Natureboy Was This Attempt Take Down Or Was It A Shake Down😂😂😂

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listen I want to apologize too for to a few people who basically was saying that
this interview was saying that a TV was probably not going to happen because
Nature Boy had his little ultimatums one being when he goes on these interviews
he has to screen the questions he don’t want to UM have anybody put him on the
spot I mean it happens to him all the time on live people put them on the spot
they they’ll come off like that be a cool with them and then they’ll ask him
a question that he don’t even know how to answer so I’m gonna go down and say
hello to everyone that’s here and then we’ll start dr. Mia was the first one in
the room thank you sweetie always holding me down hey pumpkin circle Jones
financial per usual here Jessica Jackson s a reign in Real Talk
hey sweetie hey show the love paid hey Gabriel so
sign that it did not put that interview up yesterday guys now natureboy and
velvet have this posted all around that it was supposed to be just like love how
are you sweetie it was supposed to be um it says please spread the word not to
watch the 24/7 what is that um Real Talk let us fill us in page a sister sugar hey Chantelle so sayonara I don’t know
him personally but sayonara would not I did a preview nine minute preview for
what’s to come and he wouldn’t have put it up yesterday he would have put it up
yesterday oh they are trying to do all that’s why yesterday real talk
he had he had the footage on the Airbnb that he’s staying at in New York and he
and he was like letting us look at them interacting inside of the arm in the
Airbnb tell me that’s what you’re referring to cuz if so we’re on the same
page with that I don’t know what he did in scientist studios but I believe that
siding at the studios if if I’m if I’m wrong correct me if I’m wrong okay I got
you real talk correct me if I’m wrong the studio is in
his house I think so Nature Boy obviously was probably in there being
disrespectful um you know I had heard from a few people he was trying to
record he’s famous for doing that you don’t come into nobody’s establishment
and not let them know that you’re being recorded SIA Netta welcomed him to do an
interview prior times you feel what I’m saying he needs watch time to get money
right so what I’m trying to say to you is you don’t come in somebody’s house
filming you know somebody studios or whatever but they invited you to do an
interview they’re supposed to be your on recording you in the conversation and
then I just I just heard it didn’t go smooth so when I didn’t see the video up
they claimed natureboy velvet that the videos two hour-long video and it was a
great bill hey sweet mom hey first lady so you know I’m not I’m not really
surprised you know that cyanate uh um didn’t put put it up because he probably
felt disrespected who knows SIA Netta might put it up at a
later date who knows he might change his mind
and if you’re saying that he’s doing this for watch time Real Talk obviously
that watch time didn’t mean that much storm because he didn’t put that up
yesterday and everybody was looking for it and they still would be looking for
it now he was to put it up cuz we want to hear
what these two Barney and clowns have to say you feel what I’m saying you know I
think that it probably didn’t bring any value and he was talking probably all
crazy out of his mouth Plus Sian Etta probably wasn’t comfortable because he
came with like six or seven people and when you when you’re coming to
somebody’s establishment you’re supposed to let them know who’s coming just like
if somebody comes to your house that’s the Etica see but see when you
don’t come from home training that’s how you operate
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welcome thank you it’s up now they are making out on the corner okay you you’re
saying it’s up now the Big Brother thing heat yeah I’m Mike Witter how are you
sweetie brought the whole entourage like when they do data just like when he when
Nature Boy is asking to stay at somebody’s house he’s bringing five or
six females it just don’t make no sense then you bring in an entourage you
probably in that man’s establishment talking all crazy then you got the
entourage he’s thinking that if you say the wrong thing to you he might get
jumped in his own establishment saying that it was not having yeah real talk he
said now I’m good with that so I believe if it’s safe to say if he puts the live
up that might be the last interview that he does with Nature Boy you know but see
Sian Etta used to sit there kind of clown this community over here why y’all
