iDubbbz and Anisa vs Male Insecurity

iDubbbz and Anisa vs Male Insecurity

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and ring that notification bell alright so today we’re going to be talking about
a few things okay i’m going to be discussing what’s going
on with idubbbz and his girlfriend and the internets response to it so a
few a few core topics we’re going to dive into
is mainly male insecurity all right then we’re going to talk about
a woman’s right to choose what the hell she does with her own body
and then lastly i’m gonna share a little bit of my experience
uh dating not one but two different sex workers okay and i really
hope this video is eye-opening to some men out there who
are very close-minded and living i don’t know 100 years ago but also for
women out there like i i hope i hope it helps you choose
which type of guy you’re dating if you are
in the sex work industry or interested in being in it or whatever it is but
anyways let’s discuss so let’s start out with what’s going on
with idubbbz i saw i saw a few people tweeting about this
and i’ll discuss their tweets in a minute um
velonius um and chris raygun two other youtubers on the platform
but anyways it looks like uh idubbbz girlfriend
an anissa anisa not sure how you say it she said i’m very excited to announce my
lewd only fans launched check out uh check me out in the link below i’m
very excited to provide cute cosplay photo sets and more all
right and apparently um she had her breasts
done all right not abnormal women do this okay
personally like i just i don’t really mind but it’s like yo if you want to do
your thing your body do y’all fangboo but anyways
anyways people are out here just trying to clown on idubbbz calling him a
a cuck calling him a simp all right so let me read a couple of these tweets
okay so idubbbz girlfriend anissa jamha
i have no idea if i’m saying her name right uh ended up having to sell nudes
on the internet after doing her titties who would have
thought all right the next one says uh by his
girlfriend fake tiss she starts in only fans idubbbz you are
not only a simp but also a cuck better not have the
audacity to make content comp videos as long as you keep
that whore of a girlfriend around get your shit together okay
okay where do we begin all right so like i can’t help but think
i can’t help but think that some of the people
you know tweeting this stuff and i only read a couple right
so i i assume a lot of people tweeting this are
hardly ever if not never getting laid okay like
i’m guessing some of these people are teenagers or very young
or very close-minded or i i just i don’t know i’m trying to think of the
type of person but you know like i live in las vegas i live
as crazy as las vegas is like a party city there’s a lot of like
mormons here who are very like conservative and this kind of stuff
would you know uh make them cringe and make
them pray and everything like that all right but i first got of this one i
saw uh chris ray guns tweet about this i didn’t really know it
was a reference to i just liked the tweet i’m like
yeah this sounds about right anyways chris ray gun uh he said
it’s confusing to me that guys who date girls who
pose nude or do not say for work content are called cocks dude probably gets
treated to full course meals with sip money and gets it tapping seems
like a pretty sweet deal and then my boy valonius he tweeted out
if a dude isn’t comfortable with his girlfriend
uh posting loots on the internet he’s a loser and y’all dunking on idubbbz right
now look like insecure little bitches i hear
what y’all are saying but if dudes on the internet are dumb enough to
give my girl money to see her tits that’s their problem
at the end of the day i’m the one who’s hitting it
what difference does it make to me if people know what her nipples look like
and yeah so a lot of this i’m going to share my personal experience in a minute
a lot of this is it’s based on insecurity
right it’s based on male insecurity like this belief that if a woman is doing
that right if she’s selling her nudes or
let’s say she’s a stripper or whatever it is
like this makes them feel insecure right like
they like there’s this possibility that some dude who’s seen her
nude it’s just gonna swoop her up some night and shining armor
who buys nudes on the internet is gonna come
snatch her away from you you know what i mean
like we need to realize when it’s an us problem it’s not a femme
problem it’s an us problem okay but you guys it’s 2020 okay it is 2020.
and you don’t got to be a white knight you don’t got to be a
social justice warrior right but like when i see stuff like
this and um i’ve met men who are not cool
with this like it it it reminds me of like you know the
early like the early 1900s when
women were still seen as a man’s property right
like i will tell you what you get to do and what you cannot do
i own you right so you are not allowed to do with your body what you wish
and that is like an archaic way of thinking
like if a woman wants to do that like that that is
completely up to her and if you’re not cool with that like
peace out go find somebody else and try to update
your ideas you know what i mean like um my beautiful girlfriend who i’ve been
with for years now like she’s not interested in doing this but
if one day if one day she came up to me she’s like yo chris
hey i’m going to do this i’m like i don’t care make your
coin baby girl you know and um a lot of this is based on my own
experience so like i mentioned i live here in las vegas i i know a bunch of
sex workers i’ve you know i’ve known strippers i’ve known cam girls and all
sorts of stuff but anyways many many many many years
ago before i met my my beautiful girlfriend tristan
um i i was um i was single for about a year
year and a half after i got sober um they tell you that you should do that i
took that suggestion i’m still sober so it must have worked
but anyways the first girl i ended up dating like we
