I Became TikTok Famous and I Don’t Know How to Feel

I Became TikTok Famous and I Don’t Know How to Feel

Doctor, Doctor!! Please help! It’s… it’s about my son!! Okay, what seems to be the problem, Ma’am? Here, I brought him in. See for yourself! HiT oR mIsS i GuEsS tHeY nEvEr MiSs Hu- WHAT ABOUT TRACER- what about WIIINSTOOON gOoD BoYs AnD bAd GiRlS *hits the shoot as he overloads on memes* He was completely fine until he started using this app called TIK TOK and then- and then he became like THIS and… I… I’m just not sure what’s happened to him- ~ C A N C E R ~ wait… what? Yo honestly, F in the chat ’cause he’s gonna die TOMORROW and… I’ve got the Avengers lined up and everything Sup *Spider-man doesn’t feel so good* Oh LIT! *Coughs grape juice, just grape juice nothing else* *Orange justices his depression away* *Crying as she fails to understand that he is truly an epic gamer* Hi, my name is Maaz, and I’ve somehow gotten FAMOUS on TIKTOK OH MY GOSH HE’S GONNA DIE For those of you who have no idea about what I’m talking about Tik Tok is an app that uses music and audio clips to create really short videos ranging from memes, cute pets, animation, dances new religions *turns water into wah* skits, you know, anything really! And it’s really funny because TikTok as yaknow, most memes do started off SUPER ironic, with the first few videos that I found being the ironic duets of other TikToks *Tymmi offers dummy thicc cheeks to others* But now, I think after a few months, TikTok is feling like our weird step-dad *hey step-dad* who we’re slowly but surely beginning to accept after Vine left us a few years ago Oh, wow! That is relatable! With all that, you might be wondering Maaz… how did you go from THIS Hahaha oh man, I can’t believe people like
this stuff! To this *Flatlines on Belle Delphine bath water and TikTok memes* Well, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of
a meme a- a madlad, a… goofy goober, if you will. I absolutely LOVE jam-packing in bunch of
easter eggs and references and inside jokes for every video I make and the video about me getting ‘Stuck in the Friendzone’ video was no exception At the time, this tiktok trend of having GOOD BOYS *shows Floof* and BAD GIRLS *also shows Floof* was all the rage on Twitter So much so that I thought it’d be really funny to spoof it and then put it in my Stuck in a Friendzone video *Actually it was in my other Friendzone video but whatever* So as any meme connoisseur would do I got dressed in some of my FINEST casual clothes *is that a JoJo reference* combed my hair to an impeccable standard *Is THAT a JOJO REFERENCE??* put on my make-up *iS tHaT a jOjO rEfeREnCe?!??????* and proceeded to lay down in my bath-tub eating spoonfuls of ice-cream whilst making a TikTok *wow what a mood* And that was supposed to be it, yaknow? It was just this temporary, one-off joke for my animation I- I swear, I PROMISE *lies through his dirty TikTok teeth* *lmao what a loser* But then one day, I was in a voice chat with a bunch of mates and we were discussing the latest trends on Twitter One of which was the meme where Adele sings NEVER MIND I’LL FIND SOMEONE LIKE YOUUUUUU *no you won’t* But then my friend chimes in and says yo Maaz, why don’t you do that but instead of people, you do STORYTIME ANIMATORS? *wow, thanks character that looks suspiciously like Patrick* And, and listen, listen… being the impulsive little boi that I
am… I opened Tik tok one more time… and got started making this absolute MASTERPIECE *sniffs due to allergies* Oh MAN that’s GOOD! *to feel better!* WHOOO *to clearing your nose!* And it was at this point that I started to
use Tik Tok regularly because I didn’t really take the
app itself super seriously I was posting all of my tik toks on Twitter (follow me) and Instagram (follow me) Essentially the social media that are outside of my YouTube channel (subscribe and hit the bell button) But here’s the thing: Some of the skits
that I made on Tik Tok like the one where I pretend to be Ajit Pai and the other one where my dad returns home after his 18 year quest to find milk were really gaining traction Pulling in the same number of views as my YouTube videos and… I started forming an
