I LEGIT had a mental breakdown on stream

I LEGIT had a mental breakdown on stream

Okay, I’m gonna… seriously for you guys I’m gonna like at that part… I’m gonna throw my controller in a blender and just hope for the best. Hottest the by narrow thank you for the follow. “Requests are closed, 3 minutes late.” Oh really? WHAT? Requests are closed? Has it really… time is really flying… Did it fly by that quickly? Sorry, I kind of lost track. I’m just having so much fun playing Beat Saber. ‘Cause last time I checked I was like an hour in. Oh no, it’s okay, Rinku. There’s always next stream for people who request. I’m gonna FC this song for you guys. I promise I will FC it. A little difficult, but it’s okay. I got this. This is the run where I… will conquer it. I’m gonna conquer it. Twitch chat, do you guys think I will pass this chart? Do you think this is the run? Where I pass? “No!” Alright, for everyone that says “no”, you’re gonna have to… If I pass this chart… All of you guys will have to Twitch Prime sub to me. Watch this, Twitch chat. And if I lose… Um… I haven’t thought about that. Haven’t gotten that far. If I lose, I lose. Alright, here it is. *screaming* *panicked swinging* NOOOOOOO! *sadness* *disappointed scream* I am so done, Hex! I am so done! I am so done! I am so done! (Tuturu!) Give me a second, Twitch chat. *more sadness* ;( I did say I was gonna pass that part and guess what? I did! I passed it! Hex, you’re so bad. You’re so evil! I almost had it! That jumped from 130! Found it! I found it! I could have gotten… Right here. That blue note. THAT blue note right there caused my fail. So close, Twitch chat. So close. I hit that note, right? So it couldn’t have been that red note. But this… this blue note… Who’s gonna win? A Jedi Master that plays… that’s been this far? Or one blue note?! One blue boy. No! No! I swung my red saber, and I missed. Look at that he just went… he just passed right by me like no tomorrow. And that failed. I failed. Better pass this part! “…I’m just having so much fun playing Beat Saber.”

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  1. For the ppl saying that if you have that high of a heart beat then go to the hospital, I looked into it and saw that a high heartbeat is only 100 bmp lmao 🤣 U are right

  2. This is why I can't do games like beat saber because I would start having panic attacks or possibly have a manic attack because of schizophrenia

  3. Anyone else got annoyed by that one guy spamming those emojis in the chat? And we saw the heartbeat jump 130 to 190

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