What’s up everyone OJ here welcome
back to another video and today I wanted to talk about Nintendo’s Xtreme
turnaround with the Nintendo switch when it comes to anything that they classify
as a home console we all know the story guys with the Nintendo Wii U and even at
the beginning with the Nintendo 3ds Nintendo struggled pretty much
throughout the whole generation with the Wii U and the 3ds had a rocky start and
it took a lot of adjustments in order to get that system back on track and number
3ds has become one of the better portables in my opinion when it comes to
library and when it comes to what they did with the system but of course the
Wii U did not have that same success or turnaround and I want to talk about what
they’ve done with the Nintendo switch and some of the stuff and just kind of
like why Nintendo is back and it’s just glorious to see because the direct
results of Nintendo actually doing so well sales-wise has led to a lot of
franchises and a lot of games being brought over that we normally haven’t
seen and has led to one of the ten DOS fastest output when it comes to high
quality games and like Nintendo history so first let’s just start off with the
Nintendo switch sales itself as of December 31st Nintendo has sold more
than 32 million Nintendo switch systems almost at 33 million that is records
when it comes to how fast it’s sold it’s pretty much on pace if you align them by
the year with the original PlayStation 4 which set so many records back in 2013
extending into 2014 and now we have the Nintendo switch that’s keeping pace with
that system so it’s phenomenal to see and once again that has reaped direct
benefits but I think the biggest reason why Nintendo and kind of how they made
that comeback with the switch it’s a marketing perspective obviously games
are the biggest thing and we’ll definitely get into that but just
looking at the marketing of the Nintendo switch the gimmick of the switch was
just so much better in my opinion than the Wii U and even the Nintendo 3ds if
you go back and watch some of those original commercials you kind of watch
the gimmick of what the 3ds is 3d which they completely ripped out of the
10:03 yes so if you look at that you look at the Wii U you have this second
screen experience that’s not necessarily marketing clearly some people were
confused I mean there was just all sorts of issues on both fronts when it comes
to Wii U and 3ds which led such a sluggish start but with the Nintendo
switch they started off fast and clean just
like they did with the Nintendo Wii back in the day because it was very clear
what this system can do it was very simple to understand and the gimmick was
right there with the Wii motion controls easy to show with the switch and switch
you just switch it you know I’m saying you can play it any way that you want it
was so simple where the 3ds and the Wii U were a bit more confusing when it
comes to the marketing aspect now let’s talk about what the success what the
sales has brought to the Nintendo switch because this system the switch has
actually even had some more gaming success when it comes to franchises than
even the Wii and with its record-breaking sales so on the Nintendo
switch these are some of the franchises that have returned to a Nintendo
platform after a long time or the first time ever appearing on a new platform so
we have the elderscrolls v skyrim fantastic game that’s been ported to
everything even my freakin Amazon devices we have doom first time in so
many years it was like what two decades or something that Doom is came back he’s
eight lacrimal so of Donna the first time that we’ve had at ease games since
like the Super Nintendo or something like that crash bandicoot been a really
long time since we’ve seen crash bandicoot on Nintendo platform
Valkyria Chronicles Valkyria Chronicles 4 and the original one came over to
Nintendo’s switch that game had only appeared on Microsoft and PlayStation
platforms but the franchise also appeared on PC as well but we’re talking
about consoles here Disgaea that I think was on the Nintendo
DS there was a game but when it comes to Nintendo home consoles never saw that
franchise something like la noir was on the system civilization never opinion
Diablo 3 Final Fantasy coming back to Nintendo
platforms when it comes to home consoles been a very long time we saw some stuff
on the 3ds but nothing on the Wii U and some spin-off stuff and other type of
things on the Wii so really since the Super Nintendo
I mean crystal chronicles isn’t necessarily that same mainline game for
the first time were seen mainline Final Fantasy with the newer games on a
Nintendo platform Dragon’s Dogma first time ever Marvel Ultimate Alliance that
Nintendo brought back from the dead Wolfenstein once again been a long time
since we’ve seen that short art online never got a sword our online game on
Nintendo system we’re seeing that on Nintendo’s switch God Eater God Eater 3
just recently announced for the system as well Dragon Ball Z we had not seen
any Dragon Ball Z games on the Nintendo home consoles since the Wii days we’re
getting that back with the switch Naruto haven’t seen any Naruto games since the
Wii days once again back on their all that third-party content all coming over
to a Nintendo platform is just absolutely amazing just because we
haven’t seen a lot of those franchises and it’s good to finally have them on a
Nintendo platform again now let’s move on to some of the first party output
guys if you look at what they’re doing with The Legend of Zelda
obviously breath of the wild Link’s Awakening and there’s probably more
coming with that you look at what they’re doing Mario we have Mario Kart 8
deluxe which is just so phenomenal we also have Super Mario Odyssey which is
amazing got Mario Tennis as well and there’s going to be more and more Mario
content you guys know it’s coming Super Mario maker is coming out very soon here
and that was like a revolution on the Wii I’m just thinking that it’s gonna
blow up even more on the switch kind of like how splatoon 1 was awesome and it
kind of blew up a little bit but then splatoon to really push that into the
stratosphere and also looking at stuff like poker tournament already having a
part of that game on the Nintendo switch in the first year really good for
getting fighting games back and also once again I want to kind of go back
just a little bit the Mortal Kombat coming back to Nintendo platform just
