NEW SNAKES vs T-REX! – Beast Battle Simulator Gameplay | Pungence

NEW SNAKES vs T-REX! – Beast Battle Simulator Gameplay | Pungence

Guys That’s the New snake oh My Goodness that Thing is huge This Game Just Got Really Hard dude this is Crazy Looking Whoa oh? Hey What’s up guys welcome back to beast battle simulator Guys I’m really Excited a They Just Released a Brand new Snake so guys we’re gonna be checking out that Snake we’re gonna be doing some more Challenges we’re Doing another Sandbox Matchup That You guys came Up with But Guys Really quick before We Get into it i need your Help with something Guys in our first Beast battle simulator video We Got Fifty Eight Hundred Likes Second One We Got Fifty Nine Hundred Likes Guys iF We could Get to six Thousand Likes were so close if we Get to six Thousand Likes on this video It would Just Mean so much to me plus i Just Feel like it’s a Good gauge for Knowing Whether or not you Guys want to see more of this game We’re getting Pretty close to finishing all the Challenges so i want to know if you guys Want To see more of this after we finish the challenges okay Let’s Just get into the challenges okay yeah we’re Halfway Through? So business where we Left off Dino praise our fans these herbivores are fed up with being Eaten It’s time for revenge so i Think we Gotta choose Only herbivores This is Actually gonna be a Pretty tough Challenge – we gotta go up against the T-rex a bunch of Raptors and a Bunch of Those Guys That Forgot Their Names and we Only Got $5,000 Okay here we Go – We Got stegosaurus We Got Club tail Which is good Triceratops and Brachiosaur as Guys Another Thing They did in the most Recent update like i said they had a New Snake we’re gonna check that out today But Another Thing They did they Changed The price the laser from five Hundred and two Hundred Let’s Try This out Let’s try Out some laser with for $200 it’s a Good discount Stegosaurus Shoosh Hey Guys i love the Club tail we gotta get close i lin there He’ll take Out the Raptors and these Guys? What do we want to put the laser on we’ll put the laser on the stegosaurus i like That? Hopefully They Got Good Aim Just take a minute to step back and look at What we’re doing right Now we’re picking a bunch of Dinosaurs we’re slapping laser Beams on their heads We’re gonna have them fight each Other? Escape Is Just Crazy sometimes sometimes i Forget What we’re actually doing okay you know What you Feel like a Laser Would Look Good on a Triceratops You notice We Look Good on him flamethrower okay do we Need more Numbers With pre-K stars i Feel like The Brachiosaur Is he’s okay look at That Flying V Formation we Got i feel like the brainiest horse is okay though? Seems Like he gets Knocked down really quick Slashes Do Come more stegosaurus We have to break the flying V formation and some more Club tails guys Club tail? It won’t be my favorite i know i Mention It Like Every video i bets in Every video It Was My favorite time store Growing up okay i’m Gonna continue to mention It Every single video okay well put those on there what else can We Do Flamethrower who Only Got $100 okay you know What There’s probably a Better Way to do this wait Now we have $300 Yes we can do another Second source This is perfect i want to use all the Money We use all the Money Guys Let’s do this okay please Lasers Please Lasers Do something Olia club dale Who will be an icy brains anzhi brain okay Come on babe no sag a ciggie What Happened singing Please Roll Over segi roll Over Steggy Is hurting okay come on Guys oh? No he’s That’s Eggy you Got cut in half We Still Got our Did That Break Go flying We Still Got our two Club tails oh no All right Let’s Just Go we’ll be lost i think we lost it okay we’ll be close Kind of close do you Know how much we can Get some copies in here okay let’s Just Clear The Whole Thing Clear The Board Where do we Go wrong guys Make The Numbers Let’s Just do a strength in numbers Kind of Thing one Flamethrower One Flamethrower Let’s Just Try It Let’s Just Try It We Got more Numbers in them we’ll Go full Speed oh? To work demolishing i think this is good oh? This nigga Started He’s stuck he’s stuck on a rock and are you gonna What if you’re stuck Just Get Away fire oh? No flame Thrower One’s Dead that guy Was still spinning he without a brain i Think We Got This Guy’s Maybe Dude oh? T-rex He’s going a Little Crazy It’s a One on two situation Please oh? No the T-Rex is still up okay that was Better That Was Better What if We took a Few of These Guys Out can i do minigun i can do mini gun Blew Through a Bunch of Many Guns Wheeze They’re Always 500 Ok, Let’s try It with so many Guns That’s Right old Man I prize your tomato farther And to put them farther you know what i’m gonna do that okay That’s a Little Better i usually don’t like restarting Right in The Middle of a Match This Is gonna Help us out a Lot Don’t it