Nintendo Wins eShop Non-refund Pre-order Case, is it Anti-Consumer? New Kingdom Hearts Game & MORE!

Nintendo Wins eShop Non-refund Pre-order Case, is it Anti-Consumer? New Kingdom Hearts Game & MORE!

What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video today we’ve got a lot of topics to go over so let’s go
ahead and get right into it and we’re starting off with Nintendo
winning a court case that some can definitely see as not a good thing
because Nintendo has won a court case against Germany and Norway with the
inability to cancel a shot pre-orders deeming them legal so the Norwegian
consumer Council raised issues with Nintendo over the
inability to cancel a shop pre-orders in February 2018 following that the German
consumer protection authority the B zbv took Nintendo to court at the end of the
year the verdict has now been reached and Nintendo has won the case the German
courts determined that not allowing cancellation of pre-orders is legal
although the decision has been appealed there may not be any movement on the
case for up to a year and a half or so now once a game has been promoted from
the eShop consumers are unable to cancel that purchase even if the game hasn’t
been released you’re still required to follow through on that order this was
thought to be in violation of the Norwegian and European law but the
courts thought otherwise in this case here so there’s been a lot of talk about
this whether this is consumer friendly or not and if the dead know is anti
consumer or if this policy is or all of that my thought process is this first
and foremost is that you probably shouldn’t preorder a digital game until
you’re absolutely sure that you want this game but you have the money for the
game and that it’s like right before the game comes out like you shouldn’t do it
like a week in advance or two weeks in advance there’s really no reason the
whole reason to preorder games in the first place was to make sure that you
can secure a copy of that game now there are different reasons not at this point
right like when you go to the eShop and you don’t want to be there on launch day
and all of that and there is stuff like downloading and having it in your system
so it doesn’t take longer to download because of internet speeds and I get
that but you can still do all of that closer to the launch of the game you
don’t have to sit there and do it that far in advance but at the same time from
a consumer level if you look at what other companies are doing they allow you
to cancel pre-orders on digital games Microsoft and Sony do allow for that I
think Steam allows for that so I think that Nintendo
should definitely follow suit and I’m hoping that there is at least some type
of window that you can at least cancel it after you started your pre-order
maybe even if it’s at least a day or so I still think that there should be that
option for consumers out there but my advice I guess would be not to preorder
digital games pre-order games physical if there’s a physical version and if you
do want to appeal to a digital game make sure on the eShop at least make sure
that you preorder it like right before the game comes out and make sure that
you have enough money in everything so you don’t have to change your mind later
make sure that you’re sure of the game that you are pre-ordering otherwise you
can fall into this right here and not be able to get your refund although I have
been told by many people that if you call Nintendo they will refund you so I
guess if you kind of take the next step they will refund you but either way I
still think this is not necessarily great for consumers I mean having the
option to cancel before the game launches is deficit that you should be
able to do but it is what it is at this point and it’s been deemed legal so what
are you guys as thoughts on this when it comes to the inability to cancel the
eShop pre-orders and this court case let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below all right I’m moving off to the next topic here there is a brand
new Kingdom Hearts game that has been announced for iOS and Android Square
Enix has announced project Xena or a new Kingdom Hearts experience for iOS and
Android due out in spring 2020 with in-app purchases so it’s probably gonna
be free to play with those purchases there the tagline for the game asks
quote why did he become the seeker of Darkness now the company is holding a
guess the name campaign for fans to guess the official title of the game and
there are a bunch of rules for it if you go over to the new Twitter page you can
check it out there I’ll have all the links for you guys in description below
but this was met with a lot of negativity from fans out there
especially coming off of all of the stuff that’s going on with Kingdom
Hearts 3 and everything like that and it seems like they’re spending a lot of
time at least already with this naming thing and all that on this mobile game
and fans of the Kingdom Hearts series they’re not not used to getting mobile
games there have been them before but I think at the same time I think that
they’d rather just have them you working on what they’re doing with
Kingdom Hearts 3 especially with how that game kind of ended and kind of what
with the remind DLC I mean there’s a lot of stuff a Kingdom Hearts fans have been
wishy-washy on that game is split people but I think that they’re winning some
people back with some of it but this new mobile announcement definitely isn’t
going to be something that gets a lot of fans excited although I will say this I
think that it’s a free-to-play game there’s gonna be in app purchases and it
might be really good not every single free-to-play game with in-app purchases
is the devil not every single game is just horrible when it comes down to it
so this could be a nice little companion piece or it could be a solid game on
mobile the only problem is is that it’s our mobile it does not have the regular
buttons unless they have that button integrations they kind of patch in there
a lot of games don’t so you guys know how it is on that front any time that a
developer announces like a franchise a core franchise for mobile people do get
upset because its mobile right its iOS its Android it’s in-app purchases its
microtransactions and people just don’t like that type of stuff so what are you
guys thoughts on this brand-new Mobile Kingdom Hearts game coming out I love to
hear what you guys have to say in the comment section below all right I’m
moving on to the next topic here guys we’ve got a brand new Animal Crossing
pre-order bonus that’s going down at Target physical pre-orders see much
better here if you preorder the game at Target you
get a journal with a custom 2020 calendar that sounds exactly like
something that you would need to enjoy your time to enjoy your day the
relaxation the fun of Animal Crossing new horizons on the Nintendo switch so
