Oddly Satisfying Food Compilation | College Kids React

Oddly Satisfying Food Compilation | College Kids React

– (gasps) What?
This is art. – That’s not oddly satisfying.
That’s extremely satisfying. ♪ (rock intro) ♪ (sizzling) – Ooh. Yum.
– What are they making? Oh, that’s cool.
– This is gonna make me so hungry. – So, it’s food.
Ooh, is this oddly satisfying? Yeah.
– That looks… Why don’t my omelets
turn out like that? It never cooks that way.
– Twisty eggs? I love twisty eggs!
I’ve never had twisty eggs. – What is that?
Looks like a flower now. – It’s like a little volcano,
but eggs and rice. – Yum. That looks so good.
Excuse me. Where is that? I need to go.
– That was very satisfying. Everything that was done
to that egg was exactly like what was supposed
to be done to it. That was always its destiny. – Ooh, slap that ass.
Sorry! I’m so sorry. – When I see people
playing with dough, I get so jealous,
’cause I’m like, “I wanna touch it too.”
– This is as much fascinating as it is satisfying.
Actually, I lied. Okay, that is very satisfying.
– Are they making doughnuts? Is this a type of doughnut
or a churro? – Ooh. Whoa! See that trick?
That was– try spinning.
That’s a good trick. – Why do they all look
so perfectly twisted? They did them so quickly.
– Bam. Oh, wow.
– Those things look fat. (chuckles) The churros I’m used to
are nowhere near that fat. – Gimme! It’s like a fried dough beignet
churro looking thing. – Oh my gosh. okay.
I need to know where that is from, because it looks so good.
– It has a style very close to a churro, but it also
kind of looks like a doughnut. Maybe it’s a churrona, you know?
– (FBE) We have some more delicious videos to show you
in a second, but those were some videos from a subcategory
on YouTube called oddly satisfying street food.
– Street food. You can’t beat street food.
There’s just something about it that is so satisfying to eat.
– Comparatively to how I cook food, that’s a work of art.
That’s Picasso, and I’m like
a toddler finger painting. – (FBE) So, we’ve covered
some oddly satisfying food videos in the past that are baking
or cooking videos that we’ve shown, and they can be considered
oddly satisfying. So, today, we thought it would
be fun to watch some food versions of these satisfying videos,
but also for you to try some of them. – Ooh! I was gonna say,
it’s gonna be really hard to get through this whole thing
without eating anything, but now you’ve just
changed my whole life. – And there’s no punishment?
– (FBE) No. – Wow. You guys are so generous today.
Wow. Thank you. – (FBE) So first, we’re gonna
have you try the twisted doughnuts that you just saw on that last video.
– My god. They look so pretty.
– It smells really good too. – You got the cinnamon.
You got the– it’s cooked perfectly. I can’t talk anymore.
I have to… (crunch) – It tastes exactly like a churro,
except without the little… pleats in it? I don’t know
what you would call those. – This tastes amazing!
I like the texture. It’s almost like a pretzel.
– The cinnamon sugar just coating your tongue, your mouth,
and it’s like you’re descending on a cloud and you’re going
to cloud nine, and you’re in heaven,
and I’m in heaven, and this is great.
Thank you. (chuckles) I can’t believe this is real. – It’s so pretty!
It’s going up so smoothly. – I’m intrigued to see
what that’s gonna look li– It’s a little pancake!
– Yo, I’ve wanted to try these so bad. I’m sure they just taste
like normal pancakes, but look at how fluffy they are.
– My mouth is watering! This looks so perfect.
– Everything looks so good. That’s just straight-up sugar.
Interesting. You’d think they’d put the sugar in the gla– oh!
Oh, that’s– (chuckles) Wow.
– No! Don’t caramelize that sugar. You bad bitch.
– Bomb. My mouth is literally drooling right now.
– That is satisfying. Those blobs, they’re so easy
for you to be uneven, to make them uneven.
But he has consistency. I have to give them that. – It’s crazy the amount
of street foods that you find all across the world to be honest.
