Instagram vs Reality ep. 8 | Big Celebs Making Small Gains

Instagram vs Reality ep. 8 | Big Celebs Making Small Gains

Hello and Welcome to another episode of Instagram
vs reality. If you’re new here, this is the segment of
the channel where we look at how your favourite fakestagrammers edit their photos into making
you believe they’re the real deal.I know many of you have been asking for a full episode
covering real time editing like with twitch streamers and livestreams but thats in the
works for the next episode. This week all of the photos are from the ig
reality subreddit so give them a visit for some extra context. I’ve upgraded my mic to a rode NT1-A after
hearing your complaints, and I’ll speak slower so that things are a bit clearer. As always I’d like to put out the disclaimer
that this video is simply meant to be informative and is not target at harming or injuring anyone’s
brand or their image. Look man, if its up on insta its free game. Alright let’s start with an easy one. This is such a cookie cutter example of your
favourite influencer’s travel pics with hashtags such as wanderlust and travel diary,
when we both damn well know shes trying to show us her life is better than ours. If we take a quiet look at the waves, it’s
very odd that these runup waves curve to the contour of her body but these cresting waves
are parallel to the shore. Unless there was some kind of hidden sand
trap behind her out of view, there’s no reason for water to take the path of most resistance
and curve like that. I do work for Instagram influencers in my
free time so this is a very common type of liquify edit that’d I’d be asked to do,
the majority of which are from big travel influencers selling bikini pics to thirsty
men. It’s true I’m selling both the poison and
the cure, but hey that’s capitalism folks. A better way to do this would be to create
a freeze mask that tells the computer to leave the wave pixels alone and only focuses on
her. She must have done this with a very large
brush because all of the ripples follow the same direction, so my guess it was done with
her thumbs on the facetune app and not on photoshop. See this next one, I wouldn’t have called
it out if it weren’t for the extra cockiness. Look if you’re going to edit yourself that’s
fine, but for the love of all things holy be subtle about it and definitely do not draw
attention to it. Even the best in the industry, and I mean
working for the top modelling agencies admit that they can never do a perfect job in their
edits, because they’re limited by the pixels of the computer and not their own eyes. It’s all about misdirection and praying they
don’t notice. So right at the back the bench is bending
downwards, the walls are bulging outwards and there’s a huge amount of image artifacts,
in this case blur zones in this region here. Also this joinery seal on the floor is curving
upwards, where as the bench is curving downwards meaning they’re two different edits and
that one was used to make her stomach flatter and the other to make her breasts larger. Moving on, we have another case of adobe gains. This one is a bit harder to spot. She’s done a solid job with the liquify and
has clearly used a freeze mask to make sure that this frame doesn’t bend. She’s wearing what I’m guessing is a black
satin dress so it should absorb most if not all of the light hitting it. This region here is unedited because the ripples
of her dress cause light to reflect along it obliquely. This region here is edited because A) zooming
In you can see a blur zone here of heavy pixelation as all the pixels surrounding her butt get
mashed together. See how clear the reflection here is, you
can see the creepy masked doll in the reflection, what the hell does she have in her house. There’s also an aura which is another image
artifact left behind after her editing, because as I mentioned in a previous video, reflections
are almost impossible to edit without leaving behind some kind of tell tale sign, it’s just
too complex. B) The light hitting her butt does downwards
and not obliquely like the rest of her body, and is for the most part dissipated because
the pixels that were showing the light were mashed together in the liquify tool soup. If anything there should be more light on
her butt because it’s closer to the light source. I expected better of emrata. I get comments on my previous videos like
dude, you don’t need to focus on the technicalities and these minute details, you can clearly
tell its edited. I’m sorry for the voice, I just naturally
assumed they’re low iq. The reason why I go into the finer details
is to provide evidence of editing. I can clearly see that it’s edited, but If
i said oh here you go it’s edited, how? I don’t know, I’d be no better than the
thousands of other sensationalist drama channels. If it’s not an easy case of bending walls
you might be able to tell me how it’s edited but you wouldn’t be able to tell me why
it’s edited without these finer details. Sometimes people just post such blatantly
bad edits I can’t help but think the jokes on me. I mean, the gap between the panels tells you
exactly what she’d moved around in the liquify tool. A cinch at the waist here and a little adobe
gains there and the photoshop fairy is all done. Oh this is a good one that I’ve been meaning
to show you all for weeks. In instagram reality ep.1 there were comments,
not a lot but few that absolutely refused to believe kylie edited her photos and it
was all bad angles, a long day at work making billions and bad lighting. In this photo the door frame appears to be
bending inwards, which is called me crazy, is an indicator of liquify tool use. It’s also a good example of illustrating what
I mean by image artifacts and blur zones, because to me that’s the best evidence of
liquify edits there is and the majority of instagram uses this type of edit more than
any other. Here’s a not so quick recap, when you use
the liquify photoshop, or whatever app you’re using, it converts all the pixels to a pixel
distortion map of X,y coordinates, when you move a pixel it remaps it to a new coordinate,
but the existing pixel that was already there doesn’t get deleted, it either gets blurred
or the two pixels get combined resulting in image artifacts. If it got deleted you’d end up with black
dots all over your image. There’s an in depth article on how the algorithm
works in javascript in the description if you’re really interested. In kylies edit, there’s an aura of overlapped
pixels that forms around the doorframe because modern cameras pick up all shades of a shadow,
meaning when they overlap you get a distinct glow around the edited parts as pixels are
combined. I don’t even know why she did it, it was
such high risk for such little reward. Strange how there’s always distorted lines
around their hips. Maybe it’s an artistic effect because these
lines are as straight as James Charles. I can’t see a reason for editing the tiles
here because it wouldn’t affect her body shape but this line here definitely indicates
that her hips were widened. She has red pupils, at this point I think
she knew she messed up and called it art. You know what annoys me. When people edit their photos and then put
a motivational quote acting like its au naturale. Her left elbow is 2 times as thick as her
right. She’s pulled her waist in from both sides,
the problem is her arm got in the way so the liquify tool dragged those pixels with it. Does this shape look natural to you? Straight, sin wave, and they say maths isn’t
useful. Here’s one for the boys, where he’s pulled
his jaw outwards causing the pole on the fence to bend. Now this one throws in a bit of doubt, like
12 angry men. The singular pole is bent’ but the others
are straight meaning it was done with quite a fine brush to not disrupt anything else. There are two different types of inflections
on the pole, one one and one here, indicating two separate edits. This inflection here suggests that he raised
the skin underneath his jaw, there’s also a bit of a pixel spill over creating an blend
in pixels from where his jaw ends and the background begins. His hyoid bone has been raised because this
shrub in the background curves in the same direction as his lower hyoid bone. Last bit of evidence to present to the jury
is the blurring of light here. If you notice very carefully, as soon as I
touch the pole with the liquify tool it instantly starts to blur and its most noticeable on
the bright white reflection which turns into an offwhite colour. These poles are straight and unedited but
the wavy pole has this offwhite, blurred effect in the original image, meaning it was tampered
with. Impossibly perfect jawlines are a lot rarer
than you think. Alright, that brings another episode to a
close. As always leave a like because it supports
the channel. I’ll be putting out defining beauty ep.3
soon where I cover the how the nose influences your face shape and week after it should be
the jaw. Be sure to click the little notification bell,
or so youtube keeps telling me to tell you that and follow me @shvfee if you like chill,
aesthetic vibes.

100 thoughts on “Instagram vs Reality ep. 8 | Big Celebs Making Small Gains

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