Playing Poker with Michael Phelps!

Playing Poker with Michael Phelps!

August 2008 previously I the Jeff boesky
vlog I dropped out of college I quit my full-time job to pursue poker for a
living I now have to make the leap of faith pack up all my belongings drive
2,000 miles to Las Vegas I have $5,000 in the bank and I’m getting back four
tournaments fast forward to October 18th there’s a
1570 dollar tournament at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas it’s time to take a
shot upon arriving at Caesar’s Palace I recognize a lot of high-stakes online
players such as Johnny bags and SD Trojans there’s one guy that’s
constantly walking around hamming it up with all the rags who’s wearing a white
t-shirt has a goatee aviator sunglasses and a lacasa hat cocked to the side
figure you saw my online crusher but not sure who he is the tournament goes on
and I’m doing pretty well win some big pots lose some big pots but we’re about
eight hours in we’re approaching the money when the guy with the aviators and
lacasa hat gets moved to my right with blinds at 1500 3000 under the gun limps
aviators in La Coste hat guy shoves all in for thirty thousand chips I’m next to
act with about 60,000 chips in pocket queens let’s get them we shove all in
the blinds fold and the limper folds and we’re up against ace 10 off suit this
guy stands up you know crowd starts forming and everybody’s rooting for an
ace ace dealer ace I’m of course anti rooting the ACE let’s hold one time this
tournament means a lot to me the flop comes ace high and he erupts in
celebration I’m devastated I don’t hit a queen and
he doubles up I’m crippled and I lose shortly thereafter falling short of the
money before I lose as he’s stashing my chips a 40 year old Caucasian woman
comes over to him with a card player magazine in hand kneels down and asked
for his autograph so this confirms my suspicions that he is a well-known
online crusher the lady leaves a few other people you know high-five him pat
him on the back why is everybody rooting against me
eventually I turned to him and just say are you famous or something he replies
with yeah kinda I I swim and look at him and pretty much laugh out loud and
repeat you swim I didn’t know swimmers had fans 7-year old Caucasian male
across the table looks in my direction and says yes 14 gold medals Sonny turns
out the all-american hero who just crushed the 2008 Olympics just sucked
out on me and stole a bunch of my equity he celebrated in a manner that really
tilted me after I lose I go home to my favorite
poker form pocket fives calm and right a trip report of the tournament because
that’s what you did back then there wasn’t really YouTube blogs to recreate
all the action within the trip report I described how he celebrated it in a
manner that made me feel he was acting like a douchebag as it turns out some of
his friends alert him of this article relay him this message
and the next day I go to Caesars and some words are exchanged stay tuned to
find out what happens michael phelps was lucky enough to get
ninth place in this tournament that he sucked out on me and got the largest
cache of his career for just over $5,000 i’m happy for you the day after that there’s a thousand
dollar tournament at Caesars and I’m in town I’m here to gamble let’s gamble I
register a little late sit down at my table I’m in seat three put on my Bose
headphones get ready to play some poker and that out of my left peripheral I see
a character about a foot away from me kind of hovering over me so I take a
peek end it’s none other than Michael Phelps he’s back he’s playing some more
poker and I look at him and I hear some muffled noise so I take my headphones
off and he says I heard you were talking some shit about me on your blog slightly
confused because I don’t have a blog I asked him blog he looks over at his
buddy Scott to confirm that I said some shit about him on my blog and he says
pocket fives and he goes oh yeah you called me a douche bag I pocket fives
and this is when I know I have three options
timeout yeah this is horrible I can admit guilt apologize and ask for
forgiveness I can lie deny it say it some other guy
I wear I can own up to it and face the consequences
I chose option three I said yeah you acted like a douche bag when you sucked
out on me he gets closer to me hovering over me with his chest puffed out I’m
still sitting and he starts doing this stupid laugh like huh oh I’m a douche
bag huh I’m a douche bag and I said yeah you exhibited douchebag
behavior that’s bad sportsmanship he continues with the laughter and part
amis uh hoping I don’t have to get into a fistfight with this Olympic medalist
who’d probably probably beat you and I’m getting the feeling that it’s
about to go down I’m about to fight Michael Phelps and I don’t like my
chances so here we go he laughs a few more times I’m still sitting expecting
the worst hey pal what sit down you’ve had to miss the best part all new weed
nephews a bathroom sit down lady gives me a few more looks and goes back
to a seat to continue playing the tournament in hindsight it would have
been very financially beneficial for me if he would have started swinging with
all the cameras and his newfound millions and millions of dollars and
Wheaties boxes and gold medals and endorsements and such these are the butterfly effects that
happen in life and I can’t complain I’m happy that I didn’t check it out I stuck
by my guns whether or not he acted like a douchebag that’s up for debate I felt