target is planning a pre-order bonus for Animal Crossing new horizons the
retailer’s upcoming ad has leaked which shows a journal with a custom 2020
calendar as an incentive for reserving the Nintendo switch game that I said
that you can reserve that physical at Target physical and you can cancel that
anytime that you want you know you don’t have to pay for it beforehand you can
put down the amount that you want to put down sometimes it’s different for some
retailers I’m not exactly sure what targets asking for it I know Game Stop
asked for five but you can put down the money there and if you don’t want it you
can cancel it and guess what you get a journal with a custom 2020 calendar that
just looks absolutely amazing I am definitely pre-ordering Animal Crossing
new horizons at Target because I want that Journal and I want that calendar
there’s bit of a look on it here guys the game
is $59.99 nothing new there when it comes a new switch games but that’s not
all Best Buy is also planning a pre-order
bonus for Animal Crossing New Horizons the store is handing out Animal Crossing
phone and tech badges so that’s pretty cool but I think this one’s cooler than
that batch from Best Buy so I think I’m gonna go pre-order both of them one at
Best Buy one at Target and just get both of those pillows for animal costing cuz
I’m excited for that game actually made a video saying that I’m strangely
excited for this game first one in over a decade when it comes to console Animal
Crossing sign me up no amiibo festival does not count so
anyway what are you guys’s thoughts of the spirit or bonus for Animal Crossing
new horizons at Target let me know your thoughts in the comment section below
alright I’m moving on to the next topic here guys we’ve got a room factory for a
special launch day the room factory for special will launch from the Nintendo
switch off every twenty-fifth in North America and February 28th in Europe and
Australia publisher XSEED games and marvelous has announced them in
attendance which remaster will feature both English and Japanese audio options
as well as English French and German subtitle options purchase of the
physical archival Edition as well as pee orders via the Nintendo eShop will
include this swim suit day downloadable content not a free downloadable content
another episode will launch day and date with the game and remain free until
March 26th after which it will cost $4.99 another episode ads Illustrated
stories for all 12 marriage candidates and is fully voiced in both English and
Japanese so that’s very cool there now if you guys want the full overview of
the game and the about you can check out link in description below if you want to
know what rune factory is about but here are some of the key features the rune
factory series debuts on the Nintendo’s switch it’s a popular spin-off of
stories of seasons returns in HD looking really good obviously it’s a 3ds game
that’s coming back so it’s going to look like that but it’s a lot cleaner play on
the TV playing on the go so pretty cool there a world where every day is filled
with adventure you can be governing the local ruler tilling the fields
interacting with townsfolk you can be fighting there’s all sorts of stuff
going on it is that full hybrid that starting valley type of game you can
customize your battle strategy with different weapons items and allies so
it’s not just you by yourself your little people
come in you’ve got swords spears staffs weapons all sorts of magic there’s a lot
of cool stuff that you can do in this game and it all kind of ties back
whatever you’re doing when it comes to the economy when it comes to going out
and fighting when it comes to just like farming all sorts of stuff and you have
plenty of romance options for players new and old this is one of the things
with the series the romance options creates replay value obviously they’re
adding some more stuff in there we talked about beforehand so a pretty cool
stuff here for rune bag three fans and it should be nice being able to play on
the Nintendo switch for the first time so it seems like everything is lining up
really nicely for rune factory for on the Nintendo switch and it’s coming out
at a good month there’s not really much on the Nintendo switch in February for
people to play so pretty cool pretty cool that the game is coming out then so
what are you guys’s thoughts I’ll move back to reforest special coming out for
the Nintendo switch this February let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below all right I’m moving on to the final topic here sword aren’t online
fatal bullet we’ve got a nice update for you guys and also a switch demo in
coming so the winter update for sword art online fatal bullet will launch on
February 3rd and a demo for the Nintendo switch version of the game will follow
on February 4th publisher bandai namco has announced on the latest thing Gehrke
playstation livestream the update will include a new scenario and dungeon the
main characters are trying to take on a new quest but trouble occurs in the a
RFA cysts is hardly able to speak apparently as something to do with the
new guest the new dungeon abyss dungeon is a random dungeon where your level
starts from the beginning allowing you to test your abilities you will level up
acquire skills collect items and aim to clear the dungeons 50 floors so here are
the key points your level skill and equipment will start from their initial
state every 4 floors you clear it creates a checkpoint which you can
resume the next time you play acquire items are stored in the item box this is
an offline single-player mode there are bosses to fight along the way a scenario
will also progress in the dungeon difficulty settings do not take effect
plus a brand new character named Hydra will appear in the scenario as well so
there’s more updates for sword art online fatal bullet this game has some
of the most content that I’ve ever seen in a game and I’ll definitely plan on
picking up the full game I haven’t up just yet I played the game on places
before I put the game on the PC I’ll definitely get this demo for sure and
probably get the game at some point this year just because I like sort of online
pitiable I think it’s a fun game so what are you guys thoughts on all the
different topics here when it comes to the switch thoose and Kingdom Arts and
Animal Crossing I’d love to hear what you guys have to say in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this
video here gonna description below we have Facebook and Twitter gonna give us
a like and upon our social media hit that like button if you did like this
video let’s you know you guys want more complex SCORM form of the future and
subscribe the players’s for this RPG Japanese and in Tendo gaming news thank
you so much for watching and we’ll catch you guys for the next one peace

36 thoughts on “Nintendo Wins eShop Non-refund Pre-order Case, is it Anti-Consumer? New Kingdom Hearts Game & MORE!