met uh we met i don’t know i think on okcupid
or something and we started talking we ended up going out on a date
and i can’t remember if she told me before what she did for work but anyways
she was a a bondage fetish model here in las vegas right she worked for
this very like ritzy company where like
like check it out like dudes were paying insane amounts of money
like insane like thousands of dollars for photo sets like
very specific photo sets and she worked with a bunch of different girls a lot of
them were like you know strippers on the side you know
things like that um but anyways like uh they all kind of did different i
don’t know fetishes and stuff and uh my girlfriend she she was like did
the bondage stuff so you know they tie her up and you know whatever
and when it first happened like when i first found out and we were dating like
i had to look at a lot of stuff going on with me right
like that’s something that recovery taught me in my own
you know uh self-improvement journey like i need to look at what’s going on
with me like 99.9 of the stuff that’s happening it’s not
what’s going on it’s how i perceive what’s going on and that’s when i
realized like if i’m not okay with this why and i started looking at it and it
was it was based on insecurities it was based on all those things that i
was talking about earlier you know and eventually kind of like what you
know chris raygun and velonius like said you know i just started laughing
like if anything it boosted my confidence i’m
like whoa like i’m dating a girl who
who other dudes are paying they are paying
to see her nude like that’s pretty dope right and she has uh i remember one day
after work she was telling me like uh this this one guy came down to
where they shot you know their photos and they had like a strict no boyfriend
policy like i wanted to like you know do sweet things because i’m an awesome
boyfriend you know and like go down to visit her and you
know whatever but they had a strict no boyfriend
policy and this dude came down there trying to bust in their white knight
like i am here to save you you do not need to show your body and everything
like that and that girl got fired she was pissed
and i believe she broke up with that dude
right after right because there’s this uh this idea like we need to realize
like some women want to do this some women like doing
this and whatever their reasons are that is
completely up to them and frankly it’s none of our business i dated
another um woman after her and i broke up and uh
she uh i had known her for a long time but she was a single mom
the father actually passed away like when she was pregnant with this kid so
the father has never been in that kid’s life
and yeah she was raising this kid all on her own
and she moved around a bit and she finally moved back to vegas and it was
hard for her to find work while also taking care of her son and everything
like that so one of the cool things about the internet like you saw um
anissa’s like she’s able to do only fans like this was years ago before only fans
became a thing but anyways that girl that single mom
she she would uh do some caming she would be a cam girl
and like it was hilarious like like i don’t know if any of you saw um
euphoria right where that girl catch she starts
doing the cam girl thing and there’s like a dude who just like
wants her to like talk shit to him like that’s what gets his rocks
off like that’s some real stuff like she had dudes who would pay her money
just to sit there and talk shit to him right
there were other other guys who would like
pay her to to just sit on camera and eat like
cinnamon rolls you know and let me tell you
let me tell you like dudes are tripping because let me tell you
like if somebody wanted to pay me to talk shit to him or eat cinnamon rolls
hell if somebody wanted to see my big ass new
to pay me for it like yo let’s do this thing like however you
want to make your money do your thing like my philosophy my philosophy in life
is if you’re not hurting anybody go ahead
and do it right and i’m not talking about
hurting somebody’s feelings like your insecure boyfriends
so yeah like idubbbz like you know good for him like that you know
we could tell that he’s he’s a secure man who does not
care if his woman’s doing that in hell if he did pay for her
you know her to get you know uh breast implants like yeah
why not make that money back selling pictures
to dudes on the internet right like uh what a
you know the only the only like god like what are the odds that
she’s gonna meet some guy and just run off of them you know like
if if you can’t trust your girl and you’re worried about that like you
probably shouldn’t be with them in the first place
that’s just my opinion but anyways ladies out there like
it’s 20 20 like make your coin if that’s what you want to do if that’s what
you’re comfortable with you know like there are so many so many
different ways to make money um now that it’s 2020 with
so many different things online and like anybody out there even if
you’re not into the whole sex work thing or you know whatever it is
like just do a little research online you’re always
able to hit me up dm me like i know of a bunch of different you know places like
i do a lot of freelance writing and there are a lot of different places
uh where you can make money working from home or online like i have
a full-time job a part-time job and i still have side hustles
aside from all the youtube stuff all right but anyways if you want let me
know your thoughts and comments down below like
why do you think it is that men uh uh are are against this why do you think
guys are going after idubbbz calling him a simp and a cock
for his girl doing this i don’t know like i have my own theories that i
talked about in this video but i would love
to hear your thoughts down below but anyways that’s all i got for this video
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thanks again for watching get some security and i’ll see
you next

