Oregon Map Rework – Rainbow Six Siege

Oregon Map Rework – Rainbow Six Siege

What’s up guys, Rogue-9 here and just in
time for the launch of Operation Void Edge, I want to take you over the changes to the
reworked Oregon map that is coming out this season. If you have been playing the map on the test
server for the last 3 weeks, you will probably already know it to a certain degree but getting
the top down view might still be interesting, so do feel free to stick around if you like! We will begin our tour in the basement, all
the way in the south, so towards the front door, where the stair case comes down, because
this is a great anchor point that is present in both the old map and the new rework. As you can see the stairs have been extended
to the south a little and there is now a bullet proof wall that runs all the way along the side. The Laundry Storage and Laundry Room are very
similar in terms of their footprint compared to before but the added doorway between the
two rooms separates them far more than before. The well-known hatch into the Laundry Room
from the Lobby above has been moved to the south and east and will now drop down into
the Laundry Storage rather than the Laundry room. At the top of the screen you can easily recognise
the Supply Closet and Supply Room and the Basement Corridor is also virtually unchanged
there, apart from the brand new Freezer tunnel that leads off to the west and then
comes up underneath white stairs. More rotation options for defenders, more
attack avenues for the attackers. We’ll get to these stairs later once we
tackle the first floor; for now, let’s stick with the basement and head north! As I mentioned, the Storage Rooms stay essentially
the same except for the north western corner which used to be a double ninety degree bend
in the corridor that has now been removed. Instead the corridor runs straight up into
the Boiler Room which is now extended to the west. On the eastern side of the Storage Room is
a brand new soft wall that leads through to the Blue Bunker, essentially an extension
to the construction entrance. The hatch that comes down from the Meeting
Hall into the Electrical Room is also unchanged here but the second hatch to the corridor
has been completely removed. This whole area in the north has been widened
and opened up although the basic layout of this section of the map is still very recognisable
and the stairs leading upward are exactly where they used to be. Now let’s head up the big tower stairs,
so we’re now on the first floor and you can see the tower, Meeting Hall,
Kitchen and Dining Room. And the first thing that will jump out at
you is how the overall floor layout looks very much the same as before from the top
down perspective but there are a few little changes that do make this area quite different to play. This most obvious difference is that the rear
stage area has been extended out to the west and there is now a brand new corridor (take
a shot every time Rogue says brand new) leading over to the Kitchen and because of this the
former little pantry room has been incorporated into the Kitchen and the soft wall to the
Meeting Hall has been nudged south just a little. A key difference you will notice in Meeting
Hall is that the ladder up to the attic is now gone, you won’t be able to get up that
way anymore and as for the Kitchen, the door into the kitchen from the southern hallway
has been blocked up and apart from breaching your way in, the only ways of getting to the
Kitchen now are through the new corridor or through the Dining Hall, where
the doorway has also been moved. In terms of hatches from above in this whole
area, the Attic hatch over the Meeting Hall has been moved to the north a bit and the
one into the Kitchen pantry has been moved over to the western side of the room instead. Let’s move south a bit, to the front door
and again, the first impression is that the general layout remains pretty much the same. The Garage, Lobby, Classroom, Hallway, both stairs
and the former toilets all keep their general footprint. A few of the props have been moved around
or changed, most notably the annoying semi-cover wall in Garage is now a bit smaller and now
offers solid cover instead of the semi-solid, semi-nothing cover we used to have before. And that’s not the only change to the Garage
because there is now also a hatch in the ceiling that connects to the Armory above; we’ll
see that again once we go upstairs. As already mentioned, you can now see how
the Lobby hatch has moved and now there is also a brand new hatch in the Security Room
(which used to be the toilets). This is the hatch that leads
down to the new Freezer section. But that’s already pretty much it here;
much more interesting are the changes in the western part of the building. The updates here are really deceptive because
while a lot of the rooms might still be in pretty much the exact same places, but what
will throw you off for quite a while is how the movement flow around this
whole area has been radically altered. As mentioned before, you can’t get into
the Kitchen from the hallway anymore, that door is just gone and if you follow the hallway
through towards the west, once you reach the White Stairs, movement will be
very different from now on. Also note that the new doorway across from
the Security Room leads to the stairs that go down to the Freezer Tunnel I mentioned earlier. But now back to the first floor corridor where
here, instead of the double ninety degree bend and then long straight passage all the
way into small tower, there is now a doorway leading to a new corridor that can either
take you right (to the dining room) or left (around the shower room that has been moved slightly). The small tower itself has been extended both
to the north and the south and now has a door that can lead into the dining room. And that’s quite useful, because the old
Dining Room door that used to lead straight outside is now also blocked up. Fighting from the outside straight into an
