Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

logitech® What does simplicity mean in the context of technology. Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity means obvious answers to tough problems. Hi I’m David Zhai product manager at Logitech. In designing the PTV pro 2 we set the bar high. To improve one of our most popular video cameras. To do this, we manufacture our own lenses to create a camera with exceptional optics, brilliant resolution and outstanding color. The mechanics were we re-engineered to enable direct preset preset movement for an even smoother pan and tilt that captures all the action. Video quality was improved to achieve greater clarity whether up close or across the room. So every person in the room is shown naturally and accurately PTZ pro 2 is the smart choice for conference rooms,
classrooms,auditoriums and medical facilities or as the ideal complement to your existing audio conferencing system. Using the PTZ pro 2 couldn’t be easier, a power adapter and USB cable is all you need to get started. Just plug and play. And at half the price of comparable models, the PTZ pro 2 is surprisingly affordable. Simple yet elegant, PTZ pro 2 is the answer to all of your video needs. logitech®

12 thoughts on “Logitech PTZ Pro 2 Overview: Exceptional Optics & Smooth Pan/Tilt

  1. Is there examples of the video quality? This video is not saying what video content is from pro cameras and what is from the ptz pro 2.

  2. Wow, so 'raised bar' is bragging but not much substance to the info, some possible optics /image process improvement and direct to preset….thats great but we expect more. how about an interface to allow room automation control (serial, etc) , how about allowing a manual focus to overide when the auto focus doesn't work so well. That comment that 'it is same as group system cam' is very misleading (I bought a separated group system cam once- it does not allow presets w/o the group system and cabling is different- so useless w/o group system I did not want) – I think original ptz pro was a good start for a mid range, but expected more in a next gen as others like Aver have caught up. time will tell, maybe I will try one as I would like to replace some of my older original ptz pro '1's'. like others- would like a crisp comparison between version 1 and 2.

  3. HOLD ON…Shown naturally?  webcams for some reason have been fitted with the shittiest image capturing sensors and filters. There is no reason why my webcam can not be on par with my cannon camera with a wide angle and optical zoom. In this day in age anything less is inferior. Why does a cars dash cam handle light, contrast and maintain smooth images while your top of the line 4K web cam is glitching? Many camera phones have better image capturing sensors and software than webcams. I think that Logitech can do a lot better. Put better image capturing sensors into your webcams.

  4. Yeah, one remark : you made the ptz pro 2 cause you know the first version is shitty > we bought 6 and 3 are broken after 6 months…

  5. There are a few things this guy doesnt really say in this video review . This camera does not save any light or color setting u do , every time u start it u just have to set it up again . LAme . The zoom is so late and slow it takes about 2-3 sec sometimes to focus the face , the area or whatever . Absolutely pathetic for a 550 pounds camera . On top of that they did not bother to put a mic in this camera , u need a 3rd party to be heard . I wish somebody would have done this review before i bought it , would have saved me a lot of time

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