so focused on nature boy I mean godly you know how he talks but yet and still
every couple of months you’re intrigued to have them on your platform it doesn’t
matter if you have them every couple of months or every single day like I do
you’re no better than me you have your own alternative motive why
you had him on your platform and you’re all your own alternative motive why you
had them on the platter on this time it tight on you natureboy
lied and said he will be in New York on March 22nd but he has a show in ATL
March 21st ok sweet mom hey Leah’s life I hope he leaves nature boy in the
gutter after this I hope so too I believe he will doh there’s no reason
for him to keep breaking bread with nature boy nature boy does not bring
anything to the table – sayonara sayonara has built his own empire on
YouTube and off I don’t know him personally he better not come into my
life cuz one time you came into my life a couple of months ago and he was that
what are you talking about young lady and I was like listen I’m not starstruck
so don’t you come on here interrupting me because if I get distracted siding
that I will block you so he got out my life real quick I don’t get starstruck
when big youtubers come on to you you chat and you know try to make their
presence known that that don’t move me that don’t move me yeah but you know
it’s like Sian Eddie you need to stop you be doing the most you know and then
the thing is beside another this is my opinion it’s not really no interview
with you because you’re the type of person you’ll let nature boy get on your
platform you can by accident call him Nature Boy and Nature Boy be checking
you oh oh that’s not my name I’m chief ok chief
you know like all that uh-uh there’s a way in with how you talk to another man
and that’s not how you talk to another man in that manner like that all that
aggressive miss you know you was once point of time wanted to be called nature
boy you’re not saying it’s almost like to me I don’t feel as though side
another should have no interview with sigh another because Sian added to me
act like he’s a little bit intimidated when from nature boy and what sign that
it needs to know he’s from Harlem allegedly is Nature Boy is not that dude
he’s not that dude he has never been just like in the jungle he stayed up in
the house no question when he lived in the hood he stayed up in the house he
might be big and statue he might have a big mouth
but Nature Boy is not that dude it’s not that dude I’m telling you people think
he’s you know just you know like he’s this rough around the edge he hang gonna
bust a grape in a fruit fight if side doesn’t axe him the real questions like
the dance with the daughter beating up though the lying and skimming etcetera
real question why would anybody want to tune in exactly dr. Amer because that’s
what we want to know but see at the same time it’s a waste of time for siding
editor to write those questions down because we know that nature boys not
going to answer some questions he’s already feeling like people are trying
to set him up with the CPS for him dancing with them sweatpants on with his
daughter so that’s one question we already know he’s not going to answer
anything about CPS and dancing with his daughter it’s that’s not gonna even
happen cuz right now Nature Boy is shook Queen Maya Smith nutty boy is crazy is
Real Talk homegrown bomb exactly Nature Boy is not to do we all know that he’s
not that dude it just kills me like that be it be more men supporters will come
in my comment section and think they’re gonna disrespect me trying to support
nature boy because they want to be a nature boy and I’m telling you young men
that are trying to lead yourself in the same direction and think that our future
is you leading in that direction and think you’re gonna disrespect us women
Nature Boy is not that dude and if you think you’re gonna be just like Nature
Boy you’re going to be in trouble you’re gonna be you’re gonna be in jail or Six
Feet Under that that’s the only thing that happens
to people who are like Nature Boy so there’s nothing to want to be like
Nature Boy is nothing to want to be like he says CPS is going after world news
now oh please he’s lying he also says CPS was going after all the
channel holders they’re investigating he also said last year when he had one of
his cheerleaders I ain’t gonna say his name because I don’t need him doing a
response video even when I don’t even say his name
he also said last year that YouTube was investigating channel holders you
they know who they know who Nature Boy is just like they know who I am and that
means they don’t know him Nature Boy is not making no money on