absolutely phenomenal considering the history of Mortal Kombat and Nintendo
platforms just speaking on fighting games we also have stuff like octo path
which Nintendo distributed here coming to PC but we got a whole year early
which was awesome to see Hyrule warriors getting that port
astral chain brand new first party IP from Nintendo and Platinum Games daemon
ex machina once again brand-new first-party IP with
marvelous and Nintendo collaborating on that Luigi’s Mansion making its return
to the home console space after spending a whole aisle on the Nintendo 3ds max
ruin prime coming back I know we got the big delay per metric prime for but we’re
still waiting on the trilogy you know we have to wait and see on that I know that
was on the Wii U as well but a brand new Metroid Prime game making its return on
the Nintendo switch we didn’t get any Metroid Prime new games on the Wii U
didn’t get any Metroid Prime but we got the Federation force but not like a
mainline game so it’s great to see that once retro studios gets all that back
into gear we all such stuff like Animal Crossing once again that was on portable
systems we hadn’t seen it since the Wii City Vulcan not everybody liked that one
as but so I think this one’s gonna be a lot better and of course the big one
probably the game that could outsell all of these games have and I’m talking
about and that is Pokemon and of course that’s just gonna be so big also stuff
like Super Smash Brothers you can’t forget that having the ultimate version
of Super Smash Brothers that’s why it’s called ultimate with a way cleaner DLC
plan and getting that out within the first two years of the switch I mean
that’s just incredible and so good to see but Pokemon is gonna be that game
really man you’re going to possibly see Pokemon take the Nintendo switch and put
it in a category of its own when it comes to sales and records and all that
I firmly believe that Pokemon could be one of the greatest son Kendall games of
all time if they market it and if they put it in the position and of course
make the necessary changes and to the gameplay enhancements the switch is just
that hybrid system that can get it done because for years people would be
wanting ways to play pokemon in HD play it on their TV without some type of
extra device like a gameboy player or a super Gameboy Pokemon Stadium and to
have it to where you can do it as easily as it is on the switch I think that’s
really gonna push the sales here in the west of course and also Japan is already
gonna be all over it because they love to play their Pokemon portably and now
they have that option on the TV that’s going to be massive for them but there’s
other little things too within which that’s kind of made it just more
appealing I think overall when it comes to a home console the stuff like the
custom joy cons that people do for people also the different colors that
Nintendo has with the Wii U you didn’t see that you saw that cool customization
with the Nintendo 3ds but you didn’t see that with the Wii U pretty much all you
got was the black system I mean there wasn’t even really a lot of different
game pads or anything like that it was just a black system or the white system
and that was it so having a little bit more custom control is actually pretty
cool and I do like that you’re also seeing more special edition systems that
are actually branded that way as well pro controllers really cool stuff with
like xenoblade Super Smash Brothers and all of that whereas once again on the
Wii U you didn’t really see that at all warm wide releases and this is probably
one of the best things that tells McMinn Tendo is back and they mean business
the Wii U had these weird things and even the 3s had these weird things too
where they would launch in Japan and the months and months months later or a
month later or some odd time later it would come to the rest of the world and
that just infuriated people because sometimes these games were actually
supported with English text so it was done Nintendo was just sitting on it for
whatever reasons games like Bayonetta for example it was done and then on top
of that they region-locked the system so people who wanted to buy the game or if
you were traveling to a different country you want it to pick it up or if
you can even speak that language and you’re in America or in different parts
you can’t do it unless you have the system of that region of that game it
was just absolutely annoying so no region locking was just great seriously
the worldwide release is no region locking I actually just bought Final
Fantasy 10/10 – HD remaster on the Nintendo switch the Asian version of the
game because it’s both games on one cart instead of one game Final Fantasy 10 and
then the second game as a download code the reason I’m able to do that is
because it supports all languages and my systems are region free so that has just
been a big thing that tells me new Tendo is back and they’re ready to go now of
course Nintendo has some things they can improve on right guys it’s not all
sunshine and rainbows obviously getting some more themes on there improving the
eShop improving the build quality of the switch getting
more cartridge space for developers there’s a number of things that they can
improve heck the d-pad how people talk about some of the stuff on the joy cons
there’s a lot of things no system is perfect but it’s good to see a Nintendo
is going to have that money going forward and we’re probably going to see
some nice revisions of things and see what they can do and improve the
Nintendo switch itself but online definitely needs improvement especially
since they’re charging at this point but I think that they’re going to improve
things I think they have some plans for that as well I think they’ll add
features as we go along but it’s going to be interesting to see how they do it
and what type of system updates we’ve got because we haven’t gotten any major
system updates and a very long time it’s been a while so we’ll see what they’re
cooking up here when it comes to the second half of the year with all these
big games that are coming out like Fire Emblem Astral chain and Super Mario
maker for the summer so what do you guys think about Nintendo being back and some
of the topics that I discussed here let me know your thoughts in the comment
section below alright guys that wraps it up for this video here we go – couple of
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100 thoughts on “NINTENDO is BACK and it’s GLORIOUS!

