OBS Studio Image Slideshow and Video Playlist – Update 0.15 | Tutorial 13/13

OBS Studio Image Slideshow and Video Playlist – Update 0.15 | Tutorial 13/13

In this video I’m going to cover the newest
updates to OBS Studio, for version 0.15.0 that just released July 7th, 2016. We’re
going to cover the image slide show, new video source, scenes within scenes, and more. Let’s get right into it. This update, in my opinion, gives you almost
no reason to still be using OBS Classic – I really recommend watching this video all the
way through. If you haven’t already, head over to OBSProject.com, click download, select
OBS Studio, and then click OBS + Browser Source. Once downloaded, install it, and let’s check
out the change log, and I’ll walk you through the newest changes. First, is the addition of the image slideshow
source. This is something a lot of people have been requesting. It’s very simple to
use and can be extremely useful. I’m going to open up OBS Studio 64-bit, and then under
sources I’m going to add an Image Slideshow. You can see our options here are what sort
of transition we’d like to use, the time between slides aka the pause time for each
slide, and the duration of our transition speed. These are in milliseconds, meaning
1000 equals 1 second. We can also select the option to randomize playback, which will play
the images we’d like to add in a random order. Let’s go ahead and click the plus icon to
add in some images. You can add specific files, or even a directory, which will automatically
find new images you place in a folder – you’ll need to restart OBS Studio if you add or remove
any images to your directory. Personally I prefer the directory, or folder, method – since
it makes it easy to update images quickly. Most people can use this for something like
a social media slider or even advertising/sponsor rotating images. Other cool uses would be
something like an image slideshow of fun moments from your stream etc. Anyways, with your files added in, you’ll
see that source is added in, and our width/height of it is dependant on the size of our actual
images. We can of course scale it up and down as normal. The next big addition is the VLC source, which
gives us the ability to add video playlists. In my opinion, this is amazing. Before you
get confused on why this source might not show up, let me explain that you need to do
two things. First, you need to make sure you install VLC on your computer. VLC is a great
media player, and I highly recommend it. Second, you need to make sure you open up the correct
OBS Studio to run this source – this will be the same bit version of VLC that you installed. By default, you might be opening
up the 32-bit version of OBS Studio. Newer PC’s run on 64-bit, so more than likely,
you will need to open up OBS Studio 64-bit, since you probably installed the 64-bit version
of VLC. For me, the easiest way to do this is to type OBS Studio in my search bar, and
select the 64-bit version. I’d also recommend creating a shortcut for this on your desktop
as well. If you’re confused here, let me know in the comments and myself or some other
great viewers will try to help you out. Anyways, if you’ve opened up the proper
version, you’ll see the option to add in the VLC video source. There’s an option
at the top to loop the playlist, there’s also options for visibility behavior. These
basically decide what to do with your video when you’re not on a scene with this source
added. So, you might want the video to pause when you switch scenes, and resume from where
you left off. Or you might just want it to stop completely and start from the beginning,
you can do so here. Just like the image slideshow source, we can
decide to add files or directories. For this time, I’m going to select to add some files.
I’ll add in our animated overwatch overlay and another video. The reason I wanted to
add in this overlay, is to show you that this has support for .mov files – and much more.
Meaning videos with transparency, or that have see through pixels, can
be used here. Then, once that video is done
playing, it will move onto our next video which is just a standard .mp4. Something like this has me pretty excited,
because it opens up a lot of possibilities for stream designs. While I’d like to go through most of the
changes, let’s skip a few for a bit and show off the next biggest change, in my opinion.
The ability to add scenes within a scene, or sceneception. This is pretty awesome, because
you set up re-usable scenes somewhere, and add them into different scenes you’d like
to use. For example, let’s say you know you’re going to resuse an overlay with multiple
sources, images, and alerts -you can make a scene just for that, and then add it into
your other scenes. In my example, I’ll make a new scene, and
name it something like Reusable, you can of course name this anything you’d like. Now
in this scene I’ll add in some images and maybe another source or two. Once I’m done
adding these in, and then I can position them exactly where I need them. Now, I can go back
into scene 1, and go to add a new source, and then add scenes. I’ll select the reusable
scene and add it in. You’ll see that everything from reusuable is now in scene 1. The really
cool thing here is that first, I can move and re-size these as needed… it’s just
like grouping them together. This can be very useful for people setting up scenes that require
rescaling precise rescaling adjustments for multiple sources. Second, if you ever need
to, you can go back into the reusable scene, and make any adjustments as needed. One you
go back into scene 1, you’ll see that the adjustments for positioning are automatically
applied. This will work with adding in new sources as well. This might be slightly confusing, but trust
me, it’s pretty awesome if you use it properly. Okay, let’s go back down the line of updates.
The next change is pretty simple, under settings>general, we’ll now see the option to hide
cursor over projector. You probably won’t use this too much, but it’s for when you
want to “project” your scene in a full screen setting on your display. Next, we have the View option at the top – this
allows us to customize our OBS UI a bit, if we’d like. Another option is settling sampling for resizing
a scene. This isn’t too useful for most people, but it can be found when right clicking
a source and going to scale filtering. It simply adjusts how resizing of a source is
handled, so more than likely you’ll want this on disable, it’s default. The other significant changes added are for removing
sources, changes to recording, and GIFs. You can now select multiple sources and remove
them at one time. So, you can hold down control, and click different sources, and hit delete,
to remove each selected source. When you hit stop record, it should no longer
cut off video at the end. It should stop where you hit “stop stream” or “stop record”.
This is actually a nice quality of life change for me personally, I’ve cut out important
things before – and had to do complete retakes. For GIFs, they now restart from the first
frame whenever the image source appears. Finally, there’s a couple of bug fixes as
well. Overall, I hope you can see how useful this
update is, and how there’s almost no reason to continue using classic… finally. The
major changes for image and video playlist were something that people have been commenting
about in my videos for a long time – so I’m very happy to see this addition. Let me know if the comments if there’s anything
missing from OBS Studio, or if you found any parts of this video confusing and need some
clarification. If you guys have any ideas for future videos,
please make sure to leave them in the comments below. It’s something that I always appreciate
seeing, it really helps to know what you guys are stuggling with – or just what you want
to know more about. Like this video if you found it helpful, and
share it with any of your friends or favorite streamers that are still using Classic. Also,
for more great streaming and video game related content, make sure to subscribe to Nerd or
Die. Thanks for watching.

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