Love Nikki – Why LN Players are BOYCOTTING!

Love Nikki – Why LN Players are BOYCOTTING!

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today we are going to be talking about this over here so if you guys have been
on Instagram reddit Facebook you might have seen this before
and discord if you’re upset with the way elix has been treating us please
consider it joining the recharge boycott we’ve asked
enough we’ve complained enough but until now we’ve still been giving them money
now it’s time to show them that we’re serious if you want change
please don’t spend so what is this all about allow me to explain please don’t
hate me okay hell events players recharges
developers some v11 players used to tell me stories about the old days a time of
peace when mocap bounced between the lucky bags hello events recharge tears
and collaborations but all of this changed when the love Nicki developers
announced this that was so bad but actually it took such a long time to do
that anyways this is the recharge post that the love Nicki developers announced
on the Facebook group when I first saw this recharge I was so excited for it
because I was waiting for it for a long time okay maybe like a few weeks but I
was just waiting for it so I was surprised to see it coming to our server
but the developers decided to add this recharge and this is where the problem
arises so over here you can see an infographic created by Archie leha and
it actually illustrates the problem really well so let’s look at this prior
to this event this bundle was sold for $40 and you get three suits including
Lotus prints oath of honor and frost rose it was actually a pretty lip pact
because both of Honor it was balm like she has balm hair cute makeup and
amazing background item so now let’s look at the secret shock options frost
Rose was actually sold in the secret shop and it was sold for $20 that’s
actually a pretty pretty good and I almost wanted to buy it too because I
thought it was only like $19.99 I saw it but then when the conversion
came and I’m like oh yeah that’s a hell Naaman now they decide to bring it back
again for the hell of entry charge so it’s $40 for only two suits this time
too so another really great infographic created by qiyuan discord is over here
so you can see how when this event came to the other server like this en server
these were the lucky packs that were given to the players in $400 you can get
five suits so that’s really great and we already had this one so I’ll talk about
what they could have done after but for us the recharges that we have this time
honestly kind of sucks so if you look at it over here you see that we have the
moment packed Boutique recharges which are $0.99 ninety nine seventy two
dollars and ninety nine cents respectively please take note that the
middle and the right one they don’t come with makeup so these are very cheap
packs and then the two suits besides have a grand total of $40 in frost Rose
is an old suit so all players are not happy with that because players wanted
to spend for this event they were waiting for a hell event so that they
could use money on buy my suits replenisher diamonds but now we have
this a crappy little recharge boutique how could you use mobile like he’s cute
and everything but how would you be able to use them and both of them don’t come
with makeup it just doesn’t make sense from a business standpoint because there
are players who are willing to spend and now you’re making it so none of the
players want to spend as I said before what could they give us look at the
scene servers 20 20 recharges aren’t they beautiful like we would have
dropped a big buck for these ones and honestly the boycott has been working
because the developers have actually responded to us
so I rehash pasta dass screenshot on this guy’s mama has heard your voices
and we are diligently working to improve our operations when while I supposed to
announce a welfare event within 24 hours sorry for arranging her to be the last
one you’ll see the cute chair girl very soon and I’ve got your co-op suits free
Dreamweaver and something funny in the version after the coming one for the
anniversary you’ll love your blue funny new but still old friends I designed
also Momo will work hard to improve our recharge settings and please allow us
time to make it possible thank you for your patience and continued support so