objective room is always a challenging experience for both teams, especially here on Oregon
because of all of the nasty angles from the big tower threatening the attack, so getting
rid of this door and instead inserting the small tower as a buffer room is probably a great move. One other thing you will also notice is that
some of the windows in Small Tower are now also blocked off, again reducing the amount
of fighting from the inside to the outside. The stairs in Small Tower are still exactly
where they were before and if we head up them, the landing of the office area is still the
same but now with a brand new room added on. I feel that flanking from Small Tower will
be a bit more challenging for defenders in future because you can now only jump out through
either the window in the south or the new window in the north. Smacking the east facing window and being
able to shoot your opponents straight in the back is not going to be a thing anymore. The roof area outside is now also larger,
has been flattened off and offers more cover for attackers to hold angles against Big Tower
and the Dorm Main Hall window. Speaking of which, as you can see here, the
Main Dorm Hall and Kids Dorm Room stay pretty much the same as before (with the exception
of moving the main window and blocking up one of the Kids’ windows). The Small Dorms have been changed into a games
room but other than that, that room as well as the Master Bedroom, Walk-In Closet and
Armory also remain very recognisable. The small difference in these rooms once again,
is the removal of access points to the outside. One of the windows to Master Bedroom
is now blocked up. And so all of the rooms in this area are essentially
the same as before but playing to top floor feel totally different because (and you can
say this with me now) once again, the movement flow has been changed by altering the hallway
that used to connect all of these rooms. This hallway has essentially been extended
to the north and subdivided, so that we now have two new rooms instead. The Dorm Main Hall keeps its old name but
loses its window and the Armory Corridor now becomes the Trophy Room. Also, attached to the north here is now an
extension to the Attic corridor which can be accessed through a door as well as the
old breachable wall, which is in a very similar place as before, just a little bit further
north and a new (or dare I say brand new) breachable wall into Kids’ Dorms. As for hatches , there’s only the one in
Kid’s Dorm that switches sides as I showed before and of course the new hatch in the
corner of the Armoury. Onwards to the north and the Attic! No more ladder down to Meeting and the formerly
breachable floor has been mostly replaced with concrete apart from one small strip right
at the north above the Meeting Hall stage. This is actually really valuable though because
if you send a roamer up here, you can create sneaky angles onto the Rear Stage door, the
stage itself or even all the way through into the 1st floor of the tower behind the stage. Another key change for the Attic is the removal
of the iconic (but also highly frustrating) slit window and instead, there is
now a regular window facing west. This doesn’t really provide many great angles
for defenders and won’t allow rotations into the Dorms Hall but you can make a quick
dash up to the north for one of the Tower windows if necessary. All in all though, I feel that this new window
is much more useful for attackers, because it provides a quick and easy way
to get into the Attic now. Getting from Attic directly into Big Tower
will still require you to breach the soft wall but once through, you will find that
both the 2nd floor and 3rd floor are exactly the same as before. Same size, same layout, same windows, just
overall a bit brighter and prettier. One neat little change though is that it will
be easier to access the beam from the third floor compared to what it used to be. Up until now, you could basically vault over
the railing anywhere and getting onto the beam required a little bit of care. Now, in the new version of the map, your vaulting
options have been restricted and it is now *almost* impossible to vault over and fall down. It can still happen, if you’re really careless
but from now on, the vaulting will be much easier and safer for sure. If you head downstairs to the 1st floor of
the Tower, you will find that it pretty much is mostly the same as before (same entry doors
to the east and north west), the only differences are that the sneaky little firing slit outside
of the east door has been removed and as with the lobby stairs earlier, the Tower stairs
wall has now also been made solid. And there is of course the brand new Kitchen Hallway. That’s it as far as the layout and movement
flow go, so now let’s take a brief look at the Bomb Mode objectives. Three of these are virtually unchanged: Kids’
Dorms/Main Hall, Kitchen/Dining and Laundry/Supply will be very familiar to you, although of
course your defensive setups and attack strategies will have to change somewhat to account for
the changes in the hall ways and access points. The only objective which is drastically different
is the Rear Stage/Tower one. And by different, I mean that it will simply
be moved because, let’s face it, defending here has always been a minor nightmare. The new location for this objective will now
be Meeting/Kitchen instead and with the changes in this area of the map, that should make
for some interesting new gameplay. Whichever way this site pans out once the
season is properly live, I think it’s safe to say that it will most certainly be better than
the Tower objective we’ve had to deal with in the past. And that’s it, a full top down tour
of the new Oregon map. Have you had a chance to play here yet? What are your thoughts on the new movement
flow? Let me know in the comments below and with
that, thank you so much for watching, I hope you enjoyed the video and I will see you in
the next episode!

