My Mom Punished Me For Her Divorce With My Dad

My Mom Punished Me For Her Divorce With My Dad

Hi everyone, my name is Caitlin. And I’ve sort of been “friend zoned”
by my mom. When I was very young, my father left us. The only thing I know about him is that he’s
an idiot. My mother raised me all by herself, but it
was impossible to say that she truly loved me. She was busy all the time looking for a new
“Daddy.” But, unfortunately, her relationships with
men never really worked out. I grew up during her endless depression. And what is child supposed to do when their
mother is struggling? Of course – try to help her. After each of my mother’s love failures, I
went to her saying, ” Look, men are jerks, but you have me!” It was only at these moments that she paid
attention to me and that we were a happy family. But these moments did not last long, because
when she found a new love conquest, I was out of the picture again. My story started when I was 16. One day, I decided to register my mother on
a dating site (before that, she preferred to meet with guys in real life). But you should have seen her eyes when I suggested
we register her. A couple of hours after I told her about the
idea, we had already chosen “outfits” and the location for taking her avatar photo. It was one of those rare occasions when she
spent a lot of time with me. Guess what happened next? As soon as I helped her out with the website,
my mom forgot about me. Ah. Ok, I’m already used to that, the situation
loops itself… Well, at least the online “hunt” was successful. My mother got her long-awaited-for Prince. Or Rather “Prince1973.” While they were talking, my mother was radiating
with happiness. I even wanted them to be together, because
I had never seen her with a loving man. What if, next to him, she would finally become
a loving mother? But, apparently this was not in the stars. She came back from her date with the Prince
and looked like she’d had a fight with some wild animal. She looked broken, had tears in her eyes,
and didn’t have her bag… Long story short, “Prince1973” turned out
to be a fraud. At the beginning of their date, they went
to a restaurant, and then they took a walk in the park. But at some point during their fascinating
date, he led her into some dark place and took her bag. Not only did he rob this woman, he also thought
that wasn’t enough. He thought it was necessary to mock her, and
that was the worst part. According to my mother, he claimed he was
surprised that a fat, old woman with a child was still trying to find someone. Can you imagine what an awful person he is?! Mom was truly taken by surprise and she hadn’t
even thought about going to the police. But of course I brought her back to reality. We went to the police station, she made a
statement, and we gave them all the data from the Dating site. He used a fake photo for his profile picture,
but mom was able to make a sketch of him from her memory. To sum it all up, at the station we were assured
that they would try to find the purse, and more importantly, the thief. But unfortunately it did not change the situation,
my mother was heartbroken. I could only imagine how miserable she felt. I hoped I could at least help her a little
with my support. But apparently, it was all in vain. I, just like in my childhood, sat by her,
started consoling her, like “see, you still have me and we will get through it,” but then
she just pushed me away. You won’t believe this… She started blaming me for everything! It turned out that I was to blame for the
fact that I registered her on the site and also that she couldn’t get a man, because
they did not want a woman with a child. And most importantly, since she took a very
long time to recover after giving birth, it was my fault that my dad left us. Can you imagine?! She‘s been thinking this way the whole time,
this low-life only helped her pull the trigger…. My dreams of having a loving mother evaporated
right then and there, so hearing this, in tears, I ran to my room. It was a hard night. Naturally, I could not sleep, I was too worried. And my beloved mother did not even say anything
in the morning… It was hard to get out of bed. The thought that my mother didn’t love me
felt like a ten ton weight put on my shoulders. It would have gone on like this if it hadn’t
been for Jeremy. Man…right… because of mom, I totally forgot
to tell you about my boyfriend. His name is Jeremy. Perhaps now it will sound foolish to talk
about how much I like hanging out with him or how much we love playing “World of Warcraft”
together. In General, you just have to know – I had
a boyfriend. After the situation with my mother, he rushed
to me and began trying to calm me down. He hugged me, kissed me, and finally I was
calm. The miraculous power of love! Or, just unlike some, I know how to appreciate
and accept support. I didn’t talk to mom. I just went to school in the morning and came
