Mein Lehrer hat mich benutzt! | feat. @Kostas Kind  | #BMA Ep.06b

Mein Lehrer hat mich benutzt! | feat. @Kostas Kind | #BMA Ep.06b

Come on Stein, we need new Content – after all I’m Most Trending on our platform! Yeah, ’cause I put you in every recommendation for all users. Best Wingman ever! Hahaha! But when are we filming something really cool? Mmmh, sorry, I spend all my time fixing the site. Fucks? But let’s not make this the next YouPorn okay? Well… No, we have several problems with the page. But… but that’s not possible! We wanted to become a BETTER YouTube! Yes, I’m working on it. Mhh, well then I’m going to upload another reaction video, ’cause unlike on YouTube, we don’t copyright claim people. Hahahaha Huh? Ehm, Stein, it says: “Server full” I knew this would happen after Leggi’s new video… The server is slow and overworked, income is close to zero and you will constantly see ads for theseBroadcastMyAss guys. I’m not angry – I’m disappointed. Hey, Viddy-Team! Get your shit together! That… ehm… and what if we do go with YouPorn? Then we’d have even more traffic. No. I hope that doesn’t affect our mark, but I think we need to ask Mr. Orgera for help… Nah… “Leggi broke! Viddy is bankrupting creators”? Hey that’s sabotaging Stein and Timmy’s project. Then think of something better. Mhh, how about… ehm… “Confession! Ariana Grande drops who she really loves! Shock: It’s not a man!” Ouuuuh! Well played! Even if it’s old news, but it get’s better! I don’t know if that’s a compliment… What are you talking about? We are THE upcoming gossip online mag! A real insider tip! I’d rather stay an outsider… Hmm… if I understand correctly, legit companies don’t want to buy ads, because we have no upload filter. Uploadfilter? Filter, that scan and ban uploaded content if it uses copyright material. Ohh… aren’t they bad news? Well, depends on their use case… Yeah, but filters like that are super expansive… Ouh… How about we set up a paid subscription model? Like on twitch where you pay money to subscribe? Good idea, then every viewer can decide how much they want to pay the creator. It probably makes more money than the stupid ad sense! And we keep a share! For the expensive content filter software? Ehm yeah… sure. And what about the server problem? I’m going to take care of that. I still have some in Canada from my old company! You are from Canada? That’s why you’re so nice! More servers mean more space for content! And more content means more creator and more paid subs and more money! That’s my man! Like seeing my own young self! Timmy, Viddy will get real big! And we can get real big! Hahahah! Is… is everything okay? I’m not so sure anymore… Hahahahaha! Come on! But be quiet! Oh really, I just wanted to start randomly screaming. Ehh… Why did you bring her again? I couldn’t stop her. Hey! It’s about Mr. Orgera – and I knew from the beginning something was off about him! Mhm! The way he ignored us – And smiled at Timmy and You two are just ridiculously jealous. What? Huh? Hell no!! We’re both very happy for Timmy. I have a weird feeling about this – Exactly, feelings for him so – Psst! There’s someone! Yeah, don’t worry. Just put the servers back online. No, keep everything, that’s perfect. And about the ads? Yeah – we’re doing everything from tomorrow on! Yeah, like we used to! Yes. I have to go. See you. He’s coming! Mmmhh… Ah… Puh! Everything’s clear! Well then let’s see what our dear teacher is keeping from us. Ehhh… Huh!! Did you talk to someone about it? No of course not! Good. We have to tell him! What do you have to tell whom? Oh eh- Timmy! Did you see? Mr. Orgera worked on the ad stuff! Everything is full of it and that means cash!! “Candy also lives in Anonymous Proxy. Singles near you!” “Become pill tester!” “Play this game for 5 minutes without coming.” Huh?? Come where? “Penis growth” – Ha! That’s something for Stein! Cause he’s asian! Hahaha! I can easily keep up with his tiny thing! What?! You’re overlooking the important thing HERE! Ads for my Viddy channel!! My videos are going through the roof with this! And because I put you in the trends. Yeah sure, that too! The ad Timmy… don’t they remind you of something? What? Well it’s not your usual YouTube ads. No, it’s usual Viddy ads! Cause we are better than YouTube! Did you forget? But not a single big YouTuber has uploaded for days… So what? More views for me! And we have millions of visitors! Hey Timmy, I can’t see your latest Viddy-Video. It’s not loading. Hmm, maybe the main server