100 thoughts on “Oregon Map Rework – Rainbow Six Siege

  1. I don't like that hatch in armory. 1. Oryx can get a spawn kill from door easily than get a low risk escape. And 2. it gives defenders yet another location to pressure attackers on that side. I get Amaru could just zip up there for a second floor take but there's always someone there and the window into armory is just a better choice for Amaru to break in.

  2. First Comment I've made to any of Rouge's vids,
    but I have to say I really super appreciate these kinds of videos that catch people up to date on how things have changed whenever a map rework comes out. It takes the stress of figuring out and comparing the old layout out of going into a match blind.
    Would love to see more map rework videos like this in the future.

  3. Ye I know most of this map, BUT it’s a Rogue-9 video, even IF I know all the map, why wouldn’t I watch this BEAUTIFUL content!

  4. My thought I the tower beam is that weaklings should die, line it up. There is no need make a risky rewarding play not have a risk

  5. Wouldn't it be nice to have a little of back story about the maps, like what happened there, I know Oregon is based on the Waco siege but I mean like in the game, what happened there? Why rainbow team had go there?

  6. I always loved oregon as it was. Didn't think it needed a rework, was a challenging map as an attacker, which made it fun

  7. My mates and I are really going to miss that tower objective. We had something around an 85% win rate there on Defense. RIP big tower bomb site

  8. while the new map seems cool and in some ways improved, i don't think oregon needed a rework. but oh well, as long as it's not downgrading the map im fine with it

  9. https://youtu.be/dQw4w9WgXcQ Video with new crazy angles on this map and other mindblowing tips! This guy need more atention.

  10. I havent played siege in ages but i enioy your vids, theyre soothing. Also, i wish that AC could be knocked out and maybe mush someone, itd be a riot

  11. Just not a big fan of what they did with the lighting its way too bright now

    also they gotta bring back night modes i miss em already

  12. Honestly ive always felt they should have more that 4 options of objective locations. I feel that all the major rooms should have at least one option in each game mode. So many rooms dont get played because they are only objectives in hostage or secure. As a result those rooms are kinda useless in one or two other modes. Consolate is a big offender to this as in hostage the top floor offices are useless and in secure the opposite side of the top floor offices are what becomes worthless to the map

  13. I have seen so many tutorials on the Oregon map rework, yours is the clearest by a LONG shot. Thank you R9, you truly know your stuff.

