MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9

MY BASE IS FLOODING! | Subnautica #9

[Music] there is your communities read you colony you copy hello me for a while turns woke up just kind of hanging out the base yeah yeah I got a closer guy I wouldn’t say anything yeah that’s the thing there’s two video duty in Sturgeon well I listen don’t you don’t say anything but the guy that called me yesterday with the fifa guy yeah names irelia okay he say was a news from I think was Kapinos yeah Pepito’s yeah okay well good well he called me up today I don’t know I guess he came to the office he picked and picked up a microphone and he just talked to him for a while I mean I was just I was doing my normal business I know hey well listen my experience with your office so far has been one of you guys being grossly incompetent so it all guide to the worm oh yeah I was talking to doraleous they built a fraud suit yeah I mean he kind of helped I guess he had access to your system you’ll ever pay for my job thanks guys just walking into what I just showed up delivered me I mean he was right listen copper me [Music] I’m thinking something up with a fraud suit picked up a salt deposit but I don’t see it in my inventory so does the front suit have an inventory how do I access dispenser yeah look it up how do I access the fron suit inventory here the pizzas something on the back oh oh there you go yeah yeah okay yeah all right now deck round it down the storage unit in the back okay yeah you’re doing great buddy I’m pretty good I’m working on my base I really like to build a moon pool yeah don’t want to store my vehicles that’s yeah and they don’t want to build a cyclops because I got good oh yeah here’s what’s happening I went back to the alien base the gun do you remember yeah well I got there and I found a button to shut it off wouldn’t let me do it because I’m I’m going on what let me do it because I’ve infected yeah yeah nothing what no don’t cancel the ship just yet I’m gonna figure out the infection actually you know what we did can stop okay come back it’s gonna be 11 I’m going to be over 11 years you tell them to keep coming okay listen there’s a I found out there is an alien medical research facility what it’s like 700 meters down the prawn suit can go to a depth of 900 meters the problem with the prawn suit is just nowhere near near its agile to see mom I have it thrust I can go up but I can’t go up for long so if I get if I get this thing stuck down in a hole I’m screwed the ideal situation I think is to build a cyclops because the Cyclops can go pretty deep but a cyclops is a little bit tougher to build let’s let’s work on this together right I’m here for you okay I’m on my vehicle Bay so Cyclops oh boy I’m looking at him right now last yielding its enamel slash lubricant in an advance fire I think I can but it’s gonna it’s gonna take a little bit of gathering cyclops power meters maybe not right okay both to do the upgrades we have to build a moon pool correct probably alright so we still got a lot of building to do before we can get 700 meters down now this moon pool check this out oh I’ll stand for one okay hold on something biting me that’s it dad look at anything around here up something to it on me what the fuck was that let me pick up this guy stuff it all right edit deal with an asshole picked him up so much pulsing cannon and shot him into the side of my face oh okay so moon pool what’s up fuck what the fuck hold on needs hold on oh what’s that oh my face is leaking there’s water in my damn face I have no idea what I’ve done what what the fuck is going on you think I don’t know God oh Jesus yeah hold on let’s choose another yeah they’re the problem how integrity restored draining system initiation all right there we go [Music] yes the first time this has ever happened madness happened great yeah I know yeah I feel you you know what I think did it I picked up a little fish and I shot that little fish into my base it’s a little fish I wouldn’t expect a little damn fish to completely damage the whole of my fan base camp option stamp is affixed you hit the damn face and just explode the base is made of like metal the fucking alloys the fish is like an organic thing it’s just burst yes but I mean is that shooting that fast shooting back all right let me focus on the lube right now let’s focus on one thing at a time like when I try to focus on a line I get distracted Hey Oh mistake focus right now we’re focused on loo lubrication it is it’s Lube day oh yeah amazing oxygen tanks I made them into high-capacity oxygen tank like one cake will ask me a lot longer like I have one think right now and I’m still at 145 Shh yes these like they’re gonna come and gonna come in super handy no I’m learning learning to survive managing down here long enough and I’ve started you know I had time to read and study up the best way to learn Spanish radio oh yeah like everybody really sucks manage now equals the way I could communicate with minimal learns well because you would have to yeah no yeah no that’s another I do yeah my mind likes to play tricks on me sometimes need ah things are weird that’s okay it’s okay I’m getting a lot of I’m I’m gonna become I’m gonna be good and be real good all right focus I’m okay so hold on it all right we got the titanium ingot that’s done I need one more loo this was it for loop we’re building a moon pool that is my goal today my goal by sky to the moon pool all right yeah this week but Jillian I have all the but jelly made yes you got the titanium I pay him yes I think you need in a band karma can’t you all right you’re gonna okay all right computer Jim I have to go so for a computer chip I need silver the two table coral samples in court day oh my gosh needs there’s a reef fat going crazy over here near the near the life pods oh my god he’s going nuts he’s flipping around he’s never seen like a beached whale I think well it’s kind of like that it’s like he’s an easy swam too shallow you don’t know what to do I kind of feel sorry for I mean Mary seems risky I mean he’s right by the Life pod I’m God come on buddy yeah maybe I can turn around here let’s see