Most DANGEROUS Hike in the World: Huashan Plank Walk

Most DANGEROUS Hike in the World: Huashan Plank Walk

Good morning. We have been up since about
4 a.m. it is now around 5:30 a.m. and we have somehow made our way to the
Xi’an North Train Station. We got a taxi because we didn’t want that deal with nonsense today. We’re trying to figure out where to go and I think coffee might be on the agenda too. Welcome to Huashanbei, Huashan North Train Station. There are a bazillion people here trying to sell us stuff. I don’t know what anyone did when they traveled before these translation apps, everyone
uses them. They’re super helpful. People who have no idea how to speak English
can just talk into a phone and then it’ll spit out English for them, it’s amazing. We just left our bags at a tourist shop just sort of out there on the floor for
20 yuan each not really the safest but you know, cross your fingers! Looks like the right place. The bus took for freaking ever so we’re gonna take the taxi back for the sake of time. So now we have to get our
tickets for the cable car and get on the bus to the cable car. There is a place to leave your luggage here. It’s that little office back there. It’s a little more legit than just like dropping your
stuff off in a shop and hoping it doesn’t get stolen. Here’s the ticketing hall. It is 7:30 in the morning. Why are all these people awake?! They require our fingerprints to get on the bus, geez! We’ve arrived at the East Gate. Look at
the fog it’s so beautiful. I don’t think we’ll be able to see
anything when we’re up there. Look at all the fog, it’s so beautiful! We have some good news! This is where the one and a half hour to three hour long
line normally is so we have gotten here early enough to avoid that one. Coming
back down is going to be another story we’re kind of short on time so we’ll see
how long those lines look. This is a little something called the sky ladder.
They were trying to sell us gloves and now we’re starting to understand why,
although Justin didn’t even need to hold on he just spider-mans it like a champ. Do you know how much easier the Great Wall would be if they had these chains next
to their freaking ladders of death?! The chains make them so easy. Here’s the big ol’ staircase. There
was a sign saying “no watching when walking” No watching while walking! Nope. Not allowed. The fog is getting a bit higher. Justin got us a snack. I don’t know what it is but it’s good. No striding! Absolutely no striding on this walking path. What does that even mean?! Oh my god. Wow So there’s an alternate pathway over here, just regular stairs. Justin says I don’t want to do that. I don’t know whether or not to listen to Justin. Oh my god. Here you need a harness because this walk over here is pretty dangerous. It looks like the link to get on the
plank walk is actually pretty long. Justin: Yeah it’s not moving Claire: Yeah it’s not moving it all but all these people keep going up, where are they going? Justin: There’s an overlook up there. We’ve been waiting 40 minutes. I want to get this done. We’ve been waiting in line for over an hour. We’ve been in line for almost 2 hours and it’s freezing So now we are waiting to sign the waiver It’s very cold. *Shivers* Alright we are only about an hour behind schedule so we will see what happens now. *Shivers* Claire: Oh my god
Justin: How are you feeling now? It’ll be fine. I’m fine. This is fine. We’re fine. I have no idea how we’re going to make our train. This is taking FOREVER. At this point I’m trying not to think about the cold
and being late for our train. The fact that this doesn’t scare me at
all makes me wonder if there’s something actually wrong with me right now. I’m fine! They have a laminator in a printer right on the edge of this cliff. Claire: It’s so pretty
Justin: I don’t want to look down. How are you feeling Justin? Yeah, heck yeah it was worth the wait!
We’re gonna have to run to our train cuz we’re late but worth it. I’ve never been anywhere even remotely
this epic before in my life. We’re almost the end. Alrigjt we’re going back now finally, yay! It is smooth sailing from here. The race to the Train begins! We have two hours and 45 minutes to do about three hours worth of stuff, at least, so we’re gonna be crossing our fingers pretty tight and going as fast as we can. Everyone keeps staring at me because I look like an idiot. *heavy tired breathing* Over there, that other mountain, that’s where we’re headed. That’s our goal. Downhill for now. I’m assuming this is it. This is where we get the cable car down. There’s Justin, he’s going to go get tickets. We did a 45 minute hike in 30 minutes. So that’s something. The line for the funicular can get up to 3 hours long and somehow we’ve managed to get a line that’s maybe 10 or 20 minutes long. I think we might actually make it! Taxis! He got us here in about five seconds
that man is my hero! It is only 4:20! It is 4:20 our train
leaves in 40 minutes! Justin: That’s plenty of time!
Claire: Oh my gosh! I can’t believe we did it!
WOW! What a mess. Okay so now it’s time to see if
all of our luggage got stolen or not. We have time to use the restroom time to get a snack! This right here is where we left our luggage in this first little shop on the right so if you’re
looking to figure out where to put your luggage that’s where we put ours. We have luggage! We have luggage, we’re on time! Oh man! Now this isn’t the end of the
fire drill. When we arrive in Xi’an we have to get a taxi to the airport
because we have a flight at 8:00. This might be tired Claire talking
but I need help with some logic. It’s a beautiful, shiny, gorgeous airport with a beautiful shiny marble bathroom and squatty potties like every other place here. If you are willing to invest in automatic squatty potties that can
automatically tell when I lift my butt

