How to do Video Premieres on Facebook

How to do Video Premieres on Facebook

yeah streamyard I told you about that
like seven eight months ago but we’re not even talking about live video today
calm down hi everyone it’s your girl Ms. Ileane and I want to talk about
video premieres video premieres are the hot new trend
that all of the content platforms are making available to users like you and
me you can do premiers on YouTube and even on Twitch and on Facebook and I’m
going to show you how you can upload video premiers to your Facebook page and
then I’m also going to tell you some of the pros and cons of using them and I
like to say hello to my friend Tish Tish Rosales hey hey hey you’ve been hanging
with me all day today great to see you you know what it is now I can come on
cam right okay so video premieres on Facebook they
start with you uploading your video now I recommend and these are the
recommendations that are actually coming from Facebook that your video be at
least three minutes long especially if you have joined their creator program
and your videos are monetized and so you’re going to upload a sixteen by nine
video let’s say it’s 1920 by 1080 okay and so I’ve already started the process
here so let’s just go to the screen share so I’ve already started uploading
my video okay and let me just pop out the chat here
and behind-the-scenes sound when the YouTube side all right so you’re going
to give it a title you also need to give it a description or Facebook won’t let
you go forward and I should do that I always like to tag people and in this
case I’m going to tag myself and if there was anyone else in the video of
course you want to tag them this is unique feature of Facebook you know you
can tag people with this little tag option here right if you have pages that
you want to tag you would tag them within the text that you’re writing out
in the description let’s just say for example I want to tag my daughter’s page
which is better than success alright so you see how that works okay I’m not
gonna take it now next you need to add tags these are video tags so that
Facebook knows what category that your video is in so I found that a good one
for my videos as education technology you can put multiple tags in here okay
we’re not going to go through those right now
alright let’s scroll down I think that’s all we have on this side now let’s look
over on the right-hand side these are the different panels that you have if
you have a thumbnail you can upload the thumbnail here alright I’m not going to
do that right now ad breaks remember I said you can
monetize you but you join that Facebook creator program I can tell you more
about that later and I want to say hi to everyone who’s joined live subtitles and
captions very important on Facebook okay so what you’re going to do here is
you’re just going to select your language of course for me it’s English
and get Facebook to auto-generate the captions this way you can come back
later if you need to make any adjustments another
really cool thing interactive thing and I’ve done an entire video about this how
to do use the poles hi electronics hiking in Jesus talk how are you and so
you can add a pole now I’ve done a whole entire video on creating poles so I’m
not gonna add one to this particular video alright and then this tracking
would be just for your own purposes of keeping things organized back in the
back end okay now what I really love is how Facebook Oh Phooey
you know what I’m gonna have to back out because Facebook because I uploaded that
so long ago that they have already not they’ve already taken that premiere
option away from me so we’re just gonna close that out and we’re gonna start
from scratch and I’ll just come back on and keep you guys company while we’re
uploading that video oh okay Oh looks like it did it quickly so I’m just gonna
put in here test and testing okay alright cuz I want you to see what
happens and I didn’t put tags on at that time but this is the main screen that I
want us to get to because you’ve already seen I’ve done everything on this
checklist I love that they give us this checklist over in the right-hand side
three minutes long turn on the ad brakes video description
tags I showed you that already but it’s red now you’re gonna click premiere and
you’re going to pick the time that you want this to go live or that you want it
to premiere all right and then you’re going to add an image if you have an
image to go with it etc then you’re going to hit publish okay so that went
well because I didn’t have to wait too long for it to upload okay oh I just
remembered I forgot something everybody likes a lower third and so I just wanted
you guys to see that I have one too it’s just I have to finish building it out
you saw that miss Eileen speaks okay there it is your digital media tour
guide yay it filled in okay so so next we are going to take a look at some of
your comments that have come in so let’s get rid of that lower third there and Tish knows that it’s super cute Saturday
yes it’s a day when I go to the hairdresser not every Saturday but only
on #supercutesaturday and to say I look really cute thank you Tish, Arthur hey
sis blessings from Hollywood Hills California all right thank you offer for
coming and electronics hiking and Jesus talk you guys remember to connect with
one another hit those little three dots and
chat box over on the left hand on the right hand side you’ll see the three
dots and you’ll see one of the options is go to channel and Andy said great to
catch you live love your podcast always such useful confident content yes I
brought back the podcast the anchor show podcast the other podcast this tool
around too but thank you so much for the kind words and Mark Zuckerberg really
led Facebook to a good direction oh that was a nice thing to say you know yeah
that’s it that brings me to some of the pros and cons because now that we’re on
