Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch | The Completionist

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch | The Completionist

100 thoughts on “Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch | The Completionist

  1. Cheap bosses, repetitive monotonous tasks at the entrance of every new town, terrible combat system… absolutely terrible, bad combat music, ridiculously frequent wild encounters… and for some reason I’m still playing. I’ve never hated playing a game I love so much.

  2. Playing this again on switch. Such a beautiful game in every single way.

    LOVE the second one but the first is just something special

  3. Does The Completionist just not play other monster collectors other than Pokemon? It's really dumb to claim originality when it comes to Pokemon designs when Pokemon just took all its ideas from Dragon Quest games.
    Look at Crabid then look at Kingler
    Look at Pollywiggle then look at Poliwag
    Look at Wallop Scallop then look at Shellder
    Look at Great Dragon then look at Dragonite
    Please stop acting like Pokemon's monster design ideas are original. Cuz they aren't.

  4. Even after knowing the full story and having had five years between discovery and getting the game finally into my hands, it's still a game I absolutely love playing after school and a game I love delving into. I can spend hours and hours flipping through the Wizard's Companion alone without feeling tired or bored. God, I love this game – Years of knowing the story and wanting to play the game was 110% worth it. I didn't have a PS4. Originally I was hesitating on buying a Switch – I wanted to play BOTW as well as BOTW2 when it later came out, but I didn't want to invest in a Switch for only two games. Then I heard Ni No Kuni was being ported/remade for the Switch. That alone would've tipped me over, I wanted to play the game so bad – it's been worth every single penny, even after five years of knowing the story and waiting for the day I can finally play.

    (…if you think this was a long rant, just wait until I stop talking about the sequel. I have very many angry words, especially where Evan is involved. I really didn't like him-)

  5. I just watched this after having finally finished beating the Guardian of Worlds and the S-rank Soloseum in this game, after 232 recorded hours of playtime, and I think that might be as far as I go; I'm already so burned out of the miserable grind for that stupid alchemy quest that I really don't want to spend hours and hours more collecting familiars and farming alchemy materials just to check off those last two trophies (and getting nothing else to show for it). Honestly, I'm pretty disappointed with my experience with the game as a whole, and kind of wish I'd just stuck to the main story and maybe a handful of side-quests along the way. You're right that this game is over-complex, with system upon system that there's no real need to take advantage of compared to just slapping your enemies down with your level; plus, with the mediocre AI controlling 2/3 of your party at any given time, there's no real way to execute any truly sophisticated strategy even if you had one in mind. I really do love the art, music, and general atmosphere of this game; and the story and world have a lot of interesting moments, although also a lot of weird bits and parts that don't really mesh together well. But the weaknesses in the core gameplay (which is just way too many ideas thrown together at once) just grow and grow as you progress into the meat of the game, and then they just grind and wear you down if you put yourself through the padded-out volume of samely side-quests and achievement-hunting. So if any game deserves a "finish, but don't 100% complete it" rating, it's this one.

    I will point out one correction to this review, however: You don't actually need the "Seek Fortune" spell to start combing for the hidden treasures on the overworld, because if you look closely at the world maps in your Wizard's Companion, you'll notice that every single hidden treasure (and every secluded area) is indicated by a little mark. Easy to miss, and sometimes it's still a little tricky to pinpoint the exact location, but it IS there, and I took advantage of it to get a lot of good items while they were still useful.

  6. Just one minir correction at 1:50 mark… Studio Ghibli started with Nausica, not Totoro. But yes, it was Totoro that made them famous worldwide. And before Nausica, Miyazaki was already a legend in animation, and had directed a Lupin III movie, The Castle of Cagliostro and many others like Future Boy Conan and a bunch of World Masterpiece Theaters

  7. video starts here: 1:39.
    actually no, there was more bullshit. the video starts here 4:45

    what i think in my comment? im tired of everyones bullshit trying to push stuff on people. otherwise ni no kuni is great

  8. Rarely one to complain about this but… You spoiled the hell out of this game for me. You showed so much late and end game content. Everything from new locations to flying dragons. Thanks man -.-

  9. The most frustrating thing for me in this game was getting familiars, but the nail in the fucking coffin for me was that there are familiars that are severely outclassed by other familiars. Some even in the same metamorphosis chain! (Looking at u captain zombo <<< mumbo zombo and crossbone skeleton <<< Bone Baron)

  10. Iv tryed Ni No Kuni wrath of the white witch on PC, but i liked 2nd game more.
    iv always loved monster catching games but this game feels complicated for some reason. maybe i just didnt like this kind of Monster Catching game. so second game was more my type of game. only played the game for like 3 hours, i justed gived up.