audience on TikTok AT THE SAME TIME, some of the videos that I’d posted on Twitter like the one where I find out that I’m adopted via Kahoot was also blowing up, making it one of my most popular tweets So it was a combination of both a natural TikTok boost and the fans who were jumping in from other social media that REALLY had me climbing up in numbers *coughs in denial* Ironically though!! Like I can still stop if I wanted to, yaknow? It’s… It’s not like it’s serious or anything!! … *door slams* *it’s some REALLY bad allergies guys* *cheering for having clear sinuses* That is until the famous twitter page called ‘Ironic TikToks’ RIP in peaces 😔✊ Hit me up and said AYO 🅱 CAN I POST YOUR TIK TOKS???? I CAN MAKE YOU A STAR!!!!! To which I was like… Guys… *deep incel breath* I’m TIK TOK FAMOUS *no you’re not* So of course, I said yes! And that ended up being another huge boost to my TikTok because I was racking in the likes, people were recognising me on the Ironic TikTok page I was getting cheered on by new fans and my parents were only MILDLY disappointed in me 😀 But it’s okay.. *sniffs in depression* Yaknow, they just don’t understand that IT’S NOT A PHASE MOM *throws the fattest whip and nae nae* IT’S NOT A PHASE But then…. *ping* Wait, what? I’m in a TIK TOK COMPILATION??? *ping 2: electric bugaloo* And then another, and another and another and another until I was getting tagged left and right Because apparently, some of my dumb little videos that I had made when I was like DEAD bored were good enough to be in MULTIPLE compilations which were all released around about the same time NOT ONLY THAT, one of the compilations actually used MY FACE in the thumbnail itself *ew gross* Which my REAL LIFE SAW and messaged me about Yo Maaz what the heck whAT’RE YOU DOING IN MY TIKTOK COMPILATION???? MATE WHAT’RE YOU DOING WATCHING TIKTOK COMPILATIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE??????? *ping intensifies* Okay, what NOW? Wait… T-T-Tara Belle Rose?? The famous YouTuber and TikTokker?? Hey Maaz… you want some of that *Tara also has severe allergies* CONNECTION bro? I’ll hook you up with that GOOD INNER CIRCLE of TIKTOK Okay pause What are you ON about??? Inner
circle of TikTo- Surely nobody is taking it that serious- Ooooohhhhh yeah nah nah nah people are taking this seriously *visions of the future flash before him* Tara, being an absolute solid friend that she is essentially threw my name up to the Tik
Tok lords and they deemed my stuff good enough to added into a secret group of TikTokkers And not only that, once they realised that I had a YouTube channel they immediately handed me the golden verified badge confirming my status as an official… *hesitant sigh* TikTokker. So not only was I getting premium treatment on TikTok but they started inviting people out to all these special private events And I was like… why not, yaknow? It’s not like I’m gonna turn it into a storytime animation or anything *sits as a dirty sinner* Forgive me Father, for I have sinned *James licks in background* And if all of THAT wasn’t crazy enough,
apparently tik tok is well-connected to many of the up-and-coming artists, and because of that, I got sent a secret invitation to an AVA MAX MEET UP And I was like WHOA, ARE YOU LEGIT??? DUDE I CAN’T BELIEVE IT, ARE YOU SERIOUS??? YOOOOOOoooooo… Who’s Ava Max? The actual event wasn’t nearly anything
to rave about yaknow She sang a few songs and quickly
glanced at us during the meet and greet but it was pretty cool to hang out with some of the tiktokkers that I’d gotten acquainted with And then I went to VidCon US Now that was an absolute blast and I hope you watch some of the other recaps of it BUT before I went Ilyssa hit me up and was like AYO 🅱 Y’all want an invite to a secret TikTok party??? To which I responded yis :B So me, Ilyssa, her brother and Adam, we all break out from another party we were at And we were like yo… we’re going to a TikTok party Just so this could be the EPIC conclusion to my entire saga And we get there and there’s a MASSIVE line, at least two hours of waiting long And they’re like Yeah, we’re not staying here We’re gonna go… bye *sister* And so they quickly run away So I was waiting in the line, yaknow, and I was pumping myself up like Yo, this is gonna be worth it! The EPIC finale… And then that’s when I realised that I was using TikTok unironically And as soon as I came to that realisation I immediately hopped out the line and started chasing after my friends going WAIT FOR ME *chases after van and screecheslike loner* PLEASE *Adam yeets him with his foot out the van DON’T LEAVE ME BEHIND *truck zooms in for the kill* It sucks that I couldn’t end my