Didn’t Help at all They don’t start shooting till a Certain Point Okay i don’t Hear any Guns all our mini gun Guys are Saying no this Guy’s Still alive, oh? There Goes his butt Back This day Long Do Birds Head Things are getting Harder so Raptors are still like those are worst one yet Guys This Game Just Got Really hard Okay to what do we Get it to Baby Club tails Let’S to strike the Number club tail Shrink That Number close to you Dude That’s not Good We don’t have as many As i want Guys Let’s do a top down view we’re probably gonna lose again Let’S at Least Get a Top down view i think this is a Fun Way to watch the battle So much Just Got scratched okay we have one two three four Club tails and There’s Still One of Those Guys okay it’s two o’clock Tails vs T-Rex The T-rex is too strong Guys What are we gonna do Okay this time We Got Weapons on Every single one Except Wonderful Guys We Got Wool this is my Theory if we can Burn the T-rex and we get a fire That’s gonna do Damage Over time That’s my Theory That’s my Theory It Says Here you are key Do the Theory Work It’s going in Slow Motion We did It we did It Guys i think When it goes in slow motion That means it’s over Dude speaks more to advance we do that okay so now I’m beginning to think the flamethrower is one of The best Weapons in the game What is up with the colors Violet by Leia pose or Hungry Finally hippos Have Surrounded you don’t let them eat You i Hear The Yellow Green and pink so it’s like all Great Hungry hippos Guys This is uh? no way iF you’ve ever Played Angry Hungry hippos This is Just Like The Board and if you have it it’s basically a Game Where you got like these hippos you press a Button The Hippos grab These Little Ball Things and Whoever gets the most ball Things at The end Wins Finally Hip Always This is Pretty fun okay for Finally hippos don’t let them eat you okay we Only Had $2,000 Let’S Get the copies in Here Guys i love copies i Love Copies and I love flamethrowers dude we’ve Just proven Flanked Doors are Really Good They do so Much Damage Over time And Let’s Get some penguins i love penguins Guys it’s gonna be really small Animals on This one But i think wait a minute why aren’t they doing the flank Doors this guy is okay good Job copy oh? Oh they Got Up dude that Was crazy, oh? Wow dude it’s making the flamethrower Sound but there’s no flame done Hapless Hilarious They’re all Jumping into his mouth okay Guys We Got a Hurry i wanted to get through five of these today so hopefully these next you i can do them Pretty quick this pyramid is aesthetically displeasing Roy Will remove It Within One minute okay we Got One minute to take out This pile of Boxes Okay what do we want. To do for the boxes Whatever we use have used Warhawks i think last video we went through a Lot of Characters we Have done before? Are there any more We Haven’t done What the elephant i think we Have Whoops How about some copies dude how obsessed with copies i live in it i’ll be the first Permit i’m obsessed with the copies oh? You Know what be Good a Little cannon Actually do We We Got to get some Money back Let’s Get some Money back we Need $500 and then we Can Get Some cannons going i think i can It Would Be Pretty Good Save a Cannon on That Elephant we’ve Still Got $10 um no okay No there’s a spare That’s fine please shoot The cannonball Didn’T do anything Well We Still Have 37 Seconds Whoa the music stopped it’s back it’s going Again dude i gotta Say I Really Enjoy these box challenges did we Do it oh There’s still two boxes you know get the boxes Dude it’d be Amazing if the elephant could Like snipe One of these i Think we did It we did With 19 Seconds to spare there we Go that Was a Fast One okay Guys. Two more to go super Puppies Look At Those dogs These Boies are decked Out with Gear Put them back in their place Guys These dogs Look Soaked Why Does it look cute if somebody posted a picture of a Puppy With Like a machine gun and a Cannon Strapped onto his back Something About It is cute i don’t know what it is okay what do you want. To do these puppies are probably strong This Commanders Going Let’s Get some Raptors going you know What i bet these Guys have a Lot of Health? So let’s do the flamethrower method Damage overtime Gazelle and a Penguin There We Go we Used all the Money Here we Go look at These cute little dogs Oh My Goodness Know What Let’s pause it i got to see one of these puppies close-Up you’ve gotta be Kidding me look At This Guy She’s Got so many guns Flamethrower Cannon Shotgun Laser he’s got Everything ok Let’s Say Let’S take Control of Somebody Take Control of This raptor i got Him ok Here we Go i Can Control The Raptor Let’S take Out These Puppies take Out That Wall i’m Bouncing i’M punching okay where are the puppies – i don’t think we took out One puppy Are they all alive Still one Two three four Throw alive oh My Goodness This is gonna be tough