Minecraft: 15×15 Piston House

Minecraft: 15×15 Piston House

Hello, everyone. This is mumbo welcome back to another Redstone video in this one We’re going to be taking a look at this awesome 15 by 15 Piston house now this thing is filled to the gills with various Redstone gadgets and gizmos I’m sure all of you again to love so let’s take a closer look I guess I should get the ball rolling by mentioning the outside of the house which Sadly I cannot lay claim to I didn’t design this thing this was in fact built by Keralis Now for those of you who don’t know who Keralis is you really are missing out because he is an awesome YouTuber that makes even better builds I’ll put a link to his youtube channel down in the description as well as a link to the video Where he shows you how to build this thing because seriously look at this place it’s a really awesome Looking house and obviously an amazing house like this does need a little bit of security which brings me to the first redstone Contraption and that is this lever down here if we give it a flick you can see that a wall pops up and that will Prevent any mobs from coming into our house Uninvited because we definitely don’t want that to happen So you just pop this up the wall goes right the way around the property and that should protect us But if we give it a flick once again, you can see that the wall drops down, and then we’re able to get inside Speaking of going inside. How about we take a look now sadly We don’t have any form of crazy redstone doors or anything like that, but if you just walk in here You can see that actually the lights automatically turn on which is something that I really quite like then off to the right here We’ve got Bob version 2 I ported them over from the original piston house into this one and I get the feeling he likes this one Just a little bit more then off to the left we’ve got ourselves pretty much the star of the show for this little area here And that is this absolutely tiny Potion brewing station when I hit this button here you will see the new potions pop into this chest We’ve got ourselves a ton of potions of Swiftness, but also new ones begin to get brewed in here so that when I hit the button again that they will immediately be sent out into this chest so that we can drink them and Travel everywhere extremely quickly. Then in this back right hand corner we’ve got this little thing now This is the ender station if we hit this button you will see that exactly 16 ender pearls get dispensed by those dispensers is It’s absolutely tiny, and if we take a look down here, you can see the redstone I’ve managed to slot it in just underneath the staircase it really does work quite nicely Sadly there’s not too much in the way of Redstone contraptions upstairs But off to the right we have got my official recording studio This is where I make all of my videos you can see my desk with my double monitors and of course Benji the cat there he is he’s looking good He looks exactly like my cat in real life, and I thought I had to feature him in this build But anyway moving on from that room. We have got the bedroom Here is my double bed, and I’ve also got this simple redstone lamp mechanism using this lever over here. That looks okay? It works fine, and that is pretty much everything up at the top So now it is time to head downstairs and check out the real deal stuff Flicking this lever reveals a gigantic two wide hidden staircase that drops down into the basement So let’s just head down the stairs the first thing that you can see is this door I have no idea what it does, but [Bwahhhh] Oh! ah yes. It’s the armour stand jump-scare device I’d completely forgot about that one So yep, that is part of this little build here, but anyway if we just head inside here You can see that we have got a ton of stuff going on. First off we have got this. Now this is my super smelter system, you put all of the items you want to smelt up here And then all of the fuel goes in those chests and this is the output chest and it is all extremely fast and extremely efficient So this is the best place to do all of your item smelting. Then in this corner if you just chuck down this Redstone torch You can see that we have got ourselves a little bit of a secret armoury where I can store all of my items completely hidden away behind all of These blocks then over in this corner. I have got myself a hidden crafting bench Now I am really ashamed to say that in the previous piston house I didn’t have any crafting benches whatsoever So I thought I’d go overboard with this one and as you can see It’s pretty mega the crafting bench drops down from the ceiling and gets retracted into the floor and then if we just want to send It away, you can see that it gets pulled back up And it just looks really very cool Definitely one of the best hidden crafting benches I can possibly think of For the final redstone contraption of this build if I just hit this button here you can see that the floor drops away and it reveals a few furnaces and enchanting table anvil, ender chest crafting bench another anvil another chest and Also a little armour equipment. Which is always a good thing to have and we just hit the button once again You can see it all folds away, and it’s just completely hidden inside the floor now one thing I just want to point out which I thought was really quite this glass block here isn’t actually a mistake This is to show you how close all of the redstone contraptions are that purple stuff there is for the hidden crafting bench This blue stuff here is for the armory and then all of this stuff here is For our hidden chests over here all of them are touching which is pretty crazy And I don’t often do redstone at that close to one another but surprising enough it all seemed to work Just like last time I’ve worked my mcedit magic And I have copied and pasted this out of the ground onto the surface then removed all of the Sandstone Which is why we have some of the floating bits and pieces But this should give you a good idea of how much redstone goes into this build down at the bottom there We’ve got all the hidden bits and pieces then of course we’ve got the super smelter that there is the hidden Staircase that we have and then over in that corner You can see the armour stand jump-scare device and all that good stuff of course if you do want to take a closer look at the redstone behind this thing then As always there is a world download down in the description for anyone that wants to check that out But unfortunately ladies and gentlemen that is all I’ve got time for today I hope you enjoyed this video if you did please hit that like button, and if you really loved it Then make sure to subscribe, but thanks for watching guys this has been mumbo, and I’m out. I’ll see you later. [oh]

100 thoughts on “Minecraft: 15×15 Piston House

  1. Um…
    The jump scare didn’t get me because when ever a door has ice underneath it I know it’s the armour stand


    60%: Comments about the jumpscare

    39%: Comments about the comments about the jumpscare

    1%: Comments about the comments about the comments about the jumpscare

  3. I know there will be a jumpscare.i saw that ice.
    My brains:not too late too pause and turn down volume.

  4. 2:48 I actually jumped up at this moment because I didn’t expect that in a Minecraft video. Horror movies are not scary because they are predictable

  5. (No offense mumbo) but that armor stand trick wasn’t that scary (once again so srry if this is hate I’m just expressing that I didn’t get scared by it)

  6. Wait… this is a texture pack. Right? Because this is from 2015 and it looks like 2019 Minecraft… but I forgot what the textures were back in 2015…

  7. You know you have played Minecraft too much when a creeper running towards you on the monitor causes you to jump even though watching horror movies cause no reaction.

  8. I build something like that too in my 16×16 survival 😀
    I had almost no more space for anything so i spend an hour expanding my island…
    Edit: It didn’t have any too cool things so it wasn’t that good

  9. this was my first time seeing any of your videos and I’m glad to say i’ll never watch another one all because of a jump scare that scared me for a second. you can’t be trusted lol

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