all right come on your favorite yep yep yep come on just gonna nudge it oh boy well he’s a heavy one oh god I think I think I’m looking at his date not sure okay all right yeah no he’s uh he’s stuck he’s gonna die I did what I could I feel uh I feel good that I did what I could what was i coming to do stable couple sample that’s right I know it is hard sometimes pop step adapter if you did in the fan dance wiring kit yaaaa alright so now that alright now what now what now that’s it short titanium image any loser again that’s it huh let’s go build us a there marble yeah I know man whoo big there’s nothing right no ass dude yeah oh the hill sorry gotta leave what the hell what is all there oh my god hey buddy my entire makes life for you don’t research Oh God again I can’t repair it fast enough me the whole thing’s gone underwater t-bag jeez my entire base is flooded alright we’re gonna change your home call integrity can we had net multipliers to you may I ask maybe I don’t do that I’m working on it oh my goodness seem like such a good idea second ago this is the problem condenses damage due to weak hold strength of minus 3.5 build reinforcements or remove weak parts alright so way I think it ought to build reinforcements yeah lithium and titanium 303 okay I need to get lithium and titanium but they’re in my fucking storage containers you’re in my quite in vain yeah I’m gonna do it welcome aboard pack that up alright grab this alright lithium reinforcements what I put this thing I got one cushion dehydration get tested I’ll get dehydrated is that Oh like there we go I’ll reinforce it a little bit on it big here you get six through six drinks oh boy I’m getting dehydrated though oh wait alright gotta go back in the base I know with the water that this is ridiculous not yeah hold on I mean I’m repairing pieces yeah it doesn’t doesn’t sound as stress anymore so that’s a good thing right yeah I’m doing equity better do it up thank you alright so I assume this thing’s gonna drain oh god my oxygen oh god my oxygen oh god Rock her akhira I’ll try to run oh all right okay I’m not was yeah this was a bitch okay hey good news though face is draining do anything unless you scream come on yeah no shit Wow that was fucking crazy right yeah look at that alright soup man everything soaked oh my fellows my yeah oh you weren’t around week you little you tonight okay so moon pool is bill [Music] oh wow OOP hey oh dude it just suck the seam up right up Wow what about the Cyclops because once they have the Cyclops I can put the prawns dude into Cyclops and then go really be apparently there is a disease research facility 700 meters down I don’t know I don’t know what idiots did that waiting it may be Cyclops is the first thing what’s the good of Cyclops and we can build a vehicle modification station with a cyclops all right you ready yeah they will plan elaborate a lubricant ZZ bar again and bad wiring gets even be worried about here black steel ingot like that I feel like I’ve made that for Twinkie ice onion in lithium I’m looking at right now right so I need to go on a hike am gathering spring I forget titanium first poly rocks [Music] [Music] nice forecast aiming there how many I’m here well I mean you know God and flex-cuf you saw the montage right yeah fun pestilence I was a past selling if that was building yeah you need me alright and I need five of them oh my god I gotta get one more titanium ingot son of a bitch alright Martha montage again that was Lord you rang – oh yeah my past [Music] [Music] Chinese five titanium engines that was the other thing I needed lycium to make the filling it all right like that all right so I need one more to lithium all right yes I’m going on Elysium hood Oh God things good it take forever all right lift the oh my got to go a little deep okay I’ll be I’ve seen it it’s like a little purple Johnny Rock purple shiny rock [Music] sorry I’m looking at kind of creepy yeah a lot of quartier those that’s good deal that’s what I’m looking for lithium deleting not right offhand no he’s gonna scan something silent and something oh yeah gonna send you the data on this thing I found a blood vine yeah these things look crazy receiving you tissues a lot of work the place to come for court man this this is one hell of a crash oh shit oh okay okay Geneva Ron doctor I’ve been to this crevice before when I was talking to the FIFA guy I came here did you well no I wasn’t really looking for lithium it’s time what the hell is this part of one time oh hello let me get my knife out try to hit my knife Oh blood you got blood alone what the Helen blood okay not even know exactly where you never know alright I’m getting the hell out of here I guess even let me amoebas I am got it let’s know what I needed right only needed one peanut but it’s really it’s really dark out right now not in it I get it I’ll look around for some more for sure god what a little takes a lot away like you get plenty I got titanium for Dave let’s drop that shit with them okay all right I think I got enough me sorry heading back to base one thing at a time stay focused all right name’s a backing base egged egged egged I guess regular I can just leave yeah we got your time got the titanium ingots and now we have to you lithium all right see if we can do it [Music] they’re keeping out my power needs low but I think yep one two three four five past feeling it yeah no adding some of those I got quartz now so that won’t be too difficult yeah maybe I should do that real quick ma’am no about G yeah works pretty well yeah all right we have two five plasteel ingot alright doesn’t jig check the neighbors last five five and mammal glass laughs all right I think you make glass with quartz it’s soccer kids no curtly yeah I know what a stalker is those little those motherfuckers it yeah I know what a softer is okay yeah this is going to be a process needs this is gonna be a process oh we’ve seen our first victim leave yeah my car you know what I feel like I killed a worm with this CMOS I ought to be able to kill one of these things I’m gonna Ram this fucker [Applause] [Music] that opportunity to be like what about a fight [Music]