the screen here let’s go back to our interface you can after you hit publish
and you’ve got your time in here and you can upload an image one of the cons of
doing video premieres on Facebook versus YouTube once you’ve set that time like
if you’re somebody like me and you’re like let’s let’s just put it for 20
minutes from now and then you realize oh I need to change something I want to
change that thumbnail you have until 10 minutes prior to going to your premiere
being available up until 10 minutes and each changes you make after that your
premiere won’t go live at the time that you wanted to oh and by the way I just
saw that I have one thumbs up you guys know about hash tag two taps right two
taps one tap to like the video and one to have to share it out and if you’re
new here two taps one tap to subscribe and another tap to turn on those
notifications okay so that’s something to keep in mind you
have ten minutes if you need to make any changes okay now the other difference
between doing premiere on Facebook versus YouTube is YouTube if
you didn’t watch that video that I did the other day that was the first one in
this series YouTube will play a two minute countdown video like for example
if I was to schedule it to go live at 1:00 p.m. Eastern because it’s almost
1:00 p.m. Eastern if I was on YouTube at 1:00 p.m. the two-minute countdown video
with music would start playing and I showed like I said I did a demo of it in
the previous video but Facebook doesn’t give you a video ok but it does give
people the opportunity to click to get reminded and all of that but there is no
real countdown just the little text countdown that you see you want any vent
or anything else that’s scheduled you know on Facebook so now the benefits and
why premieres are being so important and ones trend right now is because they
bring together the best of being live and being able to have a pre-recorded
mistake-free video ok so the idea is that when you launch your
premiere that you’re actually there with your audience when they have questions
and in the chat like now I have chat here and for example Friar Wade is here
hi Friar Wade good afternoon great to see you and tisha saying hi to
fryer and do I have thoughts on the upcoming digital currency no I have
absolutely no thoughts on it and I have absolutely no information on it other
than it’s no I came to tell you what it’s called I wanted to say Capri but
then I’m like that doesn’t sound – Oh Libre
and I’m not even sure I’m pronouncing that correctly so yeah I’m not into that
but I will keep my eye on it when it actually happens and hashtag to taps
that’s right and I only see two thumbs up maybe I’m not getting the correct
number of thumbs up here because there’s more than two of you guys here so I
don’t think some more thumbs up for this video some more likes hiding Matt
Rappaport hello my dear great to see you or one of my lives we always see each
other over in the groups so it’s nice to see you here on YouTube which is my main
platform there and oh and I see Radiodon is helping me out with the name of
that Facebook currency it’s not cryptocurrency that I do know because my
friend Christian Karasiewicz and Phil Gerbyshak covered it on their social
chefs show and they said it’s actually not cryptocurrency because there’s no an
amenity with it they know exactly who you are okay guys so let’s see I’m just
gonna look at my notes really quickly with the Facebook premieres there’s no
real countdown timer like a video countdown timer like the one you get on
YouTube and there’s also a video countdown timer on Twitch and Oh before
I go any further I have to give us props to twitch because twitch was the first
platform to have the video premieres okay and you know when you think of
twitch you always think of life streams but they did it first and then you too
copied off of them and then Facebook was like okay y’all got something going on
we want it to so so now they have it on Facebook now here’s another comparison I
want to give you the difference between doing a premiere on YouTube and don’t a
premiere on Facebook if your channel is monetized on YouTube you
can get super chats yes people can give you super chats just like you guys if
anyone was there we’d give word to give me a super chat now if I had a premiere
schedule once you scheduled at premiere in YouTube that opens up the chat which
means people can give you a super chat so you can schedule your premiere to
three days out I’m not even sure what the limit is on how many days ahead
you can schedule a premiere on YouTube I would have to look into that but in the
meantime your chat is open and you can be getting super chats the whole time
okay coz in a premier with YouTube you have chat and comments that’s a really
unique thing and this is information nobody else is telling y’all okay
because most people that do YouTube training only do YouTube training but
I’m doing a Facebook training today Facebook doesn’t have that you know
right now we can’t really get any kind of donation directly on Facebook and
that’s we’re part of a super duper exclusive set of pages that Facebook is
working on a beta program with right now and only reason why I know about this
program is because I’m actually part of it I’m not my page but I mean I am
paying someone who has access to this feature but it’s a very select group of
people who but you pay on a monthly basis okay so it starts at like five
dollars I think in fact I think across the board it’s five dollars a month that
you can play pay and so the one that I am using is the one that I’m paying or
supporting is adventure social and they’re the only ones that I know they
have it you know I mean I I stay in my lane when I’m on Facebook so I’m sure
there’s hundreds of other pages and probably even thousands of other
but it’s nothing like YouTube YouTube there’s millions of creators whose
