Nintendo Switch’s Best (And Weirdest) Fight Sticks and Fight Controllers

Nintendo Switch’s Best (And Weirdest) Fight Sticks and Fight Controllers

– Most games work just fine
with a Pro Controller, but, as you find yourself
getting faster and better, and requiring more precision, you might find yourself
at the edge of its limits. I need a solid d-Pad to
play 2D platformers, and that’s why I use an SN30Pro, but some people who play a
lot of fighting games need big arcade buttons, or, a stick, to get the
precision they need. Or, keyboard keys, because, why not? (grungy music) (Mega Man beeping fatally) I should note that I am
even less of a casual when it comes to fighting games. There are a very select few
that I actually like and play. Like Smash Bros., I love Smash Bros. So, these reviews are going to focus on the hardware themselves, and you can decide whether or not they’re a good fit for you. If you’re really into Pokken Tournament, then you probably have, or at least have heard of
this controller already. It only has a D-pad, L and
R shoulder buttons, YXAB, and ZL and ZR are where the
Start and Select buttons are. So, this controller’s
pretty much only usable for Pokken Tournament, and select games that don’t
utilize all the Switch’s buttons like old school Street Fighter, Since this essentially the same layout as an SNES controller. It feels very plastic-y, but otherwise, it’s a great-feeling controller. It’s comfortable in the hands. The massive shoulder
buttons are nice, too, and don’t take long to travel. The d-Pad is very concave in the middle, and I like that a lot, but it ain’t no SN30 Pro D-pad. Mwah, I love you so much,
you’re the best D-pad, you know I love you. You can get one of these for less than $20 dollars though. So, it might be worth getting to play some of your retro games
with if you’re on a budget, and you want that d-Pad in a nice spot. One thing’s for damn sure, it’s definitely the best way
to play Pokken Tournament. That one’s made by Hori, and Hori also makes a
fight stick that is huge. Crap. I was surprised by the build quality. I was expecting cheap plastic. Unfortunately, the buttons are plastic. They’re not reflective of
the overall build quality. (stick and buttons clacking) The door that houses the cable was off on my unit when it shipped, but I figured out how to put it back on, and everything’s fine now. I do like how it’s on a hinge. This shows my limited
knowledge of fighting games. L and R are flipped, so that threw me off when
playing Pokken Tournament. This also means that you
have to reach a little bit for important things, like shielding, so, it’s not ideal for Pokken. This is also normal for
fighting game controllers. It feels great for Street Fighter. The joystick feels excellent. Subtle clicks give you
nice directional feedback. If you’re in the market
for a solid fight stick for the Switch, this is probably the one
that you’re gonna want, and I’m sure that you’ll be happy with it. And if you are one of those people, stick to the end of the video, ’cause I might have something for you. But then, there’s this. The best part about playing
games on a PC is the mouse, because it makes shooters
a lot more accurate. The worst thing about
playing games on a PC is the keyboard, because
it makes full 3D games a lot more inaccurate. This controller is like my hell. But, it’s not for shooters,
it’s for fighting games. And fighting games usually only have eight directions of movement. Depending on your playstyle,
and the characters you use, this might make some special moves surprisingly easy to input. You can tell each of these
Mixbox arcade controllers are hand-crafted with a lot of care. If only it was shipped
with that much care. This is a fight stick, that is very poorly packaged.
– Oh. – My god. – Oh, oh, it’s got WASD on it. – Yes, this is a very weird fight stick. – Geez.
– It is packaged very poorly. The cable stores nice and comfortably on the inside of the controller. The WASD buttons have Cherry MX switches, which you know are like, the
best thing ever, if you’re a – Hadouken!
– nerd. The keys look and feel
like they’re made from that material that doesn’t gloss over. You ever have an old
keyboard that gets all glossy and worn out
over the most used keys? Well, it looks like that’s
not gonna happen with this. The build quality is
surprisingly top-notch. It’s made out of some sort of thick metal. This feels like a very premium product, like a piece of equipment. That’s why it’s so expensive. At $350. This is the universal one, though. They have one that’s only $250, but that one don’t work on your Switch. This one works on your
Switch, your Xbox One, 360, PS4, PS3, PC, and even your Wii U, but only if you’re
playing Pokken Tournament, no other games on your Wii U. So, I will not be using this to destroy AJ on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, 8PM Eastern Time tickets available now. They also make lefty ones,
which is a nice touch. I’ve never seen a lefty arcade stick, so that’s probably an even smaller niche. I do not like universal controllers, because they’re almost always
a pain in the ass to connect. Even my SN30 Pro, in which