this platform for YouTube and they’re not thinking about no no Nature Boy like
he’s that employee see think Nature Boy thinks that he’s so important to himself
that everybody else should put them on that same pedestal even YouTube even the
CPS CPS is going to do interviews on channel holders or investigations on
channel holders because it’s involving Nature Boy now if you believe that then
you’ll fall for anything Nature Boy don’t want none of SIA he
knows sorry we’ll go in he just playing the role for now you already know sugar
love he loved 173 said what Jessica why let me see let me scroll up he said he
just said he just had big job man listen on contrary it says because he said
world news call CPS on him and they are getting tired of oh please let me tell
you something World News don’t have to call CPS I’m
gonna get that out to check what we’re not gonna do his name job I ain’t got no
beef with arm World News World News does what he does on his channel but what
we’re not gonna do is make up allegations that we really don’t know
too much about because world news don’t have to be I’m the person that called
CPS I’m quite sure there was a dozen to maybe hundreds of people that called CPS you feel him saying he has a beef with
world news a personal beef so of course he’s gonna put world news in there
because world news be putting out some facts on him he’d be putting out them
receipts and he don’t like that that’s why we say nature boy cry I mean laugh
now cry later cuz you won’t get somebody who’s going
expose you to the highest captivity you work on one day be able to come back
from that why would they come after anybody and not like everyone exactly he
said that last night being full of himself
exactly hey Denise Nicole hi I so sorry I’ve been missing you that’s okay you
made it today you can’t always make it to every live yup the reviews the
viewers called – of course anybody that’s seen it that’s that’s who call
ain’t gonna do a channel holder did that the viewers they did not blind they seen
it all due respect pause Nature Boy doesn’t have a eggplant okay dr. Amir
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for her she didn’t want kids in the first place she wants to be over there
in carbonation universe black are we just gossiping and entertaining yeah
that’s what we’re doing and why are you here if you don’t like gossiping and
entertaining I’ll help you out of here e L I mean love said once about okay thank
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there we go put some pretty blue ones in purple yeah but it’s really sad and
stuff I’m not even surprised to be quite honest with you go up top to edit oh yeah I am yeah but I when I seen that
the arm video didn’t go up I wasn’t even surprised hey peanut knows what’s going
on with you you got me wrong some someone needs to step up and do
something to him oh I’m sorry I thought you were saying okay I misunderstood you
yeah you right about that but you know um he’s in the United States and I
really believe Haiti dentists hey Chrissy Jones hey Roy Roy what’s up
what’s up guys you know it’s gonna take a village to take that whole situation
down cuz you got to understand hi I’m old son you guys gotta understand he has
a community that he is built that’s brainwash and they’re gonna back
him to the wheels fall off those are credible witnesses and that’s another
reason why he’s probably getting off on some of the stuff that he’s doing yeah
we all have to do it exactly Chrissy that’s your guess is just as good as
mine I think right now the Nature Boy is putting stuff up soon
he’s throwing stuff up against the wall to see what’s gonna stick I don’t think
he even has a plan for carbonation he’s scared that why he ran out and got
right exactly Jessica Jackson black butterflies said being in New York with
high-power assault-weapons can get him I don’t think he brought them with him
black butterfly I don’t think that he brought those weapons with him I think
wherever he’s staying at he left him there he don’t get it yet he will see in
a minute velvet can smile all she wants to when she looks up she won’t have
anything let me go talk about that thank you dr. Amir for bringing that up
says what I don’t want to say in this house did anybody watch this video with
I don’t get it either that’s crazy II II loved 173 let me tell you something guys
put a wire in a chat if y’all don’t fill me on this velvet is a scorned scorned
woman and Nature Boy is also a bitter bitter man for one thing that ol Mac did
she did with old Mac velvet I’m telling you y’all better pay
attention to these videos I’ll be putting up velvet is in the cut velvet
