Overwatch: PRO SETTINGS Guide – Graphics, Controls, & Crosshairs (2018)

Overwatch: PRO SETTINGS Guide – Graphics, Controls, & Crosshairs (2018)

overwatch is very customizable in its crosshairs hero settings graphics options and more and not enough players really realized the impact that specific settings have that could make their gameplay hugely better if there’s ever been one magic tip to make you instantly better this is it my name is Nate and welcome to Blizzard guides, before we start this video off I would like to say that the majority of these tips are found from pros streamers or coaches if it’s not from those three its from the general community some of this may not work out for you at all but some of it might make you significantly better so if something doesn’t work out don’t discount this entire list there’s a lot of things that don’t work for specific people and there’s a lot of things that work for a lot of people it just takes some time to get used to but it’s really worth doing it anyway with that said let’s get into this video starting this off at number 5 I’m going to go over the basic controls that most pros use first and foremost nearly every single pro has allied health bars enabled I can even play the game without them on they’re absolutely crucial and something that you should 100% rely on if you can for general settings most players have just jump on spacebar but some actually bind jump to scroll wheel down which is something that is really useful on any hero I suggest trying it out for a bit and seeing how it works out for you you can do a ton of cool tricks and animation cancels with it and it makes a lot of different techniques a lot easier for melee most players use mouse buttons but you should also actually give using the keyboard a try if you don’t have mouse buttons using F for melee and G for interact is sometimes a good choice personally that’s what I’ve been running and it’s a really nice option for me and it works like a charm if you have low dpi and high sense in game I recommend that you should cut your sense in half and double your dpi and keep doing that until you end up with the sense that is lower than 4 or 5 to fix something called aim deter I’ll put on screen what that does so for example if my dpi is 1000 in my sense is 20 I would lower my sense to 2 and increase my dpi to 10,000 this can help whenever you’re aiming at long distances or edges of hit boxes I have an entire video dedicated to this topic and also improving your aim and finding your perfect sensitivity so you should definitely go check that out if you want to learn more about this topic next we’re also going to hop over to the sounds tab at the bottom there’s an op called dolby atmos for headphones option this is probably the most underrated option in overwatch in general period if you have stereo headphones enabling this allows you to basically see with your ears and hear literally everything around you perfectly it takes a lot of getting used to but it’s so powerful that I’m surprised that not most players use it finally we’re hopping over to the gameplay tab where I strongly suggest that you set your waypoint opacity to 25% or 50% on the bottom the on screen will show you the difference it’s really nice because you don’t have those pesky widows hiding behind the waypoint marker while still being unobtrusive enough for you to do your spawn hanzo dragons that kill nobody except for that one waiter on Oasis next up at number four we’re going over some basic crosshair options first of all there are two crosshairs that are most common the dot and the dot Plus crosshair there are very few players that use the circle and if they do it’s practically still a dot dots or these circle dots are the best for players that really don’t rely on the reticle much these heroes aren’t about pinpoint headshot accuracy so they don’t need to be exactly able to see where they’re shooting but rather just where they’re aiming in general if that makes sense here’s like McCree Hanzo Widow and soldier greatly benefit from having crosshairs as it allows them to see the heads of enemies while still being perfectly accurate now with that said you can still run a dot on widow and be effective after all crosshairs are personal preference if you do prefer a dot though and you’re on pinpoint accurate heroes I definitely recommend using a circle instead of a dot following crosshairs at number three I’m going to go over some quick pro controls that i’ve seen before for anna pudding sleep dart on a mouse button is a good move I personally use that it’s actually made my aim with sleeps so much better I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before it’s just really powerful and it’s one of my favorite custom controls than I’ve seen before for lucio binding jump to right click and scroll wheel is really really good and then setting Boop to middle mouse click is what most players substitute you can also set Boop to e amp to shift and crossfade to space but that setup confuses my tiny brain too much so I just prefer middle clicking to boopin than having jump on right click and scroll wheel since I won’t be needing my right index when I use Boop every single pro lucio has allowed backwards wall ride turned on I have yet to see one that hasn’t turned it on but if you want to prove me wrong in the comments please do I’ll hurt the first one that proves me wrong successfully if for mercy all custom settings should be turned off so toggle beam guardian-angel preference and toggles should be turned off it’s so much better you don’t have to be looking at an ally to heal so all you do is heal and then fly away to a different Ally while keeping beam on the original Ally serve for example if your diva needs heals but you need to escape you can heal your diva fly to your fare and still be healing your diva I learned this specifically from Neptune Oh unfair a binding concussion to right-click helps a lot it makes it so that you can flick and boost yourself much quicker without having to coordinate your shift and flick at the same time for tracer you should definitely set pulse bomb to a mouse’s side button this allows you to strafe and throw the bomb at the same time something that is super crucial and also really useful on Winston you should try setting leap to right-click or melee this will allow you to aim leaps quicker and get the melee combo on the land down easier I prefer using it on leave but melee isn’t bad either also you can use the bubble but I really don’t see the use in doing that since bubble doesn’t really necessarily require any aim and finally on Zen you can set scroll wheel up to be a harmony orb and scroll wheel down to be discord orb so if you think that you’re going to see an ally or enemy but don’t have good reaction time you can spam scroll wheel and always get the ally or enemy with your harmony or your discord or respectively even if they only peek for half a second and number two we’re going to go over some basic video settings first off most players play in