Harlem Shake College Compilation!

Harlem Shake College Compilation!

we have a collection of some of the best
university and college uh… harlem shake videos would put them together for
you let’s watch hello my name and missing university by the way the
conservative bahamian that’s awesome behold communication will be leaving for all of the original
refused by the way wanting to replace in on this one’s a
weekend although the girls are not very
different about the back but but those are the real i would go out
and saw a lot more that i got home state project cool it easier to do what i
think dot that is that this is one random
present and that all i’ve got a lincoln actually thinking tired of the house one three and a good thing they’re all
dressed in training neon i’ll go they are all doing and i think and then
there’s the the few things have to be the same so always on the right there is
the one guy who’s not moving at all looking shocked uh… everybody’s hoping everything but
they can find out what the world and the bicycle but the great going but i think
this is inspired by it this is the sort of thing that you
remember from going to colleges this stupid crazy benson and and so hard to
have provided that for this week what are they now consecutive watching wondering like i
don’t know that this could have the longevity and and and dot once at wal-mart paint
on themselves so i don’t think tanks of the biggest ever to them time someone out there anyway if you’ve
seen some also university and harley shaken videos which i’ve actually had a
few drinks freedom to us so i would love to put
together another company’s it’s really fun will say that last they might have
to get from inside a worthy but anyway that was fun for this

100 thoughts on “Harlem Shake College Compilation!

  1. I remember a dance in the early 2000s called the Harlem shake, Rapper Mase was involved I believe….what the hell is this, a remixed version?

  2. Why would you make a fool of yourself like this? I'm in college, I understand that people want to "have fun," but I'll never understand people like this. People are strange.

  3. I agree about the U of Portland is the best one. The key is the intro dancer since that person is dancing solo for half of the video;they should be a good dancer. tyt university forgot about U of Nebraska.

  4. Please thumb this up so I can get the message to John and Cenk, but the Azealia Banks Harlem shake music video features under boob. The trend continues.

  5. There's a woman breastfeeding in the bottom left of Georgia Southern University's Harlem Shake. She's making a statement for the sake of public breastfeeding! I think that's pretty legit. 3 GSU

  6. The clip titled "University of Portland" was actually Weiden+Kennedy. The major advertising firm and not a university. Still located in Portland but no other correlation between the two.

  7. Collin College's "Harlem shake Library Madness" gets ANY schools harlem shake. a clutter of ppl is not funny just amazingly surprising. watch the vid nd yu will see funny and originality

  8. Someone needs to do a harlem shake video where it's one guy in some state of undress wearing a helmet or something pelvic thrusting towards a group of women, but when the beat drops, the next scene is of them kicking the crap out of him.

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