is in the cut she’s waiting for him to slip up he gonna slip up a few times too
many she might leave a couple of times when he slips up on an inch and switches
up hey ether 92 but let me tell you something velvet is going to be nature
boys down Falls I’m ty been saying this since I’ve been doing commentary velvet
is the reason why Nature Boy keeps getting in trouble every time she comes
around something happens doesn’t nothing happen when when when she leaves soon as
she comes back all of a sudden something happened just like the interview with
sighting at a TV every time she come back something just don’t happen don’t
happen right when the cops come to his house it be because Velva be talking to
her family and her friends like when I told you about that friend
what and what nature would oh no I told you but keep it 100 with nature boy
right cuz I know he listens to my lives imma imma imma telling the real I’m not
gonna beat around the bush and give him enough rope to hang himself I’m a keeper
want with him he made a stupid decision to leave
Malaya for velvet he played himself by doing that that’s all I’m gonna tell you
Nature Boy you figure that one out cuz I know you listen to my lives you figure
that one out you played yourself when you got rid of Malia you was probably
better off with her she put a battery in his back exactly black butterfly manless
I’m telling you velvet got the upper hand right now I have no more than you
think I know y’all better pay attention to them videos pay attention let me tell
you something put a wine in the chat if nature boys paying attention to my
videos then y’all need to pay attention to them videos put a why in the chat if
you agree pay attention pay the loudest blink blink in the room ain’t saying
nothing but you need to pay attention a quiet one is a smart one person that’s
quiet is one deal to watch pay attention you mark my words every time I tell you
stuff I know i’ma keep dropping Jews every single day even even on my lives
and in my 10 minute commentary you can you can choose to listen to it or not
that’s not on me that’s on you but if this is the content that you choose the
UM to log into you should want to know the facts of what’s going on for real
that’s all orchestrated he’s already planning to have velvet on side and edit
so he could appease her right when they returned switch up on her again yup miss
Tiffany hey Michael Phillips Phillips how you doing today sweetie
hey Tony it’s Tony Womack at least Malaya seems genuine with her feelings
for me yes she does and she’s it I’ll be honest with you I’m not trying to throw
her on Nature Boy because I think I think
you know she she on fell short we all fall short sometimes you got to
understand this guys but I think Malaya fell short like we all do from time to
time but I think genuinely Malaya’s heart is good I don’t care what nobody
says that’s how I view her and I felt really bad for her when he disrespected
her like that you could see all over her face how she feels in the inside and he
made it feel like trash that’s because Nature Boy don’t feel
good about itself a man does that to a woman when they don’t feel good about
themselves honestly says pieces hi sweetie
first lady said Malaya just needs to let just needs a lead she has too much to
offer her child that didn’t ask the mother their mother to leave him like
that you could be going to baseball games you could be doing you know I’m
saying going to us teaching meetings yeah I felt bad for her also hey Dai
Stevie didn’t you know I’m saying and you know and if a man thinks that that’s
the way you’re supposed to operate with a woman you’re not a man because for
number one you got a mother you don’t want nobody doing that to your mother
why are you doing it to somebody else’s mother um Aaron said nature boy gets
himself a sound smart by getting people around him that right exactly that’s
what makes him think he’s a big man oh so similar needs to come out but still
don’t get taken in by her right but I’m telling you I’m telling you thank you
for coming through guys TV thank you thank you thank you but it’s just it’s
just sad man it’s just sad then he then he gets on that car to listen he was on
foot when he was on arm sayonara for that nine minutes he’s all trying to act
like he’s some killers home talking all all like like hard but then he’s then
he’s up there saying but I’m gonna tell you guys you need to take them videos
down because they’re gonna investigate and all this sound like a little female
after know which one what is which one is it
going to be nature boy are you gonna be a Suge Knight slashed arm to park or are
you gonna be the Messiah and master teacher really and truly he go back to