I sing the praises of every chance I get, has
problems connecting sometimes. The Mixbox controller is universal, and it’s the only one of theirs that connects to the Switch. Unfortunately, it doesn’t auto-connect, and if you’ve thought it
came with instructions, ha-ha, you’d be wrong. They sent me some broken
English instructions telling me to hold down 1K. Do you see a 1K here? Is there a 1K anywhere on here? It’s this one, I learned that eventually. Step one, hold down 1K. Step two, Mixbox Controller
USB connection PC or consoles. Yeah, uh-huh, yeah. You got it. A big fat wet thanks to
Evan from Spawn Wave, for pointing me in the
direction of the manufacturer who makes the boards inside of this thing, and their instructions. I now know that you have to
hold down 1K, or Light Kick, which I now know, because I’m
a fighting game expert now. Or Low Kick, I don’t know. You have to hold that down while you connect to the controller, which is no easy task to do with one hand. I will say, Mixbox responded very quickly, even though I emailed them
at 11PM at night, but, we’ve figured this all out
before them, so it’s all, it’s all fun. Anyway, having WASD works a lot better than you would expect. I also learned that you can get
pretty far in Street Fighter by just spamming hadouken. Any moves that require
you to hit any combination of down and up is a problem, because you have to move your
middle finger between the two, and it feels real weird. A lot of people were complaining about playing as Zangief with this controller, because he requires a lot
of those kinds of inputs. This controller would
probably suck for Smash. That game requires a lot
of shoulder button inputs, and they would be a pain to reach for, especially when you’re
trying to go real fast. In fact, are any of these controllers gonna be great when Smash
Bros. Ultimate comes out later this year? Probably not. I’ll probably end up playing
with my Pro Controller, but most people swear by
the Gamecube controller, and for that, you’ll need
one of these USB adapters. The adapters for the Wii U will work on the Switch. You can connect a Gamecube
controller to your Switch now, but there’s no Home button, and it lacks some of the other buttons. So, no games fully
support it natively yet. So, just wait for Smash Bros. Although I do love the
C-stick placement on here, I do not like the big
massive shoulder buttons. It takes way too long, and
has way too much resistance, to press them all the way down. Do you hear all that clicking? (controller clattering) So, I’ll probably use a Pro
Controller for Ultimate. Or, on Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, come see me duh, duh, duh, duh, destroy AJ McRae. Cray, cray, cray, cray, cray. If you’re on a budget, Mayflash makes a fight stick for only $50. I just learned about it now,
while making this video, so, I didn’t have a chance
to check it out, but, just by looking at it,
you can kind of tell that you’re gonna get what you paid for. If you’re very specific in your needs, and you have the money to blow, then you may want that Mixbox controller. If you just need a damn good fight stick, then you’re gonna want
the Hori controller. If you are just playing Pokken, and maybe some Street Fighter, then you probably already have the Pokken Tournament controller. But if you need a cheap fight
stick, Mayflash makes one. For Smash, later this year, well, we’ll probably have a
whole nother video on that, now, won’t we? So, what do you guys
think, and how do you play your fighting games on the Switch? I bet you just use a Pro Controller. Do any of these interest you, especially that Mixbox controller? Does that interest you at all? Maybe you’re a weirdo,
and you’re used to playing fighting games on PC? You can leave it in the comments below, at me on Twitter, and all of the other social media garbage. We’ve got new videos and
livestreams all the time. Here’s a schedule right here,
we’re on every Tuesday and Thursday,
and also, here on YouTube, livestreaming every
Wednesday for Wulff Den Live, and, on Sunday, or this
Sunday, 8 p.m. Eastern Time, me and AJ are gonna settle our score, ’cause we’ve been trash
talkin’ each other on Smash, and I want to just dunk on his ass. We launched Wulffden Apparel,
which is a big deal to me. Look at this shirt. You want it? Check it out at the
link in the description, It’s not like your old
regular YouTube merch. This is a damn nice shirt,
if I do say so myself. It’s embroidered. It looks like, textures and stuff. I still hear ya. Yeah, I’m gonna give away this controller. So, this controller right here. (glass breaking) The one that I’ve used for this video, you can get it, if you go to
the link in the description. Do the little gleam thing,
and do everything it says, and you’ll be entered for a chance to win. I’ll give it like a
week till that goes out. Anyway, as always, the
most important thing is that you subscribe, and
share this video with a friend, another friend that you play
a lot of fighting games with, or you know that just
likes fighting games. Thank you guys very much, you have yourselves a
very good week, and Like. Enjoy yourselves out there. (steady, smooth chiptune music)