  14. I would have left the window in master instead of the door, master is such a hard place to hold unless you trap yourself in closet, having a window slows down spawn peeks and slows down the hard wall destruction

  15. There should be dynamic map. Basically the map room layout change. So even if you remember the map it changes randomly so you can’t remember

  16. I dont like that they deleted the double 90 in basement. It gets rid of the mira strat and good sightlines/cover between boiler and supply

  17. anyone else hate all the reworked maps, with the exception of KAFE they always make the maps more confusing.

  18. Ubi: we thought that the map was getting stale so we made various tweeks to it to spice it up and get it back in the meta a bit
    Bartlet U: am I a joke to you!?

  19. The way you talk about the old layout vs the new layout makes it so easy to understand (I havent played tts)

  20. Thanks Rogue-9. Well made guide that is somewhat easy to understand. I wanted to take a shot everytime you said "brand new" but my liver threatened to leave.

  21. Just breaking down each defending site it seems like this map rework is making the defending on this map alot harder

  22. Oh and people of siege the clocks had been buffed. They take 2 shots to get down and not 1 anymore. (I have autism and i need to schoot clocks thats Why I now it)

  23. These map reworks remove so much personality from the maps. I hate them. No more monkey poster, no more art on blackboards, etc. Massive downgrades.

  24. Please can you do a loadout meta video on Iana's primary weapons(g36c and arx). Not sure which one I should pick when I buy her, the g36c has more capacity but the arx has more damage per second I think, not sure though.
    The stats on the r6 companion app say
    G36C: 494 dps
    ARX: 509 dps
    at a distance less than 25m

    A full comparison video would be great though.

  25. Why can't Ubi leave well enough alone!? Yet another map they felt the need to ruin, revert all the reworks and do something about Tower. T.T

  26. I don’t like how some of the areas had a change in the textures but not the layout which only made the area harder to recognize.

  27. Hey Rogue-9 got some information to share with you. For some reason they nerfed Nõkk. When her ability is active you can no longer ads as quickly as you used to. It's quicker than not using the ability but not by much so it seems to be a very unnecessary nerf. Although that's ubi for you. And this might be a bit more subjective but it feels like her ability drains faster and takes longer to recharge. Would be great if you could read this so as to put it in a video in the future of buffs and nerfs we weren't privy to before void edge was released ☺

  28. One of the things I liked about Oregon was that the outside was based around the look of the real place of the Waco Siege, but now it looks almost like an entirely different place but I’m happy to see the rework.

  29. I find these map reworks super confusing. Just make a new map! Running around in a map that looks like the old one but just isn't the old one is messing with my memory.

  30. I think the best improvement is small tower and the corridor leading up to it i can remember so many horrific deaths due to small tower may it be defenders flanking. walking in the corridor having a attacker shoot me while just moving around. Or defenders defending that area sitting in the corridor or up on that little thing

  31. Oregon was probably the best map in Siege. Why change it? Just make a new map or change some shitty map like Fortress or Hereford (again) instead.

  32. @Rogue-9 ! Quick question: when did the ARX200 get nerfed ? It was 750 on the test server last year but the in game stats say 700 !!! Please let us know what happened.

  33. Personally, I don't like it. That being said, I adored Oregon in it's original version so anything was going to be a step down.
    To boot, it does definitely have more potential for strats.

    But I'm still just like… Uuueeeeghhh on the map itself.

  34. i hate new oregon its too big, by the way they are remaking the maps, the house is going to be a mansion full of secret rooms like resident evil….they might as well do a cameo combo with capcom, with claire skin for twitch,leon for blitz,jill for iq and chris for tatcher.

  35. dorms site is really kinda weird. they moved A and B to Kids and big window room, removing it from small dorms/generator room, but you can still plant anywhere in the old small dorms/generator room.

  36. When the Stadium map was up, I liked entering from master bedroom door but i was always on edge as the window on master bedroom was open and i didn't want to get shot through it. I'm happy that it closed up!

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