okay guys that did not Work I Know This isn’t gonna Work I Just wanted to see what It Happened okay come on spiny ooh? he at least Got Water Paul It Was still an upgrade from last time i Knew that wasn’t gonna Work i knew it was gonna Work ed willie’s Try it The teitei no boy guys That’s the new snake This is the new snake oh? Man Dude he looks Weird he looks Very Weird okay let’s give Him a Flamethrower and a flamethrower and a laser Cuz this is the new snake I’m Really interested to see how they Attack it’s called Titanoboa Titanoboa Which Makes me think boa constrictor Which Makes me think it’s like Constricts the enemy i Don’t know man i Just Need to i’ll be cool if It boiled Around its enemy okay we Got to go slow motion for this look at these twin Snakes look at These twin Snakes, Whoa They’re Dead That’s Already Dead okay okay well that Was fast Guys i got a Good Feeling about This i Got a Very Good Feeling i Got a Bad Feeling we’re Dead Instantly Guys i think this is gonna be it the brachiosaur Is has 800 HP Dude we Need something with a Lot of Health And We Need enough Money to give US some Upgrades to des pointing right at Those Stupid dogs i i’m mad at These dogs Have a dog Fan i don’t like These dogs i’m Kind of Mad at These dogs okay minigun Flamethrower i Think That’s Good We Got a Hundred dollars Left so we could do we Do some penguins it’s Just gonna melt them Instantly But maybe The penguins can Go Under the shots oh shoot That fire is right on over And We Got a Lot of Help gunfire you Just Got to stay alive Stop all know we’re something This One down We do down to go please yes We did it That Was by far the most difficult Level i’ve Played in this game but to relearn something The precatorius has 800 hP that is huge King Penguin King Penguins are me the polar Bears reported your Misgivings Now you must deal with the arctic Army okay wait a minute maybe I think we Couldn’T use the polar bear before Maybe We Unlock different animals as We Go dude if we Could unlock That King Penguin That Would Be Amazing okay this might Be Pretty Tough The penguins are strong Dude oh My Goodness that Thing is huge Crowd Oohs The King Penguin dude it’s a Pretty Nice Crown i want That Crown i will take That Crown okay we only had $1300 Do we Want it do the brachiosaur His method again oh we only Got 1,300 bucks Okay i’m Thinking We Got to do something Else Maybe Maybe The pterodactyl maybe The pterodactyl all geared Up so let’s Go come up with a flamethrower and Dude i don’t know how much Money we’re gonna, have minigun so he’s got a Flamethrower minigun and a Laser? He’s probably not gonna have the Healthy Knees though Whoa? He Just Bounced off of Him he smashed his head Smash is that Right into hope okay That’s not gonna Work okay maybe four hippos in flamethrowers It’s like The Hungry Hungry hippos all Over again Lukashenko He’s Just Wiggling his head Whoa pete frates Off we’re taking Out The little penguins it’S Just the King penguins too strong Guys This is gonna be a tough one Too This might be more difficult Than the last One okay guys it didn’t Do so Well last time Let’s Try This titanoboa again Let’s Try Out the new snake and Let’s Get This guy out we’ll give Him a Flamethrower Snake with a Flamethrower and a Laser and a Laser and Do we don’t Got Any more Money you know we could do We Could Give Him a Shotgun Snake With his Jacket on a Flamethrower Guys i know this isn’t gonna Work or is it or is it nope lost his head That Was Whack We Just don’t Got the Money okay maybe We Try Break Your sores Again i can’t give Him anything though i can’t give Him any Gear no Turrets – What can We Do Let’s Get some wait a minute i Can’t do penguins i want to do penguins and i can’t do penguins i can do a seagull we could do a Seagull and What else can i do oh Hey Nina yeah Boy i got a Bad Feeling about This Thing is we Got a Lot of Help okay Nice We have a Lot of Help so we Got That going in our favor come on Frankie break you to break Here’s our? Break That Pink Penguin Snack Break Him break King Penguin dude he’s getting up Because This is crazy okay the breaking Stories he’s Kind of slipping on the ice? He’s slipping a Little Bit how many Things We Got We Got? Dude it’s Just a King Penguin We Got It please We Got the king penguin all That’s left Is One Lonely Penguin Run It away Oh there’s no one over here oh? No dude he’s trying to a sneak Attack? Got Him Please Please Get This last One stomp on Him okay dude he slid right Through The legs We Got Another Ninja Penguin This is Actually more Challenging Than the cake bag we Got Him Please tell me you didn’t Get me We gotta be dude They have Ways to awesome so can we Be the king penguin now oh i Just Saw something Before i don’t know if this is new or not look at this bunch of Records spent 1.1 care blast on a gold star have? 375 Dollars or more Leftover That’s interesting Do we have