model is talking about a chair girl suit not to chair girl suit
but just a chair girl suit so that’s a problem because there were two welfare
events that were alongside this event when it came to the see and server
hopefully they meant that they were only going to be announcing one and then the
other one later the people were thinking that they wouldn’t have enacted at all
if we didn’t Sam their Facebook group you can see over here credits to Raven
self and they said Momo is supposed to announce it tomorrow so hopefully they
do announce it tomorrow and we will be able to get one of these chair rail
suits and also referring to another co-op suit people have been also
spamming this and finally they replied with it saying coop coop Mumma was
taking notes let me ask her for you loudly so hopefully this is also true in
the next one but again what do you do you stop boycotting now because they
kind of hurt us do you think change will happen so with the help of bad frogs
spreading the message and helping me connect with someone who could give us
some opinions this is helpful in terms of helping us understand the situation
more Benari said first off they’re going to be doing stuff they’ve listed to
placate the rabble anyways secondly it doesn’t fix our problem with a current
event which is that they gave us a co-op that cleaned most people myself included
out and now there’s a 10k hello event immediately following which I kind of
expected but I was also expecting like maybe four other big recharges up to the
6300 tier not 810 and then something I already had
and so there’s no way in heck I would ever recharge this event for it even
with double diamonds I’ll give them props for answering and promising to
work hard and improve their recharge settings whatever that means
if better means he never seen old hell event with an old recharge being offered
up instead of something new but again current issues still stands so why
wouldn’t I continue to boycott this and then I asked her what change you would
like to see and she said to get frost rose out of the picture and give us a
different or new recharge and honestly I agree with her the only problem is maybe
that they just don’t have enough time to do it given that they have to drop it on
Monday but you know what I would rather them delay this event so that it could
give us better recharges and like it makes so much sense doing it from a
business viewpoint like people want more recharges like ninety percent of the
players want it it just makes sense to do it because number one gives us what
we want and will pay for a more expensive suits and number two it shows
us that they’re actually listening and they’re not I’ll talk
so I don’t know what’s going to be expected but I really do think that
they’re just going to stick with what they have right now it really just sucks
because I was super super looking forward to getting a recharge I ran out
of my monthly card but because like I have an audience and because you guys
are listening to me it just makes sense that I would fight for our community to
get better stuff so I will not be participating in recharging it sucks
because I knew you actually need weak content but I guess you guys will
understand and next time around maybe I won’t have enough diamonds to complete
the event but that’s okay because hopefully by then they’ll be able to fix
their mistakes and give us what we deserve I just wanted to make a
disclaimer out here there are some people who are boycotting but they’re
also not participating in steps of soro I’m just deciding to boycott only the
recharges and participate in steps of Sora and I guess that’s it if you guys
don’t think that I should complete the event anyways just let me know but for
now the only action I’ll be taking is to not buy the recharges so what do you
guys think are you going to boycott are you going to participate what are your
thoughts about this situation over here I’d love to hear your comments below so
thank you guys for watching thank you to everybody who helped me make this video
and special special thanks to fab products for organizing everything thank
you guys for watching remember to Like comment and subscribe if you like this
type of content I’ll always keep you updated on the latest love Nicky news
and I’ll catch y’all later bye