channels are monetized and for those of you who aren’t monetized and still
working to get to that requirements that are needed all I can tell you is hang in
there it does happen and it does it does benefit you know even if you make 50 60
bucks a month that’s more than what you were making you know before you get
monetized so it’s it’s worth it and tisha saying yes I know a venture social
yeah and so they have some really great trainings over there and I really wanted
to go through the experience but when it comes to Facebook is very limited and
the benefits that you get for monetarily directly from Facebook but what I
recommend and I’ve even sent this to folks when I see the advertisement I
will send it to whoever is top of mind that day Facebook has a creator program
Facebook has a creator program sign up for that creator program and you can
possibly if you get in and all that and I don’t know what the requirements are
you can monetize your videos now I’ve been in the creative program for about
mmm not quite a year yet but the monetization is nothing at all like
YouTube because once your video is out there on Facebook for the most part
people only see it like the day or within unless you promote it but within
a few days of when you actually posted it
whereas with YouTube your content can be it can go on and on annoying I mean I’ve
got videos on YouTube that I wish people didn’t see but
you know I just leave them up there just because it’s a way for people to find me
because sometimes you know because I do social media tutorials and hello my dear
Lauryn Birdie Lyn yeah welcome you’re welcome my dear be oh and okay I’m gonna
give some shoutouts cuz some folks came in that I I’ve never met before Adriean
Adriean Francis hi nice to meet you thank you so much for being part of the
community today I love watching mister I mean on Saturday with a cup of coffee
like I used to watch Saturday morning cartoons yes put me up there with
Bullwinkle okay oh wait here’s a good question from electronics and hiking how
much money do you make off affiliate program such as to Buddy when you’re in
an affiliate program the amount of money that you make first each program has
different rules about how much of a cut they give you or if they pay you by
leaves that’s a whole nother training but since you specifically asked about
TubeBuddy I will just speak on my experience because everybody doesn’t
have the same deal that I have but let’s just say for example someone were to use
my TubeBuddy link and sign up then I would get 50% of whatever plan they buy
cuz TubeBuddy has various different plans so I would give 50% of that that’s how
it works for me with TubeBuddy I’m I’m guessing
that some of the other Youtubers that may have a huge audience and bring on a
lot of sales they may get even more of a percentage but I think it starts with
50% you would have to apply for the program now there may be some that don’t
even get 50% maybe you only get 40 or 30% but it’s still the point of
affiliate marking is that you provide and you introduce your audience to
something that they can definitely use you’ve used it you’ve liked it and you
know that they can benefit from it for example for those of you who saw the
very beginning of this video I sort of made a little joke it was inside joke
about streamyard a streamyard is one of the platforms that I’ve been talking
about and bragging about for months now all of a sudden people are discovering
it it’s like I’ve been talking about streamyard for months and people are
finding and acting like doing backflips I’m like I’ve been talking about that
but they won’t listen to me that’s okay I’ll fill out a type away and he came
live I was looking at one of my old tutorials because this is what I’m using
right now this is how I am bringing these comments up on screen how are you
thank you for having me here welcome dear I’m bringing comments up one screen
using a cam live and also this is coming from ECAMMlive my little lower third
even though I don’t really like the lower thirds I just want you guys and
here’s why I don’t like them cuz I don’t like gals cutting me off I don’t like
that but anyway it’s nice that I can use these things okay I’ve been talking
about ECAMMLIVE and I was looking at one of my old videos we cam live before they
went to a monthly subscription it used to be only a one-time payment and I kept
telling everybody get it now get it now get it now no they listened
they waited well I shouldn’t say they didn’t listen a lot of people listen cuz
I make out very well with Ecammlive okay but it’s Mac only which is why I
got interested in streamyard because all my folks that don’t have max I’ve
wanted everybody cuz stream yard is browser-based
and so now everybody can use extreme yard and streamyard is really super
super slick so always have the links down in
the description or as my friend Bandra would say check the doobly-doo to see
what I didly-did and you can see all of my affiliate links as well as how
I sometimes put them up on screen do I have one yeah I don’t have one
hi there’s a ECAMMlive link right there and
I don’t have a TubeBuddy one right now but thanks for asking that question okay
let’s see okay it already this question already says I’m related now I haven’t
read it yet cuz I’m not a speed reader but radio Don’s been hanging with us so
let’s see what it says any word on when YouTube story slash community will be
out of beta I’ll probably not make that 10k sub requirement okay first it’s
great question so even though we’re talking about Facebook today I loved
YouTube so I’ll probably take your YouTube question any day first I have a
community tab when and for any of you who have not gone over to my community
tab in fact I was telling Tish about it the other day and she went over there
and she saw some stuff that she probably didn’t even know I was posting over
there so you don’t need 10,000 for the
