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  1. Oh good I got the show out just as primary results started coming in. lol Hi bye Im tired
    timecodes: Megan the Stallion (1:27), Twitter (3:56), TIA (7:29), Israel (8:01), Tennessee (11:25)

  2. What's gone wrong in Isreal, that a party would run (and win-ish) a candidate, that has almost certainly been caught committing major crimes?

  3. I live in Daegu South Korea and I have been posting videos about the Coronavirus here. Stay safe everyone!

  4. well that explains why it was so fucking windy last night, it was loud and kinda scary.
    hope the people in tenesee are gonna be ok

  5. Phil: Sips Content From Mug
    Me: Now I want…
    Also Phil: A mug
    Also Me: (looks at empty wallet) well shit.

  6. Music artists once they get famous and earn money, " I was young when i signed the contract, earned a tonne of money and got famous but now i'm earning that i expect to be able to get out of my contract." Megan does have a reason to complain about this, Taylor DOES NOT and gets what she signed for

  7. Lol, you signed a contract. I mean 18 year olds sign up for the army everyday. It sucks and I get it but there isn鈥檛 a legal argument here.

  8. Hope ol girl sells millions of copies she deserves some money finally. And hope she allocates a % to literally just use to sue her old label for owed money and release of her masters so she can remaster rerelease and get paid for her own work finally.

  9. I've been exhausted before exhausted 2020. You should make a shirt that says something about being exhausted in general. About everything hahaha

  10. Booo hoooo hoooo …. When the whole world catches up …. Break like a horse tied to a post .. Cry yourself to sleep.. Quit.. Find an excuse.. Blaim someone else.. Cry some more.. And 3 minutes in, im out..

  11. If I'm not a success, I get all the financial support from my contract. If I'm a success, I try to get out of my contract so I get to keep even more of the money. Don't sign a contract if you dont know what is in it. If you sign a contract and you try to get out of it, you are an unethical sleaze bag. By breaching your contract you make it harder for new artists to get contracts.

  12. The title is this years whole mood.

    Like at first I wanted to ask you if you鈥檙e okay .. but like .. none of us are ..

  13. I鈥檓 surprised he doesn鈥檛 get demonetised for saying bastard in the beginning (I鈥檓 not wanting him to btw before some jump to conclusions as usual on this site)

  14. You supported Trump early. Now you are tired… we have concentration camps at the border of Mexico where children have died.


  15. 馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫馃嚨馃嚫

  16. Anothher way of saying stupid democrat 2020 because we on the winning side just shake our heads at you idiots while looking forward to 4 more years of Trump.

  17. Man these label companies taking nobodies and fucking wannabes and making them so powerful that they can sue the people who invented them.

  18. We live just minutes away from areas the tornado hit. But don't worry about which loser democrat is going to get our votes, Tennessee stands with Trump, kiddo.

  19. I just moved to Tennessee, about an hour from Nashville. It was completely insane to wake up Tuesday morning and see the distruction so close by

  20. 11:12 "Elections should be like baseball – 3 strikes and your out!"

    I totally disagree, it was Abraham Lincoln which you probably know his name… ONLY because he ran and lost 8 times eventually getting in and it was during his second term that he was assassinated.

  21. Congrats you signed a contract, ignorance of the law is not an excuse for breaking it, so if you signed a bad contract that's your fault and I hope that she loses in court so that we prove that contracts aren't just toilet paper

  22. All the states should do what we do in oregon. Just send in your votes. Gives you plenty of time to do them and get them in by the time you need to. I really think this is the answer rather than new be machines that are failing and can be hacked all over the country.

  23. 鈥淏eing an active participant in life feels like a lot right now.鈥 I cannot express how accurate this statement is. Why have you attacked me, Sir?

  24. Really man, EXHAUSTED2020? How are you going to sell merchandise that has to do with politics when you have nothing to do with politics? Also, if everyone was so exhausted, why the fuck would they be tuning into your show where you REPORT on all of it?