100 thoughts on “Love Nikki – Why LN Players are BOYCOTTING!

  1. Looks like I’ll just skip recharging for now. Not worth it. I got some diamonds already for the parts I like but no reason for me to spend 20+ on a new suit and then a suit I already got ages ago. It’s been really aggravating getting all these big money draining events

  2. I was planning on buying some of the recharge suits but this is seriously disappointing. Why are we given recharge suites that don't include makeup? Plus it's starting to get really frustrating when they put expensive events and diamond draws back to back. I will not be buying any of the recharges.

  3. I’m going to boycott. I already have frost rose from the amazing bundle in Secret Shop. And girl i def think you should still do steps on sorrow hell. i know it’ll return but those suits are so gorgeous. it sucks that the recharges don’t compliment the hell events but any suits/items you can get!!

  4. LATE BIRB (as per usual ✌😔)

    not recharging (v0) and honestly, only doing free pulls from the hell. It's not fair for them to give us Mucha collab (is that right?), miku, and then a freaking Disney collab, then pull a 10k hell out of no where. Disappointed.

    I've been starting to get annoyed with this game because as a f2p player, I cant really get any of the suits I want without skipping a good amount of events. I cant imagine being a paid player.

    Dude, I'd be gutted if I was being cheated not only of my money, but of quality suits. They really did us dirty 😭

  5. Okay, I cackled at the Avatar parody opening hehe~What the devs have done is disgusting. We still need to boycott; they have not changed the lineup at all. They brought one chair girl over but not the other. Some on the FB are arguing on the CN server the sea chair girl came after the sky chiar girl and they're right. HOWEVER! Given Elex is more then happy to say "X will come later!" and then… not give it? We still need to spam and remind them so make sure they don't play pretend again. Our server makes MORE then the CN server now, apparently. Yet we are treated the worst. A JN player actually commented their surprise at how behind we are in core game play (chapters, co-op suits, etc.). This should say a lot.I legit wonder what the CN players think. Are they as disgusted? Do they support our boycott? Are they watching with popcorn? (XD).

  6. It's realllyyyyyyyyyyyyy so unfair, I literally joined the boycott like yesterday, I was mad. But like ._. I'm V0 so it won't really be a big affect, though hell event after Collab is such a milking of diamonds.. 😭😭. I do the boycotting since I wanna help the LN communityyyy

  7. I was so ready to spend up to $100 on LN for my birthday, and now I can't with what's being offered. I'm still really happy to get the Steps of Sorrow hell event though since I've been waiting for it for months.

  8. I'm a V13 player. Obviously this means I've spent a bit on this game. If I didn't already have enough VIP stockpiled in my mailbox for the Hell Event to get Nimbus then I'd skip it period. I'm not getting those 2 little suits on offer. I already have Frost Rose and was already WTF at the super discrepancy between like 810 for Nimbus and 2400 for Frost Rose with NO middle suit to account for it. It's so dumb. I haven't been this annoyed since the last Rank Event nonsense. I'm not buying any more diamonds in prep after this video so am only going to get 2 suits this Hell Event which is the 1st time I've EVER not completed a Hell Event (not counting Rank Events since that is beyond any sensible level of b.s.). I've been playing since LN was only 3 months old in North America. I love this game but we've got to make the devs listen and not make the game playable by anyone, even whales like me.

  9. im a v6, but I’m also gonna join this boycott, I’ve saved up diamonds and still haven’t gotten ANY event suit. Only pieces. It’s annoying, and the one time I actually almost got an event suit, it ended. I literally had one more piece to go. I’ve only spent money a couple times and still haven’t gotten anything. Like, I tried to buy that red ballerina suit in the time limited shop, and it didn’t give me anything….I literally got my money stolen.

  10. I thought those who were boycotting the event itself were those without diamonds that were planning to recharge to complete it, so if they boycott recharging, they'll have to sit this event out anyway? Alternatively, they might be aiming to decrease the sales of the server in the longer term than just 10 days. That too makes sense. If the devs see that there was a ten-day gap in sales, but the other 20 days the sales tripled to make up for those diamonds anyway, then the overall result wouldn't be that affected so they wouldn't care anyway?? I'm a v0, so I'm just guessing here. XD

  11. i honestly see collabs suits as hell events since you only will be able to have one chance to get them. Frozen stole all my diamonds. I recharged for the first time in 4 months with the frozen collab. Now a hell suit with bad recharges? nah. pass.

  12. There is no way that I'm going to pay $40 to recharge when I already have one of the suits. That's so lame. I have enough diamonds right now to get one of the cheaper suits in the hell event. I will just stick to that and skip recharging.

  13. I was excited when Frost Rose appeared is the secret ship—I got it a little over a month ago—as I wasn’t able to get it when it first dropped. So seeing it appear as a recharge again is beyond irritating. I’m definitely not doing the recharge this time.

  14. Unfortunately this won't work. They will still make enough money plus they won't boycott across enough countries.

  15. THANK YOU Effie for letting us know!! Now I’m bummed and conflicted on which way to go. I believe in the boycott BUT…… The last time there was a BIG PUSH to boycott was because we had back to back Hell Events that included the Goldfish Girls. The outcome… the developers pulled the two suits and have NO INTENTION to bring it back again. So… I completely agree that getting the same suit twice is irritating BUT, IF there is an outfit you REALLY WANT, get it while you can if at all possible. The developers said the same thing to we players over 2 yrs ago, and we are still fighting the same battles with NO REAL changes in site. They remind me of “governments”… say they are listening to the people, give lip service and empty promises to placate the masses, and continue to do what they want as business as usual. I firmly believe they see players like a finger in a bucket of water. When the finger is removed, the hole is immediately filled in with absolutely NO IMPACT to the water.