back in the evening, straight to my room. But … This is just the beginning. I started having health problems after that
nasty fight, and I almost didn’t want to eat. At first, I did not pay much attention to
it, but this problem grew out of proportion and by the end of the week I started getting
physically sick from food… You know, if you have some symptoms, never
look for answers on the internet! Nausea from food could be linked to ten diseases,
plus pregnancy. I was scared! I needed a doctor appointment as soon as possible,
but going to one with my mother was not an option, and it was also scary. Anyway, I found a compromise-a school nurse. She did an examination, gave me a bunch of
possible reasons, but the worst thing was that, exactly as I read online, among these
reasons was pregnancy. As always, I prepared myself for the worst,
so I assumed that I was pregnant… After the appointment, I went home and locked
myself in my room. I was thinking about telling Jeremy everything,
hoping that he would accept it. But I needed advice from a woman. I was in a state of shock, so I decided to
talk to my mother. But … again these “buts”…with my mother
there was always a “but.” Long story short, as soon as she heard the
word “pregnant,” even next to the word “possible,” she immediately started yelling. Oh, if only she was screaming because she
was worried about me… But she was screaming because I was causing
her more trouble. Here you are, all your life, trying to love
a person, and she sees you as a problem. I could not stand seeing any more proof that
my mother had considered me a burden my whole life, so I ran away from home, crying. What have I done to deserve a mom who doesn’t
stop her kid from running away from home?! I did not think about where to go, where to
spend the night, I was only thinking about my cruel mother. I just wandered around the city and noticed
a few places where homeless people gathered and warmed up around a bonfire. Late at night, when it was too cold, I decided
to go there. At one point, I was glad I was there. When you are among people who are also in
trouble, it becomes easier for you. But, my little social gathering with homeless
people did not last long. Jeremy called me. As soon as he found out I’d left the house,
he rushed over and took me to his house. I don’t know what to call my state of mind
at the time, but Jeremy certainly got me out of it. He showed me that he was not just my boyfriend,
he’s a guy I could rely on. And at that time, I hadn’t told him about
the possibility of pregnancy yet. When we got home, his parents were already
aware that I had run away from my mother. Just so you understand, during this time,
she called once just to ask me, in a very mean and mocking manner, how things were outside. Before that, I used to deny that I had a horrible
mom, but now … Jeremy’s Parents said that I could stay as long as I wanted to. It was such a contrast! For me, Jeremy and his family were heroes. At my most difficult moment, they took me
into their house. Unfortunately, this didn’t last long… The nausea did not go away and after a couple
of days of my stay, they also began to notice it. I’m so stupid! When they asked me directly what was wrong
with me, I decided to open up to them. I thought that the people who had sheltered
me, would help me to deal with this… But it didn’t turn out the way I thought
it would… When they heard that I might be pregnant,
they were furious. That’s when I saw them for who they truly
were. They said I was lying about the fact that
the baby was Jeremy’s, and they also started insulting me. After all, their good boy was not capable
of doing something like this… And this “good boy” knew the truth, but was
dead silent. He reminded me of an ostrich, only the holes
in the sand where he could hide his head were missing. They decided to play it safe, so they gave
me money. Almost like a payoff. But I was forbidden to live with them any
longer. Although, I would have left anyway, after
seeing who Jeremy really was. I was underage and abandoned by everyone. You can judge me all you want, but where could
I go? Anyway, I decided to get rid of the baby. I found out online about which clinic I could
go to and stay anonymous. Thankfully, Jeremy’s parents gave me a lot
of money. You would not believe it… after the doctor
saw me, it turned out that I was not pregnant, and the nausea was caused by the stress from
the situation with my mother. I’m just a fool who screwed up because of
my circumstances. Man, it was a shock, I wasted a lot of nerves,
I had a fight with Jeremy and his parents, and it was all for nothing. Although it was not all in vain… This situation helped me see a new side of
Jeremy… Finally I went home because there was nowhere
else for me to go. Mom, of course, asked a couple of questions,
but then went back to her usual business. To put it shortly, I’m waiting for my adulthood,
to move away from my mom forever using Jeremy’s parents money.