100 thoughts on “Most DANGEROUS Hike in the World: Huashan Plank Walk

  1. Not just the mountain, but your whole journey getting to and from the different points was an adventure! Thank you for sharing:)

  2. 长空栈道,when I got there… someone jumped off the plank walk, committed suicide, so they closed plank walk for that day…

  3. LOL at 5:28. "No Striding" is a really bad translation, I think they meant "do not step over the chain" for your safety.

  4. to whom that are interested, I was there 2 weeks ago, they replaced the steel wire with a new one; now you don't have to unclip/clip the 2 carabines anymore as there is only one big carabine that runs through the entire circuit. Unless you cut the wire (which you can't because they search you for metals before letting you in) it is impossible to fall. The new circuit is a loop so now they let a group of people in and wait til they come back before letting a new group in. This is because I heard one guy unclipped both carabines and decided to jump off the plank killing himself. Now the "guards" are always on alert and they get mad if you lean or do the flag (as I did) to get an epic picture.
    The con is that this new procedure makes the waiting endless, and you end up waiting for the people in front of you to take the same photo, feeling more like a cow in a stable.
    It took us almost 2.5 hours to get to the north peak by foot (which I really recommend because it's the most fun part) and we waited 3 hours only to do this plank walk, which lasted one hour. In my opinion it's not worth the wait, but I'm a climber so my opinion can be quite different from the majority.
    I left the hostel in Xi'an at 6.40 am, it's roughly 1 hour from Xi'an to Huashan bei, then half an hour to the entrance. If you want to walk up, after you get the ticket you need to exit the area and go to the parking spot n. 1, where a free bus will get you to the starting point.
    We took the cablecar from the west peak (or was the east?) at around 5.00pm (140yuan) and then the bus (40yuan). By 8.00pm we were drinking beer in the hostel back in Xi'an.
    you're welcome

  5. You will have horrible dreams of falling down the cliff again and again the next day. Don't ask me how I know this.

  6. That give me toilet paper really got me there, in China toilet paper in public toilets usually got robbed really quick… i mean robbed

  7. I am Chinese, but I gotta say thanks for showing me this video so I can enjoy the view and pump up without actually cimbing Huashan. hahahahahaha

  8. its sad that the weather you in was kinda bad the fog looked so overwhelming. Been there and i didn't dare to use my phone to take the picture absolutely fun though.

  9. You have made an excellent video I felt as if I was a friend accompanying you. You are a natural presenter. Well done! Tony Costa.

  10. Here's something that might be interesting to guys who don't know much about Chinese culture. Have you ever wonder why there are so many locks on the chain? That's a way to show commitment and loyalty to your love. You carve both of your names on the body of the lock and kind of lock (secure) it there under the eye of the sky. So the universe will be the witness of your love. As long as the lock is there, your love will exist forever. It's a hope for eternal love. It's a common thing for every mountain.

  11. OMG! No way. I couldn't even tackle the pyramids in Mexico and looking at Everest looks like a walk in the park, but OMG, it was spectacular scenery.

  12. There needs to be more travel videos about China like this on youtube. As a Chinese living in the west, I often feel that many westerners have a very biased opinion about China, thinking that the people there are rude and unfriendly and the country is backwards and there's nothing to see. The truth is China is nothing like that.

  13. I just wish the Chinese tourist sites are not filled with those tacky shops. The view would be so much nicer. I visited Xi'an once with an option to go to huashan. From everything I heard about the steepness, I was like hell no.

  14. The more higher the More cold hahaha…I cannot stop laughing when I saw you shaking wowhahaha… It brings me back to ten years ago that time I was there. Love your vedios!

  15. Yes I was there last summer. The mountain was super rocky, and I was literally scared and thought I would probably be like a tomato sauce drop on the rock if I didn't behave extremely careful.

  16. 中国拥有绝佳的旅游资源,旅游市场需要大量的专业人士来管理开发,目前的旅游业管理水准非常低,还停留在几十年前。这一点我们真的要向日本学习取经,他们弹丸之国但把旅游做的世界闻名,论景点论历史我们无疑是具有强大优势的,我们输在包装与管理上,审美水平差人家太多,如何包装宣传,雅俗共赏,同时做到开发与保护,杜绝黑恶势力染指景点宰客,这是目前最大的问题。拥有优质景区的城市请日本团队来做智囊好像有过,还是要坚持,看地区领导者的学识和魄力了。

  17. I can't believe that climb the mountain and then back and catch the train, then catch the flight, all of these are done in one day!!! you are so lucky in time . XD

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