i’m not who i am meme

i’m not who i am meme

I want to forget the past, but why do you keep appearing in front of me? A person tried to forget the memory and lost their mom. Why are you keeping me from the past?

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  1. 이름: 도도
    나이: 11
    도도는 어렸을 때
    어떤 사람이 도도의
    엄마 능력을 탐내
    살인했다. 도도는
    그 장면을 목격했다.
    하지만 살인범은
    도도의 엄마를 죽여서
    힘을 얻으려고 하였지만
    그 힘은 이미 도도에게
    있었다. 도도는
    각성해서 살인범을
    공격했다. 도도는
    살인범을 그 자리에서
    죽였다. 그 때 나이 6살 이였다.
    그리고 도도의 엄마는
    세상을 다스리던

    Name : the dodo
    Age : 11
    The dodo was when I was young.
    Of Dodo from a person.
    My mom covet the ability.
    Murder. The dodo was
    Witnessed the scene.
    But the killer
    Killing the mother of the dodo.
    But to get the power.
    That power is already talk to the dodo.
    It was here. The dodo was
    Awakening to killer
    The virtual world. The dodo was
    A murderer on the spot.
    killed It was 6 years old at that time.
    And dodo's mother.
    Who could unify the world
    It was a goddess.

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