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  2. lmao this greasy as simp.

    What an actual soyboy hahaha. this guy is literally the epitome of a soyboy.

    Google search should show this guys ugly xaned out face hahaha

  3. This dude is a massive degenerate, calling modesty a 100 year ago mentality, what the heck is wrong with you normalizing fucked up behavior

  4. Brain damage is an injury that causes the destruction or deterioration of brain cells. In the U.S., every year, about 2.6 million people have some type of brain injury — whether as a result of trauma, stroke, tumor, or other illnesses, according to the Brain Injury Association of America.

  5. Yo my man is NOT a simp and shoul not be harrassed for having an opinion. He doesnt deserve this hate, if you all just love idubbz for who he is then support his choice. Btw great video and all but i dont think this philosophy you were talking about is correct, the end does not justify the means.

  6. Why am I insecure if I simply prefer my gf not to be public domain? If someone wants to be thot, go ahead idc, but stop forcing me to justify it. Back in a days I always was on liberal side of ideology, when society was leaned over edge of conservatism but now you just push it to another edge with the same dark aftermath. Lately i've been thinking whats even the point of all those ideologies, when on practice they all come to destruction. I guess mankind indeed was a mistake

  7. i think that people should not advertise themselves sexually if they are in a committed relationship with one person.

  8. 420 dislikes. Nice. 89 likes. Yikes. All these incels could have girlfriends if they lowered they're insane expectations.

  9. Man I’m sorry to say this, but you should really take this video down. What I would suggest is you try and understand that it shows low self respect when a man is willing to let his significant other be seen bare by other men. Also, for the comments critiquing your appearance, I would suggest just going bald and working out. You’d see massive improvement. Otherwise, you look fine.

