How Can I Make My YouTube Videos Better?

How Can I Make My YouTube Videos Better?

Now you may have heard of VidIQ and that
it gets you more views in less time but who is VidIQ actually for, what’s it
all about and we’re gonna talk about who vid IQ isn’t for, coming up (Music Plays). Hey Dare to Dreamers, it’s Michelle Osorio with
Dare to Dream School, where I teach entrepreneurs and people with personal
brands how they can scale their business using online video. I’m here
with Robb from VidIQ you may have heard of VidIQ as software that helps get more
views in less time this is not a sponsored video nobody paid me to do
this interview, so I’m asking Rob some honest questions to help you decide is
VidIQ right for you and we’re also going to talk about perhaps who’s
somebody that VidIQ is not for, because it’s not for everybody, so Rob
can you give the the layman, the regular person maybe a business owner who has a
business they want to get started on YouTube, how can they use VidIQ to help
them? Yeah, so I like to describe VidIQ as a piece of software or Chrome
Extension that educates YouTubers video creators on their journey and we do that
through a lot of different tools for example, if you’re trying to research
something you’re wanting to do an online course and you need to know which of the
right keywords to help boost you up the search rankings.
We will offer suggestions and give you information about how that keyword has
trended in the past and also you can analyze videos that are already on
YouTube and see what metadata they’re using through our tools, and then
grabbing that and using that the bits that you really need for
your content to help again improve its discoverability. But we also have a many
actionable tools for example we have this channel orbit tool, which is almost
like your 24/7 YouTube consultant, it just brings up like a scorecard of
everything that’s happening on your channel and it tries to granulate it and
tell you this particular video brings in a lot of subscribers, so it builds trust
with your audience it gets them to commit to clicking that red button,
whereas this video creates a lot of our conversation got a lot of engagement out
of it so maybe you want to do another video on that topic to create more
conversation so we’re using analytics already exist in YouTube, but we’re
presenting them in a different way and bringing them from deep in the earth you
know you have to click through so many screens to get there. Yeah, whereas when VidIQ its
one click and we have that information in front of you. So is VidIQ hard to
learn though? Because okay for my you know I I’ve identified my ideal viewer my
ideal customer, I’m helping people who might not be very tech savvy and I help
them get started with their YouTube channel, and a lot of times people ask
whenever there’s a tool or gear or software, the first question is “IKs this
something I can learn or is this too hard?” So I’m curious it’s an interesting
question and I would say yes but it’s quite overwhelming because we are over
50 tools at this point and every screen you click on on YouTube, you will see
something from VidIQ, so I think it takes maybe a week, two weeks to
acclimatize to all of the different tools we have.
There we are plenty of tutorials available on our channel and if you
mouse over many of the tools it will give you
taught it to explain how they work but I mean data can be quite daunting and we
simplify it, but we do provide a lot of data, so I’d say spend a bit of time
getting used to the program before you like want to invest in any of our paid
services. Okay, so there is a free version and then it’s tiered. Free to download
and then there’s two tiers is a pro version which is $10 a month
and the boost version which is $50 a month and there are discounts if you go
for the annual package. Okay and I know you do live streams is it on a regular
schedule? So actually we do with three live streams a week, we do a live stream
on a Tuesday where myself and another VidIQ team member when audit channels
completely free, we also do a weekly webinar and that’s where Leavon teaches people how to use our software. So he almost goes like on a I’m not
going to say a product term but on a YouTube creators journey of when it
would start to research, and then when they would upload their video to YouTube
and how could VidIQ can help complement that experience and then our Thursday,we
do Q&A, so we just let let rip. If you want to ask any question about YouTube on
their software or your channel we’re happy to try and tackle it. So that’s
how I discovered you, and I’ve watched some of your live streams, so I went to
this VidIQ panel thinking “Oh I’m gonna meet Robb” and then it was this person I
didn’t recognize. Yeah the other Rob yes, I’m tomorrow there’s there’s two Robs
apparently at VidIQ, so that’s why, don’t get confused. Now I also wanted to
talk about who VidIQ not for, because it’s not for everybody. So if you
download VidIQ and just expect your channel to explode without any efforts
then it’s not for you. If buying views, buying subscribers, asking people to do
sub for sub, trying to hack the system get negate the way YouTube should be
used then VidIq is not for you. it’s what we
do is give you the tools but you still have to put in the hard work, you still
have to put in the research, we just put the signpost there to help you get to
your destination faster than you would do about any assistance. And in case you
didn’t know because I know people just starting out sometimes they do ask
should I buy subscribers? Should I buy views? Absolutely not. Go to your
service, you may get strikes in your channel, even terminated. So don’t do it
it’s it’s not worth it and they’re not real views and they’re not real subs
anyway, so it’s gonna end up hurting your channel. I just want to play a bit of
role-playing here,because I think this in the video on so hey do you want to do sub for sub? Say yes. Yes. And then we’ve done sub for sub and now what do
we do? Never what we never talk to each other
ever again nothing ever happens and that’s where is useless value. Right
exactly, so what’s the point of subscribers if they’re not gonna watch
your videos, they’re not interested in your videos? Then it’s just going to end
up hurting you right in the algorithm? Because YouTube’s gonna see that there’s
all these people subscribed but they’re not watching. Yeah we’ll always be
suspicious eyebrows raised when the channels got 10,000 subscribers and each
video is getting 10 years or 20 views. Right. But numbers will just never add up.
So thanks a lot for your time Robb, make sure you check out Robb on the live
streams and on the VidIQ Channel and here’s another video as well
about how to get more views on YouTube the right way the organic way. I’ll catch
you later Dare to Dreamers, Osorio out.

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  1. Are you a business owner who’s just starting on YouTube for exposure? Maybe you’re a creator looking to get more views and subscribers?

    At Vidcon 2019, I was able to get an interview with Robb to help explain exactly what VidIQ is and if it’s right for you no matter why or what you’re on YouTube for.

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