Malaya he’s I think he got some feelings for to build got to build the back up
you already know I’m nine ether that’s what he does with all of them then I
seen I think true update with his slow ski behind doing push-ups with him I
want I want to say if you don’t go sit down somewhere
hey dime diva just was looking at your video catching up didn’t know you was
live at the doctor okay sweetie thank you for coming through as always dime
diva yeah I put up two videos today y’all go check those two videos out
there kind of like back-to-back so the second video I put out you but you guys
might not know that I put a video also at eleven o’clock Eastern Standard Time
that’s why he always seven deep going yeah exactly because he needs but see
the thing is is if you’re Archer Rogers is not about nothing you still can get
you you still can get seen you still can get put hands on you real recognize is
real you could bring ten of you carbonation members but if you want some
real Street dudes from New York they’re gonna in this could be four of them and
telling you they’re gonna still lay hands on you he do have feelings for
Malaya I believe so too you said ain’t nobody running up them
ain’t nobody running up one unless what he claims they just as weak as he is
exactly Jessica no true is a C na me oh Ken all I could do is laugh at true to
he be trying to kill me oh my god that dude is
I was on the floor and I seen him join them damn boot the boot camp pull-ups or
push-ups I gone and still catch a beat-down exactly doctor man I’m
surprised true can move with the bottle head he counted around qui shit brick
said then he tells him he should be calling and speaking about the mission
not fighting over a woman mind you that’s all he does is fight for Nana I
know it it’s crazy all day every day is just don’t make no sense make sure y’all
hit that like button as y’all come in thank you it is free to light I gotta I
gotta get another Mouse Nature Boy doing right I’m telling you that boy doing
right but every dog has their day honey I’m gonna tell you that right now
so whatever he thinks he’s getting away with honey let me tell you he ain’t
getting away with nothing he gonna have his day I’m telling you I had a feeling
anyways that that interview wasn’t gonna go up Nature Boy mad ain’t nobody
thinking about him nobody wants to get him right exactly
being each trying to act like he’s famous famous for what begging hold on
guys I went into another tab so if you don’t see me reading the Karma’s that’s
cuz I went into another tab real quick one second okay I’m bad guys Nature Boy wants to be
Instagram famous yup you already know a famous bum that’s right exactly
SIA Netta didn’t put interview up I know I’m dice TV I’m wondering if he’s if
he’s holding off maybe he’ll put it up today but I believe if dice TV I believe
that inside that it was gonna put that interview or people to put it up already
and then you know it listen you know what cracked me up Nature Boy and velvet
were advertising that a two-hour bill was going to be put up on Sian at his
platform that never went up that’s funny hey mrs. a how are you sweetie he had to
spray down on his furniture I know that’s right part of it is up on black news – yeah
eat dice TV she’s talking about that nine minute preview from yesterday
that’s the last we heard from that interview that’s it 9 minutes and 27 25
seconds he said nah these dudes now I like the way these dudes in here moving
he may it probably made him feel so uncomfortable he said now I’m good hold on one second the all house gonna faithless you
already know sister sugar Avery I was looking for Velvets broom to go with the
outfit I know that which is right right a witch’s costume side doesn’t introduce
all the time like this he always shows a preview before finished into you so I
miss Tiffany do you think the interview is gonna go up today when is it going up
then because I would have thought he would already put their arm velvet in
nature boy his video up there not of any importance
at all so what would be the holdup it’s just nature boy people see him every
single day is he’s a household name in some parts of the world
yeah right sign that had to edit it so he will probably post okay well we’ll
see he probably yep you’re right he probably
had to edit the video because you gotta you gotta see who you’re dealing with
you gotta you gotta look at what you’re dealing with when you have people like
him up on your arm platform oh okay I see
I seen the part yeah that part is like a nine-minute though bitch was looking
like my great-aunt going to church yeah I think somebody let her use that outfit