  16. Doing the event because I have saved for it and the suits are gorgeous. However, will not be spending money. They are too money hungry with our server.

  17. all the previous new hell events always came with beautiful combo suits, so I was really looking forward to this one. =( I just bought the frost rose in the secret shop last month and the frozen collab broke me. It just doesn't seem worth it to buy the $99 pack (I have amazon coins ready to go!) when I feel like I'll get less for my recharge compared to others =( I might still spend on the new items, but I won't be able to finish the hell event T_T

  18. About the missing dreamweavers they're probably gonna come when more V2 chapters are released, alot of them require items from V2 so yeah just saying lol

  19. I'm pretty new of playing Love Nikki and I don't have those cute outfits so I don't mind to get them.

  20. I'm so sad because I won't be able to finish steps of sorrow without recharging and I really want those suits 🙁

  21. Great video! Summarizes all the parts of the issue really well 👍
    I am still so bummed out about this tbh. About both the recharges and also the event schedule as a whole. We'd been overdue for a hell event, so when they announced the Frozen collab instead, I was already like "uh oh, they wouldn't, right? they wouldn't give us the hell right after;" while thinking "they totally would but maybe they won't? 🙈". Yeah.
    For just a moment I hoped that tjw Frozen collab maybe meant that they'd postpone the hell for another month until anniversary, to have at least a small gap inbetween the two, and then give us a big one like 4 Gods (because please do finally give it to us? please?) or 4 Storms or something.
    And then they literally announced it right after the collab.
    The choice of hell is a bit peculiar too, because lore-wise it doesn't make sense to bring it yet, but ok whatever. I was actually glad that it was the cheapest out of the hell events we're still missing and I really like the suits, so complaint there either. This was actually a hell event I wasn't able to participate in at all on CN server (because it was preceded by two collabs relatively close together, one of which was the first Disney Princess one which came right before this hell, so I'm having deja vu here big time lol). Because of that I was looking forward to it even more, because I'd finally be able to get the suits. And I had seen that they had a big set of recharges, so of course I expected us to get a nice line-up too. It may be the cheapest event of the bunch but it's still an expensive hell event. I got some gift cards for my birthday and recharged my Amazon Coins with them. I was ready. I was gonna get the $100 tier on Day 1, then finish all the main suits and use the free tries to get to the final background. I wad excited, even despite the unfortunate scheduling of the event. I frickin' love hell events. I've finished them all on their first run so far. I love all the pretty event suits and I love the bigger hells for the amazing recharges that come with them and I love splurging on them. I was hyped and I couldn't wait for them to announce the recharges. And then they did. I saw Nimbus and got really excited, because it's super recent and so so pretty. And then I saw Frost Rose. And then nothing else. And I was waiting for the punchline but it didn't come. For a second I hoped I'd read it wrong and that they'd bring Frost Rose back separately during the same period, either in the Boutique or in the User's Store like they did with Witch Hecate and the big Valentine suit not so long ago. And that there were more pictures hidden in the extended post or that it was written in there that they'd announce more info later (which would have been weird to split up the announcement like that but you never know and I was desperate at that point).
    But that was actually it. That was the recharge. For a 10.5k hell event. Right after a 6-8k collab. Which was immediately preceded by a pavilion return event (which didn't affect me personally but I've seen people spend pre-Frozen teaser). And people were still somewhat recovering from the Miku collab too.
    And I was just… I was so… confused? Angry? Disappointed? Confused Because why would anyone ever think that's a good idea. Who looked at this recharge and nodded to themselves like "yep, perfect, the players will love it" and actually believed that?? It makes no sense whatsover just from a business point of view. Aside from the fact that past experiences could have clued them in that scheduling the hell right after the collab would cause a bit of dissent, it should have been a no-brainer to provide players with an incentive to replenish their diamonds after all that. Plus, big hell events always come with big set of recharges (cumulative or as lucky bags) because of that same reason. They want people to spend on the event, they want people to have the diamonds for it, they reset double dias to make it really worthwhile and they add a set of suits costing between $70-100 to ensure that there's an extra incentive to get the higher recharge tiers for maximum output. There's a reason why the game's revenues spike during hell events. And they decide to take that away and give us a set of recharges that wouldn't cover the event to begin with, and even worse, contains a return suit that is more expensive in this set than it was originally, plus it's actually $5 cheaper to get it from the Secret Store and only get Nimbus during this recharge, which is just stupid. Like, what am I supposed to do with this? I back up to 4k dias after the collab. I was counting on the recharges to catapult me up and over what I need for the hell. But 1620 dias (810×2) from the first recharge wouldn't get me anywhere near that. I like the small bunny recharge, and would have been happy about it, but like this it feels ridiculous. I was honestly thinking about just getting Nimbus and then leaving it at that. But I'm so conflicted about it, because the excitement is gone and I'm not sure I should spend at all. I'm gonna wait and see how I feel about that I guess. I definitely won't be getting it on the first day. I'll probably wait it out until the last day and then see if I really need it right now or if I'd rather wait for it to return for the sake of a total boycott as opposed to a partial one. Still, even if I end up getting it, that's $15. I was ready to give them $100, but for some reason they decided they didn't want our money. I won't be able to finish the hell. This'll be the first hell event I won't finish on its first run. But I literally don't have the dias and no incentive to recharge for them. I'm gonna get the fairy suit, because it's my favourite, I'll see if I can get the big Cloud one and however many pieces I can get from the mirror one and will ignore the rest of that and the wine glass suit entirely. So be it. If that's how it is, then that's how it is. It's sad, really. I am so disappointed still and them promising they'll do better in the future won't change the situation with this recharge at all.
    I agree with you that I'd rather they delay the event and come up with an alternative than say "sorry guys" and change nothing. I'd rather they actually do something about it instead of saying they're gonna think about it in the future and then likely conveniently forget about it again…
    Sorry, this got really long 🙈😂 Gonna proof-read later 😝