crashed! One moment, we can fix this! Hahaha! Wait! What… what is this? Oh, the servers were filling up so I had to improvise! Kevin had problems watching my video and so – huh? What is this? Professor, sir, are you gay?! Yeah, just like my phoenix! And Dobby too! Come closer Professor! This? Ohh – the driving force behind our little project, Timmy! Those are illegally filmes movies! The servers are full with this! What? That’s why everyone is on Viddy. Cause there are no copyright filters! And because no one will find us here! I build this system so we are connected to different servers worldwide. And because of this little box, no one can track our streaming site to our location!! Hahaha! That means you’re a pirate! A Bootlegger?! Oh please, that would mean I would actually steal something – which per definition is wrong. Huh? “Taking something from someone under the threats of violence.” I don’t actually take the movie away from someone and I am not violent. And you profit from this, Timmy! Us both! But… aren’t we taking something from the film makers? And they get enough money back! Through overpriced licences and expansive cinema tickets, lawsuits and written warnings! And even on YouTube they take all ad money because they are show a few seconds of the movies! Ohhhh… The movie mafia – that’s the true enemy! But I… Timmy! Don’t listen to him! He’s screaming and is obviously the bad guy! Timmy… everyone is allowed to watch your videos! You don’t make a difference between the poor and the rich. A few ads – and that’s it. But the movie giants… THEY only want rich people to be able to consume art! Is that fair? Timmy, no! It’s not really fair. But… have you ever created art, Mr. Ogera? Huh? Probably not! Because otherwise you would know that you need passion and time and materials and tech and a team! All for one YouTube-Video! Everyone expects everything to be free these days, but they forget to value things – especially the artist and the team! And with no earnings, I could never help my mom. So where is the line? Ah! OH NOOO!! I would say if I didn’t have another VPN box put in in between. So, still untraceable. Hehe… Damn! Timmy, I did this for both of us. Aaah… I thought you were like me. You could have had everything, but now I’m afraid I will have to – NO! Huh? WUAHAHAHAUsdfsdkjuhw786e Did he actually just try to kill you? Hmm. Well, that escalated quickly! So we actually came at the right time huh. Mr. Gold?! Angel’s Dad? I check my daughter’s homework without a fault – and when I read her new PromiTrash article today, my alarm bells were ringing. You wrote an article about our discovery last night. Huh?! Creepy teacher with bootleg movies in the tech room?! That would’ve gone THROUGH the roof! Mhm… And the guy made me look silly! Revenge is no acceptable motive, Angel! Sorry, Dad. That wasn’t revenge, she’s an avenger! Mhm! That guy over there is Timotee Orgera, also known as Tim DotOrg, the guy behind BitStreamBoerse – the biggest filesharing plattform of all times! He’s been on the run for years. Haha! And who would’ve looked for him and his new headquarter in a primary school in the middle of nowhere! True. Other than Mr. Schuhmacher, not even the teachers went in here. Yeah, where did he go? Hello? My walking stick! PLEASE! Hahahaa!! Ohh… And the winner is – Lana! With her entry: “Art is for everyone!” An exciting essay about the importance of art for socio-economically disadvantaged families. Hahaha! Where did you get the inspiration for that? Hehe That’s not fair! Well, if Lana didn’t scare off the readers on PromiTrash with her essay it would be you up there. Thanks for the summary Charlotte!! That’s it then with xoxo – Dullville’s gossip girl! Well, quality always wins. Thanks. Ehm… I thought a lot about it and finally decided: I want to give my prize money to pay the fee for cultural activities for poor families. What? There is no prize money. Huh? There is no prize money. Here is your prize for the author competition – sponsored by Ulli’s sunglasses, Bettie’s United Hairlines and Gabi’s Newspaper Shop! Ah…. I am her publisher. Thank you. Thanks, Thank you! Hahaha! You’ve got to be kidding me… What are we going to do with Viddy? Hmm… I would buy it from you for 2€! Hahaha! Sold!!! But Timmy?! What? We will focus on YouTube now anyway. Hmm. True. Ah! Hahaha! You stupid little kids. I fooled Tim DotOrg as well! I am Clipfish and with this page I hold the chance for a giant comeback in my hands!!! Yeah sure. Dream on. Oooohhh…