  1. I really hope XSeed is working on a Story of Seasons game alongside Rune Factory 5, but yeah. Before the Nintendo Switch my last home console was a PS2, I like the portable consoles better.

  2. Nintendo IS back and better than ever but however for some people (not talking about me) they have had no new Nintendo published/developed releases they have purchased since Smash Ultimate. There are many Switch owners that didn't like/want NSMBUD, Travis Strikes Again, or Yoshi. Which in essence leaves a 6 month gap for those Switch owners.

  3. I know Pokemon and Animal Crossing have massive fanbases and I'm happy for them, but they aren't for me. Even Fire Emblem isn't usually something I'd play, but I love the Anime art style, so I'm gonna play it, though honestly the only Switch first party titles that I'm truly hyped for this year are Astral Chain, Luigi's Mansion 3, and Link's Awakening (Plus Metroid Prime Trilogy if it actually releases this year)… 🤔

  4. I love gimmicks in my opinion and that's why the nintendo switch it's going to get alot of perfect third party support because the switch is doing so well just like ps4 and xbox one i know we are not going to get them right away which is alright because third parties did not know the switch was going to do so well by ending up popular just like you said that's all it's going to take some time i'm a very patient

  5. the Switch made me believe in Nintendo again. my last Nintendo console was the GameCube, just imagine that. I had a 3DS and it was amazing. going through college playing pokemon and smash, I absolutely loved. so much so that in my mind I was certain that if nintendo tried to apply the 3DS concept into their home consoles it was going to be huge, and oh boy it was!!

  6. I just got the switch last week and i must say it is something special. To be able to play so many of these games on the go is something else.

  7. I’ve said this before but The Switch is the best Nintendo system since the GameCube Nintendo is back and it feels so good.

  8. One question that may be better for a live chat…has Nintendo, as a game developer only, really been that great since the Switch launch? Or has their success with the Switch come down more to incredible indie/third-party support? Nintendo has released some all-time great video games this gen (BotW, Odyssey, Ultimate, Xenoblade, perhaps Splatoon 2), no question about that. But I have not been as enamored with their other first party games (Kirby, Yoshi, 1-2 Switch, Arms, etc.) Those kind of games have been lacking. And I can't justify counting their ports as games developed since the Switch launch since I had previously played them (DKC, Mario Kart 8, Captain Toad, etc.)

    I would posit that if it weren't for the excellent third-party/indie support Nintendo has gained/earned, we may have a very different opinion about the Switch thus far.

    So Nintendo as whole (including as a game developer, publisher, and steward of third-party/indie games) this generation gets a B+ or A- from me. But if Nintendo hits on Luigi's Mansion, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, etc this year (and MP 4 eventually), I think there will be no question about Nintendo's success as a game developer this generation and they would get an A+ from me.