100 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch’s Best (And Weirdest) Fight Sticks and Fight Controllers

  1. As a fighting game noob, it's pretty obvious that the L and R flipping are because R is more important than L on a pad, and would be harder to hit than L when using stick.

  2. 5:30 I believe that "1k" is actually "lk" aka "Light Kick" which is exactly the button you pressed when playing fighting streetfighter.

  3. I don't understand some things here. He says the first controller feels "plasticy". What does that mean? Light, hollow, flexible? Then, he says that, unfortunately, the buttons on the Hori stick are plastic. Uh…I thought pretty much all controllers have plastic buttons. Does he mean that they use contact pads instead of switches? Also, ALL matte plastic will shine like that keyboard after enough use; oil plus friction equals polish. There seems to be a lot of plastic confusion going on here.

  4. I have the hori stick with an octogate, 2lb spring and actuator on it for the street fighter collection. Easy to take the switch to work on break and get in some matches

  5. What is the best 4 way arcade stick for the Switch? I want to play 4 way arcade games like pacman perfectly. Any stick you can easily change from 8 till 4 way for these older arcage games?

  6. Mayflash also has a universal controller that works for the switch and is the bigger brother to the one shown in the video. its the F500

  7. You should review 8BitDo's N30 Fight Stick for Switch, PC, & Mac.

  8. I’m not liking how most gamers say “D-pad” instead of using “+Control Pad” or any official term used by the console makers (usually found in instruction manuals of games and systems).

  9. Personally, I like having my hands close together when playing a fighting game. So I use a normal Xbox gamepad. The d-pad clicks letting me know my directional inputs went through & I mainly play on xbox.

    P.S. I play Tekken, Soulcalibur (when the network wants to work), & DBFZ when friends come over.

  10. I’m a lefty but i use the original (right hand) style just cause that is what the game keyboard or controller is set as

  11. I'm a PS vita fan and don't even own a switch and yet I find myself watching your switch videos WAYYYYY TOO often (PS I woke up this morning and watched your video while having breakfast).

  12. There’s no fighting commander for it! We want a Fighting Commander for Switch! Maybe even more arcade sticks for Switch from many other brands!

  13. Cheapest fight stick is to just build your own. The stick, buttons, wires, and board come as a kit for as low as $13. Drill a few holes in a piece of plywood and screw a couple of 2x4s to it, or just get a piece of tupperware, or even a shoe box and you have a fight stick.

  14. the reason the MIX box has the WSAD is to avoid the input lag of the joystick. You can just do a quick buh bam going between A and D and boom movin. With a joystick if you’re going from far left to far right that takes time.

    I’ve never used a fight stick but I’ve watched a lot of SF tournament plays and I’ve never seen the MIX box in play, let me know if there’s a pro player out there that plays the MIX box lmao.

  15. I use these really obscure Nintendo controllers called "Joy-Cons" I've never heard anyone talk about them so I think they put them on my switch by accident

  16. I wanted to play kingdom hearts with a fighting pad. And i would try to beat lingering will with it.

  17. I need a very good dpad to play Dragon ball fighterz and the sf30 pro doesnt work as i expected. I need a dpad that can do a dash without jumping (➡➡) and do diagonal jumps to not drop combos. Any suggestions? What about the horipad or the powe r a controller?