100 thoughts on “My Mom Punished Me For Her Divorce With My Dad

  1. boys that dont like dating women with children cant be called a "man", they dont know how to take responsibility for something they're gonna have to deal with eventually in the future (if you chose to have kids)

  2. Miss Caitlin you can blame yourself for setting your mum up on the dating site because like I said people you meet on a dating site they're not really good people some of them are good some of them I just really bad people so don't beat yourself up over is to be dating site because your mum got robbed to be fair she came I started this whole thing in the first place and also miss Caitlin you should have just told Jeremy's parents that you're not pregnant but but all I can say is to you when you finally turn 18 and you'll finally get ready to move out of your mum's house never look back just keep moving forward and forget about Jeremy because the moment you've mentioned were pregnant to your boyfriend they decided to be nothing but a coward and runs away from it when was Caitlin this is my comment to you I hope you find someone better and I hope that your mum doesn't come looking for you begging you to forgive her and also Jeremy on other hand you can tell of your ex-boyfriend and you can shove it

  3. GIRL HIDE YO MONEY VERY CAREFULLY! If yo momma finds out she might take it from you. I encourage you to do what you want to do when you grow up. But if u don't know what u want to do, I suggest u to find a job. I also suggest u to tell yo ex that u are not pregnant and that u can't believe he didn't help u and that u saw who he really is. I am 13 years old and I work for almost 6 months now and It's really useful.

  4. She IS Crazy Mom She Need To Go To Mental Hospital She IS Delusanal And Dangeres For you You Are Not To Be Tell It's You're Falt It's Hurs

  5. Caitlin's mom must be bitten in the thigh by a Komodo Dragon, then she'll be pelted with turnips. While Jeremy gets violently attacked by a cheetah and his parents both get hit in the heads with a frozen water bottle. Last but not least, Prince1973 gets his genitals caught in a bear trap, wrapped up in razor wire, locked up in a cage and have chili con carne dumped directly in his eyes.

  6. How can a parent just let their kid run away and not care a single bit???Just know that you will never be alone no matter what!

  7. Whether you're pregnant or not, the taught of abortion is horrible. You shouldn't been like yr mom. Taut u will love yr baby if you had been pregnant… ppl these days

  8. Ok was she pregnant? And that is messed up that her boyfriend's parents acted like that. He is a guy and hello they must have for got to give the guy the TALK. Hmm…

  9. Children should never be blamed for the actions of their parents. This mother was a terrible mother, Jeremy was a terrible boyfriend, and his parents were terrible people. I hope everything works out for this girl.

  10. And then after the video, the mother tries to kill her daughter on purpose or kicks her out anyway.


  11. This is probably wrong but for revenge I would not answer my moms calls or anything so i could see what she would do and if she really didn’t care about me

  12. My mother always had her door closed I cried alot cause I wanted to be loved she still doesn't pay attention to me 😒 but I don't care anymore I still have a terrible

  13. 5:30 in 2015 I drank a lot of soda. My pee was clear. When I research why, I read I was dying because my kidneys were failing. When I told my 9th grade science teacher, she started laughing and told me not to research symptoms lol

  14. So we can know tgis video is real put the COMMENT/THE STORY WRITTEN BY THE REAL PERSON NOT SOME BOT YOU MADE in the video

  15. Friendly advice: you're the parent in your mother daughter relationship and your mother behaves like a teenager although you are the teenager. Do not mention the money to your mother and keep it in a safe place because it seems like she can steal it for herself or she can steal it just to make you stay with her.

  16. I’ve tried a lot for my mum. But when she divorced she said she had nobody but she didn’t realise she had me and she tries to look for new people but they never treat her nicely

  17. 🌸It's ok, it will be ok, I guss she is in denial, she is connected, but trying to convince herself you are the reason, and not her! And dear, a person isn't just a side, but many, that is who a person is, bad and good, the truly deserving person is that who is willing to overcome one of his sides for another, keep the trust and if not, take responsibility for his mistakes,

  18. It’s horrible that her mom would care a lot about finding a man and little about her daughter when she always has a daughter and never has a man she should therefore focus on spending time with her daughter instead of a man

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