Knock Knock NVIDIA… Should have launched GeForce Now in India[HINDI]

Knock Knock NVIDIA… Should have launched GeForce Now in India[HINDI]

Welcome to India’s only channel which gives the best and unbiased PC Hardware, Tech and Gaming related videos in Hindi. NVIDIA recently announced the Geforce Now Cloud gaming for EU and US which is what google should have done with Google Stadia. The gameplay is better and easy to setup and you can play all the games you own. Looking at your resonse of my previous video the ease with which you can use geforce now made me thinking. What if NVIDIA launched this product in India before any where else in the world. My opinion is a place where the number of people using Internet is 56 Cr and its the 2nd largest population using internet, and has the potential to surpass to number one so not launching at that location can cost NVIDIA dearly and went for US and EU instead. So lets analyse whay didn’t NVIDIA launched this in India and whats the future for this tech. so For geforce now to work, nvidia needs to have some good cloud facilities and data centers. Last year they landed a deal with Amazon Web services and acquired Mellanox tech to boast their hardware specifically GPU tech edge the graphics lead they have against the competitors like Intel and other OEM’s like AMD or Steam who are already into the data center and cloud space This would have been a targeted plan that geforce* Now which has been in Beta stage for last 6 years has to be released. Simply speaking why India didn’t get a space because NVIDIA did not have any resources in the country and for this launch to work and get the acceptance and good reviews they needed an flawless launch. However, India still is a major player due to the shear number of people and the number of internet users in India will be larger then most of the countries total population. So that’s not the main reason. The main reason would be the Infant state of PC Gaming in India and taking baby steps and growing slowly. just because they may not have received the traction, and even if they get the traction, The good internet problem is still there. There has been a wave of data consumption since 2016 when JIO launched the per day data packs which forced the other operators mobile or broadband to make way of the old system of roughly rs 250 per gb of data since 2015 the number of internet users have grown substantially and mobile internet is the main mode of Internet for 448 million of the internet users out of the 56 Cr or 560 million total users as of 2020. As you can see on the graph And the numbers will increase to 66 Million, in the next two years.

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  1. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥Guys agar chahte ho ki NVIDIA ise India main launch kare to NVIDIA ke twitter, Facebook and dusre social media pe jaake is video ko itna share karo ki unko servers dene hi pade. Ek saath puri community ka bhala karne ka mauka haath laga hae. To isi baat pe 👍 thoko and #geforce4india tag karo. Jai Hind.

  2. Comment karne per majboor kar dia…. Tumko toh bhosdik statistical analyst hona chaiye tha…. Informative video a like from me

  3. Bro but don't you think yahan pe log pirated games zada khelte h to ge force now use hi nhi kr payenge.
    Overall very informative video

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