do We Got a gold star on This One with Nice Pigs – We Could use 20,000 and we use 7.4 Thousand That’s Good Dude That’s interesting What about This one Spend 262 or less okay so it Depends on the level We Got One gold star As We Go i Use Pretty Much all the Money That is Pretty Cool okay so guys Let’s Happen to Sandbox you guys had a Really Really Good idea You Know What Let’s Go to the war zone i feel like This is appropriate for the matchup we’re about To do so This is from Andrew q Andrew q Says do you want To see five tanks first is a Super T-Rex With Ten Thousand Health to ten Thousand Health? That’s a Lot of Alp Okay and They were Saying that We Should do The tank um Kind of Far Away So it’ll Actually Hit the T-rex i like that idea cuz last time we tried the tank and wasn’t really hitting the guys it was Having a Hard Time okay we’re doing five tanks One T-Rex With 10,000 how That’s gonna be interesting you didn’t Say anything about the damage so we’re Just Doing 10,000 Health i think That’ll be cool okay Guys Here we Go dude look at these tanks That’s what i’m talking about Dude this is acne Whoa This is Actually Pretty Cool-Looking It takes our Takes a Blow Themselves Up T-Rex Um He hasn’t taken down any of the tanks yeah Everybody’s Still alive at This point you know what We Should Do Let’s Take Over the T-Rex We Still have nine oh i got One piece of 9,000 Health They’re Doing a little damage okay can i get Out of here please Please Let me Get out of Here Yes haha i made it out Let’s take Out This day bite it oh Dude that Was a Nice Explosion okay our Health is still over 9000 Which is Very good Am i actually doing damage When i hit him like That Dude actually Let’S Take Control The tank Let’S take Control of This one oh My Goodness We Actually can Do It dude this is Pretty fun okay Let’s shoot this guy Let’S shoot Him from a distance oh? To hit him okay the reloading Kind of Takes a While Now am i ami i think though i think It Just has auto Aim? Sorry Other Tank Just Set The Other Type i think maybe is ottaway i Don’t know maybe oh We Missed Him this Next One Should Hit yes? Direct Hit This is Pretty fun oh Dude i just did a bunch of damage we can Get Hit maybe One or two more Times by this guy Run Away Run Away Three Cobs 288 Health we can Get Hit maybe One or two more Times note They went right Through His legs What’s it Doin okay how Much Help Does This T-Rex have He’s Got 3000 guys Okay so we could take Him out Look At This tank Just Perched Up here always Say Actually Backwards I’m going in reverse right Now oh no Dude this is gonna be close That Was a Mess Please Hit Him Dad Got his foot Cuz we Got a Runaway he’s coming in he’s close in we’re backed into a corner Dude we gotta Get out of here oh i got his leg no we only have 18 Health What we’re hitting we’re dead no? no, please please don’t touch me No This Scared me to look at my Birds Go flying okay that was Really fun All right Well Guys i want to see can i use the king Penguin now Okay so we can’t use the king penguin you know What let’s have some more fun with this Titanoboa okay we’ll put them on this side Dude this is crazy This is absolutely Crazy okay do we Yeah look At These tails Sticking Out Cuz this is Hilarious okay We Got to get a Hundred in here we Got a Hundred and Let’s hook a Bunch of them up with flamethrowers itself They’re gonna Need it cuz this T-Rex Man This T-Rex has ten Thousand owl and these Titanoboas I Feel Like They died Pretty Quickly okay we Got a Bunch of Flamethrowers on these Guys Let’S do this oh My Goodness Guys look at Those snake hey see those Things going down the Mountain Dude this is crazy Looking Whoa Dude they were lifting abab They Weren’t oh we’re having Around Him? They’re Actually Doing it old Man He’s Down He’s Down As They were actually wrapping Around Him Dude that Was cool okay Guys we gotta see it again This time in slow Motion look at These Guys Sound They make is Kind of Scary Too don’t Lift them up again This Titanoboa Whoa dude you get it no for these Guys i can’t believe What i’m seeing right Now i can’t believe What i’m seeing Guys We Gotta get a Snapshot of This dude They’re like moving Together As One unit Dude this is crazy This might Be My new favorite Guys Could We Get 6,000 Likes for That Well we Just Saw Don’t do it for me do it for all We Just Saw Guys that Was so Crazy That might have Been my favorite moment in the game so far but guys best You have to do it for Today’s video i really hope you enjoyed if You did as Always Feel free to hit that Thumbs Up button and subscribe you have it Already i will see you Guys in the next piece Battle? Simulator Dude we are like right Inside of His mouth you know what if i can Attach Him that Boat Shark Boat, oh? My Goodness okay Guys we gotta get out of the boat and we Got. To drive these guys Around

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