Insurgency: Sandstorm – Anniversary Trailer

Insurgency: Sandstorm – Anniversary Trailer

100 thoughts on “Insurgency: Sandstorm – Anniversary Trailer

  1. Seriously after the game needing some major optimization time before a free week session. NWI don't get to ahead of yourself. It is too early for anniversary celebrations after a rough year of hit and misses this latest update is the step in the right direction but that's just it. 1 step not 20. you guys still need to build the competitive scene of the game cause it is dead and so is your enthusiasm on it. This game really needs a massive restructuring in 2020 and i hope you guys can try not to make to much casual content cause it is getting annoying now when the game wasn't intended for that in the first place…better save that content for the console version atleast.

  2. Still waiting for vacant and shipment maps which were supposed to be part of the season one update for all platforms last week?

  3. This is very exciting to see all of this. This game is amazing, but when I play it I still have the fps hitches even when I updates it. My specs are a GTX 1050ti and a i5 5th series. Do you have any tips to stop this. Thank you.

  4. Remember when we had hopes this would come to console? Lol. Sometimes I do still hope it comes to console spring 2020 like they're saying. But I don't believe it anymore.

  5. Who slow down.
    Over one million players?
    I had this game on pre order and I never save more than 10,000 people online at any given time.

  6. Yo they doing Modern Warfare better than infinity Ward! 🤣😂 atleast u can kick the damn doors down in this game! But in MW the damn doors are indestructible 🤦🏾‍♂️

  7. I think i brought the wrong modern warfare…. this one kicks down doors but in mine everybody just hides behind them with claymores….. and they makes us wear censer block shoes that are loud as hell….. somebody lmk when this new MW update comes out on console, because mine sucks

  8. I'm going to be streaming this and recording many videos can't wait for this to come out to console, I destroyed peeps on pc also 🙂

  9. Don't release it for consoles. I've been waiting for over a year for this to release on PS4 and you guys keep pushing it back and releasing DLCs for PC instead of focusing on consoles. I'm extremely petty and IF IT DOES release to consoles, I won't be buying it. You make me wait then I won't purchase. Simple as that

  10. No matter how good the game is it will die eventually if it doesn't have a Single-Player mode!
    All money will be waste & no one able play such quality game!!!
    Every gamer should stay away from game like this & also for future of gaming to make them to understand that a Single-Player mode is must for almost every games & no matter what reason it cause not to do!
    So don't buy game like this entail they add a Single-Player Campaign for it & in the meantime tell them to release a Single-Player Campaign for it so that game will never die on you!
    Please save the future of gaming that can be playable forever = Single-Player!

  11. All these updates on pc and guns, maps, etc. better come out ready to play on release of console and have to wait as long as it took to make

  12. This game is sick, I played it yesterday coming off the bf ttk bs that's going rn. I dont see how I can ever go back to bf unless they match this games ttk. 1 headshot = instant kill with any weapon. Sniper rifles kill depending where you shoot targets in single shot. Iv noticed I get kills with a single torso shot which is what iv been asking for in a game since i was a child lol this is very life like I would assume lol literally any weapon is lethal in this. This game rewards fast reaction time. If they make the next insurgency with destruction similar to bf, it's over for battle field and cod this game needs more love.

  13. This looks fucking sick. Can't wait for it on consoles. Ignore all the impatient people guys, take the time you need to make this game the best it can be.

  14. When TF is the release for console .???
    If it's not happening this just say y'all backed out of console release. Why just leave us guessing when it's coming .??? Give us a CORRECT date or say it's not happening..Not a guess on the date .. The actual date…plz .!

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