OBS Tutorial: How To Add Chat To OBS Studio On YouTube

OBS Tutorial: How To Add Chat To OBS Studio On YouTube

I’m gonna show you
how to add chat to OBS, a ticker, and some other stuff that’s gonna make your streams awesome. And we’re starting right now. (rap music) What is going on? My name is Nick. Welcome to another video. If this is your first time here, and you wanna learn how
to grow your channel and make videos and all types of other YouTube-related stuff, make sure to hit the subscribe button and the bell notification icon
so you don’t miss anything. So I’ve been doing a lot
of live streams lately and people keep asking me, “Hey Nick, how do you add a ticker? “How do you add the live YouTube chat? “How do you add graphics?” and things like that. Well I’m gonna cover all
of it for you right now. And real quick, are you
currently live streaming or is it something that
you’re wanting to get into? Let me know down in the comments. All right, we need to be on
the computer for this one, so let’s go. Okay, so the very first thing
that we are going to cover is we are going to add the
pop up, the YouTube chat, to the OBS screen over here on the left. So in order to do that, you want to go into your YouTube account. And you wanna make sure
that you go over into your Live Streaming option. Go into Stream Now. And then when you scroll down the page, you’re gonna see the Live Chat
option over here on the side. So what you wanna do is, you want to click on the
three bars at the top. You want to click on Popout Chat. Now when this happens, it’s
going to give you a URL up here at the top. You want to click on
this, right-click, Copy. And then you wanna go
into your OBS studio. You wanna click on the plus
icon down here at the bottom, under your sources. And you wanna add a browser source. When you do that, all you have to do is call it whatever you
wanna call it yourself. And then you wanna add your source to it. So what I’m gonna do in this situation, because I know that my frame is 1280×720. So I’m going to go ahead
and make the height 720, so it covers the whole thing. And let’s make it 300 pixels wide, and we’re going to keep
the frames per second at 30 because that is currently
what my webcam is set at. Now if you have a webcam
where you’re set at 60 frames per second, then you might wanna make this match up so that you don’t get
anything weird happening. Once that pops up, then you are just going
to scale it into place. And once your video goes live,
then you will actually see the chat pop up here. And again, if you want
to make it any different, all you have to do is, you
go into the properties. Let’s say you wanna make
it a little bit wider, maybe to cover up a little
bit more of the screen. Then you do that, and it’s gonna cover up a little bit more of the screen. You do all of that by right-clicking and going into Properties. So now that you have your chat box there, let’s say that you wanna add a ticker, or text that scrolls across
the bottom of your stream to let people know, to let new people that
are coming into your chat, to let them know what
it is that you’re doing on your channel. First thing you wanna do is, you want to actually create the graphic that you’re going to use for this. I created some in Photoshop. You can also get some
inside of our members area at tubertools.com. But to add these yourself,
what you wanna do is you wanna go in, you wanna
click on the Add icon, and then you go to Image. And then I’m going to put
ticker BG for background, and I click OK. Now I’m gonna go find it. For me, I have a specific
folder that is my desktop stream graphic. So basically, I know for
a fact that this is where I need to go in order
to get these graphics so it’s organized. But in this situation,
I’m going to click on this for the ticker background. And I’m going to add it,
and you’re gonna see it pop up on the screen there. So in this situation, because I make my graphics at 1920×1080, as you can see, I have this
red frame that shows me that it’s way off of the frame. So what I have to do is, I
have to grab a corner here and shrink this down and
actually pull it into place. So if you’re streaming at full size and you make your graphic a 1920×1080, this will just snap right into place. But because I have this
particular setup at 1280, and my graphic is at 1920×1080, then it makes it to
where I actually have to scale it down into place. But the next thing we’re gonna do is, we are going to add the actual text that will go on top of the ticker. To do that, we go down,
we click on the plus icon one more time. Then we go up to the Text option. I’m just gonna call this Ticker. Now the really cool thing about this is, they actually give us the
option to color the text, to do anything that we want. So in this situation, I’m
gonna make it something that would actually be in a live stream. So we’ll say Superchats are appreciated. Okay, once you have your actual text, then you’re gonna see that it is up here and nothing is moving. So what I’m gonna do is, I’m going to click OK on this. I’m going to drag this text
down so it’s over my ticker. Now as you can see, because it’s white, and my ticker background is white, that’s not going to work. So here is where everything gets awesome. So I’m gonna right-click on this. I’m gonna go to my properties. And they allow me inside of OBS to change the color of this. So for the sake of this tutorial, I’m gonna change it to black. And then you can see it fills it right in. You can also select the
actual font that you want. I’m gonna make this bold,
and I’ll keep it at Arial just for the sake of this tutorial. Now, we want this to move so that it’s constantly drawing attention, so that we know that it
is constantly moving, and it’s essentially working
for us while we’re working on delivering our information,
or our fun, or our game in the live stream. So what you wanna do to
actually make this move, is you wanna right-click on the ticker, and you wanna go to Filters. Now once you are in the Filters dialogue, you wanna click on the plus. And then you wanna click on Scroll. Now when you do this, I’m just gonna leave it as
scroll and I’m gonna click OK. And what this is going
to do as soon as I start adjusting the horizontal speed is, you can see there, over here to the left, it’s going to start moving. And the faster I scoot this over, the faster my text is gonna move. So in your situation, depending on how fast you want this to move, you can just make the adjustment here. If you have a vertical
scroll for some reason, then you can do the same thing here, but it makes more sense in
this particular situation to make a horizontal scroll instead. Once you have your speed
set, then just click Close and you are good to go on the scroller. So if we were live right now, then we would have this chat coming in. We would see our chat box here. And then we would have our
scroller down here on the bottom reminding people what’s
going on in the video, reminding people to give a thumbs up, to increase that engagement a little bit, and reminding people to
subscribe to your channel in case they happen to
be watching your stream as the first exposure to your channel. And the cool thing about this, let’s say that you are
starting your stream out like this, right? And you can go ahead and, inside of OBS, you can go ahead and build this stuff up. So you start your stream out normal, and then let’s say you wanna go ahead and add in your ticker. Then you just transition
that in, and you are good. And then, once you start
interacting in the chat, then you can go ahead and
add your chat dialogue and then click Transition to transition into your chat dialogue, which is pretty awesome. So the same thing applies. Let’s say that we want to add
a graphic to the top of this. Another thing to remind
people to subscribe. Then I would do top graphic, and then here, I would
grab my top graphic, toss it into place. And this one also, because of the size that I’m working with, it came out a tad big. So I need to scale this down
in order to make it fit. But right here, because I
took the time to add graphics, I’m reminding people to subscribe for the type of content that I make. And I have a scroller
basically keeping them informed with what is going on. And if I wanted to, then
I would also have the chat rolling there alongside of the video to keep things interesting,
let people see their name on the screen, and things like that which, this also comes in really
handy for super chats, because people like to
see their name highlighted on the screen. So if they can do this on your screen, then this will probably help you get more super chat donations. If you wanna learn how
to grow your channel and make videos and all types of other YouTube-related stuff, make sure to hit the round
subscribe icon right now so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you next time.

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