like he did let me know what you think in the chat and that is my Michael
Phelps story the win Fall Classic $250,000 tournament $600 is the buying
over 50,000 for first I’m sure they’re gonna crush the guarantee let’s get it with blinds at 100 300 is 300 action
folds me in the middle position pretty action table and I looked down at pocket
aces love pocket aces I make it 800 to go
action folds to the big blind and he folds aces with blinds a it’s one
hundred three hundred three hundred under the gun plus one makes it 1,100
I’m a middle position again with pocket aces what the hell’s going on big
opening sizing usually means a big hand so we make it thirty two hundred action
folds back to the razor and he folds no action on the Aces with blinds at 200 400 400 under the gun
plus one makes it 1,000 the next two players call I’m in middle position
again with ace four of Spades and 16,000 chips could just rip it I
mean some dead money out there what we’re talking about 40 blinds plays
pretty well relevant blocker but I decided to just put in the flat call a
little lower variance let’s see a flop the big blind does come along we’re five
ways to the flop the flop comes Queen four three two clubs checks the original
raiser who thinks for a while and bets 1300 very small sizing but you got to
remember this is still strong because he’s betting into four people that you
guys on my right both fold so I think we’re priced in in position with our
second pair we put in the call 1300 and the big blind comes along the turn is an
off suit Jack action checks to the original raiser and he checks I don’t
see any reason to bet here don’t think they’re gonna fold any better hands so I
checked behind the river is a beautiful 4 of Hearts
big blind shacks and original RAZR bets 5300 what’s he rapid King Queen ace
Queen wouldn’t he bet these hands on the turn ace Jack pocket queens pocket jacks
most of these hands would just continue on the turn so now the question is in a
threeway pot on the river is it better to flat the 5300 with what I believe is
the best hand or shove for 13,700 to try to get that extra value if I just flat
the 5300 there’s a some percent chance that I’ll be over called by the big
blind although he’s shown a lot of weakness this is a 3-way spot that’s
very common that I really don’t know the answer to the problem was shoving is
will he call with a worse hand than trip fours River shoves are very rare and
often very very strong very rarely a bluff I’d ever take as this line so he
knows I got like trip fours or a slow plate set of some sort
I eventually shove the other two players fold and we take down a nice pot and
we’re now up to 26,000 chips all right
it is 4/20 and that means no more reentry’s we’re in for $600 we have
about 25,000 chips blinds are going up and we’re gonna bag and tag in about
eight hours let’s stay focused a first-place prize takes the 2163 I would
like you all with blinds at 200 500 500 under the gun makes it 1,800 action
folds us in the big blind and we look down at pocket aces unbelievable pocket
aces again got to put it in that three but his range should be very strong
based upon him being under the gun and is pretty large sizing let’s play four
stacks I make it five thousand ago one chip he thinks about it and puts in the
call the flop comes 10 8 3 2 clubs we have about 16,000 behind so this is a
great time to bet a third of our stack 5300 he thinks about it in folds and
says he had a sking how did you not get it in pre I feel robbed and we move on
to the next hand with blinds at 400 800 under the gun
plus one recreational older Caucasian male puts
in the limp I’m in middle position and looked down at pocket aces again I can’t
believe it we don’t have the video going for the full time at the table just
random clips but believe me I had them so I pump it up to 2500 somewhat of a
middle-aged Asian reg in the small blind puts in the call and original number
calls comes King Jack five rainbow checks out 31 I’ve about eighty pounds
behind kind of awkward stacks I shouldn’t have to be raised folds in my
range but they might not know this we want to raise for value get this
heads-up deny all their equity from King X Jack X green 10 Taipans so I make a
neat thousand small blindfolds which he later says was pocket tens and original
limper goes deep into the tank and folds we take down another pot with pocket
aces to the button makes it 1,900 a very loose player in the small blind puts in
the call he’s had a few outbursts when things didn’t go his way
unfortunate bro that’s poker I’m in the big blind I looked down upon 27,000
chips in this spot I want a three bet in isolated against this late position
action I want to do it with 1/3 of my stack that way I can still raise fold or
I could be inducing hoping that they have perceived fold equity the heavens
are opening up it’s getting windy out here I make it 8200 the button quickly
folds in the small blind spaz jams in 35,000 we call show our tens he shows
Queen 10 of diamonds and says quote this hand flops well while I sure hope it
doesn’t flop well we got video we did good thirty you played it well that’s what it
comes down and I’m out of the wind / encore $600 250k Congrats to the winner
of the Twitter giveaway but you in $0 if you can’t help out the Las Vegas boxer
rescue or adopt a boxer rescue dot-com please do every dollar helps stop Amish
puppy mills adopt don’t shop until next time

100 thoughts on “Playing Poker with Michael Phelps!

