Persona 5 Royal – Friend-zone Kasumi (Rank 9 Option) w/English Subs

Persona 5 Royal – Friend-zone Kasumi (Rank 9 Option) w/English Subs

Isn’t it troublesome of me to suddenly intrude on you while you are working? 1. I don’t mind
2. This is special service Thank you very much I couldn’t stop my self from seeing your face and wanting to talk with you Wow, what a pleasant aroma. Thanks for the coffee. Its so good, It hit the spot Listen to this. My coach will be watching me perform next time If possible, I would like for you to come as well. Would it be OK for me to contact you at that time? 1. I’ll be there
2. Of course I’m happy to hear that On to what i really want to talk about Do you remember what i said to you when you came with me to go clothes shopping? My feeling of wanting to show my “true self to everyone else cleared away any past hesitations i had”. 1. Of course
2. I can’t remember well
3. What about it I feel at ease that you remembered all of that I was thinking about Kasumi.. “I don’t want to lose to Kasumi. I want to show her what i can do”… That’s how i felt about her. Me wanting to “show off” to someone was actually me wanting someone to “see me”. With someone by my side it would add to my own strength. And that’s when i realised that Kasumi strength was with me all along. And then there’s the fact that Kasumi cared for me a lot. But she never actually said anything with her words… Instead, she always tried convey it to me with her performances. Ahaha… but now its all too lat. I’m such an idiot But… I’m glad that i finally got to understand her message. I wonder if if ever added any value to Kasumi life…. 1. I think so
2. You do have value
3. You can start from now Yes… I want to believe in that too. I can’t… apologies to her now. She can’t tell me how she feels, or watch my performances. I was the one who brought about reality.
I kept on running away from that truth… But i won’t run away anymore.
I will stand on my own two feet. My own faults as well as Kasumi.. I want to bear them all and walk forward. I want to get as strong as i can. Even if i don’t get a result from the competition or succumbing to pressure from others around me With my delicateness and the boldness that “Kasumi” showed me, I would turn those into weapons and become stronger wherever i go. “This is Sumire” that’s what Kasumi would say as she holds out her chest in confidence. You feel Sumire strong determination Oh that reminds me Back when i decided to not run away from my thoughts. There was something i wanted to tell you! 1. Whats this about
2. There’s more?
3. Let it all out Um… well, I will tell you soon! I know that me wanting to show off was a feeling of mine created from wanting someone to see me And the person who strongly wanted to see me… That person would be so special to me So by me wanting you to watch me… I guess it means… In other words… About the way i feel for you…
I , II, I, I… 1. What?
2. I? I… I like you! Um, does this feeling trouble you? 1. Lets remain friends
2. I like you too Sumire Thank you… for understanding me I’m glad to say that my thoughts were conveyed to you. There is no regret for me. I want to cherish these feelings… Oh, Please take care then, thanks again. There is no change in the fact that you are “important and my favorite”. As a friend, i would like you to see my performance I’ll show you how much i have matured! 1. Show me what you got
2. I’m looking forward to it
3. I will help you I will look forward to this. I will do my best! Ah… It’s already time. I have to go to gymnastics practice The coffee was great! If you’ll excuse me now. Thank you for having me Actually, I’m thrilled now. I can’t think of anything better to say to you I have a feeling that this was just a start. I can only thank you. 1. That’s good
2. I didn’t do anything
3. Thanks again Yes. I will not forget this feeling today, and i will continue to move forward! Oh, excuse me. I’m going to ask the coach to look at my performance. You should have an input as well. About me changing… See you later.

34 thoughts on “Persona 5 Royal – Friend-zone Kasumi (Rank 9 Option) w/English Subs

  1. If you think about it, Sumi is the only girl (besides Lavenza) who professed her love for Joker.

    Some of the girls simply asked why he did so much for them, while others only gave him subtle hints. They may accept his confession, but Sumi was the only one who would boldly declare her love for him – even if that turns out to be an unrequited love.

    Thanks for uploading this, because I know I can never reject her.

  2. is she the only option that actually confesses first? It seems that way, from when I've played P5. I didn't end up choosing some options cuz they really didn't interest me.

  3. I’m sorry Sumire, I already have a #1 P5 Girl…But please know that this journey made it official that you are in My Top 5.

  4. I'm probably going for Futaba again when I finally play P5R next year but Kasumi does look really cute with the hair down & glasses.

    Whether I end up liking her or not depends next year as I'm avoiding spoilers until then

  5. Kasumi's adorable but considering all that happens to her in-game it makes me wish they'd waited longer before making her an option. ‎(;・・) Painful as it is to reject her, it's for the best imho.

    I still like her as a character though! She's very sweet.

  6. Haven’t even played P5R, but from what I have seen of the Japanese Version : How could you ever friend-Zone Kasumi?

  7. Well guess i know who im choosing in NG+ or maybe ng DAMN IT shes adorable and why you gotta confess first throws a dude off his game girl.

  8. Yeah it's official, if you are the smart person to not go for the harem route then in this game it would be Kasumi who takes the cake. In the original it would be a mix between Ann and Makoto.

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