  10. Wow i actually thought i’d try and hear you out but no that’s not gonna happen, saying “hurr durr they’re just mad because they’re not getting laid hehehehe” is proof that you not only miss the point of the criticism entirely but that nothing you are about to say is worth listening to. You’re very clearly only here for the vitriol but I’m gonna explain why you’re wrong anyways. When a girl decides to sell herself to a bunch of strangers on the internet she is basically saying that she cares more about fame and money than she does about any personal relationship she will ever have in the future, and is also simply in denial about the fact that her good looks will only last her about 10 years tops, even less when there’s an ENDLESS stream of e girls competing with them. Not only that, but she is constantly ignoring every basic feminine instinct that she has to be loyal to one partner, that’s why every e girl and woman who sleeps around is incredibly unhappy and depressed, seriously it’s like clockwork. I don’t know what you have to say for yourself about dating two e girls but all I can say is that you were either hopelessly in denial or severely manipulated by those two girls, either case is tragic and I’m sorry for you. And also quit that stupid argument about only “incels” being angry about this because if you know anything about the effects of pornography consumption, you would know how dishonest and utterly stupid that argument is. Because constant consumption of pornographic material basically rewires a persons brain to never seek out a partner, therefore you can go ahead and blame yourself and the brain dead thots on twitter who objectify themselves for the pleasure of others for the steady rise in incels and beta males. I don’t know you and frankly I don’t care to learn but if you really think what Anisa is doing to Idubbbz is okay, get help, because it isn’t.

  11. I think it's fine if someone personally doesn't want their significant other to be in that industry. I think it's not necessarily a matter of insecurity. intimacy is a very personal thing and what may be an intimate, special, thing to someone else might not be as intimate to others. so for example, some people might not give a crap if their significant other holds hands with someone else, but to others that could really be a symbol of what is intimacy and meaningful to them. To others maybe it's sex, or maybe even just the conversations that they have and being together. Everybody's relationship is personal.

    I don't think it's okay though too insulting and bully someone else due to their relationship dynamic. if someone is dating a sex worker and they're fine with it then what does it matter to anyone else. If they are in an open relationship and that works for them what does it matter to anyone else? As long as everyone is safe and happy, that's no one else's business.

    Women should be allowed to do whatever they want with their bodies. If they want to do it and they are happy, and being safe, who cares? There is obviously a market for it so it's not like they are doing this out of nowhere. they figure it out how they want to make money and what they want to do and that's their choice.

  12. Man, people are really in this comment section making arguments that the actors in the porn they fap to shouldn't live happy lives

    Dont want a sex working SO? Don't date one, easy as that. But if someone is fine with that, and their relationship is still fulfilling in other ways, then dont call them a simp

  13. Sorry dude but you're in the wrong here. It's not a case of open mindedness or being "modern", but more to do with respect. The reason for the negative reaction is because he unveiled how little self respect he has. This stems from his own insecurity, which is how apparent.

    You're not getting dislikes because of trolls, but rather because you're in the wrong here.

  14. It's not about insecurity. It about respect, if you were in a normal relationship (which I highly doubt) you would know that unconditional respect is an unbreakable part of any healthy relationship, Marketing her body online for everyone too see is basically a huge disrespect to her boyfriend and his manhood if anyone can see her body whats the point of being dectaited to one person then???
    Freedom has limits

  15. Jesus your comments section is being real fumb here, if him and his girlfriend are cool with what she does then leave em along lmao this shits wild

  16. Your video is very good dude. I have a similar opinion about this issue (which is not even an issue really). I actually believe that all this possessiveness over a womans body has to do mostly with patriarchy and how it objectifies women. Some people think they have a right to judge and shame a stranger (gender plays a big role of course) for her choices and her partner for supporting her. I really did not expect this response from people to your video but then I remember what kind of a fanbase idubbz has. Also when people are being shown their problems they become aggressive and of course kids around 16 dont want to confront their socially constructed way of thinking. I guess that when this meme becomes more popular more people will se your vid and support you as well as the couple. Great to see such a video about this subject. <3

    P. S. What I want to point out is what you said at 8.24 about your partner's sexwork busting your confidence. This is still a form of objectification. You think that if you partner is attractive this might mean that you are attractive too (because "externally beautiful" people go together in the average person's mind) or that you have other gifts that made her choose you (Since you do not upply to stereotypical beauty standards) . That might be true but it does not have to do anything with her looks. You also think that the fact that you have access to her body for free while other men must PAY LOTS OF MONEY only to sit and watch is a previllege. Since you emphasize on the big amounts of money people pay her you define her worth as a woman. (I'm not saying "as a person" because in society women are not associated with the term human as much as men do). It's like a cheap pair of shoes and an expensive one. The expensive one is better right? This hierarchy is very commonly used against sexworkers and women in general. It applies that beautiful women are more valuable and worthy than the ugly ones and so the ugly ones must struggle to become more beautiful. In order to do so they pay lots of money for beauty products, surgery etc. Capitalism and patriarchy work side by side but thats a different analysis… All in all you should not feed you insecurities from how attractive your partner is and I'm telling you all this because I assume from your video that you can understand the basics of feminism.