community tab I’m not exactly sure what the requirement is for the community tab
okay when Tom Leung who is a product manager or I forget his title he’s a
director he’s a bigwig over at Facebook and you know he came on my channel yeah
to talk about studio beta and I I asked him about this you know because I feel
like 10000 is I don’t understand why they always use subscribers as a basis
for perks you know why can’t they use something
like loyalty like how long you’ve been on a platform or how many videos you’ve
uploaded or how many comments you’ve left helpful comments of course and he
thought there was fair points but I know that particular topic is not under him
he would have to pass it alone I know he passed it along I’m sure he did but to
answer your question about the ten thousand for the stories I don’t know
but I tell you what I do I have my own little trick for YouTube stories I don’t
watch them y’all not gonna give it to me I’m not gonna watch him I got Facebook
stories I got Instagram stories I got Facebook page stories I don’t need
YouTube stories and one thing that YouTube doesn’t do well with the stories
and they had this problem back in the day before they let us upload custom
thumbnails they catch people in the most awkward positions and with the weirdest
faces there’s nothing compelling to make you want to click on them whereas
stories on Facebook Wow not Facebook but on Instagram it’s just
a person’s profile pic and it puts the red ring around and you know they have a
story I don’t understand why it’s like everybody even the most professional
awesome-looking they’re always like hey why do I want to click on that I’m not
in today so anyway good question even though it
was semi off topic and so tisha tell me about her she has been putting on us on
stream you are the ECAMMlive highly recommend those videos yes okay that’s
what I’m talking about I saw a super chat come Michael Daniels
in the house thanks Michael from Michael of supporting fellow creators thank you
so much Michael it’s so great it’s so great to have you here and have you
Michael ever done a Facebook premiere or even a YouTube premiere okay
um I know the other day Michael you said that you were testing Facebook on your
phone and it wasn’t going to the right people and I wanted to follow up with
you on that because I think part of that what I didn’t understand where was where
you going live on your profile or on your page or in the group that makes a
big difference and where you’re just using a regular native Facebook app
because there are other apps you can you help so many folks so I had to oh honey
and let’s go back a thousand is a requirement for community oh okay thank
you so much electronics hiking and Jesus talk and I know your name but it slips
my mind right now but you guys definitely follow him he’s got a very
nice channel and just just saying how she loves her Mac yes I love my Mac too
and you know I I’m in a PC world as well because at work we have a PC and I
actually have what they call a notebook it’s a laptop I don’t know what what the
difference is between notebook and a laptop but I call a laptop and sometimes
I bring it home so I actually brought it home this weekend and I like that it’s
very very lightweight cuz this Mac I have is a big iMac 27-inch chumpy but I
could tell you all something right now I promise you I will not pay $1000 for
stand you know the new stands that coming out with the new Macs thousand
dollars stop playing I will prop that bad boy up on books just kidding I’m not getting $1000 stand
that’s ridiculous okay I got that off my chest I have done YouTube premiers only
okay yes so once again the advantage just
make sure I went over all my notes videos uploaded as drafts cannot be
changed to premiers oh yeah back to the Facebook premiers I’ve written myself
some notes to remind you of if you’re going to do a premiere on
Facebook the Facebook premieres if you upload the video as a draft it’s because
I did that the other day I was prepping for video right and I was like let me go
through all these steps and show you guys what to do that’s why I decided to
go ahead and just do it live because the video the pre-recorded video I was
working on it didn’t work and I uploaded it and just like you saw earlier today
because I didn’t go in there and tell it to make it a premiere fast enough it
wouldn’t it wouldn’t give me that option so when you’re going to do premiere you
know you’re doing a premiere go ahead and schedule that premiere when you
upload it because if you just go away and come back to it it’s not gonna let
you do it okay so just heads up on that cuz I tried it and it didn’t work get out of here with that
oh I don’t know what I did wrong okay alright okay guys alright let me just
put my little lower third up one more time and I’m so proud of myself
somebody did a little tutorial on how to make them and keyed out and of course
now you can’t barely see us as your digital meter tour guy because I don’t
have the right color on and I didn’t think of that when I was making I totally am NOT good with lower thirds
okay so let’s just do a quick recap video premieres are a hot trend that all
the platforms are starting to offer there’s subtle differences between the
premiers but the concept is that it’s a hybrid where you get the best of the
live streaming world along with the benefits of being able to upload your
pre-recorded video where you don’t make a lot of flubs and things and when that
video goes live you can be there in the chat just like you can with a live
stream so don’t upload a premiere and think oh I’m I’m getting ready to go to
bed let me just upload just premiere you know believe me people will do this okay
my advice is not to do it that way that’s not the point of it
the point of it is for you to won’t be there watching it with your audience so
with that said I wanted to tell you guys about my podcast and I probably will do