  22. I will boycott the recharge also. The problem is, that they don’t only have messed up the situation with Frost Rose. Even with Nimbus! Originally there was another suit coming together with Nimbus for the exact same price and this other suit came with two recolors! I also think they should not only react with small comments to the situation, they should also react with an official post where they speak clearly to us and where they stoop to be so vage about everything.

  23. I'm so confused by the choices the global server continues to make. There are a ton of high value suits we don't have and free suits too. I don't see why they can't figure out bringing us new suits for any given event. I'm more annoyed that they aren't bringing back older suits to the starlight/shop and keep repeating some of them in the user shop, secret shop, and that other tiered cash shop feature. Then other ones have been gone 2 years and counting and still nothing. Sure you want people to spend money, but it has to seem rewarding to actually do it. If they don't respond or respond well to the community that's turning so many away sometimes for good.

  24. Tbh I'm not planning on doing any BIG recharges (over $20) until that Unicorn Dream suit comes. I'm still debating on what, if anything, I'll be recharging during this event. I already have Frost Rose (thank you Secret Shop) so at most I'd go up to Nimbus…does that count as still participating in the boycott? I saw some people reddit saying that's what they're doing. I guess I'll see what my diamonds look like when this Hell Event is over.

  25. This isn't the first time that they did a he'll event and did a comeback he'll event after people wasting 20k diamonds plus after the comeback of frozen they gonna do a hell event…… Wut ._. why?

  26. I feel you and I support all the way but it’s gonna be so hard not to with this gorgeous hell event!

  27. These are not the only issues with the game, there’s so much into the Love Nikki Developers, it may seem pretty normal and all of that when I’m playing, but then I consider so many things and it makes me mad.