I’m just stuck comparing them to, say, Mexican street foods
and being like, “What do we have that can compete with this?” (sizzling) – Ooh. What is that goo? – What’s gonna happen here?
– (gasps) What? That is– this is art!
Straight up art. – Oh, wow.
Yo, that’s satisfying. It’s like little glass. – Okay, that is so satisfying,
peeling all that off. – Oh, that color’s so nice.
– Whoa! It looks like lava. – Oh! – (man speaking foreign language)
– Oh my goodness. Can I do that? That looks so fun.
– That looks like a workout. Oh my god. Look at how
silky and pretty that looks! (gasps) What?!
– Whoa! That’s not oddly satisfying. That’s extremely satisfying.
– People just don’t know how artistic the process of really making
homemade candy is like. That was beautiful.
– That sound just makes me wanna bite it or squeeze it,
like crunch it up. That one was probably
the most satisfying too, I think. – Yum. I don’t even know
what it is yet, but it looks yum. – Those little bowls look pretty cool.
I’m not gonna lie. – Oh, wow! That’s cool.
– It just looks so good. I think this is also Japan.
– That’s beautiful. Look at those eggs too.
– What are you? Throw some cheese? [Bleep] yeah.
Throw that in the oven. Get some bacon? Yes!
Yes. (chuckles) I’m getting way too excited
about this. – That’s so cute!
Oh my god! And they have a little oven
to fit their little pans. – The presentation just makes it
so much more appetizing. – That’s like a baked
breakfast sandwich type thing. That looks so good.
– That looks like a great breakfast get up and go
kind of thing. – (FBE) For this round,
we want you to try this egg bread dish.
– Oh my gosh. This looks so good.
(gasps) – Split it in half,
do a little cross section, right? It’s a lot of bread
and then you have a little egg, cheese thing here.
– Oh my god. It feels so dense.
I– oh, okay. I’m just gonna
shut the [bleep] up and bite it. – Oh my gosh.
That’s so good. – I’m having a hard time
deciding if this is a dessert or if this is a breakfast sandwich.
It’s savory, but it’s also still kind of sweet.
– I don’t know. The egginess of the bread and the cheese
and the bacon on it really kind of help
break through just that sweetness. It just tastes like breakfast.
– It’s like salty from the egg, but then the core bread’s
kind of sweet. I could eat this whole thing.
– And honestly, I’m mad that I’m probably never
gonna ever find this again too, ’cause it’s really good.
But I’ma try to look up how to make it,
’cause it’s so good. (loud whirring)
– What is that? Rice? – I guess it loosens it up. Nope, it does the exact opposite. (chuckles) Okay.
– It does not look like rice at all. I mean, it is oddly
satisfying though, for sure. – Oh, I just wanna
just bite into it. It just looks so squishy and fun.
– Wow. That’s pretty. No, I like this one.
I wanna eat ’em. – Oh, cheese.
– Just the things that people come up with are so clever
and creative. – And rice with cheese.
And then is it fried? Oh my gosh. Bomb!
(sizzling) – Anything you put–
deep fry anything in oil, and I love it. I just love it.
Oh, wow. That looks real good, though. – Yeah! Throw a little sauce
on that bad bitch. (whispers) Yes. Yes! I get so excited about food.
I could totally be a chef in another life. (sizzling)
– Strawberry Japanese crepe and black charcoal crepe.
– I’m dead! This looks amazing. – Crepes are so satisfying
to watch too, them being made. It’s like an art.
– Putting Oreos into it. I’m an Oreo fiend.
– Ooh, Oreos. I love Oreos. – I was in France,
and I was watching the guy make these crepes,
and I was also mesmerized. – This almost reminds me
of the process of when they make rolled ice cream too. – And then it’s just
gonna come out perfectly, because this is what
he does all the time, and he’s good at it.
– This is bad. I was supposed to be dieting,
and you guys just [bleep] ruined it in a seven-minute span.
– That was really satisfying to watch. It’s always fun to see them
pour just a little bit of whatever the mixture is
and then watch ’em roll it out super thin.