entire TikTok journey with a spicy conclusion But man the fact that I’ve gotten this far, this quickly is… ABSOLUTELY insane to me It’s just been a series of COINCIDENCES
and MEME MAGIC that’s resulted in my TikTok LEGITIMATELY passing my Twitter and Instagram Isn’t that crazy? The social media platforms that I’ve been growing and fostering for almost three years has been passed by TikTok in a few months Hahahaha I’m not mad 🙂 *every day is pain* *why are we here, just to suffer?* *ayo 🅱 I’m craving chicken nuggets* Please follow my twitter and insta- Alright guys, alright! I decree, it’s time to face the music *Feel Special plays on radio* Stop that right now. STOP IT. *Tymmi smacks his dummy thicc cheeks* Alright, let’s be- let’s be honest with ourselves! I love TikTok memes okay WE love TikTok memes! We STAN TikTok okay??? Because honestly, TikTok is not NEARLY as bad as some people make it out to be Because honestly, TikTok is not NEARLY as bad as some people make it out to be The main reason that I PERSONALLY make content on TikTok is because Sometimes with animation, it just takes a bit too long Yaknow if I have something funny that I’ve written down I’ll have to wait something like a MONTH until you guys see it, right? Whereas with Tiktok, if I have a silly
idea that makes me cackle I can quickly shoot it and post up within the same day Making these short skits and memes has actually helped out stave off some of my own burnout and find enjoyment in making new forms of content all over again 🙂 Because once again, being honest here… I’m having a blast making both YouTube videos and Tiktok content I don’t intend to stop them… anytime soon And if YOU wanted to watch some of my very… questionable TikToks I’ve made a compilation over on my second channel with almost all of the TikToks that I’ve made Even the ones that got taken down because I’m a bit of a bad boy myself 😉 *no you’re not* As long you’re having a good ol’ time
then stick with whatever you’re doing Because… you do you! Even if it’s not ironic any more hahaha Alright, and with that, laters everybody and stay ama- *death noise* *overdoses on TikTok memes* I also wanted to mention, because I couldn’t fit it into the script, but I got invited too like a… secret BlackPink concert? Umm, they were like ‘yeah, if you’re into TikTok… you might be able to get a VIP access to BlackPink And I was just like YOOOOO HOLY MOLY That would be such a good story Umm but then they… didn’t reply… so I guess it didn’t happen Oh, and I didn’t mention this in my main video but please go and follow my TikTok as well I’m sure you’re gonna have a good time 😀 And with that, make sure to comment, like, subscribe and hit that notification bell and I’ll catch you in the next video! Alright, laters everybody! And stay AMaazing 🙂

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  1. I have subscribed and tapped the notification. You can now call me a Martian. Also you awesome and hilarious. 😄😃😉😊

  2. He says he couldn't and his tik Tok journey with a spicy end you literally got hit by a car your friends left you behind and say you don't have a spicy end (btw I know that was just animation but I just had to make the joke) 😂

  3. 8:18 You scrolled down with a screen recording and then animated yourself using your whole arm to work a giant version of the phone screen, and that attention to detail was well-placed, and it looks great.

  4. 7:31, don’t know why
    can’t figure out where I belong
    Regret the path I chose
    Afraid I keep my head DOOOWWNNNN

    Took my a while to learn the English version but it was so worth it

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