  1. This is the 1st (and only) court case I wished Nintendo would lose! 🙁
    This is anti consumer and Nintendo should let us cancel pre orders!
    (Also no, I don't pre order games, I hate getting my games digitally in general, but that doesn't change the fact that we need this option for the people who get the games digitally)

  2. How come you never reported on the other case Nintendo won this week?

    The appeal against iLife Technologies about Nintendo copying the motion sensors for the wii-motes for the Wii, and having to pay $10+ million for it?

  3. Well as time passes more digital games will be bought this way for pre order bonuses or for convenience sake. I feel that in this instance Nintendo could be nice here and let consumers choose to cancel or not. Steam and Microsoft and Sony allows this so I don't see why not

  4. I see what you’re doing OJ. You are getting both pre-orders of Animal Crossing to have all the goodies, then you’ll give your daughter the other copy 😏

  5. Um…..why would anyone pre order an eshop game? Its always gonna be there. Physical game pre orders i understand,thoughs will definitely fly off the shelfs,but eshop games are always available.

  6. I only preorder games when I 100% know I want it and know I have additional money for it. Even if this seems very anti-consumer, it's still not a big deal.

  7. 2020 and if you are too dumb to wait for reviews, watch gameplays and walkthroughs then you do not deserve your money back. These people are the same ones that once they heard the airlines allow support pets, just went ham and raised a stink because they were not allowed to bring their emotional support pit-bulls, lions or piranhas onto the plane.
    These are the same people that probably paid early for Ouya, Smach-Z and now Stadia, they will never learn to have patience and it aint only Nintendo, they go through life just spending money recklessly and want to get refunded for everything, they learned it from their mother Karen who always tries to refund used panties.
    You can't please everyone and waste time trying to chase after idiots and scammers so you just set one rule for everyone.
    What about people that buy a game, finish it in one sitting and then try to get a refund.

    HEY AMAZON, I rented an episode of The Boys on Amazon and only watched 2 minutes and I want my money back.

  8. I mean their no denying that Sony, Microsoft, and steam return policy is better you should want Nintendo to be competitive this isn’t competitive and yes its anti consumer

  9. Nintendo needs to get with the times and should allow cancel pre-order game digital. Very anti-consumer. No one asked for Kingdom Heart mobile.. And finally Animal Crossing amiibo Festival does count regardless how you feel until Nintendo says otherwise.

  10. Simple don't pre-purchase games on the eShop.
    As much as Switch owners brags about physical copies of games.
    Digital Pre-Purchase seems to be a problem. Which I find amusing.
    If it's a game bought by accident by someone else or you or the game turns out broken or buggy sure refund need but if not no. Gamers need to set budget and standards for themselves.

  11. what if monolith soft re-made xenosaga due to the xenoblade series for the switch than they added on the chapters that they did not do due to it not selling well
    it was a high quality game i heard just did not sell well (word of mouth should have fixed it)

  12. I mostly get Physical games, so I don't need to worry about digital preorders. When I buy on the eshop for something, I already know I'm buying it because I want it.
    I need to go to Target and see if I can preorder Animal Crossing for in store pick up, so I can play on release day.

  13. Even if you disagree with the decision you have to admit Nintendo has some really good lawyers like damn they are good

  14. I accidentally bought the digital of sword (wanted physical) and they refused a refund even though it hadn't downloaded

  15. Pretty much why I stick with physical. If there is a game I can only get digitally on Switch, I'll wait for a review of the game before I make my purchase. Though, I still think Nintendo needs to fix the issue.

    Also, I am definitely excited for Rune Factory 4 Special. While I already played the game on 3DS, I'm glad that I will play the game again on Nintendo Switch

  16. I cant say that Nintendo is anti consumer for this, but it's definitely not consumer friendly. You're right, OJ, there's no need to preorder a digital game far in advance, unless you're absolutely sure you want it.

  17. Nice vid PE Ninja Master.

    It doesn't look good for Nintendo, not having any kind of Digital Refund. Refunds on Digital Goods needs too be sorted out.

    KH Mobile game is a Pass for me.

    The Pre-order Bonuses for Animal Crossing are cool stuff.

    Rune Factory 4 is great too see coming and nice for the fans aswell but I'll put it on my Back Burner list.

    Sword Art Fatal Bullet I haven't got round too checking out on the Switch yet but I will check out that Demo at least.

  18. The only thing I ever pre ordered on the eShop was the Pokemon DLC. If I ever pre order a full game, it will only be physical.

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