  1. Nice part 2 of the Michael Phelps encounter so glad you chose option 3 could have 4 bet him and said your mom wears army boots just kidding I know your a better man than that better luck next one Frank

  2. Funny story… I used to be a reg at MD live and Phelps was a reg there too. He would get shitfaced and donk off stacks in 2/5. One night he crashed his car on his way home and got a dui. Not sure if he ever got his license back. Behavior matches with what you described here.

  3. I don't think celebrating is wrong (I've done it in a similar situation where I had AT vs TT and spiked the A on the flop), but if it's excessive and over the top, then it's uncalled for.

  4. Anyone who knows Michael Phelps , really knows him will tell you he is one of the most humble , genuine people you will meet.. He's very competitive and I'm sure he just over reacted in the heat of the moment.. Best of luck.. Great vlog.

  5. Any man who reacts to sucking out with anything else other than sheepishness and embarassment/sympathy for the opposing player is indeed exhibiting poor sportsmanship. The only exception to this might be a final two situation.

  6. He's ego got fed 24/7, deservedly so in most cases, guys a stallion in the pool, but its so hard not to believe that doesn't cause some d-bag behavior or that feeling that, these common folk are beneath me. I can cackle next to boski and he wont do shit because I'm a pool stallion!

  7. I'm trying to get a hold of you on Facebook. I've got us in a group message with teckidtq Troy Quenneville. I need to get a hold of your boy Villy!!

    p.s. Phelps spent a couple years playing in Windsor with all the local Caesars degens!! Fucker folded AQ against me with a board of Q 4 6 rainbow. I checked raised him on the flop with a set, and he fucking mucked!! Game was 10/20 and we both had about 3k in front of us. This was well over ten years ago so that's a huge fold for back then.

  8. You seem like a chill, respectful guy. If I saw that you’d publicly called me out as a douchebag, I’d probably seek you out to apologize.

  9. It would have been fun to see what would have happened if you stood up when he was laughing, I think you guys are about the same height. In any case you basically owned up to what you said, and if he acted like that he deserves the DB title. Next time you see him ask him how many golds he has for being a DB, LOL.

  10. I was playing poker a few years ago in a small poker room in the casino called Excalibur in Las Vegas I was there for a week and I was brand new to poker, and so I sat down played for a few hours. Seated on my right side was a gentleman named Mike, as I am about to leave the table I decided to play the last hand ( bad idea) before I take off, I am on the bottom and I called with 2,3 ❤️ the gentleman named Mike had called before me, the flopped comes 2,3,7 rainbow, Mike checks I bet the other players all folded and it comes down to Mike, he raises me and I decided to go all in which he immediately call the turn and river came a 4, and a 5. At the moment he made a comment “ I think you got me on the river” and I said I flopped two pairs which he responded very calm and collected “ I flopped a set”. Mike last name was Sexton, he did not celebrated euphorically or apologize or made any comments out of line, the only think he said to me as I am walking away from the table in a very cordial manner “ nice playing with you have a great night”. That is the difference between Mike (gentleman) Sexton and Micheal (douche bag) Phelps.

  11. That Q10 hand sounds like every 2nd hand at my local $10 pub poker game. "I called your 4 bet because I had a feeling I could be good"

  12. Yeah imagine the horror of a rec player (a phenomenal well-known athlete in this case) celebrating winning a hand. Jesus, now we get to play with all the miserable regs in headphones who never talk. This is a game folks, let’s not get so butthurt.

  13. You had him dominated preflop, he should have folded to your raise. I guess you could have found a fold when he jammed, but mostly unlikely after that bet. Probably the sickest run out you can get with pocket 10’s. 🥴

  14. Totally noticed the MTG art behind you like 5 mins into the Phelps story. You active or former MTG player? Either way, cool stuff.

  15. Yep, you were right, he “Doushebagged”. When you suck out on somebody, just pull the chips in, and keep your mouth shut.