– It’s very satisfying. You can’t help but admire
their expertise. – (FBE) Finally, we are going
to have you try one of those crepes. – Stop. I don’t wanna eat it!
It looks so pretty! – You could already see
the Oreos in it. Oh Mylanta. – Ah! Mm. And it’s warm. Ah. Mm.
– Really good. It is the best crepe
I’ve had, I think, ever. – This is the kind of eater I am.
I like to close my eyes and just really experience the food.
I see, like… swirls, swirls of color.
– Mmmm! I just got the center of the Oreo.
Like I said, it’s gonna be a good day, guys.
A very good day. – (FBE) Some of these
oddly satisfying street foods have millions of views,
and many would agree that oddly satisfying videos
in general are still pretty popular on YouTube.
– Yeah. Oh yeah. How can they not be?
Anything that just makes you feel satisfied is gonna succeed,
you know? It’s gonna be popular. – (FBE) There are various subgenres
of oddly satisfying, like slime, crushing things…
– Soap cutting. – (FBE) …ASMR, or, as you saw today,
street food production. – I’ve never heard of
street food oddly satisfying videos. That’s so cool.
– (FBE) So, after experiencing this, what would you say
your favorite subcategory of oddly satisfying videos would be?
– I think right now it’s just food, because I’m just really happy
with that whole experience. That was really fun to watch.
– I’d say probably this is my favorite subcategory
is the oddly satisfying foods. – It has to be either food
or ice cutting. – Kind of slime,
but I think anything that cuts things perfectly
or smushes things and has the crunch, I think that’s my favorite.
– I’m a big fan of the paint ones, where people will glide paint
across a palette. I don’t like when they mix them,
’cause I think the satisfying thing about it is just seeing paint
get thinned out. – (FBE) Finally, after watching
some of these oddly satisfying street foods and trying some,
do you think that they were more satisfying to watch or eat?
– For sure eat, right? I mean, when you’re watching it,
what do you want? You wanna eat it, obviously.
– Watching the process of how it’s made, I think,
to me, is more satisfying, ’cause I’m just like, whoa.
Then you get to appreciate– I feel like when you do eat it,
you get to appreciate it, ’cause you’re like, they went
through all that to do this. – Watching it and then eating,
that’s the home run. That’s the end of the marathon.
We did it. It’s great. – Oh, eat. Eat by far.
If you guys think just watching it is satisfying, just wait
till you eat it. Just wait. (chuckles) – Thanks for watching this delicious
episode of College Kids React. And shoutout to Jane Rasana.
– Have you tried any of these satisfying foods?
Let us know in the comments. – If you were oddly satisfied,
then hit the Subscribe button. – Bye, guys.
– Hey, everybody. Lauren, producer here at FBE.
Thank you so much for watching this episode.
What other food content do you want to try next?
Let us know down in the comments. Bye, everyone!

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  2. Very Proud of Koreans street foods lol
    Twisted Donut (꽈배기)
    Egg Bread (계란빵)
    Fried Rice Cake (떡튀김)

    *FBE 보는 한국인들 몇명인지
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  3. Actually, that crepes is supposed to be so crispy, not that moist… It's common here on Asian Streetfood, I'm in Indonesia and we can meet crispy crepes on streetfood too

  4. No gloves, hats, nets? Not in America. So many foods are better when done the way it's been done for generations!

  5. Lol most of these videos are korean street food videos
    egg tornado fried rice
    twisty donut
    Egg bread
    Rice cake cheese dog

  6. They can react to something very satisfying but the food will be in front of them but they can't eat it 😉
    I think they have probably done it but whatever!

  7. The twisty donut things in the beginning look similar to something we have in South Africa – They are called Koeksisters and they are amazing!!!!!

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