switch fortnite

  8. Anybody who is anybody a fan of Spider-Man already know who Spider-Man was talking to at the end of that E3 trailer Green Goblin or in the rear case it could be Hobgoblin

  9. Sony in the next e3 or games Presentation you could create games as Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve, Crash Bandicoot

  10. Don't care what anyone says about Sony having a poor showing because they didn't see the quality of what is being shown compared to the same old from Nintendo and Microsoft. Playstation and their developers showing more diversity, engagement and evolution

  11. I really hope there are many seamless interiors we can enter within the game. I was concerned when Spiderman was in the bank because it looked like a completely different area detached from the open world. I'm hoping there are many we can go inside without seeing a fade to black transition.

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