Just Cause 4 – Story Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Just Cause 4 – Story Gameplay Trailer | PS4

Former agency
operative, Rico Rodriguez, responsible for deposing
half a dozen heads of state. And? And he’s here in Solis. He was a kind man, my father. Your dad was working with
Oscar Espinoza back in the day. What did you find? Surveillance footage. Your dad’s name is in the file. Lots of questions;
Like to get some answers. Come to Solis alone. I can handle some bad weather. It’s more than
bad weather, Rico. [MUSIC PLAYING] The truth is a
very powerful weapon. The Project, how long has
the agency known about this? I have people that can
help us, whole army of chaos. What’s happening? Prison break. Just like old times, amigo.

100 thoughts on “Just Cause 4 – Story Gameplay Trailer | PS4

  1. for me the only thing that saved jc3 was the bavarium jet pack/wingsuit. it made the game more fun, but it doesnt look like that will be returning.

  2. This is one of the few game series id rather play the old ones than the new ones just cause 2 was the best one they ever made

  3. Are tornadoes really the only worthwhile addition that comes with this sequel? Because literally all marketing for it thusfar leads me to believe so.

  4. I’d love for just cause to be like the Ezio trilogy. Make a final game with an older,wiser rico and kill a dictator one more time before retiring

  5. kids love whining about a game that hasn't come out yet. Lets be honest, story is secondary to the gameplay, its always been that way for just cause.

  6. Who don't love a GTA like game but the reason I stopped playing the last game was that we had to Destroy building and Thing B4 the next mission started. That was when I quit the game.

  7. Eh, to be honest, I'm not into the whole "Generic missing family member" story. You want to get me to care about the story of a Just Cause game, do a tie in with archer.

  8. Wow, everybody here in the comment section is haters and pessimisticnegative people.

  9. JUST CAUSE has a story?! i always skipped those annoying and really uninteresting clips to get bavk to the action. what this franchise needs is an open world multiplayer carnage mode!

  10. My prediction will be that Gabriella is Rico's sister. That is probably the connection his father has to Solis. That is probably the twist they will thrown in.

  11. still haven't seen proper gameplay for this besides the one that focused more on the speaker than the gameplay

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