full screen when it’s a serious game and some use borderless windowed between the two I prefer borderless windowed and don’t notice much of the difference but some players really find that full screen is much smoother if you experience choppiness the switching to full screen might help you a bit to see some improvements for resolution definitely you want to stick with your monitors native resolution don’t scale it down to save frames keep field of view at 103 scaling it down is an active handicap there are some pros that have weird resolutions or fields of view but those really don’t matter if you’re not actually a pro and are too complex to set up for the scope of this video now we’re going to get into a topic called Impa lag so that I can explain to you the next few settings input lag is very important thing to know about if you’re a serious @p schemer and a lot of streamers and pros will optimize everything that they can do to have the lowest input lag you can think of input lag like this if you’re downloading something very large and planning a game at the same time your internet lags and you start experience choppy gameplay players will teleport around and you’ll miss a lot of things and a lot of information is getting cut off or slowed down to your PC in a similar vein if you’re getting a lot of FPS but your PC is doing a lot of frame buffering where it renders frames before it actually receives your input you’re going to have a lot of input lag and what you can do with your keyboard and mouse is registered much later than it actually is shown on screen this can mean that you react to things much slower because what you’re seeing on your screen is on a delay for this reason you want to have vsync and triple buffering turned off this prevents your graphics cards and your computer from slowing down the input from your mouse to your keyboard in addition to this you need to enable reduced buffering this will minimize the amount of frames that get held back before they’re put onto the screen this is an oversimplified view of it and it’s probably incorrect but it still has the same effect less buffering is good giving you faster reflexes there’s also a good trick with reduced buffering that you should know if you’ve been experienced chopping this in your game where you suddenly lose a ton of frames turn on reduce buffering for a sec and then re-enable it this will usually clear up the lag it’s a bug and it’s really annoying but it’s good to know for the time being you’ve probably seen a few streamers who do this and for good reason it makes a big difference finally for the section under display performance stats I just recommend enabling frame rate and network latency the frame rate or fps lets you know if your computer is running slower or faster and the network latency or ping will let you know if your internet is running slower or faster high FPS is good and low latency or ping is good and finally at number one we’re going to dive into the advanced video settings for frame rate cap it is always best to have it set to display based you don’t want to render frames that you don’t have to it’ll overall improve your computer’s long-term performance now if you’re getting a ton of frames in excess of 200 frames per second you actually want to set it to 300 but if you’re not actually meeting your monitors native refresh rate constantly then you definitely want it to cap at your monitors refresh rate for graphics quality just ignore that I’m going to go into each specific setting but before I do though I want to preference by saying that not all pros are the same some don’t care about these specific settings and some completely do I fall under the camp that I really care about these settings so take my word for it and understand that for some people who are optimizing these settings these are the most common but not the most Universal ones for render scale if you lag a lot on low settings for example instead of setting the resolution a bit lower like you could have earlier here you want to set your render scale to be lower so that it doesn’t actually render everything at full resolution but still gives your monitor resolution at the native resolution then it can provide setting this on a lower setting is going to have the biggest improvement on your input lag and fps so if you want to get the least input lag or highest FPS that you can lowing this one is definitely going to be the first thing that you touch for texture quality low is best this helps a lot with the input lag in fps however if you prefer high it’s not too bad for your computer for texture filtering quality however you definitely want that unload that really impacts your Impa like pretty hard and always just just keep this on low following that local fog detail is the same story low dynamic reflections is a must for off they definitely don’t provide that much use in a competitive sense but hugely increase imple AG if you find that you must have them low is decent but in terms of competitiveness this isn’t really going to give you an edge like some of the other settings that you can enable shadows is the one that you should replace it with and find more use with and despite increasing both frame lag and input lag you want shadows on ultra just so that you can see people that are hiding behind corners based on the lighting or maybe on high ground that you won’t normally notice without the shadows model details is best at medium it allow you to see hitboxes well without bogging down your PC giving you the perfect quality to performance ratio for effects you want that turned off as well make teamfights easier to see and makes the game less flashy which can definitely help you discern which olds are where and who’s shooting who for anti-aliasing I prefer it off but if you want to turn it on there’s no really advantage it’s purely visual so it’s up to you it will lag you a bit but anti-aliasing is something that some players really must absolutely have through the rest of the video settings don’t just leave them to off or on low anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what tipped helped you best and if you have any other tips control settings or options for other players to explore and see definitely leave those in the comments down below if you want to get a part of the blizzard guides community be sure to check out our discord Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates on the community and the channel if you like this video be sure to LIKE on the video but if you didn’t like it please let me know in the comments down below why you didn’t enjoy it so I can only improve these videos better for you guys if you want to see more of Blizzard guides be sure to get subscribed so that you never miss one of our uploads we have tips and tricks videos just like these and we also have weekly twitch recap videos so you should definitely go check those out anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this video have a nice day my name is nate and this was blizzard guides.