  25. All of this is to take our focus away from DeFranco2020 the internet never forgets bro. You promised you'll at least run.

  26. kinda hate when people say that news/twitter/youtube is anti republican.
    face it, a lot of the republican messages have been decidedly not factual, and also not child friendly.
    is "Mexico is sending all of it's rapists, murderers and drugs here" is good for business? for international companies!?!

  27. I like this title infinitely better than, "People are freaking out about X," or, "We need to talk about Y."

    Hell, I wish your titles were as packed with as much info as possible and zero non-essential words, but I know I'm in the minority here.

  28. So it's been almost one month since I ordered the black and red Beautiful Bastard hoodie. Any idea what's up?

  29. A "good heart" means nothing when you suppress speech for not lining up with your personal moral convictions. I'm not talking about just conservatives either – the platform has become ridiculously sterilized and it makes meaningful communication difficult. Twitter was already bad enough with its low character limit and abundance of idiot users.

  30. Phil I watched your show for a long time and it got me through some tough times so just wanted to say thanks

  31. I live in Livingston tn, 26 minutes from where it happened, my mom lives 5 minutes from the hardest hit area. I am so lucky that my family wasnt on that list of 18 people who lost their lives or the 80+ who are fighting for their lives in the hospital. So grateful to whatever higher power there may or may not be that me and my family didnt lose anything or anyone. My heart goes out to the victims and their families. Keep your chin up, you arent alone because we are with you. We are #CookevilleStrong.

  32. Another Phillip Defranco cash grab, no one is exhausted. This is also not an original thought. This guy is shameless.

  33. The publicity for the Megan thing works coz I had never even heard or seen her before this bit on your show so were I less lazy and cared at all I might even google her and YouTube her music and if I liked it may be interested in getting her album so she鈥檚 scored many new fans because of this from people who aren鈥檛 me… coz I鈥檓 too lazy and don鈥檛 care.

  34. I live here in Israel. Dude this shit is insane, so ridiculous, at this rate I'll be able to vote in next elections cause I'll be 18 lmao

  35. The contract is exploitative. I honestly do not get why people are so against Megan speaking up considering the label/contract is causing her to not be able to continue to create. That is a huge issue. It's clear they want to keep making money from her and frankly it is wrong. I do not care how old a person is, not everyone comes equipped with the mindset to deal with legal documents nor have the resource to have it properly reviewed. Also not everyone can afford a lawyer that specializes in this type of work.

  36. "Always read the contract; trust nobody." 馃挴
    I never sign anything w/o fully reading it through. Even when I鈥檝e gone to the hospital & am given any "standard paperwork" to fill out so care can be administered. i.e. When I had a pulmonary embolism (didn鈥檛 know it at the time -before diagnosis) I was in an excruciatingly amount of pain & had extreme difficulty breathing on my own so I had to be put on an oxygen tank, but still, before I got the Contrast CT-scan that eventually gave me my PE diagnosis, I thoroughly read the mandatory paperwork I was given to sign in order to have the scan done. My husband was with me in the room before the scan was actually done, before he was required to leave the room for his own safety & he looked at me like I was crazy saying "you鈥檙e the only person who would actually read all that while in so much pain just to get a CT-scan." I turned to him as he was crazy and said "no one should sign anything without reading it, and I鈥檓 especially not going to just blindly sign medical paperwork agreeing to have chemicals injected into my body and being x-rayed without knowing exactly what I鈥檓 agreeing to." So, yes, I 100% agree: NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SIGN ANYTHING WITHOUT READING IT THOROUGHLY!

  37. I work at waffle house in the nashville area one of the other stores is down due to being almost completely destroyed, one is on a generator on a limited menu.. my mom is a TDOT flagger and it took her 5 and a half hour to get to work and even now days later I'm still getting victims in over night(I work 3rd shift) and tons of red cross workers. Keep our area in your thoughts 馃檹馃檹馃檹

    Ps. The homeless tent city population was demolished so whatever the death toll is officially its higher it's a sad place right now..

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