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  1. Thanks for watching the show, you lovable pile of cute butts! Leave a like on the vid and all that yadda yadda yadda. This game is amazing and it still continues to surprise me. Kisses -Appsro

  2. I love how he just maniacally laughs at stuff that is out of the norm to imply that he really IS losing his mind… when they are just glitches because, you know, the game is in BETA!!

  3. I can't stop hearing a young Bill Murray so now I'm just imagining this as a show series with Bill Murray stranded on an alien planet.

    But really, I'm having the best time watching these videos so thank you โค๏ธ

  4. hey the pizza Diamond Archery rock your job you might ask me to it and just take your job if you wanted me of you to die you said you won't how did he

  5. This series is great! I donโ€™t know how I didnโ€™t discover you guys sooner. Youโ€™ve got yourself another sub!

  6. Rewatching the series and i just noticed that the reefback that was stuck in the Shallows launched the lifepod into the air, and it slowly floated back down into the water lol

    Plot twist: The people he's talking to on the phone are actually the insurance company that covers his life on this job and they're trying to figure out a way to prove his death will be caused by his own incompetence, not the company's irresponsibility. Since the crash didn't actually kill him, by recording his descent into madness, they will avoid the pay out of the life insurance by proving his own actions technically caused his death…if he dies. Those sneaky fuckers made a few errors and slip ups along the way, which I noticed leading to my revelation of their true intent. It's all there, I can't be the only one to notice. You're fucking welcome.

  8. LMAO I love this series you guys are awesome and so far But It Doesn't Shoot It That Fast has me cracking up keep up the good work

  9. Actually building a disease control station 700 meters underwater is a good idea, cuz diseases can't travel through water.

  10. This series remains one of the best that Neebs Gaming has ever produced. They really knocked it out of the park with this one.

  11. That fish is a mouther fucker hull damage fish in U Subnchish feom Jackdupspicaeye. You are so funny.๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜ต๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜‡๐Ÿ˜‘

  12. I canโ€™t stop laughing when they are arguing about the biter and the propulsion cannon XD

    Edit: I always rewind it!!!๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. Dude, if you try to "pick up" a large fish with the prawn suit, it'll attack it. So you can attack the worm with it.

  14. Im rewatching this after I was playing subnautica, I have to admit, im glad I watched you play this before me, i made my base under the life pod and it is huge, I have about 2 of everything i could construct in one base and reinforced the shit out of it

  15. I downloaded this game when Epic had it for free. I got as far as building a little base room, and that was enough puzzles for me. This is way better than me being lost looking for all this shit.

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