Judgment Sales Halted by SEGA due to Actor Taki’s Drug Arrest, Western Release in Jeopardy | PE NewZ

Judgment Sales Halted by SEGA due to Actor Taki’s Drug Arrest, Western Release in Jeopardy | PE NewZ

Yo what’s up everyone
OJ here welcome back to another video I wanted to give you guys an update on
judgment for the PlayStation 4 because it seems like there’s going to be some
issues with the Western release of this game and even pending issues with the
Japanese release since it’s already out halting sales so Sega has halted the
sales of judgment that is shipment and also digital sales in Japan following
the actor Pierre takis arrest and we also have an update on that I will go
over the original article since I didn’t cover this originally and then we’ll go
over some of the updates as to Komatsu for reporting on this as well so Sega
has announced a voluntary halt on shipments and digital sales of judgment
judge eyes Shinigami no Hugin in Japan following the news of actor Pierre takis
arrest for allegedly using cocaine and a violation of Japan’s drug control law
taki plays the role of kyo hey amudha in judgment Tamura is the captain of the
mat-su Ghanaian family of scenery of the Tojo clan based in Komodo Cho and a
press release Sega said quote Sega has received their arrest reports and are
currently confirming the facts but for the time being we will voluntarily
refrain from shipments and digital sales of judgment as well as from things like
posting the products homepage we apologize for the inconvenience –is
this may cause before customers as well as the parties involved and quote not in
a tweet sega added its tweets related to judgment have also been deleted Sega
will make an announcement regarding its future course of action as soon as the
decision is made now judgment launch for the PlayStation
4 in December 2018 in Japan and is due out for the Americas and Europe on June
25th there is no word on whether takis arrests will affect the Western release
it should be noted that when Sega re-released Yakuza 4 for the PlayStation
4 in Japan this January Masayoshi honeymooner one of the game’s four
playable protagonists was recast to be played by Josh Ikki Matsuda due to the
original actors Hiroki not am i retiring in 2016 following allegations of cocaine
abuse so we do have a little bit of an update here guys so that was the
original article and we’re going to talk about the update so the Wall Street
Journal reporter gotcha Mochizuki is reporting on Twitter
that Sega is currently discussing its course of action regarding the Western
release of judgment and that a decision has not yet been made so nothing final
on there I do just want to say this real quick guys with this whole thing
Japan is super strict on drug laws and everything like that they have I would
think they have different types of penalties if someone is actually
convicted of a crime a serious crime like that and then there’s businesses
that that person is associated with they can be levied with fines I guess the
government can levy that company which would be Sega but fines that’s the only
way that I would think that this is the reason why all of this is happening just
because they don’t want to be caught in a catch-22 they don’t want to be caught
pretty much where they say okay well we’ll wait till the legal system plays
out then he’s found guilty and they’ve been selling the game like that and the
ends up being all in the promotional material and everything that’s not gonna
be a good look and once again Japan is super strict on things like guns super
strict on drugs I mean so you don’t want to be in that position that’s what I
would think now I’m no expert on Japanese law or why they’re going to be
doing this but I would just think that’s just my own impression my first reaction
to this is well one they really don’t want to be caught in some type of issue
with fines or with having to erase promotional material or because this is
the type of game Japan just the culture the respect that they do have for the
consumers out there and putting out a product that doesn’t have people that
are actual criminals in the game and everything so that’s one thing that I
think why Sega is going to the extreme cuz usually you won’t see this like with
the Western press like sometimes people get arrested for things right and that
doesn’t stop them from being inside a game like there’s been people who’ve
been arrested actors and stuff like that that have been in games and they don’t
get all the sales stopped and all that they wait till the legal process kind of
plays out so this is definitely seems like an overcorrection but maybe the
evidence is pretty strong against this person so we’ll have to see what happens
with Pierre takia and what goes down with the Japanese legal system and all
that but I’m just hoping that everything is okay because from what I understand
judgment is a really cool game and I think that a lot of people would love to
play the game and if Sega just apps alsa or has to recast the person which I
think that is definitely an option of recasting it and then releasing an
update with the new person in there and Stefon gonna take a little bit more time
it might not launch or ship at the time that it was supposed to I think they did
say supposed to come out on June 25th it might miss that day or maybe they can
get it done before then but it’s coming up pretty soon here so we’ll have to
just wait and see on it I’m indifferent on it because I don’t play the Yakuza
games and I’m not gonna play judgment but I am gonna watch so it’s gonna suck
for those who are really looking forward to it but we’re just gonna have to wait
it out and just see what happens with the legal system and what Sega wants to
do going forward so this is voluntary though I do want to put that out there
nobody forced them to do this the government didn’t force them to law
enforcement didn’t force them to this is something that ii said that they were
gonna do themselves so it is what it is there so what do you guys think about
this whole situation it’s a bit of a mess let me know your thoughts in the
comment section below all right into that wraps it up for this
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for the next video peace