another video to show you how to do premieres on Twitch and one of the
things that I’ve been doing on Twitch is I have been doing watch parties of the
podcast only could do that because of the power of ECAM live by the way well I
could use another tool but I don’t use those tools and I’ve been recording the
podcast I’ve been I just started this past week so my goal is to try to do it
every weekday or at least four days out of the week okay and so just to give you
the link if you want to go ahead and you can subscribe in your podcast listening
app of choice you would go to Eileen dot link slash anchor pod link but another
thing that I’m doing is turning those into videos and then uploading and doing
create my own watch party my own version of watch party because you know I just
like to test and I’m you know Michael Daniels and I are the same of the same
mindset oh well maybe it’s the first time in a while
good afternoon Shekinah you make sure you guys everybody follow each other
click the three dots on the side of the chat there Michael says I agree you can
collaborate with your audience and premieres you can you can love be there
live be there to help folks I enjoy watching along with everyone else yeah
and then then you’re kind of hands-free you don’t have to worry about pushing
buttons and all the like I’m doing now right
I love testing things so much okay so because I wanted to start my I’m going
to give my twitch channel a jump start okay because I’ve achieved affiliate
status over there on twitch but I haven’t got to pay out yet and one of
the reasons why I haven’t is because I stopped streaming over there but then
when they introduced the subscriber only stream because one of the reasons I
stopped streaming on twitch was because I was actually getting trolled yeah the
trolls found me and they started coming out but I don’t know if they’re gone now
but they haven’t realized that I started streaming again but if I see them then I
could start back with my subscriber only but what I’ve done is taken the podcast
and made a little video why I just give you guys a little example of what that
video looks like I’m just gonna play a little bit of it okay
guys so you can see what it looks like if you know here it is this is my
podcast listening watch party snapchat was the very first social media
platform to embrace the stories format well Instagram couldn’t buy snapchat so
they just completely copied the entire format and then they okay so I gave you a little taste of it
and I actually uploaded one of those videos a different format video here on
YouTube to introduce this concept that I have of you know podcasting needs
stories too so snapchat has stories Instagram
Facebook YouTube has stories podcasting these stories too so instead of me
saying that I’m doing podcasting news I’m doing stories so it’s sort of news
it’s a blend of news and tutorials but as my flavor it’s giving you why I think
it’s important for podcasters and also for social media and I have to say hi to
my friend Alfredo tickle oh hello
Fredo is doing big things up there in the Amazon warehouse up there hi-five
Alfredo thank you thank you thank you and Michael thank you again for the
super chat and let’s see I think I cover all the questions let me go oh I didn’t
miss one comment I understand what you mean with the lower thirds but I use
them all the time yeah I find you know a lot of times
people want their broadcast to be like TV newscasts and I’m like oh I don’t
like watching TV newscast why would I want my podcasts or my live stream to
look like that and the worse to me in my opinion is the scrolling text that goes
across the bottom it’s like what am I supposed to read the text Oh am I
supposed to look at you why are you laughs if I’m gonna read the text you
can just do this snapchat was the very first social media
platform to embrace the stories format they in today’s podcasting stories I
want to focus our attention on Apple Apple podcasts now you may have heard
that in the next iteration of our Mac operating software ok this job joshing
around a little bit there but you know like if I’m supposed to read what’s on
the screen then why am I looking at you why are you doing a live stream why
don’t you just put the words up and then I can just read them but you’re talking
about something different then the worse that’s going across the bottom of the
screen that just drives me crazy it’s my pet peeve I know I’m not trying to
change the world cuz me not liking it is not stopping anybody from doing it but I
just want y’all to think about how ridiculous that is well maybe it’s just
me too thinks it’s ridiculous exactly it’s live it is so much fun shooting
from the hip yeah it’s mate and there’s someone else
here oh my gosh hey the trendy savings Channel gal oh my gosh you guys if you
have a shop right in your area and even if you don’t and you want to know how to
save you walk in that supermarket by time you finish watching my girl here
the supermarket probably owe you two dollars when you walk out with a cart
cuz she got a going on I love her I love I love and she’s so entertaining and
she’s so you could just look at that smile she has in her profile pic and you
just know you need to watch that channel even if you don’t do the shopping in
your home watch her cuz she funny and she’s cute adorable never and she said
hi and come on tell us your name again cuz I forgot oh thanks I yeah yes you’re awesome you
are and you can tell that you have that all fought out before you go you put a
lot of pride you put a lot of prep time into your videos and it shows and you’re
one of those channels that I and I really off top my head I can’t remember
if you have a lot of subscribers or not but how many ever subscribers you have
you should have more because you’re just a diamond in the rough
well you’re not even into rough joy joy joy joy oh I should remember that when I