  28. I don't really spend on the game so I didn't know any of this was an issue, but I've been complaining about how many suits they're putting out that you have to pay for, It's started to feel like to get ANYTHING good lately you have to pay for it (and they're not cheap either) and some people just ripped me a new one for even complaining at all like I'm supposed to shut up and just drop my money anyway so to see this boycott literally right after that is so funny to me.

  29. I had to watch this twice because the first time I was just listening to Euphoria playing in the background xD

  30. I plan to recharge for nimbus and get the sloth suit, thats it. The $40 recharge i already have as is from the $40 pack back in december or january. Ive been wanting the snowglobe ferris wheel recharge CN has but i doubt were getting it ever

  31. Yeah, this makes me so mad! I am a f2p player and this just frustrates even me! JUSTICE FOR RECHARGE AND F2P

  32. Everyone: *boycotts *

    Me who hasn’t played in almost a year (yes it’s shocking for me too): *redownloads *

  33. I stopped spending after the December events. I got sick and tired of the same old stuff, I’m a V7 and about to be a V8. I was going to spend for the frozen event but I never did, seeing how the boycotting is going and ever since the Miku event happened. Everyone has been growing more and more frustrated with Elex, including myself. We should be getting treated better lmfao

  34. Alright guys this doesn't fit the topic but I'm looking for an active association that already completed the Warfare Terminator, White Feather and the Peacock suit (it's because I own all three suits and I have no desire to donate my crystals and sand to those again). 
    I'll write my ID soon, my IGN: Deadoira, Lvl 51, V8 (if that matters). <3

  35. They're definitely being money hungry. They know collabs won't return so we want to finish that then they have a hell event knowing we want to complete that and the only way to do it is to recharge bc we spent all our diamonds on the collab. In their minds that is better business because they know what to do to get more money out of us.

  36. Hi Effie, you should see this since you said that they might not have the suit to create a big recharge :

  37. Too much events at a time. I don't have enough diamonds and I don't really want to spend money on the game if the suits aren't even worth it

  38. I am definitely boycotting the recharge.
    Even before this vid I saw what recharges they were bringing for this event and GRR!!! Not okay, Elex. NOT. OKAY.

  39. I chose Frozen and didn't could finish even one suit, so bye bye new hell event 🙁 and in my opinion I spent to much money for not even finishing one…

  40. Okay I’m glad I watch this video and read most comments and I was thinking just getting Nimbus but I’ll join and won’t buy any recharge or any other suits from the boutique ( I don’t like them anyways lol)

  41. Stay a V0
    Wish they had more time for V0 players to gain more diamonds cause they can’t expect everyone playing to pay money for suits and diamonds. There are lots of people who have other things they want to spend their money on.

  42. Omg, thank you! I was super confused about all the boycott stuff I was seeing. This clarified this a lot for me. Thank you!

  43. Omg, I just downloaded the CN server and damn the difference…. It's way easier to earn diamonds there and the variety of clothes is just amazing… If you guys are interested in learning Chinese, I recommend the Chinese server

  44. never spent a cent on ln though always felt tempted to, but made it to lvl 70 without… stay strong ln community

  45. I sad that double Dias isn’t going to reset 😔😔 also sad that I literally only have 400 Dias because I didn’t have time to save up after the collab

  46. I joined and honestly its one of my most liked starry corridor entries, glad to see people taking action against gambling type of events and overpriced dias.

  47. First, LOVE the intro! 🥰
    Second- I'm with the boycott. Frost Rose coming back is terrible…and on a hell event where people usually are always willing to throw our diamonds and money? It makes NO sense! 🤯🤯🤯Especially with those Chinese server lucky bags which are super amazing. I'm V8 and I was ready to drop the big bucks for the 6300 diamond recharge for the first time. Now…nope, not gonna happen. I don't even have Frost Rose, just think it is a piss poor suit to drop $40 on. 😡😡😡

  48. Dont worry if you have less content, I'm going to wait for you anyway because this is a just cause!

  49. I eventually decided not to boycott because I just got paid, and when the three suits first came out I was saving money to buy something else for myself. Now I have the money, but I didn't have the suits. I totally would've joined the boycott had I heard about it before I spent the other day, as this just popped into my feed today: however, I won't spend on anything else until we either, get heard, or there's a new hell event. Whichever comes first. Really sorry, friends and fellow fans.

