LINEAR vs. LEGACY From 15+ Controller Fortnite PROS! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

LINEAR vs. LEGACY From 15+ Controller Fortnite PROS! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be attempting to settle the controller fortnite settings and aim assist debate in
a bit of an interesting way. If you’re a controller Fortnite player, there’s
basically 3 different aiming options available in-game for you: legacy, linear, and exponential. And I have a feeling a lot of you guys have
tried multiple, if not all of these different options at some point in time, because I know
I sure have. Now I’ve made a few different videos detailing
the various advantages and disadvantages of the 3 different options, but at the end of
the day, I’m only one opinion in the grand scheme of things. So what I want to do with this video, is to
showcase the opinions of many other people. My goal is going to be to take a look at roughly
15-20 very good controller Fortnite players, and share whether they play on legacy, linear,
or exponential, and also if they have any comments about their choice. I also want to make it clear that I’m not
trying to make any kind of statement with the controller players I choose here. I’m gonna try to get a variety of xbox, ps4,
competitive, public match, and creative players, so don’t freak out because I don’t include
a specific player, trust me it literally doesn’t mean anything. So, without further ado, let’s get right into
it. Alright one last quick disclaimer is that
I tried to find the most updated settings info for all of these players, and most of
what I found was from within the last week or so. But there’s always a chance that someone could’ve
switched from say exponential to linear without saying anything, so there is a chance that
maybe 1 or 2 of these are wrong, and there’s not really much I can do to prevent that. So now that you understand that, let’s start
going through these players in alphabetical order. ASSAULT is on linear and has been on linear
for roughly 2 weeks now. And apparently he’s a pretty big fan of that
choice because about a week after switching he simply tweeted “Linear is alpha.” AYDAN is a really interesting case because
at first he was on legacy, and in a video a few days ago I accidentally said he was
still on legacy but he actually changed that a few weeks ago to exponential, but now literally
on the day I’m recording this video he just switched to linear. At this point it’s totally unclear whether
he’s going to stay on it so I’m not sure what to actually count him as, but there ya go. DESTROY is our first legacy player on this
list but don’t worry because he definitely isn’t the last. EX switched to linear about a week ago, and
after doing so he tweeted “bro linear actually turned me into a monster, not even kidding
i hit every edit and im wayy faster” so he definitely seems to be happy with the switch
so far. INNOCENTS is currently on linear and he’s
probably one of the biggest advocates for using linear out of all the top controller
players. I specifically remember him tweeting a few
weeks ago things like “If you’re not on linear you’re a bot and also that linear helped him
so much once he finally got used to it, so you can take that for what it’s worth. FAZE JARVIS, and yes I know he’s a bit of
a controversial topic right now so get your jokes off if you must, but before he got banned
he was on legacy. FAZE SWAY is on linear and has been for a
little over a week now. Atlantis LETSHE is a guy whose been on the
new settings from the very beginning, and even thought I believe he was on exponential
for a while, he’s now on linear. NICKMERCS is a really interesting one because
about 3 days ago he actually made the switch to linear and here’s a quick little clip of
him talking about why he did that. But then as you probably tell that clip he
was a little apprehensive about the actual effects of linear, and that eventually resulted
in him switching to exponential a day or 2 later. So last I checked he’s on exponential, but
he’s clearly experimenting with stuff so I’m not totally convinced that’s set in stone. RAZORX who is the only console player on this
