Hearthstone: Announcing The Boomsday Project

Hearthstone: Announcing The Boomsday Project

Yeah. I don’t know what that is, either. Oh, hello, there. Hi. Welcome. My name is Dave Kosak
from the Hearthstone team. I would like to welcome you
to Hearthstone R&D Labs, where over the past few weeks
we’ve been cooking up something special and top-secret for you. But first, let me show you
this informative video. No. This. Hey, there! I’m Dr. Boom. I live to build things. Bombs, mostly. So, come work with me and we’ll create
all kinds of new inventions. Bombs, mostly. Science. You can grow into success with no regrets When you work with Dr. Boom Oh, yeah! Technology. You can work with the best And the brightest When you work with Dr. Boom Ginormous mechanical
pneumatic gorilla robot arms for smashing everything. -What he said.
-Yeah. When you work with Dr. Boom Come add your skills to my team at Boom Laboratories. We’re exploding… with opportunity. Dr. Boom is not responsible for severed,
exploded or lost body parts. Revealing the location of someone’s
secret lab is punishable by death. It’s the Boomsday Project! An entire Hearthstone expansion
about science… and other disasters. Now, where is Jomaro? Don’t sneak up on me like that! We have invented some very technical
new technology that we’re calling… “magnetic.” The way it works is relatively simple. Let me walk you through a few of our
design documents and the process. -Start with this. We’re going to–
-Dave, we don’t need all those diagrams. We don’t need them all. You’re right! Nobody understands
how magnets work, anyway. Let’s show them! Where is that intern kid? My name’s Levi and I’m 38. -How long you been standing there?
-Since the intro. Creepy! I like it! OK. What we’re going to do
is fit Larry here with a metal vest. Jomaro, explain to the folks at home
how magnetic works. Magnetic is a new ability
we invented for our Mechs. You can play a magnetic minion on its own, but if you have a Mech on the board you can fuse them together to add to their attack, health and ability. Take this Spider Bomb, for example. You can play like normal, or you can use it to give a Mech +2/+2 and Deathrattle. That’s an explosive combination. All right. Now, to demonstrate
the awesome power of magnetic minions, we have taken our intern Jeff– -Levi.
-…and changed him into a Mech. Well,
we stapled a metal vest to him, anyway. Let’s find out what happens when we activate the Spider Bomb. Hey, hey, hey! You OK, kid? I can hardly breathe. Congratulations! You’re +2/+2! Yeah, and also explosive! Science! For our next demonstration,
we’re going to– Hold on a second. Hold on. We are getting a call, a live transmission, from our team in the Netherstorm. Hello. Hello. Come in, Netherstorm. Come in, Netherstorm. Dave? Dave, can you hear me? Hello. Hello, Peter.
You’re coming in clear. -Dave, I–
-Can you tell me– -You–
-You– -Sorry, I–
-I– Can you tell us a little bit about
what your team has been working on there in the Netherstorm? Projects, Dave. Projects are new spell cards. They’ve got extremely powerful effects, but they help both you and your opponent. Here, let me show you
what I’m talking about. This is Biology Project. It gives each player two Mana Crystals. Two is more than one, Dave. We’ll have some people
check the math out on that. What else are you working on? Well, a couple of things. We’ve got a research project, we’ve got a weapons project. Hey, give me one second. These goblins are driving me crazy. Nutfizzle, cut it out!
Stop playing with the Poultryizer. You’re going to cause an accident if you– Peter! Peter! OK. Oh, OK. Peter’s a chicken. OK, cut. Cut it out. Cut. Cut. We’ll… We’ll edit that out.
We’ll go right to the thumbs up. Science! So, it seems like we lost contact
with the Netherstorm, but we learned things
about the Boomsday Project. We learned there are ways
to upgrade your Mechs, and there are projects
that affect both players. Now to tell you about
something top-secret. We’re going to bring in Hadidjah.
Hadidjah! How did you get there? -Just walked over from my desk, Dave.
-Genius! Can you tell our friends at home about the you-know-what? -The Omega Project?
-The Omega Project! We’re calling this new technology Omega. For most of the game
these cards are perfectly ordinary, but if you play one when you have 10 Mana Crystals, it does something incredible. Omega stands for OMG. It doesn’t.
That’s not how Greek letters work. This Omega Defender, for most of the game, it’s a perfectly good Taunt minion. Play it when you have 10 Mana Crystals, it gains +10 attack – enough to take down even the mighty Deathwing. You play these cards at full Mana,
you better hold onto your butts! -Good late-game card.
-Let’s show them how it works. -Lester!
-Levi. Are you wearing the experimental
test harness that I gave you? Yep. Roar. I’m the mighty Deathwing. It looks so real! Alright, so, please stand over there, if you will. -What we’re going to do…
-Over here? -Keep going.
-This way? Yes, keep… All the way. We are going to play our Omega Defender at a full 10 Mana Crystals. Thank you, Hadidjah. Let’s find out what happens when we play this card against Deathwing. It worked! Hey, you doing alright? You look a little crispy. Yep. I’m just peachy. Science! That’s all the time we have today. I hope we’ve impressed upon you the awesome power of science. Whoa, Dave! Hold on just one second. Did you tell them about
the legendary employee of the month? That’s right! Dr. Boom has assembled
a team of legendary scientists, including the nefarious
Electra Stormsurge. There she is. No, no. Not that one. The other… Move up. Over… Yep. Yeah, that one. There you go. Yes. So, check it out, Dave. Electra Stormsurge is a legendary minion with a Battlecry that lets your next spell cast twice. That’s more than once! I had some people check that out. We hope you’ve enjoyed this short preview
of the Boomsday Project, where today– Guys, we have an emergency! The goblins are running amok
out in the Netherstorm. They’re going crazy.
They turned Peter into a chicken! I know! I mean… Oh, no! That’s terrible! Chicken, bad. If only we had some kind of big red button
to push in emergency situations like this. Look, Dave! That’s convenient! What is that? Check it out! This is Myra’s Unstable Element. The Boomsday Project
is the first Hearthstone expansion to feature legendary spells, and this one right here draws every card in your entire deck. It’s the perfect card for
emergency situations just like this one. That’s crazy. You could wind up
burning your entire deck. I know, it’s crazy. It’s so crazy it just might work! Seriously? Run! Where am I? THE NETHERSTORM (NEAR BOOMLABS) To be continued…