see your face your joy cuz you’re so joyful it kind of is okay Adrienne I’m
sorry I put your comment up ly so I just wanted my I didn’t come to read I came
to watch & Earn with friends that’s what I’m talking about Michael Jason you know
so the lower thirst don’t bother me as much especially if you have a guest on
and you know people need to reminder what the guest name is and all that well
I feel like this this is why I’m not a fan of even though
I think this one was cute I just liked it because it took me so long to figure
out how to do it I watched someone do a tutorial on it on using keynote to
create these and I just follow exactly step by step how they only thing I
changed was the words but I you know I feel like this if you’re already on my
channel watching my channel or consuming my content wherever it may be that’s all
I need you to do of course I want you to know that my name is Eileen of course I
want you to know that it’s spelled differently
hyolee a and E and all of that yes I want that don’t get me wrong but at the
same time I don’t had to like force it on you that has just got to be sitting
up there over the whole time you’re already here she’s
thank you so much that comment pushed me to do so pushed me to do so okay hey
you’re welcome joy joy joy joy pushes pushes me to do okay we know what you
meant yes you know you take the time and
you’re thoughtful and your delivery and your content is helpful you show how to
make the Koopa people can feed their whole family and all the people at the
church just from watching your videos and everybody’s clothes gonna be clean
too cuz she got the coupon deals on that as well alright friends I think my
friend mr. Rodney is here hmm get ready to cook something
oh he tells me don’t worry about him but anyway if anyone wants to see the
gardens you can go over to my facebook page as a matter of fact let me say
here’s this is just how to contact me on Facebook if you ever want to text me you
can text me there um not me / miss Eileen speaks or you
can just look for miss Eileen speaks on Facebook and find my Facebook page I
posted a video today you know Facebook always shows us these memories right
well they’re not the only ones Google will show you memories too if you use
google photos and google photos showed me a memory today of actually was
yesterday of a day where I was at first evident Bonefish Grill and then later on
I was over at mr. Rodney’s Gardens when he had the palm trees and the gardens
and they were so beautiful so anyway it’s a short Wow 30-second video but
check your google photos sometimes if you’re using google photos
if you’re not using google photos you should because you should back up even
if you have iPhones you should always back up all your photos and Google
photos these tips are totally random but I just
thought y’all would like to know I love helping folks we need to collaborate one
day have you on the show with Heather and I thank you for all you do you’re
welcome yes I would love to be on the show with
you and Heather by the way guys that show is tinkering with tech so make sure
you follow Michael Daniels as well and he also has a plus word game show that
he’s using stream yard okay make sure y’all go back and watch the first 20
seconds of this video because I want y’all to see what I did about the stream
yard thing because it’s funny you know we’re in the community group over on
Facebook in the stream your community group and all of a sudden I don’t know
why all of a sudden there’s all these people that are discovering stream yard
for the very first time it’s like come on y’all it’s been out where y’all been
so come on don’t don’t hide under a rock totally true back up your photos yes on
Google photos and then every now and then and they do it randomly just like
Facebook they’ll make a little movie for you and you can go in there and you can
edit that movie if they put a photo in there you didn’t want and you can change
the music that they put to it as well or sometimes they just stylize a photo for
you like you took this really good photo and they know it I don’t know how they
know which ones are worth being stylized or not and then they’ll put some type of
filter on it and it’s really cool I love how they do that and let’s make sure I
get this one have you ever used OBS for any streams nope nope nope nope nope I
never use OBS and Alfredo’s here he can stand up for me from the very first time
I saw OBS I said I will never ever ever ever ever use that program and I’m
sticking to my word and I’ll have to and we’re ECAM extreme
yard I never have to use obs and I’m happy that is so true love shreya are so
easy and no downloads and it’s really easy to have guests on so one of the
things that I find podcasters struggle with every podcasting group you know
people are just like how do I do remote recordings how do I get my guests on
it’s just like just you stream yard you know and download that video afterwards
if you’re on Facebook you know I have a video that shows you all the places
where you have to go to download your video YouTube makes it super easy to
download video and it’s it’s just super easy and the person if they’re worried
about being on campus they really don’t have to be on cam they just have to come
on with you and then you have your recording there for your podcast and so
streaming I love it from the first day when gage contacted me I’ve been a fan
of it and OBS is hard to use but with enough practice OBS it works fine yes
but the point that I was making Alfredo and I’ll make it again I don’t need to
learn it I got I learn all the things and teach all the things I don’t need to
learn Toby yes I learned some stuff that I forgot I even learned I was looking at
some of my old video I’m going through I’m doing I’m giving myself a YouTube
audit and I’m going back through my old videos you know I’ve had a channel
