Live Streaming Tips 📷 How to Stream a 360 Camera with Facebook Live – DIY in 5 Ep 62

Live Streaming Tips 📷 How to Stream a 360 Camera with Facebook Live – DIY in 5 Ep 62

Man, this 360 recording thing is so easy!! Why hello there! I’m Trisha Hershberger and in this episode
of DIY in 5 we’ll teach you how to livestream in 360 on Facebook. If you’re looking for more live stream tips
and tricks, be sure to subscribe and check out our other other videos. If a live 360 stream is in your future the
first thing you’ll need is a camera. Duh… I know, but this is the obligatory “unplug
and plug it back in” of this video. But what kind of camera should you get? Chances are pretty good the camera you already
have isn’t going to work. Luckily Facebook has a list of cameras that work great with their app. We’ll add a link to
their list in the description below. We’ve picked up the
Samsung Gear 360 2017 edition… Holy long @ss product name! If you’re one of the 100 people that have
an older Gear 360 camera just know it’s not supported. womp womp. Most of the basic 360 cameras will run you
between $200 – $250. Next, let’s focus on the stream. Setting up a 360 livestream is a bit tricky
compared to other stream types. If you want to stream from your phone, currently
you’ll need to use the camera’s app. For us it’s the Gear 360 app. The good news for us is that the 2017 camera works on both iPhones and Androids! But if you want to stream using your computer
you can do that too, we’ll walk through that method here since everyone’s method
will be the same. First things first, go to this link here: Now just click “Create live stream” and
check the box for “This live stream is a 360 video.” Next you’ll have options for where you want
the stream to show up. You can choose your own timeline, a page,
an event. There’s tons of options. Just pick whatever makes
sense for your event. Now, here comes the tricky part. You’ll need to enter the Server link and stream key into your camera’s software. Once you’ve done that, pop back into Facebook
and preview your stream. Now go live! There are a few basic things to keep in mind
when you’re starting out with the live stream. First things first, make sure you have a strong
network connection. You should have at least
4 megabits per second to stream 360. So, if you’re standing in the middle of
a building trying to stream over LTE with no Wi-Fi, you might want to go outside or
closer to a window. Our final tip is to think about using a host. A good host will make all the difference in
your video. Since people can just start moving around
the screen you’ll want a host that can tell them what they’re seeing and point out the
interesting parts of the scene. What 360 videos have
you guys found interesting? Have you made any of your own? Let us know in the comments. If you want to see how to live stream from
a GoPro, check out this video here. Thanks for watching this
episode of DIY in 5. Now I’m off to find a 360 video of Bermuda, turn up the heater, and occasionally splash myself with water. It’s much cheaper than a real vacation.

12 thoughts on “Live Streaming Tips 📷 How to Stream a 360 Camera with Facebook Live – DIY in 5 Ep 62

  1. "Now here comes the tricky part. You're going to need to enter the server link and stream key…"

    Thanks for not telling me how to get the server link or stream key.

  2. So I went to the facebook360 link but there is nothing like what you show that follows. Unless somehow I am missing something. I even joined up with the group thinking that will gain me access. I noticed this video is a year old so that maybe the issue.

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