  17. The problem isnt with the content as more than the personality. You must of not known Ian. He was known to talk down on sex workers he’s become the evil he sent out to destroy

  18. Yeh bruh I love it when my girl gets a 10 inch black dong Down her trouth. And I some time watch. This is wat u sound like but whatever. I would legit brake up if my gf did this cuz she is doing something every i hates without giving a fuck about me.
    Edit: I will not belive that there is anyone out there being OK with their love of life showing titts on Internet

  19. This dude is the embodiment of the coomer meme omg. The red baggy eyes unkept receding hair and fat af. The stereotype literally doesn’t get more exact than this man here

  20. The same can be said about people who let their significant other sell nudes. The guys who let their gfs sell nudes do so because of insecurity as well. They’re too insecure to talk against because they’re afraid that their gf will leave them. So because of that they allow their Apprehensions and feelings to be curbsided instead of standing up for them.

  21. Judging by your hairline you look like you are far into adulthood. I think you should be doing smthn else than worrying about this bullshit…

  22. I get what you’re saying in this video and I agree that regardless of the gender nobody gets to tell the other what to do but with that said I have very conservative views on how I go about living my life and I wouldn’t be worried about my girlfriend leaving me for some simp because she sells nudes cause if she did it was definitely a different problem that led to her leaving so for me it’s just a matter of respecting how we both feel about it and I’m just not comfortable with my significant other showing her self to anyone who will pay for a bunch of reasons but mainly because that’s part of something only the two of us should share with each other like I won’t go show other people my privates and neither should she since that’s a part of our intimate relationship like if I go workout to have a body that looks more fit aside from being healthy and stronger I’m not doing it for other women I’m doing it for her,if I’m with someone who wants to do the same thing more or less but is also doing it for other people to make a profit out of it I’ll have a problem and it would really just come down to me respecting her desire to do that if she wanted and she’s free to do so in a relationship with someone else who has no problem with it or by herself being single,she isn’t wrong unless she doesn’t respect my desire to be without someone who does that

  23. Idgaf what he does tbh. Date a pornstar or be in a polyamorous relationship. Im not going to hate you for it.
    But it does make him a hypocrite since he has bullied "simps" (or whatever the fuck y'all wanna call them).
    I personally won't hold it against him because idc who people date (as long as it's not a child or abuser), it's just really hypocritical of him to date someone like her.
    Its your partner's choice to sell their body, and its your choice to break up with them. You aren't a evil person because you choose to stay with a hoe.
    Imo, the people who buy nudes are just as bad as the people who sell their bodies or date the people who sell themselves.
    You might pay for porn, but you aren't evil and neither are the pornstars. Maybe you and the pornstar are losers.
    It's hypocritical of you to call Idubbbz a simp for dating a porngirl if you pay for porn.

    In theory, idups is a hypocrite I guess, but I can still enjoy his Youtube content.
    There's my 50 cents.

  24. Dear Mr. Rewired Soul,

    The girl you're trying to impress with this video isn't going to sleep with you. Give it up.

  25. All I'm saying and pretty much everyone else is saying is that you don't let other guys look at your girl's nudes. You bust your ass to show a girl you love and appreciate her and strangers get to see her naked for 12 dollars? SIMPdubbbzTV!

  26. lmao imagine a cuck calling me close minded for not wanting to share my wife with total strangers, I dont like to make fun of people's appearances but perhaps its due to the way you look you settled for sex workers.

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