34 thoughts on “Judgment Sales Halted by SEGA due to Actor Taki’s Drug Arrest, Western Release in Jeopardy | PE NewZ

  1. Didn't see that coming but thanks for the update since i was curious about judgement after hearing how well it was doing in japan

  2. Jeez, I woke up and saw this video in my feed. That sucks because I really wanted to play Judgement. I hope it won’t be too much of a delay but then again we have waited longer for some localizations when it came to Yakuza. Thanks for reporting OJ.

  3. Stop the sales of a product created by 100's of people just because one person got arrested for drugs. Sounds reasonable SEGA.

  4. At least they can delay the game for US and change the voice actors but its going to take longer but hopefully not much. As long as the Yakuza team is fast enough i could see maybe a month or 2 delay.

  5. I think it's a good call if true because if so you know how western media is the most powerful tool to bring down a man or company on wrong doing.

    So SEGA is not stupid & these Japanese ppl know what's good for them at the end of the day.

  6. On another note if this game is in trouble making a western release do you think MS or Sony will pick up the game & bring it over or will Nin have to save a game again?

  7. Their laws are so cruel. The dude who did the OST for Death Note got 10 years in prison for something like 1,5grams of weed. But smoking and drinking is a-ok!

  8. This is more to do with how Japanese businesses doesn't want to be associated with drug related criminals.
    Drugs are closely linked to funding Yakuza operation (irony huh), and doing anything that might give the impression of endorsing Yakuza is a big no-no in Japanese business culture.

  9. I haven't tried games like Judgement or Yakuza, so I wasn't paying attention to this release. But I definitely think it sucks for everyone looking forward to the game like DreamcastGuy.

  10. I love the various things japan stands for/is associated with more than even the average enthusiast of Japanese culture…but yo japan needs to chill

  11. Japanese drug laws must be pretty strict for SEGA to go to such extremes. Imagine if America has laws like this, half the movies in Hollywood probably wouldn’t get made! Especially the ones from the 80s.

    All I can say is this actor showed poor judgment 😀

  12. The Western release shouldn't be in jeopardy due to the actions of one individual. SEGA should pretty much release Judgment overseas as scheduled. Months down the line, they can then release an update that can replace the character's model with someone else. It's the most obvious solution.

  13. That's a big yikes for Judgment… it was one of my most anticipated games of this year so hopefully the western version doesn't get cancelled or some bs.

  14. They're treating it like a murder case. Japan's culture is respectable and beautiful in a lot of ways, but it can sure be toxic.

  15. Stopping a shipment of a game because one of its actors was using drugs? Sega should focus on creating games as opposed to peeping into the private lives of actors.

    While I'm clearly against using drugs, if Pierre Taki was to use cocaine, its his business, NOT Sega.

    From now on Sega, do us a favour and stop controlling what programmers and actors do outside your time.

    In other words, because hundreds of programmers spent thousands of hours each developing this game, don't ruin their hard work and stopping shipments.

    Keep in mind that hard work should always be rewarded, NOT PUNISHED.

  16. I think the reason why Sega did the delay is because they didn't wanted to be associated with Pierre. If someone who worked for Sega knows Pierre really well and also get caught with a scandal which associated with him then it wouldn't look hot for Sega and it could ruin the company reputation. A lot of people should at least understand Japanese culture and how it works.

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