[NVIDIA] GeForce Experience – (Overview)

[NVIDIA] GeForce Experience – (Overview)

Hey! Nice of you to watch my new video! I said in my last review I would make a review about the GeForce Experience I’m going to tell you more about this program and lets take a look at these tabs First I’m going to tell you about the tab Games On the left is a list that shows the currently installed games If you think “Hey, I installed a new game, but it’s not showing” press this “Refresh Games List” button It updates the games list on the left As you can see, it’s busy refreshing, so we’re going to wait a bit… As soon as it’s done you will see all the games on your PC on the left side An awesome feature of the GeForce Experience is that you can optimize a game to your hardware with only one button! As you can see, these are my current settings and these are the settings the GeForce Experience recommends The optimal settings With one click on this button you can optimize the game and it will tell you it succeeded If you want, you can go back or go ingame to change the settings Over here on the left you see “Game has been optimized” so you’re ready to go! This is the second tab “Drivers” This is an important tab, because here you see if your drivers are up to date When you buy a new game, make sure to check the icon here. There should be a ! if there’s a new update! You can download it so the drivers are up to date for your game! This is the third tab “My Rig” As you can see here, this is my current hardware and here are some other tabs This is an overview tab and as you can see everything is ready for me to use On this tab you can check if you have all the requirements for the features, like Game Optimization or GameStream Another interesting tab is this one On this tab you can customize the LEDs on your card, or cards in my case, and the SLI bridge You can turn it on or off, or change the style: electric or breathe effects. Whatever you want! You can change the brightness and speed, just create whatever you like The fourth tab is for the SHIELD Unfortunately I can’t show you much here because I don’t have a SHIELD device But it’s really nice that you can stream your game from your pc to every device that supports NVIDIA SHIELD So you can game on your TV downstairs instead of your PC! On the fifth tab “Preferences” you can set the language of the program, if you want to receive updates and more Under the next option “Games” you can see where the GeForce Experience scans for your games (“Scan Details”) As you can see it shows all my game locations, so I know for sure all the games are in the list on the first tab Under “Share” you can set where you want to show the webcam when you want to livestream or record and more More about that later, but this is the tab where you can change recording and streaming settings to your preferences Under the last option “SHIELD” you can find some options related to the NVIDIA SHIELD On the top right you find a “Share” button which shows this menu This option is something I definitely want to show you When you’re playing a game, you can send an invite to a friend Then you can select if that person can only see you, play as you or play with you! For example: Let’s say I’m playing a game and one of my friends also wants to play this game, but he/she doesn’t have it I can press Alt Z to go to the GeForce Experience program and select that that person can play as me Ok, done! Then you can send or copy an invite URL I’ve sent an invite to my own mail so I can play Black Ops 3 on my laptop, where I don’t have the game installed As you can see it’s here and I can play and shoot on my laptop! At the same time the game moves on the PC, it’s like someone is controlling my PC Of course there are more options, like Instant Replay If you enabled it, you are sure that whenever you make a sick play, it’s recorded! There’s also an option to record games with a bunch of options that you can set to your liking The last options allows you to stream your games. It’s up to you to chose either Twitch or Youtube! This was my video about the GeForce Experience. I hope you liked it and found it interesting And if you don’t have this beta yet, there’s a link in the description, so you can try it out yourself! Till next time! Bye!

17 thoughts on “[NVIDIA] GeForce Experience – (Overview)

  1. Als ik die game share bijvoorbeeld zou gebruiken op een minder goeie laptop/pc zou dat dan uit maken? Of worden de specificaties van de eigenaar zijn pc/laptop waar de game op geinstalleerd is gebruikt? ^^

  2. Leuke video, maar geforce experience kennen de meeste mensen met een Nvidia videokaart wel denk ik. GF Experience bestaat al 2/3 jaar namelijk

  3. Het idee is leuk van Nvidia, maar vaak is handmatig optimaliseren nog steeds beter dan het door geforce experience te laten doen.
    Kost meer moeite maar een fps counter aanzetten en handmatig settings aanpassen naar wens zorgt voor een betere game ervaring dan het door geforce experience laten doen.

    De ene wilt liever 50fps en dikke visuals en de andere weer super smooth 80 fps. Het werkt geforce experience en handig zijn voor het snel afstellen maar voor finetuning van de settings blijft handmatig het beste.

  4. Heel leuk, maar wat is het eigenlijk ? Een website en programma ? Betalend ? Gratis ? Van waar haal je het ? Ik mis eigenlijk een deftige inleiding …

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