MAME Drop Premieres Jan 15th on Twitch!

MAME Drop Premieres Jan 15th on Twitch!

As you navigate the dark and stressful corridors of adulthood armed with nothing but the power of nostalgia… With the pale glow of the cabinet and oversized
neon buttons as your guiding torch… Open your soul to the raw power of the All
Work No Play MAME cabinet, armed with over 20 thousand old school arcade games. Including some very bizarre and obscure titles
that were clearly made by a very lonely developer. Really the Critical Role crew just desperately
needs an excuse for some low key socialization… [record scratch] As a matter of fact, the first home system
was the Magnavox Odyssey back in 1972. It came with, like, six games. Tennis, table tennis, like a Simon Says game… [record scratch] … especially after the two hour weekly meeting
that proceeds the filming of this show. You have the power. Nostalgia Power. This is MAME Drop. Airing Tuesdays at 4pm Pacific on Critical
Role Twitch.

73 thoughts on “MAME Drop Premieres Jan 15th on Twitch!

  1. Can they have the 2-hour production meeting during MAME drop? It's a lot easier to settle a design dispute if you rip the spine out of your opponent in Mortal Kombat.

  2. Ok if I did not know that was Travis, I would have said that was any generic advertisement reader, which was exactly the point

  3. 1:18 FREEZE FRAME : marisha looks like shes being thrown into an unsuspecting taliesan and only max knows whats about to happen..

  4. I hope everything is set legally. Most of those custom made cabinets are full of mod games and the licences were never paid. But you all are smart so I'm sure you have already accounted for that.

  5. I don't want to say that their work is done easily but a 2hr meeting for a ~4hr episode in addition to the prep they do at home sounds quite a lot, I wonder what makes them necessary. Because I'm pretty sure they are all very busy people

  6. I love being a a Former Kid Arcade Player, Young Adult MAME user and Middle Aged Critter….Thank you Critical Role!!

  7. I love all the slo-mo screams of joy. I probably would watch any type of content from these guys… Hell, they could be doing laundry or dishwashing while just talking and I'd be entertained.

  8. Me giggling at work because I saw this on Twitter (when I should have been working ) unable to explain what was so funny. … you all hurt my brain in a good way

  9. Okay so how many people here know what MAME is?
    (becuase I know I didn't. "What the fuck does "Mame" mean? like in fighting?… MAME cabinet? Is that what Arcade Cabinets are called? oooooooh.")

  10. I'm old enough to remember when most of the games you play in a MAME cabinet first appeared (and thus play them out of sheer nostalgia), so I am also old enough that anything that was cool 10 years ago is also cool now to me 😉

  11. The MAME cabinet–the resource that keeps producing. built during "All Work No Play," it's loaded with enough games to keep several seasons in production. Just don't burn through them too quick–and also be careful because some games might not click as easily (a MAME cabinet in a place I know well sometimes is 1-2 player set and not for 3 or 4).

  12. If anyone is interested to know what the two songs that are used in this promo (because I was and it was difficult to find them), here they are:

    First up, Underwater Garden 1 by Elizabeth Parker – you can find it on Spotify as part of the Undersea World album
    Then, the second one is the one that gave me a big headache: it's Make The Crowd Go by 5 Alarm Music – I couldn't find this anywhere else but on their official website by searching their catalog (it's apparently part of some album or collection called Game On) and I also found it on a weird Japanese website but if you look it up in the official catalog you can listen to the whole thing!

    Anyway, hope this helps anyone who was getting frustrated trying to figure out the songs!

  13. is anyone else worried about copyright infringment? I mean you can't just let's play anything right? that's why you don't see most Nintendo stuff.

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