and we’re back on the saddle after Hi everyone, welcome to this new video, we’re back on the saddle after I don’t know how long it’s been since I’ve ridden the dear BMW. and the thing is that I will have to find out if I even remember how to shift because I really feel just a bad feeling post winter a little rusty so even if I still have a little bit of pain, as you know, it was essential to get on the saddle and take off some rust today we are here just to stretch a little nothing incredible but to take away any doubts today I’m going to use not my bike but the bike that Lanzi used that has a little more development on it and here I am curious to see the differences unfortunately I do not know if I will be able to show so much track because you know here in misano with the cameras it’s a bit complicated anyway we try to hide them somewhere, and get them out at the right time and that’s it On the straight? – No I feel it comes right back in front, quickly when I let go of the brake and when I exaggerate with the brake — it crosses a lot wow I can feel that I haven’t been on a bike for so long, I’m devastated the back is not very good, but I thought worse it’s incredible How much there is a difference between one bike and another when there is work behind it my old bike had a lot of problems, it jumped in front electronics was bad this is Lanzi’s bike, with my fairings on it, I got on it – it’s not like my setting because the handlebars are more curled up so I’m not very comfortable but still it gives me a lot more feeling than mine is already the first round I did a low 40 I didn’t think seriously, very used tires, so I’m satisfied and it makes me think that maybe on the other one there is just something wrong, and it is to be understood, because perhaps all these problems we have encountered have a specific reason and it is not random we’ll see. I’m really happy. now lunch break and we’ll return later, let’s see with a fresher tire to improve more In addition to our modern bikes, which we use to ride and etc, there are these pieces of history, SBKs from the 70s, with frames made by people in garages incredible things they are handmade! And we complain It’s cold the 18 laps tire they will race tonight with wood tires at night time, with cold temperatures, and with a bike with a not so big resistance.. let’s check them out this bike is of 1972 I was burning precisely 20 years later it is beautiful and in its simplicity it really is beautiful beautiful beautiful. and it’s crazy to see how every component of this bike looks like it’s about to die on us any minute now it’s so cool! You really breathe the history that these bikes have experienced see some scratches here — Round over. As you have seen I did too much — I am happy ’cause after all is not so much that I went slow but the bike needs be fixed. We did a very high 39 in the data. Like 39.9 I am sorry because we have always caught someone in the middle, so we say that we are absolutely around 39.4/5 one small second from the ideal times, but it was cold, the track not cleaned — so it’s okay we are still missing some gas to our dear BMW 2019, still some of that engine we had as a weapon with the old one however it is normal because the bike is practically standard and above all it still has some problems in some driving areas, especially in the moment of neutral gas I think the front is light and makes you feel unsafe, and the other is quicker to go to the apex quicker than the old one so we gotta understand strengths and weaknesses to figure out how to exploit them. Of course with the old one it was very easy after a few laps I was already at the limit, by now I had gotten used to it with this there is still work to be done, so here I know that we really close to ending the year unless he take us with Alberto to make the 200 miles of mugello which would be very nice together therefore, unless special changes occur see you at Eicma Be there! there will be a few surprises I will not tell you anything, or rather at Mugello for the last race of the year with Alberto gas, see you next video


  1. Beh, la bsa (esisteva anche la sorella triumph) con quel telaio ali di gabbiano creato a memoria da Bob North (o qualcosa del genere) era una leggenda delle derivate di serie inizio anni '70… e pure l'altra col telaio Harris è da leggenda…potresti provarne una se ti capita, prima o poi…

  2. questo video l'ha editato il ragazzo nuovo? Se è così mi dispiace dirlo ma ha tanta strada da fare, sembra un downgrade davvero notevole.

  3. Il modo in cui quello che gli è stato davanti torna in traiettoria al minuto 7.35 da infarto…per non parlare del modo in cui torna in sella ad ogni uscita curva…MAH

  4. Ciao luca ina domanda, durante la visualizzazione dal cruscotto che cosa è quel valore all'interno del contagiri? Split sul best lap? Luca sei il top!!!!!

  5. Certe doti,capacità,talento..si hanno di nascita…e tu ce l'hai Luca.
    Quindi..salta su!…e non pensarci.. 👍💪🥊👏👋

  6. Track limit warning for rider #23 at turn "Curvone" 😂

    Scherzi a parte una domanda tecnica: come mai quando hai segnalato il problema all'anteriore il capotecnico ha ordinato a colpo sicuro di ridurre il precarico?
    Da appassionato (ma assolutamente inesperto di messa a punto) avrei pensato a chiudere l'idraulica in estensione; è evidente che deve aver ragione lui, ma in quali effetti si differenziano le due regolazioni?

  7. Hey luca super video as always but can you tell me the reasons why can not film in misano and otherwise on every other racetracks it will be no problem?

    I'm in misano next week and I also want to film but unfortunately there are theaters all the time.

  8. Non lo facciamo andare in moto per 2 mesi e guarda che sguardo che ha appena sale su una moto..Ci hai proprio la moto nel gruppo sanguigno 😂. Poi 5' da solo con lei e pronti via per un soffio non mi sale su quello davanti che andava troppo piano e non se voleva togliere. Ma la schiena come l'hai sentita? Tutto bene? Niente male la musica casual chic che hai scelto 👏. Cmq sembrava che il contagiri digitale non riuscisse a stare dietro alla velocità a cui prende i giri sto nostro di un bmw. Al prossimo video pistone umano a manetta 💪😂🖖

  9. quindi fammi capire:
    2 mesi che non salivi in moto
    schiena a pezzi
    gomme finite
    moto non tua


    quindi è questo che intendevi sabato quando mi dicevi "guida piu sciolto" ? ora mi è tutto piu chiaro

  10. Io nel dubbio al curvone mentre si avvicinava il verde ho chiuso gli occhi 😅 daje Luca sono felice di vederti in moto e la tua faccia è la copertina della tua contentezza

  11. Grande Luca… mi sbaglio o questa elettronica lavora in maniera meno ahgressiva rispetto alla hp4? Oppure avendo meno cavalli entra meno?

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