100 thoughts on “Mein Lehrer hat mich benutzt! | feat. @Kostas Kind | #BMA Ep.06b

  1. Eine neue Woche, eine neue Folge Broadcast My Ass! Wenn es euch gefällt, dann teilt die Folge mit Freunden, Verwandten, euren Haustieren und lasst einen Kommentar und like da! Euer Support ist der Wahnsinn <3

  2. Ich LIEBE den Kontrast aus Gesellschaftskritik und diesem Humor 😍 Unglaublich wie ihr euch jede Woche selbst übertrefft. Das ist echt wieder so 'ne Folge, die man sich auch zehnmal hintereinander angucken kann 😸💫 Weiter so! 🔥🔥🔥

  3. Die Szene mit dem Raubkopieren verwirrt mich etwas. Sollte hier eher für das Wort 'Raubkopie' geworben werden oder eher gegen das Wort?

  4. Da freut man sich doch gerne auf einen Sonntag um eine neue Folge #BMA zu sehen yay.
    und nun wieder eine Woche warten noooiiiiinnnn ^^

  5. In gewissen Punkten muss ich Herr Ogera sogar zustimmen
    Die Filmproduzenten übertreiben es einbisschen mit der sicherheit ihres Werkes
    Es sind nur kleine Ausschnitte oder Szenen das bringt keinen um
    Sondern bringt die Leute dazu den Film/ die Serie zukaufen oder zusehen

  6. Lana fragt Stein ist bei Timmy alles okay

    Stein antwort nein erst ist einwenig kommisch gerade

    Lana sagt ja das hätte ich viele mal zum Lehrer auch sagen können

  7. 12:54 sehr witzige Anspielung auf eines der HP-Hörspiele von Coldmirror, die ja auch mitspricht. XD
    Spaß beiseite, seit dem Anfang der Serie bin ich begeistert über diese vielen Anspielungen. 😀

  8. 1. Wann kann ich das neue Logo von ARD sehen?
    2. Weiß jemand, wann das FUNK-Layout das alte ARD durch das neue ARD ablöst?
    3. Wann treffen sich Timmy und Angel? Es wäre schon schön herauszufinden, ob die sich ertragen können.
    Was noch schön wäre, das EinsPlus zurückkommt und die ARD den Betrieb in Ultra High Definition aufnimmt.

  9. Ey Krass, diese 13 1/2 Minuten gingen ja mal so fix um. Bei so gutem Kontent vergisst man doch immer wieder die Zeit 😪😁

  10. Der Schumacher hatte früher Clipfish, Clipfish hatte sich zu Watchbox geändert und zum Schluss hat TV NOW seine Seite für 2€ bestimmt gekauft

  11. Es gibt einen ort in deutschland der heisst Stein. Ich vermute ja das sein name von Einstein abstammt aber das hat mich wundern lassen ob steins Vater den ort nach ihm benant hätte oder es seinem sohn geschenkt hätte

  12. Warte mal… Die sind in der Grundschule und Lana ist eine voll bekannte Fanfiction autorin und hat mit bekannten yt Kontakt
    Angel läuft ehm… ja etwas luftig rum timmy tut fast alles für fame?
    Ist das mittlerweile normal !? 😂😂😂

  13. Emm.. nein Stein, sobald sich Leute auf den Tischen wälzen, weil sie so ne Lache haben, dann… ist nicht alles okay XD. Geil, die können einfach mal in den Serverraum gehen. Bei uns konnte man ohne Schlüssel da gar nicht rein.

  14. "X Bösewichte die eigentlich Recht haben"? 😉

    PS: Die Medienbranche braucht eine Reform – und filesharing hat eh nicht mehr die Relevanz von früher; es gibt doch netflix, prime und co

  15. Der Beste Kanal ich hab es nicht sofort
    Gesehen weil ich im Krankenhaus war aber hab trotzdem lange drauf gewartet! 👍👌

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