almost 10 years actually this year makes 10 years there’s videos tutorials that I
didn’t I’m like I don’t even remember that tool so I I just don’t need OBS
it’s just not something that I need Michaels another OBS fan I use OBS for
all my game shows so Michael was so much an hour OBS from for electronics hiking
and Jesus talks and my girl tisha saying pH but what
happened to YouTube Church Tish why don’t you like OBS is complicated this
is why I like the beauty of stream yard now chiquita I know that you with your
podcasts I don’t remember you ever doing interviews but if you ever wanted to do
an interview instead of using anchors record with
friends which can sometimes work and sometimes doesn’t try stream yard is so
easy it’s like you go in there you tell it you you approve it for your camera
and for your mic and then you when you get any interface you’ll see a link a
place where you can invite friends and you get that link and you send that
person that link and boom they’re in now you can go live when your group you can
I have been interviewed and a person set up a group a private group or secret
group whatever just for the purpose of doing the interview even though the
interview was going to be on a podcast it wasn’t for the benefit of the
livestream it was for the benefit of actually doing the interview there you
go hashtag Tisha’s my hashtag ologist y’all she don’t play hashtag eileen
youtube Church thank you very much Tish oh and don’t forget speaking of hashtags
hashtag – taps – taps one tap to like the video and one tap to share with your
friends and if you’re new here one tap to subscribe to taps to get two
notifications it may sense use what you want yep that’s right and you know
honestly OBS doesn’t work that well with Macs either and most people that you
find that love OBS are not on a Mac I’m not saying that everybody but most
people you provide so many tools and resources just in a short time I’ve been
following you alone okay plus you make things easy for us not
techies yes and you know what one of my missions is gonna be for to get people
to stop saying that their non-techie I want
y’all to stop saying that I want y’all to embrace your inner tech your inner
techie your inner geek embrace it cuz I feel like this you are an Internet right
well you’re a geek and you’re techie now you might not be tech savvy as everybody
you know who you see on here using OBS and doing game shows like Michael but
all you need to do is learn which button to push and that’s it that’s all that
overcomes all the non techie non geeky stuff just know which button to push
there you go like I’m gonna push this one right now
Oh chicky to say thank you I will definitely keep this in my you welcome
Chiquita and my girl dryer buzzes hear anybody in Atlanta make sure that y’all
find out where she serving up all that good food that she cooks cuz dryer buzz
she does some really good eats had my mouth watering just watching it on
Instagram okay I think I got everybody’s comments and stuff and oh yes I’m
talking about the streamer group yes the list is always long of new members
I forgot shaquita you’re already in the streaming our group yes I have not seen
you live on stream yard though maybe one day I can you can you know what message
me whenever you go live like when your page or whatever where you want people
to see it because I have not seen any of your lives yet you know I’ve always
listened to your podcast and you mentioned that you needed to get back
into podcasting and I did it I did a podcast Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday yep I did want almost every day this week I didn’t do one Monday
but I did like stream on Monday and so I’m starting to dinner doing the
repurposing guys so like I said this is like one big grand experiment where I am
repurposing the podcast into a video even though it’s not just with a still
image it’s going to have some kind of movement but using ECAM I can go live on
Twitch with that pre-recorded video and then I can still go in and interact and
put comments up like this morning Tish was there when I was live on ECAM I’m on
Twitch using ECAM and even though I was playing a podcast I was able to put her
comments up and all that Google photos is the best application Google had made
in my opinion yes and you know he’s the only thing about Google photos you just
can’t get too comfortable with it cuz you just never know when Google gonna
take stuff away but for now use it while it’s there because one good thing about
Google if they do decide to take things away like they’re getting ready to get
rid of hangouts they tell you like so far in advance just like with the
YouTube with the YouTube analytics you know with the creator studio that
creator studio beta has been out almost two years because they know people freak
out when they take stuff away so you know and Google Plus
it took Google Plus like six years to die so we’re still mad that it’s dead
but you know anybody oh ok so let’s see I don’t think I missed anything else oh
how are you dear it’s great to see you there and Michael said thank you for
being you Barbara and Percy up in heaven they they were they did that yes I go
live in my group or page I will let you know when I go live woman pay
yeah yeah just message me and then I’ll be able to get there and hopefully I can
watch it when it’s live – well I just rebound this video didn’t know we can go
back yes you can rewind yes you can I think you can only do that on YouTube
I’m not sure if you could do that on Facebook I’m not sure
and hey um hey author Moorhead how are you and by the way for those that don’t
know about ECAM you guys know I love ECAM and all that the one of the latest
things that they just rolled out is they increased the resolution we can go up to
4k actually no we can go really high this is to accommodate people that have
those DSLR cameras which I’m thinking about getting one but I don’t know if I