  50. Dang! Now I wish I hadn’t purchased from the last boutique. But anyways I’ve been feeling drained from Love Nikki lately. Feels like a toxic relationship that I need to get out of lol. I’ve been thinking about quitting spending anything on it for a while now, but I kept thinking I wouldn’t make any difference… I’m so happy more people are boycotting!! I will definitely be boycotting from here on out.

  51. Hey where do you gwt the money?? 😂😂i mean don't get me wrong i am just asking cause i am too much of a spender…i am never left with bucks!! And woah woah woh!!!MOMO IS A FEMALE!?? WAIT WHAT??!!

  52. Okay I really liked the snow hair suit and bought it before I heard about the boycott but fUCK that nimbus suit!

  53. Every body talking about boycott but some People love nimbus and pay for charge.. So what do you think??? I think it's boycott not working.. 😢😢 i'm V8 and poor diamond for hell event but i stop recharge because boycott.. And i play at another server i think i can complete Hell event at another.. Say No Recharge to LnQ.. May be next time,,

  54. I want to start off by saying I used to love Love Nikki. It used to be something I looked forward to. The most recent events have changed my mind. Especially the Frozen Pavilion. I paid diamonds and got 6 of the same items in a row. I spent 2,500 diamonds and only got 15/24 suit parts and the developers do NOT care. There is no way that should have happened. The current Hell event expects you to spend nearly 4,000 diamonds for a suit and it just blows my mind. You have to spend 1,500 diamonds just to be able to get one piece. I understand this is their livelihood but they have become money hungry and it's making me no longer want to play their game. I was a loyal v13 player. I've spent a lot of money on this game during the 3 years I've played it but enough is enough!

  55. Ok so I understand your frustration for what you see happening, but unfortunately the pricing is outrageous. The costs for recharging are ridiculously high and events are far too expensive. Suits may be beautiful, but will bankrupt your budget, so sorry for your boycott efforts that will not have effect on pricing because that is the true issue.
    It is a business and yes they should charge for what they develop, but they are not only taking advantage of paying players, this is out right extortioners practicing random on a server….
    I just decided to stop buying completely, not to join a boycott that doesn’t even cover the exaggerated pricing problem, but because I can now see that it not only will never change, but in fact it will only become worse

  56. I was actually really excited that frost rose was coming back for recharge considering its not available for crafting, but then i realized it would cost me $60 (I'm Canadian) for just 2 suits, and one that is available in the secret shop no less. Like i could buy myself a new dress for $60.

    I get that elex needs to make money, but there was no extra labour involved for this recharge. It really shouldn't have been that much, or there should have been more tiers. Elex has to remember that we're spending money on virtual clothes, and the game could disappear anytime

  57. I don't participate in community stuff a whole ton so I wasn't fully aware of what was going on with Frost Rose and the Boycott at first. I bought the three packs and was not super impressed. Momo was a disappointment, particularly when last year we had an entire outfit (that I can't use much of because its so super themed that it's hard to style). 
    I'm a V11. I've spent MONEY on this game. It's my one little splurge thing. I don't play other games.
    I HAD planned to get the $50 double diamonds for the hell event UNTIL I saw Frost Rose in there (a suit I already had from the secret shop). No way was I spending $50 for a new suit and a double that would decompose down to like three earrings. So I got the $20 and then I paid more attention to the boycott stuff in my Nikki feeds, annnnd…. I'm with you guys. I'm done. My remaining diamonds will go as far as my diamonds will go. Ive complained about suits costing too much before and seeing the suits other servers get just makes me more angry because they're SO PRETTY. It's not very much fun when the only way to get anything is to spend money, particularly when spending real money gets me suits I already have or suits that are… ok. Im down to 1k diamonds and either this game gets back to being worth spending on or I find some other game to sink shameful amounts of money into. I haven't picked up my Play Station controller in a while… I wonder how Tamriel is doing.

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