Meet the #LEC Teams: exceL

Meet the #LEC Teams: exceL

Excel was founded in 2014
in a great British pub. Me and my brother were sitting,
having a chat about our love for video games and the e-sports industry. And we just created this concept
as a hobby to start with and then, lo and behold, here we are! {an8}KIERAN HOLMES-DARBY – MANAGING DIRECTOR
EXCEL ESPORTS I was born and bred in the UK,
so I think that aligns us clearly, just from a founder’s point of view. But also we’ve always invested
in UK infrastructure, UK talent, and we want to continue to do that,
because we still feel there is a real gap in the UK e-sports market that needs to
be filled and we believe we can do that! We’ve competed in a range
of different e-sports titles. In League of Legends specifically, we’ve competed in every
UK national championship that has been. We’ve also competed in some
of the tier 2 European competitions, such as The European Masters,
and represented the UK in those. Being a part of the LEC
is another step for us. We’ve accomplished a lot already,
of course. But this is almost like starting again,
because there’s so much work to be put in. And while we can sit there and think
“Oh, this is great, we made it!”, we’ve not even really started yet. So I’m really really excited
just to get to work to be honest. We know the task ahead of us is a huge one,
but we kind of embrace being that plucky British underdog, that’s kind of
a part of our brand philosophy. We hope people underestimate us,
because that makes our job easy to prove people wrong and yeah,
we’re looking forward to the challenge! LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

66 thoughts on “Meet the #LEC Teams: exceL

  1. As someone from the UK, who has followed League of Legends esports for some time, I've not heard of you but I'll definitely be watching 🙂

  2. Regarding to exceL just heard of the exceL center that's about it, and I think Worlds 2015 Quarters was played here. If they gonna go for full British team then I don't know how'll it work out, bit of a gamble. But who knows they might or might not do good.

  3. When u franchise and try to cover it up with the pretty face of a new team. I pay loads for skins and watched uol. Now im not fired up at all.. Feels like esports just want our money not our skilled players

  4. Tbh I know I should not judge a Team before it has shown their potential but… The Story of how this Team was founded sounds more like a ,,Lets try it out and hope for the best" Story and saying that he wants to stay focused more on UK Talents only to fill "the Gap" also sounds to me like more of a "Probably will go down early because the Player may all be british, but their synergy and skill together is not good enough to compete against high level tier Teams like Fnatic or Origen" thing.

    And btw… In the European Masters they only got to 7th in Spring this Year…
    There are a lot of better Teams that could of made it into the LEC instead… even Ninjas in Pyjamas were bettter than them… Thats what I mean.

  5. So you competed in the UK national scene for Lol and then got a bunch of money together and got a spot in the EULCS?

    UOL died for this?

  6. When I heard "British talent," my immediate thought was, "YASSS KASSINGGG EFFECTTT". Checked his social media….and low and behold ^_^

  7. What's wrong with him, incredibly ignorant, an englishman speaking english. All of those ignorant parts in these videos, a frenchman actually speaking french, even a german speaking german in it. Crazy, that kind of behaviour should not be tolerated, this has nothing to do with Europe.

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