  11. Dude, I've been working on this game for about 3 weeks and I've finally got the plat. I just want to say, thanks. I've been watching your vids in the background while endlessly grinding for alchemy ingredients. Just knowing that someone else does this crap too really helped me finish this. I almost dropped this game at least twice. That alchemy trophy is no joke.

  12. I'm playing this game for the first time. I was thinking about going for the Platinum, but I am worried that I may get burnt out. I got the Platinum for the Second one already.

  13. I'm at the post content now and the crafting axe errand is freaking me out. I don't think I can absolutely 100% this – the casino is just so boring that I can't. Just can not.

    Lovely game, a bitch to complete!

  14. I just platinum trophied Ni No Kuni Wrath of The White Witch remastered on my PS4 at the end of my 2019 Christmas vacation. Now I completely finished No no Kuni 1 as well as 2. lol.

  15. This game is the reason I bought a switch!

    And I’ve loved every hour of it, it’s become one of my all time favourite games. I’ve got over 40 hours and I’m about maybe 3/4 through the game as of writing this.

    Only things I’d say I don’t like about the game is the repetitive of the errands (although that does make them easier most of the time) and no dedicated block/defend button.

    Other then that, this game is absolutely amazing and I’ve loved every hour of it!

  16. Anybody else amused by seeing the shit Youtubers are shilling for years later and realizing that 90% of the stuff fails?

  17. Well.. heard a lot about Ni no Kuni on the interwebs, heard 1 is way better than 2 so I bought 2 (so later on I can get way better stuff.. you know, some people eat the best parts of the cake last). I was so bored till the half of the game, story is meh, fighting is even more meh (to slowish :/ ). I won't get Ni no Kuni 1 thanks to how hard to play was 2.

    Grapics was interesting for few hours, later on it gets you or it doesn't and you don't wanna look at it anymore.

  18. I love this game! Not gonna 100 percent it but I do plan on doing all the side quests. I hope the port the second one to switch someday

  19. I swear to god, I had a flashback when I heard the music. I must have listened to it a hundred times over, and it’s still pretty good

  20. Love the game, but it's rather annoying that arab/arab culture is always portrayed as evil with the djinn and the villain named "shadar"

  21. Now what got me hooked to leveling 5 was their hidden gem of a game called "Rogue Galaxy". It ended up being one of my all time favorite classic games of the ps2 era

  22. There are two trophies that I don't have for this game (excluding the Platinum)
    "Mad Scientist" Alchemizing 120 different items
    "Familiarologist" Taming 250 different Familiars
    I got the rest back in 2015

  23. The Completionist tells me, repeatedly, to not collect all of the Familiars because its not worth the time.

    I'll see you in 250+ hrs of gameplay with the full Pokedex… erm, Familiardex?

  24. Managed to get all the familiars and achievements on the PS3, yet ran out of steam when grinding for the last few dozen super-rare ingredients for the last few top level equipment items.
    When I would only get one or two of the items I need per hour, it just wasn't worth the final grind.

  25. You had to reload the map to respawn monsters? Since when? Or did you mean to "refresh" as in heal them? Which also makes no sense… Since save points fully restore you like an inn and have 1-3 in each dungeon.

  26. 27:52 You didn't collect all the familiars, though. I can see several there that you never had. If the heart doesn't show to the right of the amount you defeated it means you have only seen it but never had it.
    Still, kudos for completing making all Alchemy items. That means like 15 or 20 of each rare material. (Although I'm a bit skeptical on that, considering you had almost 99 of every item. It makes it look like you edited a savefile to get max items)

  27. The truth is, the graphics looks like it was done in 2003 on PS2 . Dragon Quest and Suikoden 4 looked like this game. I wish there had been more detail in the gameplay in the levels. This game was bland as hell and too much time was spent in battles.. I would have rather watched this as an anime feature film instead

  28. I had my first "glitch" on my 3rd run through of the game. I fell of a ledge you were no supposed to but since I was going down some stairs there was land for me to land on and continue as normal.

  29. I beat the final boss at level 60 lmao. I'm seeing your levels. But since I had used all the food and mechanics to my advantage I never felt like I had to grind. I'm just getting into the postgame now so I'm checking out your stuff. I like the food mechanic because it's like Pokemon's Effort Values but easily manipulated.

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