I think somebody let her use that outfit I was waiting for vel to start singing
guards trying to tell me something no she better she better have nature boys
singing God’s trying to tell me something Haim is try try Messer I mess
up with my girls name all the time got you on the big screen velvet lookin like
she was a service no in service I know it right a widow looking all creare I
want one of those ladies to beat velvet up already waiting for the guys to jump
natureboy already since they’re so damn scared they’re all scared up in there
honey they should have loaned her some shoes I didn’t see the shoes though
Joan’s financial I didn’t see them shoes but I know I seen that outfit I said
wooing the hell left the gate open I said somebody get security I think I’m
gonna need eat some backup who is such a puppet I
can’t take it I me I know he said he’s a sad case mr. Mayas she had tennis shoe
oh no she didn’t hey Dante Benson oh no she didn’t
she had tennis shoes on with the with the black outfit the black widows outfit
looking like she’s a widow oh man yeah but whoever got the address didn’t
use it wisely that’s crazy Wow well at least we know she’s not
really into fashion she just threw that thing together I’m man we’ve been live
for about 35 minutes um Olivia Hicks welcome
make sure as y’all come in you leave a like on this video tennis shoes what a
hoody that’s what I’m talking about tennis shoes with us with a church
service clothes on trying to look like a black panther trying to look like a
black panther Velvets dressing better when she is not with yeah she does it
she looks better her skin looks more glowing and she just looks like a better
person you said oMG that restaurant team oh and
they was in that restaurant with that dude with his little girl those dresses
just like her personality boring miss a CFL dress is just like her personality
boring well at least some of them getting to eat decent meals on the road
yeah cuz you know that when when they’re in that house they’re only eat your one
soul a meal only ones eating his nature well if you look at him that dude he’s
like he like muscular fat he looks like he’s
eating more than just vegetables and carbs on him probably from the dollar
store hot mess you already know Stephanie
Davis welcome sweetie my granny who I just met dresses better than velvet and
all them over there Wow he’s always holding that baby – baby crying in the
car and he’s only eaten because he’s eating for four right he eats all day
he’s like he’s like he’s like on borderline fat and muscular he’s the
only one over to here no more covering her face yeah she
probably healed up I mean if it’s even true that he put his hands on me ha thank you Stephanie Davis thank you
sweetie he’s eating steak and everything else
you already know Tony Womack but the baby dropped at the restaurant did you
see that no I didn’t universe black said he is
big I think that’s why velvet you suck dr. Miz so so real with her it’s crazy
man so I guess after arm I guess after uh Sian Etta uh edits it then we’ll see
it then you know I have a whole bunch of say about that to Neji boy you suck hey
Queen my Smith why all the back-and-forth says he has another
interview with sire data today oh really Nima’s darkness he you said today is
another interview so sorry never got his hands full with that with that crowd
natureboy is shaped like a frog with his legs stretched out it’s weird that you
said that cuz I said the same thing is like his legs go out to the to the side crazy people who can’t wait to see the
interviews me the cause cosmetic visions welcome right acts the questions you
want to ask the the rest of the year support of carbonation and record label
and as a staff y’all suck yes and going to jabber house okay you got a couple of
eggs of you set up then I just don’t understand why he has they follow I
don’t understand it either Dante because I don’t know what they’re
following like he’s slow-footed right exactly
sergeant MA and sweetie Nature Boy has birthing hips yeah just to me like if
you look at him from the bottom down he just looks awkward he just I don’t know
he like it you know is you know I’m just saying you know I’m not trying to I’m
just saying this top part looks you know you know normal but the bottom part is
legs all out to the side and clubfoot looking son the Frog but let him but he
but he always got something to say about somebody else
I hope he’s hearing what we say about him his behinds body is really too too
feminine right hips and booty too much hips and booty a man hope you all oh thank you sergeant
Martin I hope yours is the blessed day as well lamb-lamb lack of black said