need one but you can go really high which is 1440p or you can go for K which
is 2160p this is something that stream yard definitely needs to work on Katrina
only has 720p they got to get rid of 1080 like right now I’m streaming in
1440p it’s just you know me so it probably doesn’t look any different to
you guys but it’s it’s great to know Oh Virginia knows I remember from Twitter
long ago hey girl Virginia is shouting you out dryer buzz so as I always tell
you guys I’ll say it one more time connect with one another I’m going to
try to do a proper screen share but sometimes it doesn’t scratch here the
right screen initially but I’m gonna get it right so yeah actually it’s there but
I want you guys to see the chat no not that one pop out that okay so
just to remind you when you see someone and chat you click one two three dots
over on the right hand side and one of the options you won’t have as many
options as what I have here you’ll just have three options and it will be go to
channel so go to each other’s channels as a matter of fact there was one person
here who I had never seen before and I’m going to make sure I go to Adrian’s
channel right now and popped open two channel notices but everything else is
still there and I’m going to subscribe it’s not going to hurt I see that she is
doing some gaming streaming that’s okay alright so I just want to make sure you
know it’s all about community and connections you never know
the person that you meet may may be the next person that you collaborate with on
a video there may be somebody you meet IRL you just never know right so did you
try looking for use DSLR oh okay DSLRs are $1,000 which I can’t afford
well the one the canon and fifty actually they have some kits that have
the lens and the tripod and all that it’s like $6.99 or $7.99 I wanted it to
I was two different kits that I’m looking at but honestly I have one foot
in the door one foot out cuz I’m like do I need that if I were to spend more time
outdoors filming things I would feel that it was more needed but you know
like I got the green screen sitting there it was the last time you guys see
me use the green screen I don’t even remember I’m gonna have to go scroll
back through my YouTube history to look for the green screen and that’s
nothing cost me almost $200 and it’s sitting there on the floor you know I
know you just can’t have everything you can’t do all the things ok stay in your
lane so you know one of my supporters gave me a DJI 4k camera now see now
that’s what I’m talking about you know and I got some wonderful supporters that
do give me really nice things and that one is really good because with the
cooking show you need that you need a camera with a cooking show
well because it’s a cooking show right you’re showing the food and you need to
really the the iPhone ain’t getting it because you have multiple cameras and
switcher and I know that Yolanda which is dryer buzz I have up on the screen
now I know that she used this switcher what’s for lunch I hear how Rodney
Yolanda wants to know what’s for lunch just tell us what you’re cooking oh now
he’s saying Eileen do you think he wants some attention y’all but I can tell you
around up without even going in there I already know he’s frying some potatoes
and something but onions good I see the onions in there so with that I want to
thanks again I would definitely give Michael Daniels a credits in the
description check the doobly-doo to see what I didn’t Lee did and I’ll give a
link to his channel with a shout out for the super chat and I thought you thought
that was a green screen this is not the green screen this is yes that’s a plant
that mr. Ryan gave me but I don’t have to water that one no don’t tell nobody
and I always put this I have a pink one and I have a white one I throw over the
back of the chair cuz the chair is just so Plain Jane
sometimes I forget and I’m like Torian I forgot to put my fluffy
all right that’s called leave me alone yeah he wants me to just let him cook
and you know I there’s a story behind all this
all right I’m gonna tell you a little just a little teeny bit of the story mr.
ronnie actually lives across the street why he has to cook in my kitchen I don’t
know because he know I’m on YouTube live right yonder ha uh-oh ladies y’all know
what I’m talking about nothing against man I’m just sayin all right so let’s
see Alfredo a-prayin went over want a Bey
trying to help latronnik taking in Jesus talk out a Bey see I didn’t even read
that eBay has a Canon EOS Rebel T six DSLR camera for $250 okay Alfredo thank you so much you’re such a
blessing very very nice and he said he’ll look at that so you guys
definitely connect with each other I want all y’all to connect with each
other really it’s nothing but good people here and everybody here is you
know on the same vibe of helping one another of big content creators
experimenting with things pushing the envelope maybe we got a business going
maybe we don’t or maybe we’re a teenager like electronics hiking and just talk or
you know we’re just trying to make our stamp on the planet right and so all
good people all the people here so with that guys we’ve talked about Facebook
premiers check out my other video on Facebook premieres and be sure to follow
the podcast and check out the latest pod stories and that’s gonna be at Eileen
dot link – anchor pod link that’s going to allow
you to subscribe in your podcast listening app of choice and be sure to
check out these other helpful tutorials on the channel and I’ll see you in the
next video peace

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  1. Madam i made my liv using Streamyard as you taught. It was wonderful. But i was only able to bring one comment on sceen at a time whereas u brin too many. Is that the feature of paid version or some trick.

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