77 thoughts on “Neil Patrick Harris Has Mastered Facial Expressions

  1. He is so talented with this show 🙆🏽‍♀️ As I watch it, I’m amazed at his performance while simultaneously hating him 🙈

  2. That Happy Glorious Face… looks so much to “A successful Playbook Move”, just without the winkle 😉

  3. the baudelaires and theire 2 season 2 friends were the ones to deslike the videos the know neil is count olaf in disguise

  4. James Kimberly Cordon listen to me! Please do a carpool karaoke with neil, he is so great and everbody would love a carpool karaoke with him! I beg you

  5. I wish James had asked Dave Franco about his movie 6 Balloons now on Netflix. Franco was excellent and so was the movie.

  6. I watch the show I was huge fan of books when I was little probably 1st series I ever got into even before Harry Potter I think he's okay as Olaf problem with me is most of the time I just see NPH in cosplay doing faces I don't see the character. However sometimes I do but most of the time I just can't get into his performance because I just see him.

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