Lady Gaga Fans FLIP OUT Over New Song!

The reigning queen of pop is officially back
with a brand new hit, so thanks to Lady Gaga for basically putting an end to war and bringing
love and harmony back into our lives with her new song and music video for “Stupid
Love.” What’s up guys, happy Friday, it’s Sussan
Mourad back here on Clevver News, and do yourselves a favor, crank up the music, blast “Stupid
Love” and consider this a new Friday anthem. I put my sparkles on today after seeing this
music video because “Stupid Love” vibes is my official Friday schmood! It’s truly not every day we’re treated
to new Lady Gaga music, and after three whole years since her last solo single, “The Cure”,
deprived fans have literally been eating this up since its release late last night. I kid you not, you guys, this song is giving
me some serious throwback “Artpop” feels, mixed with Madonna vibes, and Born This Way
fierceness – and whether you’re in love, longing for love, or even so beyond over love
that it pains you down to your core, this song is for you. FREAK OUT is right because this song is everything
I have dreamed for a Mother Monster return. Gaga dropped her new song and music video
for “Stupid Love” last night, and did I mention that the video is shot ALL on an
iPhone Pro?! CRAZY! If this information wasn’t released to the
public, I seriously would’ve never even noticed. Anyway, all throughout the week, Gaga has
been dropping hints and teasers leading up to the song’s release. She also seemed to tease the name of her new
album when fans noticed the word “Chromatic” that was not-so-hidden in the bottom left-hand
corner of the billboard teaser. Gaga seemed to confirm what everyone had been
hoping last night just minutes before the video dropped, and even she had the nervous
butterflies. She said QUOTE, “My single and music video
are dropping in 45 minutes. Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in the corner
breathing into a paper bag. #StupidLove #CHROMATICA.” So it looks like we can look forward to even
more pure pop perfection from the Mother of all Monsters, and very soon for that matter! On that note, I’m curious to hear what sound
you guys think Gaga will be leaning toward come Chromatic… ?? Do you think she’s set to go back to her
Fame pop days, or will there be some Joanne vibes intermixed? Be sure to share all your thoughts and predictions
down here in the comments… Fans, on the other hand, are going wild over
the “Stupid Love” video. Because this badassery of a video was shot
entirely on an iPhone, one fan praised Gaga, writing, “I can’t believe @ladygaga ended
violence and android’s existence in one comeback. The impact it would make #StupidLove.” Another fan claimed that the video basically
saved pop music, tweeting, “stupid love music video is fun, campy, colorful with lot
of dancing and that’s exactly what we need in today’s climate since pop music is so god
damn serious these days. the song is meant to be fun and shouldn’t
be taken seriously #StupidLove.” The song even gave fans, like YouTuber Tyler
Oakley, some serious “Bad Romance” vibes, as he wrote alongside a SIM-like character
of Gaga, “me sitting here thinking about how stupid love is just another way to say
bad romance.” Another fan totally agreed with Tyler, writing,
“2009: I want your bad romamce. 2020: I want your #StupidLove. @ladygaga is the goddess of pink.” But this fan pretty much summed up all our
thoughts, adding a GIF of Gaga in her new video with the caption, “Lady Gaga is on
her way to save pop music #StupidLove.” That’s it. That’s the tweet, guys! As if it isn’t already obvious, we are THRILLED
to be living and thriving in the new era of Lady Gaga because she’s about to do it BIG. Right now I wanna know all your thoughts on
Gaga’s new song and video for “Stupid Love” so get the conversation going down
below with all your thoughts. After that, click right over here to get all
the details on what fans thought about Taylor Swift’s new EPIC music video for “The
Man.” There’s seriously nothing like powerful
female artists breaking the internet with their unstoppable forces of nature, and I
could honestly watch that video over and over again. And before you go, don’t forget to hit that
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celebrity news. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m your host
Sussan Mourad and have a great weekend friends!

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