100 thoughts on “Overwatch: PRO SETTINGS Guide – Graphics, Controls, & Crosshairs (2018)

  1. idk if it's just me, but i have a 4k monitor and running the game at 1080p and setting resolution scaling to 200% drastically improves input lag

  2. can I change the way on aimming (with widow maker, anna, ashe) to click instead of hold? I personaly find it really annoying to aim while holding the MB2

  3. Tried these settings, and other than the fact the models look kinda foggy when too far away, works great! Game is way smoother now. Thank you so much!

  4. You should never verbally interchange "lag" and "performance" or "cost" not the same thing at all. Your descriptions of the graphics settings were incredibly ambiguous. This is quite advanced but if you have adaptive sync especially gsync you should be custom limiting your fps to 1 or 2 frames below your monitors refresh rate for best input latency. Source: https://www.blurbusters.com/gsync/gsync101-input-lag-tests-and-settings/3/

  5. 🙂 Low graphic quality only if you have a low end PC, on a recommended PC specs for this game input lag doesn't count even on the Epic settings. Why would you be playing in a crap-looking environment in your system can provide you heavenly beauty at consistently high frame rates!?

  6. This is wrong I used to think display based was the best, however, in the same way it makes the video smoother to have 144hz instead of 60hz, your aim will be smoother at 150 frames compared to 60, even if you can't see it, so it still gives an advantage to have higher fps.

  7. the texture quality and filtering quality dont change fps much at all, same with input lag, the texture settings use vram, and unless you have 500mb of vram, it shouldn't affect the fps since ow doesn't use much vram

  8. For tracer I like to have my jump on right click and it’s helped a lot it’s just a lot easier to jump and shoot with less effort I’m in masters right now and about to be gm. Plus for the crosshair I choose no center gap with about 8-13 crosshair length helps a lot

  9. Am I the only person that uses ability 1 and 2 hours n mouse buttons 4 and 5?? I never see anyone suggest doing this but i think it’s awesome

  10. So should I bother limiting or just use display-based? My gpu can render over 144 fps and my monitor natively can do 144hz but can go up to 180 if needed.

  11. Dots traditionally are what's used for people who do depend on aim… You don't need to "see" someone's head in the center of a crosshair to hit them in the head. You just need to make sure the dot isn't massive in size.

    FPS doesn't let you know if your computer is running slower or faster. It's the measurement of frames per second displayed in the game.

    Ping doesn't let you know if your internet is running slower or faster. It's the measurement of latency.

  12. I was getting like 80+ fps with everything at ultra after lowering reflections and lightning improved to over 140 lol

  13. if you already have surraound sound on your headphones as standard as i do with my Logitech G430 is using dolby is a good option?

  14. Hey, bro, I am always one of the people that care about my settings to get the least amount of lag as possible and for my game to look smooth but I'm not a pro at understanding things for thank you for making the video it really helped out a lot.

  15. Do NOT listen to the tip about limiting fps to the display. For an fps game the more frames the better regardless.

  16. Oh man it didn't work for me. I was hoping to get out of the 155 FPS and I`m still there. Don`t know why because my PC is pretty beefed up. :((

  17. Hey I liked these video settings, and I made all of mine exactly how you showed. I have an improvement in gameplay only problem is it causes me to lag just a little for a short period of time. Is there anything else I can change or revert to help deal with it?

  18. I use the circle crosshairs and yes it is almost a dot but the advantage is that you have that tiny window in the middle of the dot

  19. This is a really stupid question, but what is the button on keyboard to shoot?😂 I'm getting a PC soon so i wanna know like the controls and stuff

  20. Tip/Settings for Tracer:

    Set your blink to right mouse button
    And your recall on mouse 5 or middle mouse button.
    From this, you could set your crouch to left shift, which is a lot easier to crouch spam. 👍

  21. Im happy i found this channel and this video! This helps a lot. First thing to do when i run my PC is open overwatch and change my settings.

  22. textures in overwatch do not give fps less its only take ram 16 ram high textures 8 ram medium textures 4 ram low

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