entire list is on legacy, and a few days ago he actually uploaded a video titled something
along the lines of “This is why I won’t be switching to linear” so I wouldn’t anticipate
a switch from him anytime soon. SHARP is on legacy settings as well and he
actually tweeted about a week ago “Legacy is alpha I don’t care what anybody else says”
so he seems like another player who’s really confident in his choice. SHAH is another person on this list who switched
to linear fairly recently. He tweeted about a week ago asking his followers
“should I switch to linear” and then a few hours later tweeted “okay I’m switching to
linear hopefully I get goated.” UPSHALL is still on legacy settings and aim
assist. I know about a week ago on stream he did try
out linear for a little while, but unless I missed something, I believe he switched
back to legacy shortly after that, and as of right now that’s what he’s gonna be sticking
with. UNKNOWNXARMY also uses legacy, so it’s funny
after seeing so many linears in the beginning we’re getting a nice run of legacy players
here towards the end. And hold the phone on 2 on that because here
comes WAVYJACOB who also plays on legacy, but I also gotta admit that the clip I found
that shows his settings was about 2 and a half weeks old, so it’s probably the most
outdated on this entire list, and it’s possible he’s switched since then. WOLFIEZ who was the highest placing controller
player at the fortnite world cup is on legacy. And the final person on the list is going
to be me, because it’s my video so I’m allowed to do whatever I want. I am currently on legacy and have been for
the last few weeks, I experimented with both exponential and linear, and even though I
felt they had some advantages, the ADS snap-on that legacy gives you was just too important
in my opinion. But I’ll probably try the new aim assist and
settings again sometime in the near future and who know what will happen. So based on my count, we covered a total of
17 different controller Fortnite players, my goal was to get it more towards 20, but
I just couldn’t find any recently updated settings twitch clip/youtube video for a lot
of the people I wanted to include. But I think 17 is still a very nice sample
size, and let’s break down the data of what we got. In total, 8 players are on linear (aydan,
assault, ex, innocents, letshe, sway, shah, and wolfiez), 8 players are on legacy (destroy,
jarvis, razorx, sharp, upshall, unknownarmy, wavyjacob, and me.) and nickmercs is the only
player currently on exponential, but like I mentioned aydan only seemed to be testing
linear, so there’s a decent chance he might end up in the exponential section as well. I don’t know what you guys were expecting,
but these results really don’t surprise me at all, and they’re pretty much right in line
with what I thought we’d see. Linear and legacy both have clear advantages
and disadvantages when compared to each other, so when choosing between those different options,
a lot of it is going to depend on each players own personal playstyle. I definitely didn’t expect a straight up 8-8
tie between legacy and linear, but it just goes to show that both are incredibly viable
options. So if you don’t go feel comfortable going
from legacy to linear or vice versa, I probably wouldn’t reccomend pulling your hair our trying
to make the switch just because your favorite youtuber or streamer plays on those settings. I’m also not surprised at all to see exponential
clearly in last place. If you think about it, legacy basically gives
you the same type of aiming mechanics as exponential, but it has what most people agree is stronger
overall aim assist. So my suggestion to anybody still playing
on exponential who likes is more than linear, is to just go back to legacy. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. Out of all the controller Fortnite players
I mentioned throughout this video, who is your favorite, and no you aren’t allowed to
say me. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “LINEAR vs. LEGACY From 15+ Controller Fortnite PROS! (Controller Fortnite – PS4 + Xbox)