  9. Switch IS WiiU's turnaround….if the resources were available sooner Nintendo would have made a hybrid console long befor the Switch…

  10. 7:52 you're the first and only person that's said this…I wholly agree and have seen this as the case since the NX days. What's helped that a lot of ppl forget is Nintendo changed their stance on YouTubes content creators policy and their embrace of Indies…I agree completely with pretty much everything else on this vid…

  11. The Switch is my favorite console of all time many of my favorite games are on the system and many more are yet to be release it’s a great time to be a Nintendo fan!

  12. They pulled a ironman with the Wii U they just turn that badly designed system into a handheld God system by shrinking it and putting amazing game on it lol.

  13. I think Bob Ross described Nintendo's last 3 consoles perfectly.
    The Wii was a happy accident.
    The Wii U was the devil.
    The Switch beat the devil out of Nintendo.

  14. Nintendo prioritized right. Games and an easy-to-use interface matter most. Now that they are in the position they are in though, I hope they tackle some of the issues with the system.

  15. I'm gonna have to disagree and make a vid on this. It does a better job than the 3ds and Wii U in some regards but fails miserably in so many ways that I hope the pro fixes. But the marketing is clearly better. They did what I had been hoping for for years. I dont think this pokemon will be that great. Maybe it will but from what I've seen. They have not made that jump to the next level! I was hoping for a breath of the wild like freedom….that day comes and you will see unprecedented sales my friend

  16. Switch is tracking ahead of the PS4 by a considerable margin, about 22% if I am not mistaken. Nintendo didn't go anywhere, there were always here and innovating, too much Nintendo hating sony fanboy youtubers got into OJ's head lmao.

  17. OJ, if it's not too much trouble, could you start putting the music titles used in future videos in the description?

  18. You forgot to mention a brand new Fire Emblem for the Switch being the first time on a home console in over a decade.

  19. Nintendo will always be the silent slayer. No matter what Sony and Microsoft tries to innovate, Nintendo will outplay them easily from the shadows as they did with the Switch and Zelda.

  20. The thing to note is that the switch is great if you’re a Nintendo fan and enjoy their first party titles…otherwise it’s a secondary machine and not a dedicated console. The other console makers you can jump in and enjoy your time without being a fan of the brand, because they make capable machines that cater to gamers. Nintendo caters to families and their core community, not gamers. They will never create a console with power, they don’t have to their fans will continue to support, so they will never try harder than they already have. This is the best you could hope for from this company.

  21. To be honest, I like the Wii U's second screen gimmick more than the Switch's portability gimmick more. Having a map or inventory open at all times was so nice. I'm entirely certain there's a way to combine both concepts. Maybe a clamshell home console, with a wireless controller that also has a screen for TV mode?

  22. If Nintendo is going to release the Pro this year. It needs to release next to pokemon. Sales will destroy records and if next year with Metroid of course lol

  23. I agree with you, but I don't think that you can call the Nintendo's Switch "gimmick" a gimmick, is just something practical that you would want to have, not to show off

  24. Im about to quit gaming when suddenly switch arrived on my doorstep and i really fall in love with BoTW cuz it was the 1st game on my switch!

    On vita though my 1st game is Silent Hill Experience and it was like….meh…

  25. My only wish to Nintendo is fine a way to manage the game price, from 60 to 30 mybe, if they can't do it for physical version just do it for digital cuz the switch community is expanding and more people are looking forward to play the game. Price control should be the top priority although i notice sometimes eshop give a good bargain…

  26. I love almost all Nintendo systems and Nintendo handhelds including the switch i love them so much because i love portable systems when you ask me gaming pc or gaming laptop i will choose gaming laptop because it's portable and same with Nintendo handhelds

  27. The Switch is the natural next phase of what began with the Wii/DS – the Wii U/3DS were just a stopgap that put things on hold for a few years…looking at it from an even wider angle, it's the latest phase of what began with the NES and Gameboy.

  28. Brilliant video PE Ninja Master. Nintendo is no doubt back guys with the Switch and 2019 is shaping up too be a really great Year 😀 👍.

  29. I love Nintendo Switch! I love how I can play anywhere I want.
    I hope just a little hope to play ps5 like a switch. Carry around and play it.
    I know it's not going to happen, but it would be nice. 🙂

  30. Someone got an HD link (no pun intended) to that zelda/link video thumbnail playeressence is rocking? It looks awesome.