  18. I know this is a really weird specific thing to say but this guy looks a lot like the one above all incarnation who talked to Spider-Man in an alleyway.

  19. Mixbox uses the brook encoders, 1k 2k 3k are low kick mid kick and high kick, 1p 2p 3p it's the low punch mid punch high punch

  20. I use the pro controller for now , but I am looking for a controller like the one you mention , but it’s too expensive for me at the moment .. lol

  21. The only thing I don’t like about wasd movement is I lose my fingers positions and start hitting like caps lock and q and shit.

  22. i have the mayflash stick you briefly mentioned in the video, obviously is not as good as the hori stick or other similarly priced sticks but for 50€ is good, buttons and stick are microswitch based so you can swap them with sanwa parts in the future if you want, it's not too big nor too small and the build quality is very good in relation to the price, and it works on pc, ps4 and switch (i don't have an xbox but should work on it too).
    In my opinion it is the best fight stick you can buy for less than 75€.

  23. There a a sturdiest button controller for smash called smash box. It had so many buttons and is so exprnsively niche. Made just for that game but if that way your fighting game it looks amazing. Made by hotbox.

  24. Why do switch need fight stick at all? It doesnt have any fighting game like SFV which requires lots of combos!

  25. Anybody having problems using the hori fightstick on switch lately. It's not being recognized as a controller for me

  26. I thought I would just make you smile by telling you I use and have nearly mastered the STEAM PAD please check it out before you roll on the floor laughing or press your OFF button on you machine after reading this, I must admit I really struggled with this pad at first but boy, it works fantastic on the PC for emulating the SWITCH/SNEZ/PS3/WII/GAMECUBE, my youngest son is a console king but he can use this STEAM PAD and agrees it has merit:)
    PPS what the hell do you mean "are you a weirdo who plays fighting games on the PC" I will tell you I still play STREET FIGHTER THE NEW CONTENDERS ON THE SNEZ EMULATOR ON THE PC LOL
    Love the channel and your inflammatory remarks, console boy!:)

  27. Why not use the Sega Genesis 6 button controller for smash? That's probably the best controller for smash specific

  28. I just use GameCube controllers, even the new ones (which I'm thankful it happens), on my… well, GameCube and Wii.

    For me, I think the Pokken Tournament controller works great for Street Fighter and DBFZ (will soon pick up MK11), hell, I even use it on Sonic Mania.

  29. How about are recommendation for a switch rhythm game like pianista. The pro controller is ridiculous. Something like a keyboard or button arcade style buttons would be good. But I’m Sure the stick would ruin things because the left and up buttons are programmed for that game.

  30. i mean in reality you have never seen a righty arcade stick. the stick on the left side is a benefit for lefties, thats why arcade game makers put them there to make the games harder.

  31. "Unfortunately the buttons are plastic"
    Used to playing only with ivory keys my leige??
    What are your favorite buttons made from??

  32. I never had a fight stick until now at 30 years old and now me and my son get a kick out out it using our mayflash f300. Picked it up used for $30 to see if we were going to like it. It's excellent and has turned both of us into better players at fighting games and cup head lol. In about 1hr both of us were able to execute special attacks on our Xbox and switch consoles. Inputs are a lot easier then using controllers. We are now looking into another one of higher quality but the F300 was a great start.

  33. SN30 Pro dpad is garbage. It's way too easy to hit diagonals on accident and is horrible if you're playing any fighting game or 2D platformer. Stay away from that controller brand. Get the Pokken pro pad.

  34. the analog triggers worked for melee since there's light shields depending on how far you press in. it's an outdated mechanic for the newer games but the GameCube controllers can have the springs taken out in five minutes and the triggers no longer have any travel distance

  35. I just got a mayflash f101 fighting stick. 60-80 dollars, depending if you're in Canada or the US, it shipped quickly, and it's very good. I use it for dbfz and I'm gonna be getting blazeblue cross tag and guilty Gear. I'm using it for the switch and it literally is perfect for a cheap stick. Definitely recommend it. Although if you do have the money, definitely buy a more higher tier one. But if you want a cheap affordable one, definitely recommend it.

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