  16. FWIW, the Delaware Park regs told me Michael Phelps used to play there "a lot" and he was a good guy.
    the problem seems to be poker itself.
    decades of televised tournament poker have demonstrated that:
    the more you act like a smacked ass, the more TV time you get.
    and even a lot of "pros" really have no idea of "how to behave" or if they do, they lack the ability to control themselves.

    combine that with a game that either attracts a disproportionate number of assholes or drives away a good share of "normal" people and you have the current poker environment –
    a world so full of self-important douchebags that even online 2nl is packed with "experts" spazzing out in the chatbox over the "horrible" play of their opponents.

  17. I dont mean to be offensive but the entire Phelps story made you seem like a crybaby. Take the bad beat like a pro and let the fish celebrate without saying anything.

  18. It was douchey of Phelps to act like that, but jean Robert Bellande said it best, you have to be fun to lose to, especially to Rec players

  19. I’m not surprised Phelps is a douche bag, him confronting you is major douche bag material, he sucked out on you then acted like a fuck stick, it’s your poker god given right to talk a little shit on the side, if the poker community got in fights over things like that we’d be better fighters then the UFC…

    I would of cashed the lottery ticket though and would of said some shit begging to get punched

  20. Always enjoy the Vlog Boski but what is with the Soy face in the thumbnail, lol. Especially with the finally of the Phelps story. A G like that doesn't do Soy face. Better luck next session!

  21. Hell yeah, u have to stand by your statement! Even (and especially) Phelps isn't immune from being a douchebag sometimes. Respect for being a man about it!

  22. You have to shove with trip 4's. Even if bb folds, and you missed the 5,300 he might have called, but probably wouldn't, you still get the $8k from the bettor, if he calls, which is more likely. So, you miss out on $5,300 that you probably weren't getting anyways to get $8k that was much more likely to call

  23. F Phelps!!!! F Q10!!!!, F no action w AA!!!….This Sht doesn’t and will not happen in BoskiVille!!!!!! The ManzCoinzNation has Spoken!!!! Oh and 😎♥️Z♠️F♦️G♣️

  24. It would’ve been funny if Jeff had of made a comment to Phelps like “You’re a FISH out of water. You’re on land now. MY LAND! Now, get back in your lane.” That might’ve gotten Jeff Paid! Good on you for standing your ground. Great story

  25. Nice story bro but u gotta remember putting other players on tilt is part of the game. And it’s not “douche like” of him, it’s a poker good play on his part. Harsh but still poker.
    Just like u have to try to avoid letting someone else put u on tilt. Not being able to be put on tilt makes a player a good player.

  26. I am laughing at the video. If you had a stance, you would make it known. Without boasting his credentials, Phelps can boast back everything he has done. #1, the most amazing gold medal Olympic swimmer ever. No other person has achieved his credentials, no other person has received more Olympic medals than him. He gains his accomplishments by is stature, and not standing down and not giving up. It may be a big challenge albeit if you are still considering this in your own deck of cards. Dont get your panties in a bunch. He still crushes it every day. Darn millennial's!!! He crushed not only you but everyone in his way.. that makes the difference between you as a small poker player and he as learning his way. That separates the smalls from the big times.

  27. Great work Boski calling Phelps out. He gets full points for being both dopey and a douchebag. Given his American hero status, it is apparently acceptable to act like a dick (refer Tiger Woods). If Phelps did elect to coldcock you and rendered you unconscious its likely security would have thrown your lifeless body out on the street after Phelps and his frat boy buddies stood over you flexing and taking selfies. The casino may have even imposed a lifetime ban on you for upsetting an Olympian and causing an incident

  28. I'm what you would call an OMC ~ or close to it! I was playing 1/2 at the Flamingo and this guy with a tiny head and HUGE body is running the table. He played me like a fish and I hit a 4-outer against him. He glared at me for the next orbit when … I hit a 3-outer and felted him! He jumped up, knocked his chair over, ran behind me like he was going to kick my ass. I hunched over, the dealer screamed, "Security!" and they happened to be right there. The dude ran away. All I could thing was, "I hope he has money. I hope he has money" just hoping that I survived. Roid rage and poker don't mix.

  29. Getting sucked out on at a table sucks, but I don't hold anything against the other person if they have a good demeanor about themselves. I don't care if you've got 8 gold medals, millions of dollars, and millions upon millions of people know who you are, that doesn't give you a right to be an ass towards somebody. One of the problems with current society is that so many people are blatantly disrespectful and inconsiderate of others, kinda surprised to hear he behaved in that manner.

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