  31. Only reason it's doing good because of its portability. Lol come on would you buy it if it was just a console ?

  32. The thing is that imo Nintendo was never gone. When the N64 wasn't doing so hot the GBC did amazing. When the Cube sold even less than the 64 the GBA was rockin. Finally when the Wii U flopped the 3DS carried so yeah you can argue some consoles didn't do so good but there has not been a single period of time when Nintendo didn't have a hot product in the market.

  33. Ys has had a couple games. On the ds, ps2, ps vita and switch lol. I think it came out on the ps4 as well. I love the fact that more people are getting into Ys so they can start making a lot more games for it. I hope people get into Rune factory as well it's such a fun harvest moon/Ys hybrid!

  34. Been a PlayStation and PC gamer for a while now but now I bought a switch and love it too! It’s the triforce of consoles, ps exclusives, Nintendo exclusives and portability, pc graphics and all around experience

  35. Ninendo made my favourite games of all time, but Sony still ahead of them. Playstation has the best game library of all consoles. Maybe Nintendo needs more thirdies party support.

    Although, I love my Switch. I can get enough of it.

  36. Nintendo isnt back because the never left, the wii u is a fantastic console, sure it failed but to say nintendo left is a bit far, we had consoles like the nes classic and 3ds b4 the switch and the were both a big success and kept the company going, i love nintendo and i didnt get an xbox one or ps4 bc the wii u kept me satisfied

  37. I have both the Wii U and the Switch and love both. The only Playstation I've ever had was the PS2. I never have had an Xbox.

  38. Having owned and played most of the consoles and handhelds since the NES and Sega days, I will always be a huge supporter and fan of Nintendo. I purchase both physical and digital games monthly and will continue to be a gamer as long as my Nintendo Switch holds up. What a wonderful system!

  39. I would love for Ni No Kuni to get ported to the Switch. I'll have no more need for my PS3 if that happens.

  40. The switch is decent at best the wifi and motion controls are still bad and it's hardware still struggles on some games.

  41. hope nintendo keep doing well. Nintendo still have obstacle to overcome. for example, what if streaming gaming can possible without any lag or connect problem? that could change handheld gaming tremendously. then nintendo should change their stratagy once again.

  42. Nintendo Switch is worth my investment and got it on my credit. Been on Nintendo team since the Nintendo 64

  43. Now if only we get Banjo-Kazooie, Conker, Metal Gear, Castlevania, Perfect Dark, F-Zero, Spyro, Klonoa, NiGHTS, and Killer Instinct back.

  44. When I first bought my Nintendo Switch I pretty much bought it purely for Zelda Breath of the Wild as I love the series and I just HAD to play that game, I was kind of expecting not to get that much use out of the Switch but then something happened, not long after the small initial launch a lot of great games were gradually coming out both by Nintendo and third parties. Fast forward to today and I have bought around 50 physical games and I can truly say that the Switch is my favourite console of the current generation, it is just that good.

    One thing I would like to say before I finish, you can have the most powerful console in the world but if you don't have great games for it then it just won't sell, a lot of console makers keep forgetting such a simple fact even today.

  45. I'm still wondering what's the hold-up with EA. So muck for them providing games for where the consumers are at.

  46. I can’t wait for the next breath of the wild like Zelda game, spent over 400 hours in this one. The only other games that I have spent that much time in are Skyrim and one strange game on the App Store that I can’t remember the name of.

  47. I'm proud to be a huge nintendo fan ever since i was 8 years old. And I'm a still a fan of nintendo to This day, their gaming and console innovation are out of this world.

  48. The Switch is definitely the definitive console if you like portability. Most of my favorites are rpg's so the Switch is excellent for me, since I don't have much time to just sit at home and play.

  49. I'm genuinely questioning what the video is about.

    Nintendo is back and it's glorious… goes on to talk about 3DS and Wii and Switch… Shouldn't this talk be done on 3 Mar 2017 when Switch was released? And further into the video, just naming games here and there, touching the surface on great games released and upcoming games, what the actual hell?

  50. I'm so excited about pokémon. That I bought a new switch. Even though I know that there's a new switch coming out later this year. I even pre-ordered both of the games as well.

  51. My dad had always said that if someone made a console that was both home console and handheld, they will dominant it. And Nintendo did it. I loved my wii and 3ds but the switch, I play it a lot more than any other console!

  52. I liked your thoughts about popular Wii U titles coming to Switch and increasing the interest. That makes a lot of sense.

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