  1. Exponential>> I tried linear for a week straight and my building felt the same but my aim felt worse. Exponential is also better than Legacy because it has better aim assist tracking and you can turn off aim acceleration and look boost.

  2. PLEASE ! Can you make a video on forced cross play for console/mobile in PC lobbies ? Console players that have enough of playing against PC please like this comment ! 🙁

  3. Gronky your my favorite YouTuber….. but stop doing the lying click bait intros it doesn’t matter how much you are making, do a proper sponsored with like g fuel or pro guides

  4. . i personally hate the new settings though, if they ever do away with legacy, i wont stop playing, but def wont play near as much as i do now

  5. If they add an option for us to have both L2 spam and linear?? Oof OP. Till then, im personally gonna stay on legacy :/ the snap on is too good.

  6. Please read Gronky ☺️ (not an attention seeking post)

    You can switch to linear or exponential before you grey out the option, and then you switch to legacy (which greys out the area after but your choice of linear or exponential still remain). So I don't get why there are 3 options?

    Surely there's legacy exponential, legacy linear, advanced exponential and advanced linear?

  7. Linear – For competitive Controller players (Smooth building)

    Exponential – Balanced between Aim Assist & smooth builds

    Legacy – Strongest aim assist

  8. Well you’re definitely my favorite gronky no cap I was ganna comment that before you said I couldn’t say you…😪 but then everyone else on the list my fav would be faze sway

  9. I don't agree that exponential is the worst and less viable option. I have been playing for 2 days and hipfiring with shotguns is incredible, plus adsing with smgs is totally broken. It is true that you lose that snap on target but being consistent on legacy is difficult sometimes… 🤔 I think you just have to find out what works best for you

  10. FWIW gronky, legacy is a form of Exponential(hence why "exponential" is the stock setting when switching to new settings). The switch between legacy to "new" only effects aim assist, which switches from L2 based to more of a tracking based aim assist. Linear vs exponential just applies to stick input rate. Heres a quick explanation

  11. sway,shah,inno, and assault count as two people on my list so it's actually 12v8v1 linear is alpha and my opinion means nothing.

  12. I switched to linear and my tracking has gotten better but I just have one problem I have to get over which is seeing my self tracking someone but still not shooting until they hit the ground so while their in the air I sit there and track their head alllll the way till they hit the floor and half the time then shoot me in mid air and I died

  13. I'm torn right now because I love how the AR aim assist feels on exponential and linear and I found okay settings on exponential but cant get good settings on linear, but I just went and copied ghost Aidan's old legacy settings because I kinda have a similar play style and i felt like a god and i love the L2 aim assist with shot guns.

  14. maaaaaan i gotta say man i think they nerfed exponential at the beginning of szn for some reason cause it used to be amazing my aim was fucking mongraal level and now on legacy it’s just like it was before but a lil bit better and on linear it was so dogshit so damn sucks how exponential got the worst. those old aim mechanics would have helped me a ton rn ngl man.

  15. Wouldn't activating the foot controller on legacy have the same effect as linnear but still give you the snap on? I'm confused

  16. Linear is too fast for me tbh and expo is a balance for me. Unless I’m doing something wrong with linear, not switching back to it.

  17. I like linear but I notice it was harder to hit shots with targets being far away almost as if aim assist isn’t even on

  18. the only reason why players dont switch to new settings is because they cant find their perfect sensitivity precentage.
    For those who need a converter pls watch this=

    ….If they could they'd switch, no doubt!!

  19. Why does this guy L2 spam like spam hardcore af when u cant do that lol u can tell he really depends on it lmfao be like fazesway brah get good kid

  20. A couple weeks ago someone pointed out that he takes deep breaths after sentence and I always notice it now. everyone who sees this has to deal with it now 🙂

    Also inno is my favorite controller player

  21. i switched to linear its smoother u lose ar accuracy but bcuz of the new bloom ar's kinda suck besides against decent players u only gonna get 2 ar tags then they box up

  22. Enable foot controller, set the deadzone .2 and switch back to legacy setting. Basically, linear setting in legacy, with aim assist 🙂

  23. Exponential has been working great for Nick because of those close range fights in competitive. The aim assist on the sub spray is NUTTY. Linear felt nice to him but he felt he wasn't getting enough aim assist. To my understanding it's the same aim assist, but it is definitely harder to control. Do you not think exponential close range aim assist is worth the legacy L2?

  24. But I’m playing better than ever on exponential I just could never master the l2 spam and I tried for almost 2yrs. I’m playing better than ever right now. Might try linear but idk yet

  25. Why would you clearly offer paid advertisements for a ToS breaking website? You should be careful or you'll likely get the FaZe Jarvis treatment from Epic.

  26. I tried linear for about one week and I liked it very much for building and shotgun flicks. But my AR and SMG shots are so damn off with linear that I had to switch back to legacy.

  27. But Gronky you are my favorite fortnite streamer you have helped me so much throughout the 11 seasons I’ve played fortnite and I’m glad you still get to enjoy playing it

  28. I think most will eventually go to linear unless they're mainly an AR specialist in squads. the exponential curve is worse for cqc manual aim, which is most important in fortnite

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