he’s built like a man woman nature boy of nature boys a big booty vegan girl I
can’t stand men with hands like that shortie whop whop I think he’s
nice-looking he looks his looks aren’t the issue no his looks are not the issue
he’s the nice-looking dude he is but I’m not saying I never said he was bad
looking but I don’t like he’s ugly from his personality I don’t like the way he
treats people nature boy tries to claim the knowledge as if he bought it right
but it has always been available exactly nobody has to go over the carbonation to
get the knowledge it’s always been available exactly visions Dante said
that baby’s going to fall off that red couch sure if she hasn’t already remember that frog paws and gross I said
myself yeah that’s crazy he’s so not attractive yeah but he you
could tell that he eats a lot and I could see like in another few like few
years as he gets a little older he’s probably gonna be like a fat man he
looks like he’s prone to get fat as he gets older yup he’s Satan someone said
that velvet was looking like Erica kid and oh my god Earth the kid I said Erica
kid Earth the kid it’s you know I’m thinking that something
Eartha Kitt win-win with the little little arm the little arm feathers crusty musty dusty velvet lost the what
weight and switched up yup he holds the camera a way to hide stuff
yeah but he wasn’t hiding too much when he was doing that filming inside that
air B&B Marcus I’m not wearing any he this gotta up his bottom half his
body is awkward he then he gonna lie it’s how but he
don’t work out what was you doing when he was doing the push-ups on the floor
there he lied too much he may have gotten a PBL oh not a PBL she said he
may have got a bbl/d how it looks like is MA from the New Groove uh-uh but
y’all better watch velvet velvet bomb trying to tell you
they’ll be bout to do a jam scam on Nature Boy hey watch anyone notice
velvet Wiz brought velvet weird bra now I’d never noticed it I thought she
wasn’t wearing them this is the only way we can talk about Nature Boy without
getting blocked exactly cuz if you go on to his site or to his website I mean
that works the Instagram and you say something you don’t like oh man it be on
apartment it be on and poppin honey natureboy don’t be having that peace and
love hey Berta I mean I said Bertha Berta Simon why was he all over Malaya
like where was she he said that that ain’t her mom live
that’s his arm he said that’s that’s not her Instagram
page that’s his Instagram page she said it’s not Malaya’s Jessica Jackson I
think it hurts her feelings when someone’s in the comments said her
breasts would be SCV it probably did though you know that’s why the you know
certain things that I won’t talk about cuz you know you don’t want somebody to
feel insecure about themselves you know a woman you know what I’m saying she
breastfeeds you know and then sometime not that we
have babies that can happen to us I got blocked for calling Ilyana a Lego
head oh no you did it she said Lego head a CVS receipt oMG no I would start
wearing bras – Wow way quote couple right listen one name fake walk as they
come hey silk butterfly hey sweetie fake woke as they come fake woke at its finest fake fake fake
right her baby’s a 1 and a half now but they talk to her like she’s 5 yeah it’s
like the baby’s playing catch up with a bunch of widows it’s true I first said
blockhead then changed I love respect Tim Tim said my private
account and we have too many of talking about Velvets breasts up here cuz I
don’t need nobody talking on Velva didn’t know what she was talking about
no she didn’t know at all what she was talking about she didn’t know at all
what she was talking about Berta said he was mad cuz the people was asking all
them questions well he should you know he shouldn’t get up on the platform when
people are gonna ask some questions rich boy was watching her like a hawk at what
she said on site Neda yup that’s why she was so nervous when saying that had a
question it was almost like exciting that a Carter off guard so listen guys I’m gonna get off of here
I just wanted to do a live with you guys because I’m gonna be really busy later
this was also the peak time to do a live for today so I said let me do it while I
could so if you have not left the like on the video please do so
also make sure you spam up the the chat with some hearts y’all have a blessed
day I may come back later I’m not too sure
mrs. a so don’t don’t don’t if I don’t come back don’t call me a liar like
Nature Boy but I might come back a little bit later maybe at 6:00
cuz that’s hours away but if I don’t y’all have a blessed day and I
definitely will be on here tomorrow

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