Nvidia GeForce Now in India and Playing Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Hindi) Register for Free

Nvidia GeForce Now in India and Playing Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Hindi) Register for Free

Hey Guys Welcome back to another video. I am Professor Tech And this video is going to be very interesting my brothers because I am going to tell you how you can use Geforce Now from India or any other Country Which is NVIDIA’s new cloud gaming application For this you need to watch the whole video because Ill play Witcher 3 at the end of the video But you know the state of India’s Internet connectivity and after keeping that in consideration We can tell that at the end of the day Internet is not so good in out country. But Surprisingly Internet is not the worry for this application The issue is the location of the servers for geforce now are in EU or European Union or US. So that’s why any connection from India will have a high ping and that causes a 270+ ms latency So If you have better ping and you have good bandwidth then you may get a decent gaming experience for free. You need to stay till the end and Ill tell you how you can install this application and secondly How you can experience Geforce Now for FREE and thirdly for three months you can enjoy the founders pack on which you can play on 1080p 60FPS and RTX And after 3 months its only 5 USD per month so If you are having that kind of money you can definitely use this as you can see for Rs 300 you can play all your supported games from steam Epic store for fortnite or Origin for Apex Legends So you can play all the games whatever is being supported by NVIDIA. You need to watch the whole video in which I am going to tell you how to install the games How to install geforce now on PC or any android phone So geforce now basically provides you with a virtual machine which is located at NVIDIA’s Server farm or Data Centers. You get a Xeon 2697 v4 with 4 Cores and 8 Threads allotted to you along with Tesla P40 GPU I have never used a Tesla P40 card in my life or I will be able to afford it in near future but we are using that GPU and I am very excited RTX is supported. So if your network connections are good you can enjoy ray tracing feature as well. So lets start the installation process but before that we need to register And for registration we have two options One is Free and the other is Paid or Founders Edition For Founder account, you wil get 3 months for free and then its 5$ per month for the next one year or 60$ per year. However the free account is free and you can play for 1 hour which is a bit less but hey ITS FREE. In the paid version you get a lot of features like RTX, All games can be played Priority access and this is why this gameing feature sets is very important for India. NVIDIA YOU NEED TO LAUNCH YOUR SERVERS IN INDIA BECAUSE India will be the Prime country where if you want this to be a sucess, then you need India’s Support. If you don’t come to India then you may lose this market from your kitty. So If you want to TAP the market and gain big share then this is the time and this is the perfect product for Indians and we will love to have your servers in India. And I am very sure After your servers are placed here, the experience is going to improve. and we will be able to play the games on any hardware for as low as Rs 300 to Rs 500 Per month or Free So guys, lets see the installation now and it is pretty straight forward. You need to register and login to your NVIDIA account use that or make a new account. However you need a VPN for registering as its not available in India as of now.

25 thoughts on “Nvidia GeForce Now in India and Playing Witcher 3 Wild Hunt (Hindi) Register for Free

  1. Truely technical truely gaming and truely awesome content.. cloud gaming future of gaming.. good job broooo..
    BTY videos pe add chal Raha hai mast…. Happy to see this ….

  2. How is the speed in India please reply I have a gaming PC already but not that high it's gtx 750ti and 8gb ram with i5 4460 I am getting this so what will be the speed will there be lag in streaming etc please reply

  3. Awesome content. Hope Nvidia brings this technology to India soon. Budget gamers ke tho majje hee majje hojayenge!. But the major con is u need High internet speed, but still better than buying new gaming pc parts to upgrade!. Google stadia aur Nvidia geforce now ka comparison video bhi khardo.

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