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  1. I'll win that giveaway tryst me😂😂but hearthstone that's a really huge update keep on surprising me ✌️✌️

  2. electra is broken with the minion that has ''your spells cost (1) less'' (if u have like 3 on board) combinded with pyroblast and some spell damage minions

  3. Much better than with super ego Brode who never stopped laughing. Good he is gone. Props to this intro and theme, way way better than silly witchwood.

  4. 5:38 i love the saddleness, guy going crazy from cards and she is just like
    Dave….. take your meds, dave….

  5. why did the image of omega defender change? i looked on a site that post all the new cards and the image is actually different

  6. YOU CAN FREAKING DRAW YOUR ENTIRE DECK IN ONE TURN!!!!!!!?!?!/1/!?!/?!?1!?"1/!}?!?1/!/q;lBjut!vW71UKLINw;6:!*KI^[email protected]!%&U!fVJW&$!bmj2r7ucdvfq7hbtgjdayu fdugw WE GONNA HAVE SOME INSTANT KILLS TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. expansion is out yet i play against same guy 4 times in weekends in ranked lvl 10….how many active players are there in HS ? 500 ? maybe 1 000 ?

  8. essa porra de comercial sem setnido do caralho vcs posta uma merda dessa colocando a porra do video la na porra do patch do cliente vai aprender a fazer um layout na porra de um jogo seus mizeraveis da porra ate o lol que é de 40000000 antes de cristo tirou essas merda de video no patch

  9. This game is just a waste of time, blizzard developers are not able to create cards, how long we still have to suffer: total infestation, psychic scream, explosive runes, jaina dk 2 mana 3/6 lifesteel freeze!!! hadronox and cube combo.. and I could continue with a long list of op cards and decks.
    Now the new "skill players" use doctor boom and also have the courage to say that they know how to play hearstone…you have skill to play every turn : taunt , aoe , stall the game whit infinite armor , and win ?!? recommend blizzard keeps pulling out unbeatable decks when the hunter class never have a card in hand , the player are wery happy when play 40 minutes of game against dr boom and lose.
    Surely I immediately buy packages to find this op card , so that I can become the world champion of hearstone..ajahahah💪💪 im will leggend player..

  10. Can I be unbanned please? George2319 I got banned over 2 years ago I believe I cussed or something sorry for being toxic. I have no social media besides this. I can only relay this vía YouTube please help.

  11. Is gonna be awesome in the future this game gonna have a 90s cartoons update, with a new hero: the crazy (and black and white) chicken

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    leon#15714 결제한 계정 전체 금액 환불 바랍니다. 1년 간 건의하고 다른 채널(공정거래위원회, 한국소비자원)을 통해 지속적으로 다시 건의토록 하겠습니다.

  13. 5:29 – little did we know that this artwork will be featured instead on a nefarious omega card that would be a bit too op with dr. boom

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